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You may have already heard that Don Maloney is “scheduled to interview for the vacant GM job in Phoenix”:http://www.tsn.ca/nhl/news_story/?ID=207229&hubname=nhl.

Bear in mind that the Rangers assistant GM is one of nine candidates, and even if he did get the job, I would have to think the Rangers would try to make it worth his while to stay. The easiest solution would be to have Glen Sather relinquish the GM title since Maloney is believed to do most of the legwork anyway. And that way the big boss can focus on his duties as president, whatever those exactly are.

Granted, the one wrinkle in that plan would be Mark Messier’s interest in the GM position, which as others have already suggested, may not be a small consideration.

In other news, I’m watching the Buffalo-Ottawa game and wondering why someone hasn’t told Brian Engblom that the 80s are over…

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  1. Business in the front, Party in the rear!!! Hell Yeah!!!

    We actually drive to the mall in Massena some weekends on the way to Canada (from Potsdam) and count the Mullets. Our all-time record is 147.

  2. AngelusMortis on

    I find the whole Versus studio crew to be very, very annoying, especially Engblom and his…umm…whatever hairdo. Bill Clement and Mike Emrick are the only decent people on this network.

  3. Everything about Versus pisses me off. How do you NOT have the playoffs available in High Definition?!!

    I don’t think Don winds up going anywhere, but I do want the Rangers to find a way to get Mess involved in the front office.

  4. P.W., you must not have gone on weekends.

    I think my record is in the 300’s some holiday weekends (like when parents take their kids to see Tobacco-chewin’ Santa)

  5. they must not want Malonney, or Sather would have not let him even interview.

  6. I’ll admit if Maloney was 27 years old he would be a perfect winger on Jagr’s line.

  7. bklynblue–thats not true you have to let him go interview. its common courtesy and a given in the business. not only is it respectful to maloney but when the shoe is on the other foot and you are the one looking for a gm/coach you want the other teams to let you talk to their guy. glen could not allow him to talk to them, but that would go against the unwritten rule…really only way he could have prevented it would have been to offer him the gm job here on the spot.

  8. imagination on

    leetch why would Malonney go if he’s wanted & he wants to stay here? To put pressure on Sather? He had to have a conversation with Sather, & was told something like I’m GM your the asst , or you or Messier is the next GM when I’m ready. So Donny is now in the looking pool to be a GM. He wouldn’t go to the interview if he wasn’t somewhat interested. I hope no matter what his brother Dave stays, he is really good on the radio.

  9. Doodie Machetto on

    “The Wolves, the farm team of the Atlanta Thrashers, have long been one of the best-run operations in the minors”

    That’s such BS. ATL doesn’t have one impact player (excluding goaltenders) that spent any decent amount of time with Chicago. That just goes to show that their farm system isnt developing players.

  10. John M not even the fishsticks , and now Sather wants to step up and take the credit on his team. The guy is hiding, but his ego can’t. …. When is Messier going to be GM?

  11. Sabers look great tonight, ICK.
    Think that rangers series took too much out of them?

  12. Buffalo is not nearly as good as Ottawa. I don’t know why everyone thinks this will be a great series. I think both conference finals will stinks. Ottawa and Anaheim in 5, but the Cup will be a great matchup.

  13. Chicago Wolves is not owned by Thrashers they ar all about winning, not developing prospects, and Thrashers are allowed to fill a portion of the Wolves’ roster with their prospects.

  14. Oh, the 3rd round started? I thought they were taking a few more days off.

    I hate the NBA, but they don’t waste time between rounds, as the NHL does. It killed all momentum with this two day break for no reason. Ottawa hasn’t played in a week and neither has Anaheim.

  15. Messier as GM? Let’s face it, as great as an athlete and leader Messier was in hockey and HE IS among the finest EVER, listen to him in an interview and he really doesn’t sound that bright. He’d be a disaster as GM. What would the Rangers lose for not making him GM? Nada, zilch, zip.

    As GM, his management style in signing players may place too much emphasis on “coming over for a few beers”.

    If there was a Ranger, current or past to be GM, you do not need to look further than Brendan Shanahan. He’s smart, has a passion and respect for the sport, already has a huge hand in making the game better and bringing people together, commands respect, has a nose for the business side of things, and again, he’s smart.

    Shanny for GM!

  16. John M the bs cap will force them not to get who they should, a top center. The parity story is really to help teams that never should have been. Those owners blame the players, it’s a business they went into with open eyes. Now all have to put up with this garbage until the cap becomes real in $ for the present. Screw the poor teams either they figure it out or sell. There are plenty of buyers. Buttman is the problem and should be replaced.

  17. Sam can you get an interview with Sather? Not for the GM job, but to hear his mindset on what to do for next year, and what was wrong with this year. There’s no way to get the absolute truth, but try to get something out of him.

  18. Too bad that one way or the other, the odd-man out in all of this is going to be Schoenfeld. Inevitably he will go somewhere and it’ll be a huge loss to the or-gan-EYE-zA-shun.

    Your reference to Messier’s declaration that he’s got the GM’s job in his sights explains Maloney getting the “Cold FX Shoulder” (pun deliberate) from the GM who’s got to be reflecting the starry-eyed Junior Dolan who’s surely drooling at the thought of Messier becoming the very visible publicimage of the Rangers.

  19. I’d like to know who exactly started this rumour that the Ranger fans want Mess as the GM of this team. Maloney deserves the job and Ranger fans know it.

    The only ones who wants Mess as GM is Mess and bandwagon fans who are clueless.

  20. I’ve idolized Messier since he was in Edmonton and when he came to us I was elated when my parent bought me my first jersey with his name on the back. I still love him, but I think we all know he is horrible for the GM job. Honestly the man that should be GM aside from poor Maloney is already working for the organization. Adam Graves, he is learning the business while working out in the community. He is a man that can always be identified with this team and would really do a good job I think at evaluating what needs the team needs in the future. Maybe then number 9 can hang from the rafters.

  21. How does Maloney deserve the job? He has had the same job as assitant gm and vp of player personnel for the last 9 years (at least for most of the time that he’s been with the front office) and his results aren’t that great. We have made the playoffs only twice in that period and how many of our first round-picks have developed into NHL players since he’s had the job? Zero. Staal should be the first next year, but the Sather and Maloney tagteam has not been successful in drafting and developing highend talent (Henrik being the exception but I doubt Maloney picked Hank himself) Did they manage to salvage this season? Yes, but lets not forget who made the poor signings in the offseason in the first place and it was Maloney and Sather who chose not to play more youth throughout the year, instead playing marginal veterans when rookies could have done just as good a job. Let him leave.

  22. Adam…

    Messier has zero GM experience on any level. I know we all fell in love with his captaincy in 94, but there’s a big difference between that and running a team.

    Maloney has grown into the job and the team is starting to see the rewards of his hard work. It takes a very long time to rebuild a team’s farm system.

    Instead of asking me why Mess wouldn’t be a good GM, tell me what proof there is that he would be? He was always a fan of vets over youth. He was always forcing management to deal for his buddies. There were a lot of things about Messier’s hold over the team during his second run that were detrimental to the Rangers organization. Being able to lead a team is completely different than being able to build a team. Ask Gretzky that one. He was the greatest player ever and he’s having a horrible time building a team.

    It’s like JD. We all agree he knows a lot about the game but who knows if he will be a good GM. There is no argument that can convince me that being a starF**r and putting Messier in because of his name will serve any purpose. I’d even try Graves over Mess because he seems like a more intelligent guy. Still, there’s no proof he can run a team, either.

  23. President – Glen Sather
    General Manager – Don Maloney
    Assistant General Manager – Mark Messier

    That’s all

  24. goalbyPrucha on

    “”Barbara H Looks like the “cream of the cropâ€? got creamed in game 1! Good.””

    LMAO out loud!! I love that comment!! :)

  25. Rob:

    Let’s first take your ‘negative’ points before dwelling on my ‘positive’ ones.

    1) You say ‘he was always a fan of vets over youth’: Really? Always? The Oilers dynasty was built on youth- both through the draft and kids coming out of the WHA when it folded. As for Ranger kids…when Messier came here in ’91, Adam Graves was 23, Brian Leetch was 23, Mike Richter was 25, Sergei Zubov was 21, and Alex Kovalev was 18. You’re telling me that he was ‘favoring vets’ over those guys? Not quite. Even when he went to Vancouver and didn’t win…guys like Markus Naslund (24 years old when Messier signed there in ’97) have said publicly that their post-Messier success would not have happened without his early influence. Sure, his last 4 years here sucked, but are you really putting them on an equal playing field with his first 21 years?

    2) You say ‘he was always forcing management to deal for his buddies’: Really? Are you sure about that? Because Brian Leetch and Adam Graves were both traded away on his ‘watch.’ It’s well-known that he was furious at Neil Smith for trading Sergei Nemchinov in ’97 to Vancouver, even when we got back no less a Messier ‘buddy’ thna Esa Tikkanen. Obviously he couldn’t stand the ’95 deal that brought Petr Nedved here for the first time. And despite the happy public face, he wasn’t a big fan of the Lindros deal either. So for every trade he supposedly orchestraded during his career, there are plenty he couldn’t stand.

    So why would Messier make a great GM? I’ll start with over 3 decades experience in the game, a proven winner, a great influence on younger players, a tremendous leader, and an unmatched will to win. I’ll take those qualities in a GM any day.

  26. Yeah but Adam you keep mentioning youth that was already on the team when he got there. Graves, Richter, Leetch, Zubov and Kovalev were already here! Naslund was already in Vancouver.

    You fail to mention the McSorley, Kurri, Gretzky, etc. as well. All deals Mess pressed Neil to make. All sending promising youth out the door for that “win now” chance. We know how that turned out.

    You said…”So why would Messier make a great GM? I’ll start with over 3 decades experience in the game, a proven winner, a great influence on younger players, a tremendous leader, and an unmatched will to win. I’ll take those qualities in a GM any day.”

    Those are the qualities of a great coach, not a great GM. They are completely different things. I could not argue considering him to be a coach for the future. But for all his leadership abilities (again coach qualities) the guy does not seem to be that overly intelligent.

  27. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I prefer Mark Messier as coach over GM. Messier was the best leader, period. GMs don’t lead, but coaches do.

    Perhaps if one of our assistants gets a head coaching job after next season, we can hire Messier as an assistant coach to start. Then again, that might not work out given the whole Renney/Messier history.

  28. Also to illustrate my point, where would you prefer Messier: in an office smoking cigars with Sather, or closer to the ice teaching and interacting with our players?

  29. Hockeypuckz on

    This goes back to what I said earlier. Adam Graves should be groomed to take over the front office. Heck what about Richter, if he can be pushed away from this polictical kick he is on maybe he could be a good force in the front office. But Sather isn’t going anywhere for a while. Hey while I’m on the Rangers great who could work in the front office topic, how about Steve Larmer he isn’t working for the PA anymore and maybe he wouldn’t mind coming back to NY to learn the GM ropes and take over for Sather when he is ready to retire. Of course I think Sather is immortal and will never die.

  30. Messier could be a great assistant coach, but I don’t think he has the brainpower to be a good head coach or a GM

  31. “I’d like to know who exactly started this rumour that the Ranger fans want Mess as the GM of this team. Maloney deserves the job and Ranger fans know it.”

    MSG PR department, who else

  32. Rob:

    You said Messier was always favoring the vets over the kids. If that was the case, when he got to the Rangers in ’91, he would have said to Neil Smith, “We’ve got too many young, unproven guys here. I need more vets.’ Instead, he molded and led the youth on the team to do something special. And sure, they brought in some war horses who had been there before, at the expense of some of our young talent. But that’s what any team needs- a mix or proven vets and youthful exuberance. Your version of Mark Messier would have lost faith in Kovalev when he was suspended twice in 93-94, and in Zuby when he spent several games in the minors early in that same year; neither happened. Instead, Kovy played the best hockey of his career, often with Mess, in the ’94 playoffs, and Zuby was our leading scorer for the season.

    And of course, the trades you mention did not turn out as well as hoped. (by the way, Gretzky was not a trade, but a free-agent signing). Some did, some didn’t. That was my point. Your point was that he ALWAYS favoring vets and ALWAYS trading for his buddies. History does not bear this out.

    Finally, you say that the qualities I list for Messier are what a great coach needs. I agree. But why don’t GMs need them too? Do you not want GMs to have those qualities?

  33. Adam Z:

    It’s been pretty widely reported that Messier lobbied for Zubov to be shipped out after the Philly series in 96(?). He felt Zubov wasn’t tough enough so Smith sent him and Nedved (another one Messier hated) to Pitts for Robitaille and Samuellson. Ulfie was ok, but Luc was awful while Nedved had a great couple of years for Pittsburgh and we know what Zubov has done.

    Messier would *not* be my choice for GM

  34. Twin

    The Philly series you’re referring to was in ’95. And yes, I’ve heard the same thing. But again, this backs up my point. He lobbied for some trades and not for others. He wanted certain vets at certain times, he wanted certain kids at certain times. Sometimes it worked, other times it didn’t. And one time it worked out perfectly. Of course he had outsized influence on personnel decisions. No one disputes that either. My point is that these days, many folks around here view Messier through the myopic prism of his final four years as the be-all and end-all, instead of accounting for his full career. I think it’s not wise to do that when trying to evaluate how he’d be as a GM in today’s NHL.

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