The enemy of your enemy is also your enemy


Here’s today’s question: As a Rangers fan, do you take pleasure in the Sabres’ sluggish start in the Eastern Conference final because of your deep-rooted animosity toward Buffalo, its hockey team, and its citizens?

Or would you rather see the Sabres trounce their rival Senators as a sort of validation for your Rangers?

There are other elements to consider. For instance:

  • Buffalo’s struggles are proof that the Rangers took a lot out of them.
  • Buffalo’s struggles only prove the Rangers really blew it against a vulnerable team.
  • Buffalo’s struggles have absolutely nothing to do with the Rangers so maybe it’s time to get on with our lives.

    I don’t know. That’s why I ask.

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    1. I’m just tired of hearing about Buffalo…and their ‘destiny’, So I’m rooting for an Ottawa-Detroit final.

    2. I’d like to see Buffalo eat it because they weren’t respectful towards our team and I feel like, though they beat us, they got a wee bit of help. Also, I think that a win means a lot more to Ottawa and its fans (read Sully). And, for some reason, I root for Dany Heatley because of the accident and everything he said about being sorry it happened (even though I’m not sure that it wasn’t entirely his reckless fault and something I should actually think badly of).

      So, I, for one, am rooting for Ottawa.

    3. ORR kicks Ying Yang on

      Personally…..I hate Buffalo

      Last year i liked them and wanted them to win the cup except i hated Mike Grier because the dirty hit he threw at Kaspar…And Afinagenovs face was…..pretty damn scary.

      But this year they are to overrated…there fans are a buncha moronic retards who after a month said they were gonna win the cup.

      I think NYR did take alot out of them…But another thing is…I said it before and ill say it again…BUF is lucky…They didnt dominate NYI like i anticipated..even though they won 4 – 1….They JUST beat NYR..but barely…And didnt deserve that series….They dont diserve to get to the finals…With the way there playing…There not super human anymore so in my opinion they dont have a chance.

      48 and 0….was there record wwith 2 goal leads….Not anymore

      I think thats your proof that there not as good as thye should be…or maybe they were a big fluke..

      Anyway….Lets go Ducks..

      and next year Lets go NYR

    4. True Fans bleed RW&B on

      Someone at ESPN said it best: “Buffalo sleep-walked through the Islander series and barely escaped the grasp of the Rangers.”

      Buffalo’s NOT playing enthusiastic, energetic, physical hockey! They’re playing similar to how Patrick Lalime and the old-Senators performed in the post-season. While, the Senators have found the heart, the grit (Neil), and the top-line to win!!

      I hope Buffalo gets swept, only to prove to Buffalo their city won’t win a championship this year, so shut the hell up!! haha

    5. True Fans bleed RW&B on

      *Sorry, Buffalo fans have been texting me post-beating the Rangers, up to about 2 minutes into game 1 of the Eastern Conference finals. I’m reserving the “shut the hell up” for them right up to 2-3minutes shy of Ottawa’s fourth win. =-)

      Fortunately, their chances of eating crow are HIGH!

    6. There are definitely several ways to look at it. I, for one, take lots of pleasure in seeing Buffalo lose to Ottawa. My father, on the other hand, would rather have Buffalo win, so that the Rangers would have lost to the best team in the East. I honestly couldn’t care less who the Rangers lost to (unless it was the Islanders or Devils again)…it hurts enough that they lost. Saying the Rangers lost to the best team in the East doesn’t make me feel any better about their season being over.

    7. I would like the sabres to advance just to lose again in overtime on a controversial goal in the deciding game like the Hull goal. Their fans will be up in arms and for once it will look like the NHL was not on their side.

      I am really hoping that Detroit does not make it to the next round. I met someone this weekend who I did not like. He was a fan of Detroit. For that reason, and also the reason of that stupid camera angle where when the fans stand up you can only see the back of their heads an the far side of the ice, I do not want the Wings to advance.

    8. I couldn’t care less about the whole “If we are getting beat, at least we got beat by the best” mentality. We lost, end of story.

      Of the four remaining teams, I’d like to see it go to Ottawa, solely because the cup hasn’t gone to a Canadian team since ’93. That being said, I am happy to see Buffalo struggle, being how they have been in the leagues favor the entire season.

    9. your boy Malik on

      Hey Sam, thanks for giving me a hockey fix….I usually want the team that beats my team to win it all….but I also like your thought about the Rangers having taken their toll on the Sabes….BUT, I am now sick of Buffalo and their fans and the way the officiating has gone…plus I work with a Canadian Ottawa fan who is having so much fun, I just have to go with the Sens….and live vicariously through her! I’m so pathetic that I go to the Rangers website and watch the thank you video ;-P

    10. I agree with most of the others. The mentality that being beaten by Buffalo somehow validates the Rangers is just not my way of thinking. The Rangers didn’t play as well as they could have all series, and I really feel that the end of Game 5 was the turning point in the series. Had the Rangers won that game, we’d be playing Ottawa right now. I hate to admit it, however, but I do not think the Rangers have the tools, at this point in time, to beat Ottawa. That right there tells me that I believe Ottawa deserves to beat Buffalo, because the Rangers could have beaten them. I am very much enjoying watching the Sabres get the crap kicked out of them, and watching all the dumbass Sabres fans stunned and angry. I think the Sabres are given too much credit. So they won the President’s Trophy, big deal! One team a year wins that trophy, and the Sabres had almost the exact same record as the Rangers down the stretch, which tells me that had the Rangers played as well all year as they did down the stretch, they could have had the President’s Trophy also. Anyway, I just like watching Lindy Ruff being made to look stupid at the press conferences after each loss, and watching Miller react like he wants to cry because of a bad bounce. Those “bad” bounces were the only thing that took the Sabres over the Rangers, and now he bitches because of one carom. I can’t wait to see Buffalo players, coaches and fans reactions when they lose in 5 games, or maybe even get swept by Ottawa. That would be nice.

    11. “Do you take pleasure in the Sabres’ sluggish start in the Eastern Conference final because of your deep-rooted animosity toward Buffalo, its hockey team, and its citizens?”

      I posted this to another (music) board, along with much smack talk on Buffalo since the 2nd round started, so take this in context of me saying it to BUF fans whining about me ragging on the Sabres down 0-2.

      “I’ve never had any less respect for a team making a cup run, and I will be here saying that until their season is over, cup or not. I would like the Sabres more if they stomped the rangers, and that is no lie. I would have respected them as a team determined to storm into the finals and take something they WANT, as opposed to what they are doing which would embarrass me as a fan. Did you ever wonder if maybe they may have too much talent for their own good? So much talent that everyone is relying on everyone else to be the one to “pick it up”?

      And fyi, I havent been able to watch these games with my own eyes yet, hopefully tonight. After that i will be able to either deliver more smack, or eat a little shit myself. Either way, I never predicted NYR to slay buffalo (though i did believe that for about 120 seconds of game 5), but I did say all along (especially after nyr game 2) that buffalo would not be winning the 2007 stanley cup…teams that don’t deserve it usually don’t.”

      Buffalo awarded themselves the cup in November. I cannot wait to see them and thier fans *eat shit* as a result. You don’t do that in sports, let alone hockey, let alone a team from Buffalo that has been so close before.

      I cannot WAIT to see them take a big chewy gristly bite out of a shit sandwich.

      And RE: NY Rangers credibility & Buffalo
      Let’s face it guys, it was us that choked, *bad* in the final seconds of game 5. It could/should have us that took out the Buffalo team that didn’t show up to play their best, but we lost it for ourselves there. Buffalo winning a cup would make me feel worse because we were pretty much 7 seconds away from completely cutting their balls off.

    12. Rangers suck, Renney sucks, they could have easily beaten Sabres, but didn’t, because of lack of heart, hard work, physical play, doing the dirty work and bad if not terrible coaching.

    13. If the Senators kick the snot out of the Sabres, at least I’d feel better that we wouldn’t have gotten by them and not won the Cup anyway.

      If the Sabres were to win the Series, it would kick my a** that we blew that series with a few mistakes and hideous officiating that cost us a place in the Finals.

    14. Stop whining Rangers fans. You lost get over it. The only difference between the Rangers and Islanders is they hit the links two weeks before the Rangers.

    15. The problem i have with the Sabres is their attitude. They acted like it was an inconvenience for them to have to play the Rangers at all. They act like they should just go straight to the finals,or just have the Stanley Cup handed to them. That attitude was insulting. They only got by the Rangers because of bad officiating and luck. Every mistake the Rangers made turned into a goal for them. I don’t really like the Senators either but i’d rather see them win. The Sabres are a good team but not as good as they think they are.

    16. Buffalo thinks their SH*T don’t stink – I hope they go in 4. I also hope the Buffalo radio announcer has a heart attack next time he yells GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAALLLLLLL!!!

      Buffalo was extremely fortunate to escape the Rangers – Ottawa has had enough failures in the playoffs to know better than to let up – they will go for the Jugular!!

    17. I rejoice in Buffalo’s struggles because their fans(a few of their players and their coach) are jerks who are full of themselves and somehow think/thought that they were supposed to be handed the Stanley Cup or at least a ticket to the Finals once the playoffs started … Most of those fans took great pleasure in dismissing our Rangers before the series even started, and even after only just one game …

      I do not see Ottawa’s early dominance any indication that the Rangers blew it … Last season the Senators blew it against the Sabres … they lost three tough OT games at in their 5 game series vs the Sabres in round 2 … this year they have learned from their playoff mishaps of the last 2-3 seasons … and now they are taking that experience and playing very poised and unafraid no matter what happens so I am very confident that while losing Game 5 in the way that we did totally sucked, it will help us next year as the team keeps moving forward

    18. Regardless of how they’re playing in this series, let’s face the facts: Buffalo WAS vulnerable against the Rangers, who should have beaten them in five. And if not 5, they should have taken a 3-2 lead into game 6 and won that one. The Rangers are not in the Conference Finals because of the Rangers, not because of the Sabres. And if Buffalo was about to sweep Ottawa, I’d say the same thing.

      What Ottawa beating the Sabres tells me is that the Rangers very likely would have gotten a good butt-kicking from the Senators. The Rangers’ biggest problem the last two years, honestly, was having a great deal of success in such a short period of time that they never really had enough confidence when things got dicey. Last year they lost a few games near the end of the year and thought “yeah, this is the team everyone thought we’d be, here we are” and lost the rest of the way. This year, Renney had to try to convince them they could play with Buffalo via the media and in the room. Because 2 months before they were playing Buffalo, they blew chunks. And when you haven’t been that good for that long, part of you doesn’t believe it. That’s why Renney said “You never know how close you were until you’re out of it.” Looking back on it, you wonder why on earth the world wanted to just give the Sabres the series. And the Rangers, in those few moments when they panicked and cost themselves 2 games in the series, gave them way too much respect.

      This year was necessary. Next year will be different.

    19. Ive been a fan of Ottawa since the late 1990’s. They were either an awful team or the underdog team and i seemed to be a sucker for that. When they beat the devils the one year, it just solidified my liking of them. And really, they have had enough of bad luck to last a lifetime.
      That being said, there were only two teams i wanted to see come out of the Eastern Conference – the Rangers, obviously and the Senators. The fact that they beat the Devils was a bonus and the fact that they are leading the series against Buffalo is bonus times 2.
      Buffalos struggles and my pleasure in watching them do so is solely based on the fact that they are playing the Senators.

    20. If Rangers slapped the puck from the point half the time, they would have been playing Ottawa now.

    21. Definitely happy that the Sabres are now 0-3!!! Bring out the brooms! Sabres had lucky bounces of the puck and officiating to help them get to the semis. Sabres will choke as their football team did. Remember the Bills? I belive FOUR TIMES!! The Rangers will be ready to go all the way next year! For now, GO WINGS!

    22. Actually, I hope the Sens SWEEP the Sabres just to prove that the Sabres were not that good and I had enough of hearing Lindy Ruff whine and complain. The Rangers were robbed of that series vs. the Sabres and that Sabres Head Jerk of a Coach did not even give the Rangers any compliment. I guess this is not Buffalo’s year, hahaha.

    23. goalbyPrucha on

      Hate to say it but Buffalo appears to be chokers this year. All the hype they had after their fast start is catching up on them now. They peaked too early.

    24. I am not an Ottawa fan but I would immensely enjoy seeing the Sabres get knocked out with a SWEEP!!!!! I dislike the arrogance of their fans and the expectations of that club, from players to owners, that they deserve the Stanley Cup simply because they are the Sabres. The Rangers were treated as if they were a bad smell and a bother to play with. Pardon us fans and the Rangers for breathing. I am convinced that the Rangers could have won the series against the Sabres had it not been for a few bad mistakes ( Malik’s is one) and non-calls (Girardi being tackled in Game 5). The Rangers exposed the Sabres’ weaknesses and the Sens certainly watched those tapes carefully.

      Next season the Rangers go deeper and who knows…I can dream!!!

      LET’S GO RANGERS!!!!!!

    25. J.Gar –

      Yep, and as of right now it looks like the only thing separating the Rangers from the Sabres is not even that long – 10 days to be exact.

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