Callahan headed to Moscow


Glen Sather pulled the trigger on a trade to send the Rangers prized rookie forward to Russia for the hairstylist of “former heavyweight champ Nicolay Valuev.”: Sather also sent the Russians “future considerations.”

OK…maybe not. But Callahan is headed to Moscow to join Team USA for tonight’s quarterfinal match with Finland. The only other info I have is that he scored three points in seven games with the team in ’05 and that he will wear No. 43.

Sorry if I sent any of you into cardiac arrest. I just thought I’d keep it interesting around here.

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  1. Does Valuev know how to skate? He looks scary. Looks like someone who can kick the crap out of Janssen or Brashear!

    Oh wait, nevermind. You said we got his hairstylist.

    I always hate to see our guys playing in these type of games that mean nothing. Injuries always worry me.

  2. GuitarWizard on

    “I always hate to see our guys playing in these type of games that mean nothing.”

    I’m sure playing for their country means something to them, or they wouldn’t go.

  3. this kind of experience for ryan is invaluable im glad he and toots are over there.

  4. For whatever reason, Cally didn’t dress for the game. The score is currently 4-3 Finland at the tail end of the 2nd.

  5. Doodie Machetto on

    J.Ward signed a two year deal with Tampa worth 675k a year.


  6. goalbyPrucha on

    Josh, any word on whether Maloney is looking for work elsewhere? I read on tsn he was interviewing the GM job in Phoenix.

  7. I don’t know if Callahan got there or not, but he is defenately not in the line up against FIN.

  8. “I always hate to see our guys playing in these type of games that mean nothing.�

    It definitely looks good on their resume if they win the World Championship

  9. Richtersgirl on

    I dont think J ward was that terrible to be quite honest. Maybe he didnt fit in with our team but i can see him being an assett to another team. He was a great guy too. I wish him all the luck there. now if you were saying boston resigned A Ward for that…well then that would just be ridiculous!

  10. WeWantFishStix on

    maybe he knows he’s gonna get beat out of the NYR GM position by Messier

  11. Had he played, it would have been nice to represent his country. But all we would have needed is an unnecessary injury to him and we’d all be complaining he shouldn’t have gone. It’s no different than the Olympics in my opinion: overrated.

  12. Doodie Machetto on

    NJ MArk, there are a couple of differences. The Olympics are played on a GRUELING schedule. Furthermore, an injury is much more serious because the Olympics are in the middle of the NHL season. Since this is in the summer, a player would have a long time to recover from any injuries.

  13. I guess so, I am just always paranoid about our players getting hurt in non-Ranger games. Jagr getting hurt in the Olympics last year aggravated me (although it was the result of a cheap shot).

  14. btw, i hear he was a scratch because he hockey gear didn’t make the plane, so he got there…without gear

  15. Steve Rucchin on

    Slow news day, huh?

    Good for JWard, anyone know if 675K is a raise for him?


    but really, no signings will happen any time soon. teams are now taking time to review their org, and plans for next year. and i believe the free agent period stats some time in june for players from other teams

  17. free agency starts july 1, teams are now just allowed to resign their own players

  18. “Good for JWard, anyone know if 675K is a raise for him?”

    It is a slight bump up. He made 650k this past season.

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