Drury vs. Gomez: I suggest a fight to the death


I spent today back on the golf beat out at the LPGA’s Sybase Classic in Clifton, N.J., which is not going to be confused with playoff hockey on the excitement meter.

But golf has its own charms, which at least some of you can attest to. As for the rest of you, bear in mind there are people out there who don’t get hockey, either.

Anyway, I bumped into a tournament official who is a Rangers season ticket holder and I asked him whether he wanted the Rangers to go after Chris Drury or Scott Gomez this summer. He said “Drury” before I could even finish the question.

Perhaps at a later date, I’ll provide a more detailed statistical analysis of the two unrestricted free agent centers, but for now, let me say this:

One, it seems like a lot of you prefer Drury given his whole track record as the consummate winner. I admit I didn’t really buy into it as much until the whole 7.7 seconds ordeal, and now I’m completely on board.

But what I’ll also say is having seen a lot of both Drury and Gomez this year, I definitely felt like I would NOTICE Gomez more on a given shift. Yes, some of that may come from simply being a flashier player than Drury. And let’s also bear in mind that being noticed more isn’t always a good thing (for instance, I NOTICED Marek Malik a lot this year as well). But at least on the surface, I do feel Gomez is the more dynamic skater and playmaker while Drury’s contributions can often be more subtle.

Well, except when Drury ties playoff games with 7.7 seconds remaining.

There’s nothing subtle about that….

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  1. season ticket holders are usually very stupid people. Anybody with at least half a brain know that Gomez is better than Drury.

  2. My main reasons for picking Drury over Gomez is:

    1) Drury is not only a clutch player, but he grew up a Rangers fan.

    2) Gomez publically stated this year to the paper that he would hate to see the Rangers ever win a cup. He’s on a rival team now, sure, but he didn’t need to make any comment at all.

    3) Gomez would come for the money. Getting players who came for the money hasn’t worked out too well for us in the past.

  3. Steve Rucchin on

    DumpJagrDope has officially made one good point! Gomez IS better than Drury. He is stuck on a defensive team, and put him in a situation where he can fly, he will put up 80 points.

  4. Tough Call! It would definitely be between Drury and Gomez, because I just don’t think that Briere is the same level of player (with intangibles and everything). I think that Gomez is the flashier player with more offensive upside and that Drury is a more all-around player that could also check an opposing top line. My instincts say that Gomez will be #1A on Sather’s wishlist, because he loves those flashy players that fill the seats. He also would probably be a better setup guy for Shanny. BUT… having a guy like Drury… someone who always seems to just get it done come playoff time… might be just too good to pass up for a team trying to take its next big step in the playoffs. I just hope that Nylander re-ups and we get one of them.

  5. sam – you should make a poll about this too.

    also, maybe an opinion on who your plan B would be if drury/gomez/briere are not available (zubrus, comrie)?

  6. also, i dont think we should be signing anyone within the intentions of building around shanahan. he might not be(and in my opinion, should not be) here next season. he had a great 50 games last season and a pretty good playoffs, but the season is 82 games long, and shanahan looked really slow at the end of the season. we dont need an old, slow winger taking a spot from a young kid…we need a center (since the organization is thin at center) than we can build around.

  7. imagination on

    Drury is 2nd in playoff scoring behind Sakic & ahead of John M’s Foresberg. He scores in the playoffs, when it really counts. I haven’t looked up Gomez’s #s , I’m sure he’s no slouch either, but he’d have a hard time playing for the NYR against the debbies. And I don’t think he wants to be a NYR if the money and years are similar someplace else, unless he doesn’t want to leave the metro area. The fishsticks will be in the bidding war just to drive these guys prices up.

  8. watching drury the last two games and he jumps out of the running afaic for the rangers off-season acquisition candidates. i want no part of the guy. you watch the game, particularly last night’s game, and his name is rarely called. you watch him on the ice and he stays on the perimeter most of the game, goes into the slot occasionally, but was really out of the play most of the game. he was a total non-entity. he has the clutch stats, but maybe he gets old real quick because of all the extra games he’s played in his career. i was hoping before the series started buffalo would lose so drury would leave but now i hope he stays. gomez is the guy i have always wanted. regardless of what he’s said this year about the rangers and the cup, he’s always been the only debil that has a personality and would thrive in ny, and i have only heard him say good things about us in the past.

  9. B-Reid, none of the guys mentioned are guys you’d be using to “build around Shanahan.” They’re good centers; Shanahan has nothing to do with it.

  10. copy-and-pasted thoughts from the other entry…

    Drury: maybe I’m crazy, but I think he’s slightly overrated…I know he’s scored big goals in high pressure situations, but 6-7 million per year for a guy who’s never scored more than 69 points in any season? just because he’s “clutchâ€?? I’m totally against overpaying anyone because of a “clutchâ€? or “winnerâ€? factor…if we’re going to pay 1st Line Center-type money, I want that type of production…outside of Drury’s Game 5 goal (which I know was a killer, but it was basically a lucky rebound chance more than anything) he didn’t really do that much to stand out to me in the NYR-Buffalo playoff series…and he’s not looking too great vs. Ottawa either…also, does he really make anyone around him better? and he did a nice job defensively when matched up against Jagr’s line, but I’m not spending 6-7 million per year for a “two-way centerâ€?…he will be 31 in August, and he’s going to want a 5+ year deal, so when Nylander/Jagr/Straka/etc. are gone or finished in 2-3 years, is Drury going to give you Top 2 Line-level production in his mid-30’s? don’t get me wrong, I think he would definitely help this team now, but he would also be extremely overpaid for his production level…and I also think that of the Big 3 free agent centers (Drury, Gomez, Briere), Drury will be the least productive in the final years of his deal…

    Gomez: Nylander/Gomez would be a great 1A-1B punch down the middle…he’s the youngest of the Big 3 free agent centers, his speed/puckhandling/passing are all huge assets, and he definitely makes the players (wingers) around him better…imagine him setting up Shanahan, Prucha, Callahan or Avery…

    1. Jagr-Nylander-Straka
    2. Shanahan-Gomez-Prucha or Callahan
    3. Avery-Cullen-Prucha or Callahan

    those are three VERY solid/deep lines that can all provide offense (with Gomez on the 2nd PP Unit we would also have two excellent PP Units)…and if you want to throw in a “winnerâ€? or “clutchâ€? factor, he has rings…also, because of his age, he’ll probably be better during the final years of his deal than Drury…is he worth 6-7 million per year? I don’t think Gomez, Drury, OR Briere is worth that much, but the Salary Cap is going up, and that’s the going rate right now, it is what it is…I do think that Gomez is a safer bet to keep up his production level over the life of whatever deal he gets than 31 year-old Chris Drury at 6-7 million per year over 5+ years…

  11. ORR kicks Ying Yang on

    I said it before and ill say it again

    NYR will sign Robert Lang…..Hes played with Jagr in WSH and in the Czech leagues…and he centered Shanny in DET…DET probably wont re sign him but NYR will most likely get him…I guarantee it…its a move i can see sather doing…We need a second line center for shanny….and if we cant get Gomez Drury etc.. then thats the guy you can count on them getting.

    Also im interested in this Patrick Marleau Rumor…

    Eh but no matter what i think the biggest move of the off season is getting rid of Weekes and Ozo…There losers….Literally losers…

  12. their playoff numbers are very close, but you have to remember that Drury played with the likes of Sakic, Forsberg, Tanguay, and Hejduk and with a very offensive Sabres team. Drury is about to go downhill very soon, he is just not worth 5 million or a long contract.

    and funny thing is many are thinking this team is a contender next season, they first have to make the playoffs and with the way Renney is doing things there is a good chance they won’t, also expect many teams that didn’t make the playoffs this season to be much better, not worse.

  13. Lang would be a possibility if he wasn’t so old, then again they might be crazy enough to do it, maybe Rucinsky and Sykora as well.

    I expect a team like Thrashers to lock up Gomez long term.

  14. I actually agree with Yenner, somewhere between 5-7 million per year over 5+ years for an already 31 year-old Drury? why are so many Rangers fan infatuated with Drury? is it the media hype/lovefest with him, and the overrated “he’s a winner” aspect (especially since we’re comparing him to Gomez, someone who is also a “winner”)? I’m sorry, but his production level and eventual risk of decline considering his age does not justify the price/years he’ll be looking for in a contract from us

  15. Dude, this is a defensive team. They put up 2+ goals on like 18 occasions and couldn’t score if their life depended on it.

  16. before the ottawa/buffalo series started, i was very into signing drury, mainly b/c of the hype from the media. now that i’m seeing this series & reviewing his stats, drury doesn’t seem to be all that he’s cut out to be. even though i was very opposed to getting gomez, he is the youngest of the three and does provide that fire power & skill, and not to mention, his defensive abilities picked up in jersey that would be very helpful to this club. if we don’t have the guys in the regular season, then there will be no playoffs for “clutch goals”.

    very psyched for july 1st…

  17. Yeah no thank you on Drury..OVERRATED

    Gomez all around a better player. Rather have him than Briere as well

  18. Sam: imagine the 7.7 secs Drury goal in the Semi-Finals never happened when making this comparison…it was huge, but it was basically a lucky rebound chance…it’s just 1 goal…Briere tied Game 2 vs. Ottawa with 5 seconds left in the Conference Finals, does that make him “more clutch” than Drury now? should that 1 goal change our evaluations of Drury vs. Briere? see how ridicluous that sounds?

    stick with your original instincts on Gomez, don’t get swept up in the Drury hype

  19. “season ticket holders are usually very stupid people.”

    Yenner, you should just die.

  20. Lang would be a good fit w/ JJ and/or Shanny and does not require the kind of commitment that the big three free agents would. I’d much rather see us apply resources to a puck moving D man like Souray. Think about his impact on the PP and in front of our net.

  21. Walt Poddubny on

    I’ll take Drury.

    If Gomez comes here then he is a guy who will sell his soul and go to a rival just for the $$$ (a la Johnny Damon). I don’t want those types on the rangers.

  22. unless Gomez resigns with the Devils for less than his market value, WHATEVER team he signs with will be for the money…that’s what unrestricted free agent athletes in their prime do…

    but this isn’t the old overspending days where we blow other teams out of the water with contract offers because we have the most money…there’s a Salary Cap, so if we make Gomez an offer, he will DEFINITELY get comparable offers from other teams…and if he takes our deal, it will be because he wants to be here…

    these are professional athletes, money is always a major factor…you think Drury WOULDN’T be coming here because of money? why is he even testing the open market then, for fun? oh I forgot, he was a Rangers fan 20 years ago as a kid, that makes it ok if he takes our money, but not Gomez…come on…

    and on July 1st Gomez isn’t a Devil anymore…he’s a highly-skilled 27 year-old UFA center in his prime, with rings…and we’re a team that has a glaring hole at the 2nd Line center spot, which if filled can help make us a legit Cup contender next year…that’s all that should matter, not what team Gomez used to play for, and not what other Devils have done once they came here, because each case was unique to that player (Driver was in decline already, Holik was overpaid and misused, etc.), those signings were in the “overspending Rangers/pre-Cap” era and those players have nothing to do with Gomez…

    Gomez > Drury

  23. AngelusMortis on

    Scott Gomez is a wet dream, boys and girls. He’s been a Devil his whole career (including 2 Cups), so you know he’s not a big fan of the Blueshirts. Sather would have to empty his pockets to get Gomez to go Blue, and then he wouldn’t even be worth it. We all know how well having a huge payroll paid off for us pre-lockout. He’s a good player, and if his heart was in it, he could potentially help take the Rangers deep into the playoffs. The fact is, he probably doesn’t like the idea of signing with one of his biggest rivals, because he’d only be here for the money. The Devils wouldn’t want to lose him to their rival, either. Lamoriello would do his best to fit Gomez into the salary cap before letting us have him.

  24. gomez over drury. being ‘clutch is overrated. gomez has better skills and he knows how to win too. i’d love to have drury too, but not at the price he is going to get in the open market this summer.

  25. Lang? Are you kidding? What happened to getting some YOUNGER guys on this team? I realize we’re not going to be able to fill this 2nd line center spot from within, but Lang will be 37 in December.

  26. onecupin67years on

    Why not sign both ? If one becomes a stinker maybe the other will be good.It seems that most ranger FA signings crap out .

  27. Drury: Overrated
    Gomez: Hates the Rangers
    Lang: Too Old

    All valid points!

    Nylander: Keep Your Fingers Crossed

    So…where does that leave us boys and girls?

  28. What about everybody’s favorite Mike York? Nobody cares about him anymore

    If Handzus is totally healthy, he is the guy I want–a fast huge skilled power forward

    watch videos of his goals on NHL.com

  29. ORR kicks Ying Yang on


    For once ill semi agree with you….Handzus is pretty damn good.

    Hes the reason why Flyers suck so damn much…They gave him up for Calder and he sucked bad…hawks might have been a good team if they had him all season….None the less..hes a gamble…he played like….3 games or something this year.

    Seriously….I dont want NYR to make moves like that or anyone else…if anything then get 1 guy….and thats it…But re sign mostly everyone.

  30. Zubrus is not bad but his stats over last 2 seasons are inflated due to getting ton of icetime and playing with Ovechkin.

    wouldn’t mind Lindros for one more season, he gets injured a lot(which is good for prospects), but he can still play

    then there is Stumpel, who is decent.

    and of course Sundin and Forsberg.

    Asham could be a great 4th liner if Ortmeyer or Hollweg is gone.

  31. Handzus will sign cheaper than what he is worth because he is a gamble and will not demand a long term deal.

    so if he is healthy, I think he is a good smart choice.

  32. I would actually LOVE Handzus on the Rangers. He’s a great player and would definitely come at a cheaper cost. He’d be a great guy if we miss out on a Gomez.

    But out of the big 3 centers, I was on the Drury boat earlier but now I’m not sure. Gomez was really clutch this playoff and seemed to be the only Devil to show up in every game. The guy was damn good and if you put him in another system, he’ll really thrive. We’re talking 100 points, possibly.

    I think I’m leaning towards Gomez. He’s younger than Drury, as well.

    It’s a shame Datsyuk re-signed. He’d of been great ;)

    He’s having a hell of a playoff so far.

  33. “wouldn’t mind Lindros for one more season”

    And you say season ticket holders are the stupid ones??? ROFLMFAO.

  34. Doodie Machetto on

    Drury is a clutch player? How many pts does he have in the Ottawa series? OK, so he scored that 7.7 second goal. Stephane Matteau had two, 2OT winners in one series. I don’t hear anyone say his name when they think of clutch players. Jus because Drury chokes the least on a team full of chokers doesn’t mean he is a clutch player.

    Gomez by a mile. Imagine Gomez’ speed with Callahan on one of his wings? It doesn’t matter who the third wing is, that line would be unstoppable. Not to mention that his playoff numbers were HUGE.

    PS-Drury has only one cup back in 2001. Gomez has two.

    Not to mention, keeping Gomez AWAY from the devils is a boost for the Rangers.

  35. imagination on

    doodiw smell the coffee and look at Drury’s goal #s in the playoffs, #2 in active players. So you rather have Gomez,fine, but trying to ignore the stat is not the way to do it. Knocking Drury to prop up Gomez, that’s a positive approach. They need a good center, end of story. Hopefully they get somebody, otherwise promote Dubi or Immo and give him a real chance to succeed.

  36. 1. Shanny was worn down by minutes by a dopey and fearful coach….all in the first 3 months of the season. Had he been used properly…

    2. Got to go with the younger free agent….

    3. Malik has to be waived, traded, dumped, whatever.

    sam, do you think “your boy” will be back? He hurt us worse than Renney

  37. HAH, I drove by that golf tournament today. My friend and I were laughing that the PGA is here in Clifton. lol

  38. I know I am repeating myself from an earlier post, but I will say it again: forget Gomez, Drury, and Briere. Lets not break the bank this summer for one of them when we can do it next summer with Heatley, Thornton, Marleau, or Hossa. I’d rather any of those 4.

    I say sign Mike Comrie this summer. He’s more than adequate at C. Then break the bank next summer with one of the above.

  39. What about Marleau? According to Dubi(Blueshirt Bulletin) the Sharks may look to move him. Of course we don’t have the defensive players to deal that may be necessary to pry him from their jaws.

  40. I wanted Dury before reading all these posts today. You guys all made some great points about him. But I hate Gomez, and I think he feels the same about the rangers. package Montoya and Immonen for a center(maybe Marleau).

    Get rid of Malik!

  41. ORR kicks Ying Yang on


    I heard that same rumor….If Marleau was on NYR…How sweet would it be…

    Shanahan – Marleau – Straka

    That looks pretty damn nice….But like Dubi said…Maybe the sharks are dumb enough to look at Maliks Plus/Minus and want him for that…Lol maybe he’ll be a Sheldon Souray for them.

  42. To clarifye, he have just signed a new contract with his Russian team, and won’t got to the NHL. But, I think its interesting since 1. he is a winger, 2. he is a big impact player. Meaning that it would be proof that we are looking for a big name this summer.

  43. goalbyPrucha on

    I don’t care if Gomez may be better. If Gomez actually stated that he would hate to ever see us win a cup then I wouldn’t want him anywhere near here. He’d come here to sabotage us. No thanks. Eff him.

  44. 31 is too old, in my opinion. Chris Drury would have been a great addition years ago. Now, he’s a classic money grabber and Larry Brooks quote-giver. Of course, way better than an ancient Lang…Czech or not.

    Gomez is going elsewhere, I bet. LA? Boston? True North Strong and Free?

    Souray is the d-guy we need bad.

    And, yeah, Sam, any word on Malik’s future? Does the management really stand by him, or is that just posturing?

  45. Also, the Pack is staying put, right? And any truth to the possibility of trying to get Joel Lundqvist? I think he’d make a really solid addition to our team, if Henrik’s relationship with him is as good as it seems.

  46. “package Montoya and Immonen for a center(maybe Marleau).”

    The last thing San Jose needs is another goalie…

    Immonen doesn’t seem like he’s going to get a fair shot in NY so def deal him. I doubt it would happen but if the Rangers could package Montoya to Florida for a Horton or maybe even Jokinen that would be a pretty good deal. Florida maybe intrigued by it too, Montoya with his Cuban roots could make for some great PR in South Florida…I just have this strange feeling Montoya is going to be traded on draft day…

  47. Joey,

    As I said, I would love Marleau. But no way will San Jose just give him up. They don’t need Montoya since they already have 2 good goalies, and Immonen might be a career AHLer. For Marleau, we’d have to unload Prucha (which I don’t know if I am in favor of), one of our younger D-men like Sauer, and another prospect or pick. I say wait until he’s a FA next year.

  48. imagination: Drury had 4 of them against the Islanders. He’s an 0-fer on his series with Ottawa.

    He’s also 10th in pts(active or not), behind both Briere, and Gomez, who has more than both of those guys in 3 less games. Gomez is every bit of aclutch player as Drury, if not more so.

    Watch Buffalo get shut out again and swept, then tell me what a “clutch” player Drury is.

  49. NJ Mark – no way on Hossa – always very weak in playoffs

    re Marleau – like him but would rather either Drury or Gomez especially since all they cost is $ as compared to what we would have to give up for Marleau in addition to $ he would cost.

    Joey Dag – no way Immonen and Montoya gets us Marleau. Immonen is a throw in at best.

    not real interested in Souray either. maybe Preissing (sp?) from Ottawa.

    re free agents I would be happy with the 2nd line center (like I mentioned Drury or Gomez). Don’t need to go outside the team for more than that. I somehow feel that Prucha will be traded maybe to move up in draft (part of a package). Not saying they should just think they will.

  50. imagination on

    doodie Drury has 40 playoff goals. Who needs him? Try to bring go go gomez who probably won’t even come here, and lose out on Drury who grew up a NYR fan.They need a center…they’ll probably be settling for alot less than you’re hoping for, thanks to the too low cap.

  51. ORR kicks Ying Yang on

    NYR should go after Fisher from OTT…

    The guy is an entire 4th line that can play on the second or third

    Hes Blair Betts…Ryan Hollweg…and Jed Ortmeyer in one…Also he can score

    A guy that hits players to hell n back…and kills penalties..and can score….thats a guy we need.

    But if NYR does go after Marleau…then im betting Pock would be the guy…and maybe a prospect or draft pick…or something

  52. Mort U. Wary on

    Pock and MAYBE a prospect or a pick? That would get laughed off in a nano-second. You don’t give away a point per game players for a 7th defenseman and MAYBE a draft pick. We’d be looking at Prucha, one of our top prospects (of course, Staal is off-limits) and a #1 pick IMO.

  53. Why is everyone so keen on trading Prucha? I for one do NOT want to see Prucha traded. First “fans” complain that the young players are never given enough opportunities to come up and play for the Rangers and when they do finally make it then the same “fans” can’t wait to trade them. Too many times in the past the Rangers org has traded away young promising players and these trades have come back to bite the Rangers in the butt one way or another.
    The Rangers did not lose the series with the Sabres because of a lack of a true 2nd line center, they lost because of the mistakes they made and because they failed to hold on to a win in the final 7.7 seconds in the 5th which would have given them a 3-2 game lead in the series. The 6th game at MSG could have definitely been a big win and who knows what noise the Rangers could have made against Ottawa. The officials also helped the Rangers lose.
    Besides, in all honesty, I do not believe Gomez entertains any thoughts of playing for the Rangers.

  54. I don’t think people are keen to trade Prucha – they just realize that if the Rangers want to trade for something valuable (like Marleau) they have to give up some good players even if packaged together (ie junk packaged together is still junk).

  55. Comrie would be smart, but I think Gomez would like to play for the Rangers just to stick it in Lamoriello’s face. Gomez would be best, good playmaker, knows how to distribute the puck and can go coast to coast, I would get him. Without a doubt.

  56. Sorry guys it’s not going to be Gomez or Drury,Sather is’nt going to go after any huge free agent signings much like last year,possibly a trade for a top six forward is the most exciting thing that’s going to happen,expect several smaller deals,and expect one or two faces from Hartford come the end of camp…

  57. ORR kicks Ying Yang on


    I agree…Im not expecting something big to happen…

    I just want NYR to Re sign…Nylander – Shanny – Avery – Lundqvist – Mara – Ortmeyer – Weekes (Just Kidding) – I think Hossa and Prucha are Available…If they are then i want both Re signed…Its to early to give up on the both of them…Who knows…If the staff gives Hoss the chance to spend the majority of the season playing with Jags and Nylander…then maybe he can produce more then 10 goals a year…Maybe 25 to 30

    Also Prucha…despite having less goals then he did last year…He spent alot of the yeaar on the 3rd or 4th…and still was able to get more then half of 30 goals…

    What ever happens in the Off season….I just hope its not disapointing

  58. Nobody here seems to mention that Drury had a concussion this season after Chris Neil hit him.
    I think the Rangers have had enough with post-concussion experiments ..e.g. Lindros and now look how Shanny lost a huge step.
    Drury is 31. This team needs to get younger still and shouldn’t break the bank for a question mark.

    Marleau would be the best choice if available.

    “3/8/2007 Drury, who missed four games with a concussion after being blindsided by Ottawa’s Chris Neil two weeks ago, returned to the Sabres’ lineup on Wednesday. The co-captain, though, was not able to bring the host Sabres a win as they fell, 3-2, to Colorado.”

  59. Blue Clue – except they have to trade a lot of good young assets for Marleau whereas the free agent centers are just that. so it’s a bit of apples and oranges. Good point re the concussions since Drury now has two of them.

  60. imagination on

    dan how was your conversation with sather, or do you have psychic abilities? Is he going for the Cup next year or rebuilding again?

  61. LI Joe

    When I say “available,” I meant available at a decent price.
    Trading away all our youth is definitely not an option.

  62. DanTheRangerFan on

    AVERY GOMEZ SHANNY thats a second line that will produce, I think avery and Gomez will connect well,they are both capable of feeding shanny for a monster shot too..

  63. Shanahan better not be back. Hossa better be traded. Malik better be gone. Betts and Cullen need to improve or trade them.

  64. Doodie Machetto on

    Drury has never been on a bad offensive team. His numbers are indicative of the fact that other teams have had to shut down multiple lines. See his year in Calgary, where his numbers were crap because they were a one line team.
    Gomez has NEVER played for a good offensive team, and yet he still has only 18 pts less in 80 fewer games. I’m telling you, get him a net crasher and a sniper on his wings, and he’ll be unstoppable.

    Imagine a line of Shanahan-Gomez-Callahan!

    Another reason for Gomez over Drury: We have no playmaking wings. All of our wings are scoring wingers (whether they succeed at it or not is another story, but that’s their style). Therefore, it makes more sense for a playmaking center (Gomez) as opposed to a goalscoring one (Drury).

  65. Dan
    I disagree. The Rangers are shooting for the cup next year. If they wanted to rebuild, you are correct that they would not be looking for a big time free agent. But they aren’t in full rebuild stage and believe they can win it all next year(by the way so do I). This being the case they are missing at least on big time key player that can only be acquired through free agency,(anyone less than a marquee name will not help them to their ultimate goal)and Sather will do what he can to get that missing piece. Furthermore if they weren’t shooting for it they probably wouldn’t have re-signed Straka, and they certainly wouldn’t be trying to re-sign Nylander.

  66. By the way Dan said this: “Sorry guys it’s not going to be Gomez or Drury,Sather is’nt going to go after any huge free agent signings much like last year,possibly a trade for a top six forward is the most exciting thing that’s going to happen,expect several smaller deals,and expect one or two faces from Hartford come the end of camp…”

  67. “Sather is’nt going to go after any huge free agent signings much like last year”

    like last year? remember the mega-offer to Elias last summer? looking back we got lucky in that he didn’t accept our deal, but my point is that it’s all speculation right now, no one can say they know one way or the other what the Rangers plan to do yet…

    all we know is that we have a glaring hole to fill (2nd line center) and it’s easiest to debate the UFA centers, since they will all definitely be available on July 1st…are there arguably better centers that could be available in a trade (Marleau, Richards, etc.)? maybe, but it’s almost a waste of time to make up our own trade proposals since we don’t know who the Rangers are willing to move, and what players teams would want in return…

    BlueClue: great call on the Drury concussion, another red flag…I think the more we’ve seen Drury play throughout the playoffs, we’ve started to look more at the hard FACTS involving him (he’s 31 in August, the concussion, his skills, his production, the contract he’ll be looking for in relation to his production), and also started to look past the Drury media hype relating to things that aren’t even tangible, such as “he’s a winner!”…how is Drury’s “winner factor” or his “clutchness” (which the media will remind you dates back to his Little League World Series win) doing vs. Ottawa right now? why is this “winner”, on a team with the best record in the NHL, about to get swept in the ECF? now I’m not saying it’s all Drury’s fault, that’s ridiculous, but it would also be ridiculous to OVERPAY Drury because of reasons like a “winner factor” or “he was a Rangers fan as a kid”

    if we can’t get Gomez, don’t cripple our Cap situation by overpaying for Drury- sign a stop-gap center, bring up Dubinsky when he’s ready, and then go hard at an elite target in the UFA Class of 2008

  68. “Drury has never been on a bad offensive team. His numbers are indicative of the fact that other teams have had to shut down multiple lines. See his year in Calgary, where his numbers were crap because they were a one line team.
    Gomez has NEVER played for a good offensive team, and yet he still has only 18 pts less in 80 fewer games. I’m telling you, get him a net crasher and a sniper on his wings, and he’ll be unstoppable.

    Imagine a line of Shanahan-Gomez-Callahan!

    Another reason for Gomez over Drury: We have no playmaking wings. All of our wings are scoring wingers (whether they succeed at it or not is another story, but that’s their style). Therefore, it makes more sense for a playmaking center (Gomez) as opposed to a goalscoring one (Drury).”

    ^^^^^^^ great post DM

  69. I really like the potential of Prucha-Gomez-Callahan line.

    I don’t really want Straka either, I like his speed and hard work, but there really is much else to him. Small, old, injury problems, not physical, not great offensively, doesn’t drive to the net and is a bad choice for pointman on the PP which is his as long as Jagr and Renney are in command.

  70. I think with full season centering them, Callahan and Prucha can get about 40 goals a piece.

  71. Rich
    By the end of the 2008 the team will look nothing like it will next season. To say sign a stop gap center, and not go hard for a big player this offseason doesn’t compute right now. The sole reason for having Straka, Nylander, and Shanahan on the team is for next year. If the Rangers fall short next year (which they almost certainly will if there are basically no major additions) then the following year we will start from scratch. In other words if we do not sign a player who is capable of taking this team to the next level (stanley cup finals) then the whole year will have been for naught. “Stop gap second line center” is not in the dictionary of a team who is risking so much for success next season. As for the UFA of 2008. We will need to make some moves because we will have more than just a second line center slot to fill, but any of these acquisitions will be more for the “future” than the “right now”.

  72. Cullen and Malik for Marleau I would throw in another lesser prospect like Helminen or Bahensky, but I wouldn’t give up more for Marleau who is not very physical, will be a UFA next season and his numbers were inflated thanks to Thornton.

  73. “yenner who would you keep, since you’ve named most should be gone?”

    I would keep Avery, Callahan, Ortmeyer, Prucha, Nylander, Hollweg, Tyutin, Girardi, Lundqvist. The rest are some “maybe” and some get rid of.

  74. Does anyone think it really matters what team a player liked as a kid? I dont. It sounds like some people want to sign Drury because he was a Rangers fan. I did not know that means he will be a good fit for the team

  75. GB: we have a gaping hole at the 2nd line center spot, and I agree with you, we’ll fall short again next year if that need isn’t addressed this offseason…trust me I DEFINITELY want them to sign Gomez, Gomez is without a doubt my first (UFA) choice…

    the only reason I would want them to sign a stop-gap center is if we couldn’t sign Gomez, and our only other option was to OVERPAY for Drury…I just don’t want them panic and cripple our Cap situation for Drury if Gomez signs somewhere else…and when I say “stop-gap center”, I don’t mean some scrub, I’m talking about some UFA below the Big 3, like a Comrie or a Zubrus (just names off the top of my head)…and when I said “UFA Class of 2008”, I mean the UFA class next summer…look at some of the names that will be available then, and tell me most Rangers fans wouldn’t be furious if we had to pass on some of them cause we overpaid for Drury this summer

  76. imagination on

    yenner 9 guys , are you sure? …….gonyr … gomez is a big fan too, he loves the nyr, he was just faking in nj.

  77. I would love to see Dany Heatley in blue after 08. Perfect forward to build around should Jagr not exercise his optional year for 08-09.

  78. I agree with you that, unlike in a deal for Gomez or possibly Marleau,(maybe one or two others) we should not absolutely sacrifice potentially superior free agent acquisitions in 2008 to get Drury now. There are definite considerations to be made in getting Drury. Of course this only comes into play if Drury would be offered a multi-year deal (which I don’t think will happen anyway). Also keep in mind that Straka, Shanahan, and Nylander,(if he re-ups) together command about 12 mil or so. That is a good amount of money to play with for the 2008 2009 season. Basically you would be filling in their slots with two really good free agents.

  79. “yenner 9 guys , are you sure?”

    I also don’t mind Mara and Rozsival. And wouldn’t mind Cullen in Betts’ role on the 4th line.

  80. Montoya, Immonen, Jessiman, Staal, Baranka, Dubinsky, Byers, Liffiton, Potter, Korpikoski, Moore.

  81. Yenner – can’t agree on Ortmeyer and especially Hollweg as “keepers”. There are plenty of physical players who have a hockey IQ and can do other things besides running themselves way out of position for the big crowd pleasing hit like Hollweg does. I know Hollweg is signed so he’ll be on the roster but I’m just saying he shouldn’t be.

    GB – agree with most of what you say but I think Drury is getting 4 or 5 years in his contract. It seems like you’re saying either he’ll get 1 yr or that’s what the Rangers will offer him. Definitely agree that they will be in go for it mode re top 2 center( Nylander + one of the big 3) and if they don’t solve that situation they will fall short.
    I would think of the elder statesmen it would definitely be Shanny’s last year – if he comes back at all.

  82. Yenner – so your strategy is to get the 1st or 2nd player in the 08′ draft? Is whoever available in the draft that good that it would involve throwing the season?

  83. Joe
    Yeah, now that I rethink it you are probably right about the length of Drury’s contract to be. I just wasn’t sure because if he signed for a year with a new team, he would be a free agent after that year, and could still re-up somewhere else for a longer contract. He would actually make more money doing it that way, and it would provide him an out, should he not like it wherever he chooses to sign. This might be flawed logic, because it might make more sense for him to get something guaranteed,(for the just-in-case) but it strkes me as a possible scenario. Is it even conceivable that Drury might agree to a 1 yr deal w/ a “contending” team?

  84. “Yenner – so your strategy is to get the 1st or 2nd player in the 08’ draft?”

    that is never a bad strategy, IMO, especially if you develop lots of young guys and get rewarded with an 17 yearold future star.

    I never said Ortmeyer and Hollweg are keepers in the long term, but I have no problems with them as 4th liners. and as long as Betts is centering 4th line, it will not score goals anyway. Bottom line is hockey is entertainment and to me big hits are as entertaining as goals, if not more. Maybe Hollweg is not great for playoffs, but he sure is good during regular season, even if he doesn’t score.

    Shanahan has really lost it, can’t hit the net anymore, not physical anymore, slow, old, was -3 and -4 in couple of playoff games. I rather sign Scott Walker who is also a good leader, younger and is a much more physical player.

  85. that is what sucks about most UFA’s is that they want to sign very long term deals that are so popular these days. I am totally against long term deals. That is why a guy like Handzus wouldn’t have the leverage to demand anything over 2 years.

  86. Yenner
    You would really rather see our team bang the other team around than win? DISGRACEFUL!!! What a losers mantra from a loser “fan”. It sure explains a lot about some of your more idiotic postings though. If you don’t care that much about winning,(which is the whole point of any game and what everyone else bases their ideas and notions on) how can you possibly make any sense to any of us? You have definitely made it easier on me though. Now that I understand where you are coming from, it will be much easier for me to simply dismiss you.

  87. what I don’t care for is losing while playing old, slow, soft, lazy vets and getting to draft in the teens.

    I also wouldn’t really want to watch a strictly defensive team that wins games 2-1 while not playing physical, even if they win over 80% of the time.

    winning is not enough, I want it to be first of all entertaining, otherwise why watch it at all?

    and I don’t care if you dismiss me or not.

  88. Yenner – I actually wanted the tank it strategy coming out of the lockout. But since they seemed to make headway and since the playoffs were extreme exciting (this year) I am very much ok with the add the one center to go for it now mentality (but still not trading the youth/ draft picks). The playoffs at the Garden especially were rocking. Even guys who don’t hit much were hitting. If we can upgrade on the 4th line with guys like Lundqvist’s brother all the better. When you watch some of the games in the playoffs for other teams you really see the passion a lot of guys play with. I think Hollweg plays with passion -it’s just misguided and we can get guys to play the same role who also have other things to offer. If we can get say the fa center and bring Staal on board we can really have an unbelievable season next year.

    I take it you really liked the movie with the hanson bros. Surprised you don’t like Orr for his fighting ability. I think a lot more of Straka than you do as well. Guy plays with a lot of guts.

  89. hitting and fighting are totally different. I like fighting between players, not between goons. I don’t want to have any goon in the lineup, just a waste of a spot. If another team is dumb enough to dress their goon, then they are only hurting themselves.

    Straka maybe plays through pain, but he doesn’t have the guts to go straight for the net, instead he tries to go to the outside 9 out of 10 times.

  90. imagination on

    “Always keep your composure. You can’t score from the penalty box; and to win, you have to score. “– Bobby Hull

  91. imagination on

    yenner …”what I don’t care for is losing while playing old, slow, soft, lazy vets and getting to draft in the teens….winning is not enough, I want it to be first of all entertaining, otherwise why watch it at all?…”…..go to the movies, that’s entertainment….who is slow, soft, & lazy? Jagr, Nylander, Straka,Malik, & Shanahan?…so what’s your age limit?….. You need to work for a boss that thinks like you, so they can fire you as soon as you get ‘old’, no matter how good you are…. come back when you grow up. . …you’re dismissed, that probably makes you feel better.

  92. Yenner
    I was very entertained by this years Rangers. They played an extremely exciting brand of hockey and they won. What more can one ask for (besides the obvious). The Rangers are not strictly a defensive team. Nothing in their system and style of play indicates that at all. The lack of scoring was not due to our style of play(the chances were there) but rather just a lack of finish by some of the players. If we hadn’t decided to be more responsible defensively we wouldn’t have scored more, we just would have been scored upon more. Istead of 2-1 us, the scores would have been 4-2 them. But I suppose that that would be ok with you as long as you were “entertained” with big hits and misguided aggressiveness (e.g. Hollweg running around like a chicken with its head cut off, hitting everything that moves, many times at the expense of involving himself in a play on the puck). The team you want to see will never be a winning one. But then again, who cares right?

  93. “What more can one ask for?” By the way…I will be expecting much more next year.

  94. ideserveabeer on

    Drury. Gomez is a guy who plays with speed players (Gionta). The Rangers 2nd line, where he would play for the next 2 years, isn’t built for his game, especially if Shanahan comes back or Smyth is signed. Now if you say the 2nd line would be Straka and Nigel Dawes (just throwing out a name), that’s a different story. More his style of play. Gomez would be perfect for the Caps and Ovechkin actually.

  95. The Rangers have no one straight up that would interest TB for Lecavalier.

    I also think that TB would want a more proven NHL tested Goaltender than Montoya who may be a backup his whole career.

  96. “Gomez is a guy who plays with speed players (Gionta). The Rangers 2nd line, where he would play for the next 2 years, isn’t built for his game, especially if Shanahan comes back or Smyth is signed.”

    That makes no sense. Avery has no speed? Shanahan isnt good at being the 3rd man in or the guy in the slot waiting for a good feed from the wing or behind the net? Please….Avery-Gomez-Shanahan would be a legit 2nd line. 1st line will be Straka-Nylander-Jagr, 3rd line will be Callahan-Cullen-Prucha(unless he is traded), 4th line will be ____-Betts-_____. NO idea who those 4th line guys will be, but it wont be ortmeyer, and hollweg wont play very much either.

  97. Tampa Bay can’t afford to keep Lecavlier, Richards, and St. Louis. Lecavlier has been in a sorts of rumors and I think that he is what the Rangers need for the short and long term. I would use Montoya as the center piece and pretty much anyone off the current roster. It would be a start but the Rangers are more than one or two players away from a Cup. I actually tend to lean toward the side of keeping the current free agents and just promoting from within. We’ve gone the high-priced UFA route in the past and where has it gotten us.

    In fact, I love Shanny but without him we wouldn’t have made it to the second round? I don’t think so.

  98. I’m really surprised by the amount of Rangers’ fans that want to bring in a bunch of free agents. What happened to rebuilding? Don’t get fooled by this team, we should all remember that painful loss to the Blue Jackets. This team has some serious flaws and I think it would be better to follow suit with what they have done the last two years. Just keep plugging in young guys.

  99. Yenner – Straka has a lot more guts than you give him credit for. He’s also very good at getting back on d and serves on the pk. The Shanny line missed him big time defensively in game 6.

  100. Sean – I really want 1 free agent the top 2 line center. The only other I would want would be a young cheap 4th line type player like Henrik’s brother. I’m personally not on board with Souray at all. If they don’t address the center position they might as well blow it up and start anew. That’s also why I want Ortmeyer and Hollweg gone – opens up spots for some of the Hartford guys. Injuries throughout the season will present even more opportunities. And if you look at the ages of say Gomez vs Immonen there is only a difference of 2 years. Look at how young many of our d men will be – especially if Staal makes the team. Plus the experience the younger players got in the stretch drive and the playoffs will serve them well and the team this coming season and for years to come. Getting that 1 fa center can really make the Garden rock in the 08′ playoffs.

  101. Guys, lets get real here. I would love to see Lecavalier in Ranger blue, but it’s not happening. Tampa Bay isn’t going to trade him, especially for an unproven goalie in Montoya.

  102. Lecavalier for Jagr, Hossa and Montoya

    several trades need to be made to unload dead weight like Malik, Hossa, Dawes, Immonen, Betts, Pock, etc.

  103. “In fact, I love Shanny but without him we wouldn’t have made it to the second round? I don’t think so.”


  104. Sean,

    I still don’t think TB will look to move Lecavalier. Agreed, if TB does, then the NYR need to make anyone other than Lundqvist and Staal available. The guy is worth it. But I think they’ll look to unload Richards (still not a bad option) or St. Louis instead.

  105. Yenner – but you have Immonen as one of your 23 roster players – why is he dead weight in your opinion.

  106. Malik, Straka, and Orr for Steve Bernier

    Immonen, Betts and Pock for Joel Lundqvist and Steve Ott

    Cullen, Dawes and Sanguinetti for Nathan Horton

    Jagr, Hossa, and Montoya for Lecavalier

    then re-sign Avery, Nylander and Ortmeyer

    Avery-Lundqvist-UFA(Scott Walker)



    Liffiton, Dubinsky and Jessiman called up when injuries.

  107. “but you have Immonen as one of your 23 roster players – why is he dead weight in your opinion.”

    because Renney doesn’t play him and doesn’t like him, he rather play Krog or Isbister.

  108. “Avery-Lundqvist-UFA”

    UFA would most likely be Scott Walker or some other good vet

  109. ORR kicks Ying Yang on

    Jeez…Some od you sound ridiculous here

    LOL…Lecavier….Seriously NYR fans…its bad enough your all expecting drury or gomez..but now someone who will be with TBL for another 2 to 4 years…

    I think the best thing to do is to trade Montoya…There has to be a reason why Valley was the back up for NYR when Weekes was perfectly healthy…The team must really like the guy…And Montoya wants to be a starter…We cant have him clashing with Hank…Thats the reason Weekes sucked so much…he shoulda been backup but he wasnt…its his fault…He never had a more convincing game as a ranger..

    He coulda had a shut out against SJS..But out D was amazing that night…then weekes blew it by letting in a super week goal…Cause he was sleeping…

    I say trade Montoya..Malik..and some picks for someone worth it.

    Remember at the deadline…PHI was willing to trade forsberg for Montoya and a few picks…So Montoya and Staal are our best picks and we cant let Staal go.

    We dont need a D man…Just bring up Staal..and there Pock..and our 8th man could be Liffiton or Baranka if hes actually healthy..

    Also…Does anyone know if Bobby Sanguinetti is playing in Hartford next season…or is he still in juniors..where ever he plays..

  110. ORR kicks Ying Yang on

    Im hoping this coming season we can go all the way to the cup…But if we have to go throught the torture of last place…Maybe we can get Jared Staal…worst comes to worst at least we have the best of the staals….Supposedly

    I wouldnt wish for that though…but imagine having Marc and Jared on the same team….

    I bet a few team will try to lose as many games as possible to get him.

    The Caps just signed that kid Backstrom…Hes supposed to be “the next forsberg”…imagine him centering Ovechkin and Semin

  111. ideserveabeer on

    “That makes no sense. Avery has no speed? Shanahan isnt good at being the 3rd man in or the guy in the slot waiting for a good feed from the wing or behind the net? Please….Avery-Gomez-Shanahan would be a legit 2nd line.”

    He played with Gionta and Elias. Avery and Shanahan is not the same. I think Gomez would be a waste on the Rangers.

  112. How much faster do you think gomez is than Marty Straka? Was there anyone on the team faster than straka?

  113. I think Cullen is faster than Straka. I think Cullen is better than Straka in almost every way, except Straka takes fewer penalties and has a better puck control.

  114. True Fans bleed RW&B on

    Cullen can’t finish for his life. Doesn’t matter how good he is in raw talent, in game situations the raw talent you have may not apply….and Cullen is that type of guy.

    I don’t want another Bobby Holik, and I think Gomez is an arrogant SOB. Drury’s humble, works hard, and has excelled at nearly every level of sports (Little League World Series, Minor league hockey MVP, etc…). Drury is an all-around very very good center, with or without the puck. Gomez is a one-man show. He does have good passing, but most of his points seem to come from garbage goals or when he does a powerplay drive coast-to-coast. NEITHER of those will work with Jagr. Sorry.

    Go with Drury, or go within the Rangers. Dump Shanny, and either save the money or throw it at a defensman…god knows we need one.

  115. “Cullen can’t finish for his life”

    and Straka can? Cullen has pushed Straka out of the shootouts. Straka is a horrible finisher and is always looking to pass. Straka averaged 20 minutes a game and over 5 minutes per game on the top PP unit.

    Straka couldn’t score even in the old days, when he was younger, faster, goalies and defenses were not anywhere near what they are now. With all that speed he never scored more than 35 goals and he only reached 30 mark twice in his career.

  116. True Fans bleed RW&B on

    NJ Mark, I like your logic.

    Yenner, Cullen replaced Straka in the shootouts because he’s scored like 8 out of 16 attempts in his career. But shooting 50% in the shootouts doesn’t explain why he hits the glass with 90% of his shots during gameplay!!!

    Straka had 24 goals through Jan 13th of this season, he’s clearly an injury prone player…but through that game he carrying the Rangers. Jagr was sluggish, porous defensively, and impotent offensively. Nylander was still the non-finishing assister we know. And where was Cullen?


    Cullen finished the season, the entire season, with 16 goals.

    Sorry, you lose…and good day.

  117. we all lose, because both Cullen and Straka suck, they have nothing except speed and they will be here for many more years.

  118. yenner opinions are like a..holes and you have more than 1, …. enjoy being a amateur critic ….you have the attention you want , but almost no one agrees with you. ….figure it out….

  119. True Fans bleed RW&B on

    Yenner just needs to admit he’s attracted to Matt Cullen, that might explain everything.

  120. “Yenner just needs to admit he’s attracted to Matt Cullen, that might explain everything.”

    maybe you need to admit you had some brain damage?

  121. Not sure if anyone has mentioned this (didn’t have time to read 136 comments), but why not go for both of them and not
    re-sign Nylander. Between hte increase in the cap and
    the departure of some current players on the roster…there might just be enough cap space to sign them both…what say you and the rest of the Ranger world.

  122. imagination on

    SAM join in at any time by starting a new comment, your blog is in reverse. The latest comments should be on top not the bottom, too much scrolling. Looks like outing people gets them to post even more nonsense.

  123. Yenner et al:
    If only the following players(Nylander,Ozolinsh,Rachunek and Kasparitis) are not re-signed, are waived or bought out the Rangers would be saving about $11 Million…The Rangers were about $2 to 3 Million under the cap at the end of the season and the cap is going to be raised another
    $4 to 5 Million…that’s between $17 and 20 million available. I think we could sign both of them.
    Nylander defers to much to JJ and doesn’t shoot enough,
    that won’t happen with Gomez and Drury. The Rangers need to play a more North/South game…and stop telegraphing
    every shot, especially on the PP. I say if they have the space go for it.

  124. both Gomez and Drury will want 5-7 year deals. I don’t want to be stuck with 2 small soft centers for the next 5 years. Drury I wouldn’t want even if he begged the Rangers to take him, I don’t see anything special in him, he is very overrated. I like Immonen better than Drury.

    but yes you are right we can afford them, which was never really an issue.

  125. Can anyone who isn’t loco or incoherent please explain our actual obligation to Kaspar and Ozo next season? Ozo’s knee seems like an obvious joke, and Kaspar’s career seems to be finished as well.

  126. imagination on

    Chris I think Bozo is a UFA & Kaspar’s salary does not count against the cap since he was waived to Hartford, so there’s no need to buy him out. If they do that would count against the cap.

  127. Yenner, Chris et al: I believe you’re correct about Kaspar,
    but not so sure about Ozo. Think he falls under a long-term injury exemption. He can also be put on waivers or as a last resort, bought out. Yenner your point about contract lengths is well taken, would give Drury 3 yrs &
    Gomez 5 yrs. Drury is a good garbage goal man, something the Rangers have not had in a long time and 30+/yr goals is
    nothing to dismiss.

  128. Doodie Machetto on

    Some people were talking about TB. Their GM has said over and over he won’t trade his big 4. Not to mention that Lecavalier, St. Louis and Boyle all have NTCs, and Richards’ contract value is a NTC in itself.

    Someone mentioned Drury being a garbage goal man and the Rangers needing one. Callahan is a garbage goal guy. I saw him score like 5 goals playing for Hartford, as well as the AHL all star game, and I’d say 4 of them were garbage goals, including the GWG in the AHL allstar game. I’m telling you all that a line of Shanahan-Gomez-Callahan would be unstoppable. Gomez to carry and feed, Shanny to snipe, and Cally to crash the net. They would be REALLY, REALLY good.

  129. adam from the hills on

    some of you guys really have your heads so far up your asses its insane, listen you guys, i dont know how many of you are real rangers fans that watch every game or just bandwagoners, but listen, the rangers as a team are so close to the cup, sather and co realize next year is the year to go for it all, i personally think we need gomez and not drury for many reasons, one gomez is younger, super fast, an excellent passer and can bring the puck through the neutral zone, yes drury might do things that you wont notice as much but as a second line center i want to be noticing him, we need somebody to distribute the puck, only reason he didnt score more in the armpit of america AKA NJ is that theyre system didnt really let him be himself, in the rangers system he would thrive, forget about trading prucha, there is no way we should do that, another amonte weight zubov kovalev in the making, we bring up staal, hopefully get rid of malik because he is dreadful, well be fine guys, were so close i can taste it, we need to have a 4th line full of bangers and grinders that can cycle the puck down low, top 3 lines will be able to score, and by the way, dubinsky is the real deal, hes a big force out there who bangs bodies and has great hands, he will be our #1 center of the future and nobody ever talks about tom pyatt, taylors brother, that kid is just sick!, can you guys tell me what you think

  130. “but listen, the rangers as a team are so close to the cup, sather and co realize next year is the year to go for it all”

    LMAO, watch for them to miss the playoffs, they almost did this season.

  131. Malik, Straka, and Orr for Steve Bernier

    Immonen, Betts and Pock for Joel Lundqvist and Steve Ott

    Cullen, Dawes and Sanguinetti for Nathan Horton

    Jagr, Montoya and Hossa for Kopitar

    then re-sign Avery, Nylander and Ortmeyer

    Avery-Lundqvist-UFA like Scott Walker



    Liffiton, Dubinsky and Jessiman called up when injuries.

  132. adam are you related to yenner? I know Queens if that’s where you’re from. I hope you know more about the NYR than NJ. Get your brains out of your armpit. If next year is a real continuation of this year’s last 2 months, than hopefully they will get further than this year, and with a top center it’s possible. But it’s an “IF”. And it doesn’t take much to be smarter than some here, but that’s not a great accomplishment.

  133. I’m confused. Everyone was talking like we only had enough money for 1 of the afformentioned centers and maybe Nylander(if he is willing to take 3.5 mil or so). How did we go from this scenario, to certainly being able to sign 2 guys for 5 mil or more apiece?

  134. adam from the hills on

    howd you know i was from queens lol and dont compare me to yenner, ive been reading his posts all year, he just wants people to talk about him, hes pathetic, listen the only reason the rangers started off slow this year was because lundquist was still a bit screwy and jagr was coming off his shoulder surgery and i dunno if you heard jagr after they lost this year but he said he was going to train so hard this summer and that hed be better than last year when he broke all those rangers records, now if the big guy is talkin we should all listen, he said earlier in the year when our boys were crappin the bed that they would have a serious second half and make the playoffs and he didnt lie then, have some faith in our team and the guys in the front office and our coaching staff, the front office has done an amazing job rebuilding this franchise from the bottom up, i remember the days when we couldnt even call a guy up because when we did they would stink so bad theyd play for one shift, 07-08 is gonna be our year fellas

  135. Several more players that might be on the trading block according to TSN are Svatos, Zherdev, Torres, Steen, Stajan, etc. I wouldn’t mind Torres if the price is right–like Pock and Hossa.

  136. Howard 0 Ozo finished his contract so the injury does not matter (it is no longer the gift that keeps on giving). Re Kaspar its not as easy. If we keep him in Hartford might avoid cap hit. If we try to bring him up through waivers and he’s claimed we’re responsible for 1/2 his salary re the cap. If we buy his last yr out they do something like 2/3 counts vs our cap split over two yrs. It seems a no brainer keep him in Hartford.

    re cap $ keep in mind some players like the KIng and prob Avery will get nice increases in salaries.

    Yenner going back a few hrs you really think Hollweg and Orts are better than Cullen and Straka. It seems you’re saying that. Well I totally disagree. I think Orts is a nice guy and all but we can do much better. Hollweg I have no use for he is the perfect example of someone holding a spot that a better younger player can take.

  137. “Yenner going back a few hrs you really think Hollweg and Orts are better than Cullen and Straka.”

    they are better for their roles, which are much smaller.

    I am pretty sure Kasparaitis counts against the cap, no matter where he plays, and it is very likely he will be bought out it is also possible that he gets himself in great shape over summer and overcomes his personal problems.

  138. imagination on

    yenner why don’t you call Kaspar and join him. Ort & Hollweg, good, young. Shanny, Jagr, bad, old. Thanks for the insight.

  139. BillyRanger on

    we don’t need no stinkin devil or a used bison

    I read this on NHL.com in the 37 greatest playoff moments

    25. The New York Rangers turning into the New Jersey Devils – can you say trap – in an effort to beat the Sabres.

    I don’t seem to recall this

  140. Jeeze, don’t know why I’m posting in this entry, only that I must say SOMETHING to settle down Yenner Mott’s trade finger. Dude. Pull yourself together. I understand this is all fancy and what not, but think with just an inkling of logic. First, JAGER IS GOING NOWHERE. PERIOD. He will be a Ranger until his contract is up and likely beyond. His persona seems to be a perfect fit for this team, and as long as he keeps playing the way he does, he’ll be the Ranger captain. Last year was his biggest test and he passed with flying colors. Second, the Rangers have nothing to trade for KOPITAR. And any sort of trade would definitly start witth the names STAAL, PRUCHA and CALLAHAN. Third, J.LUNDQVIST is a good center, but he’s no better than a guy we already have. His name is IMMONEN(and on an ironic note, Dallas already has a Jarkko Immonen…drafted in the 4th round in 2002) In fact, one could even argue IMMO is better than J. Lundqvist. They had the same pt. production and Immo only played 14 games(with VERY limitted ice time). As for HORTON, Dawes and Sanguinetti is a good start, but just that. You’d need to throw in at least MONTOYA and probably either TYUTIN or PRUCHA to get that done. And lastly, SCOTT WALKER?!?! You mean 34-year-old Scott Walker?!? PUT THE PIPE DOWN. Or should I say the NHL2007 controller. I could’t agree less with both of your trade scenarios. And the fact that you want to dismantle a team that was basically one goal away from making the semifinals is troubling to say the least…

    Malik, Straka, and Orr for Steve Bernier

    Immonen, Betts and Pock for Joel Lundqvist and Steve Ott

    Cullen, Dawes and Sanguinetti for Nathan Horton

    Jagr, Montoya and Hossa for Kopitar

    then re-sign Avery, Nylander and Ortmeyer

  141. tdchi – except some are saying Immonen is a 1st or 2nd line center while Henrik’s brother is 4th line. I can pretty much guarantee the rangers will not go far if Immonen is 1st or 2nd line center next year.

  142. I think Lundqvist might have more talent and speed. And he is 10 times as physical as Immonen. Immonen is good too and would be a decent 2nd line center, but Renney doesn’t like him.

  143. I think that the Rangers should get neither one. They will just be waste in the Rangers lines. Scott Gomez can get hot then won’t score for like 4 to 5 weeks. Chris Dury helped destroy the Rangers in the playoffs last year. Like that game with 7.7 seconds left Chris Dury scored for Bufflao. So I think the Rangers should get neither one of Dury or Gomez. The Rangers should bring back or give contracts to like Kevin Weekes, Brendan Shanahan, and Micheal Nylander. Those people showed they can do something. Shanahan last year scored his 599th goal and his 600th goal to give the Rangers two goals in one game. The Rangers should not waste their brethe on Gomez and Dury.

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