The lights are still on at Blog Headquarters


Since I, like many of you, have to contend with hockey withdrawal over the next few days and weeks, you can still count on this being a forum for news, opinions, and speculation during the off-season.

That said, I do have another gig “covering golf”:, something I did competently enough to at least remain employed over the previous few years, but something I’ve been neglecting as the Rangers made their surge into the playoffs. What this means is that while I’ll certainly be here, it’s unlikely I’ll be posting with the same frequency as I did during the season.

Speaking of which, a brief recap on our season stats, which one day I plan to put on the back of my own trading card: 625 posts, 27,975 comments, with traffic numbers second on our site only to Peter Abraham’s religious-like following on his “Yankees blog”: (which, even though I can’t stand the Yankees, is so entertaining I’m on every day as well).

For what it’s worth, my “first post here”: came on the day of the annual Blue and White scrimmage, when Hugh Jessiman of all people scored two goals. It only goes to show a lot has changed since then.

Along the way, you were treated to a healthy stream of Jaromir Jagr jokes, Tom Renney long-winded answers, and endless speculation over whether Marek Malik possesses incriminating photos of Glen Sather. You lamented the mistreatment of Jarkko Immonen and Thomas Pock, celebrated the wisdom of Brendan Shanahan, and were perplexed by the nonsensical comments of Vinny Pooh, DumpJagrDope, and Yenner Mot — all of whom, of course, are the same person.

Many of you were complimentary of me, while others got on my case for being too frivolous or not critical enough. Believe it or not, on all counts, the input only helped me do my job better.

Either way, the only credit I or Josh can take for the success of this site is recognizing the insatiable appettite of Rangers fans, and that some are misguided enough to actually want to hear what we have to say.

Other than that, the credit belongs completely to you for making this season so much more meaningful than I ever anticipated.

Until then, I’ll check in from the Peter Forsberg signing press conference….

(Just kidding)…

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  1. Don’t even kid about that SAM, Great work the entire year, already looking forward to next year, have a great summer, and who knows maybe we’ll hear from you when we sign Gomez.

    LETS GO RANGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Thanks Sam & Josh.. You guys did a great job giving us access to the team other then what we see on the ice. Looking foward to hearing back from you when we resign Sean & Hank in the next few days.. Right? Please?

  3. Doodie Machetto on

    John M’s Forsberg jersey may be worth something!

    Thank you Sam and Josh for everything this season.

  4. goalbyPrucha on

    Sam, I’m LMAO at the “endless speculation over whether Marek Malik possesses incriminating photos of Glen Sather.”


  5. Mrs.Weinman on

    Stop it Sam !

    You have promised to take more care with me and the kid !!!

    There is no way in continuing the blog in the off season..

    Otherwise I am going to give you a hard time….:)

  6. Sam, excellent work throughout the season. Your work was a must read every day, and your wit and humor only made it all the more interesting and fun…if only I cared about golf as much to keep up over there :)

  7. Rangers6830 on

    Great Job Sam and Josh, you’re making me kinda sad, maybe it’s hockey withdrawal. Can’t wait till October.

  8. The Swedes need to have Henrik in Goal at the world championships. This guy doesn´t really look good on the last two goals of the Slovaks..

    I am watching right now Sweden-Slovakia 4-3 with 17 minutes left in the final period….

  9. Sam, you’ve done a great job this past season in offering us your insights into the team that is the New York Rangers. I started posting here in the very beginning of the season, though my name was just “Joe” then, however I decided to become a little bit more unique by adding my geographic location. I check this blog basically every day and use it as a valuable resource for team news.

    Just wanted to say thanks for all the hard work and hope to hear from you as often as you can during the offseason. And please, don’t give me another heart attack with the Forsberg stuff.

  10. Sam, I only caught your blog during the midseason (i’m kicking myself over that but anyways). You have a loyal reader from now on. Great job!!!

    Here’s to the 2007-2008 season. LET’S GO RANGERS!

  11. Fruity Cupcake on

    How nice that golf season for Ranger fans started on May 7 for a change! As noted by every other post, you guys did a swell job. If you so much as get a postcard from any Rangers on their vacations, you MUST post the contents here! Honestly, there is never too much inside information. Enjoy your summer jobs, but we’ll be lurking and sniffing out any NYR stories. Have fun and see you all again soon!

  12. Sam/Josh you need to post once a day to keep it interesting in the off season. Thanks for the overposting ;)

  13. Ah the memories. DumpJagrDope cursing up a storm and hating Jagr.

    No, It’s true about Forsberg. I heard Slats had a press conference scheduled to announce his signing along with the comeback of Valeri Kamensky, his former LW in Colorado.

    Good Lord, I almost passed out just reading that!!

  14. Doodie Machetto on

    It was nice to have a Nylander’s worth of games this season instead of a Straka’s worth. Hopefull, next season we can break triple digits.

  15. your boy Malik on

    I’m getting really sad now about missing Rangers hockey and this blog which seemed to bring the team to life day after day for us Garden faithful…..Sam and Josh – great job – this is the first blog I’ve actually read and posted on! Sam, I wish I knew you hated the Yanks….that makes me like you even more! And thanks for taking the Malik jokes so well! Please keep posting and enjoy the summer!

  16. Your a good writer Sam, I can see how the rangers players and staff respect you, unlike larry brooks article’s in the post, that man is quote me on this ‘ a dam fool’ keep up the go work. Lets go rangers

  17. No way, Doodie Machetto. We can do it with less that a serving of Gretzky (Straka + Avery, to be exact).

  18. Thanks Sam for everything this year. Your input has been the best I’ve encountered and I have visited your blog daily since the beginning of the season. I hope you and Josh keep this up throughout the off-season and and all the way through next season (which promises to be exciting).


  19. I would say that this is probably the only blog I read on a regular basis and one of the few sites I check more than a few times a day.

    There is an absolute WEALTH of information that we, as fans, are privy to because you are just like us and want us to know what you know.

    Thanks a lot for the great job you’ve done this year, Sam.

    Next year I’m sure we’ll have even more things to be happy about ;)

    – Jon

  20. mother-in-law on

    Come on Sam, stop it now. The season is over, the Rangers are gone now and you shouldn´t burn the fire here for all those confused mass of people any further.

    You shouldn´t neglect my daughter and the baby boy anymore.
    First you have those diehard golfies and then you went over to make those hockey guys hysterical…

    Can´t tolerate this any more…please grow up and take your duties..

  21. Great job Sam. It was a pleasure reading the work this year and always read with anticipation. Carried strong insights. Can’t wait for next year to start as ridiculous as that sounds….

  22. czechthemout!!!!! on

    sam,thanks for this great blog!!!.i have never posted on any blog before this one,thinking it was silly.however,this was a great expeirience and is a great source for team insight and is also a great place to vent after a bad loss or celebrate a big win.many times some of the other posters made me laugh like (vinny pooh dump yenner)what ever his real name is.and of course the one and only
    WLIDCRAD.any way,have a great off season to you all and i’am sure when some big news breaks we will all congragate back here to share our thoughts about it.


  23. staggarelli on


    Thanks for making this blog the first thing I would check when I got up at 230 am to go to work… great way for me to find out what i missed the previous night and get a better feel for whats going on behind the scenes… thanks for posting as often as you could and making this THE BEST blog for Rangers fans IMO.

    Looking forward to next year, hope Josh and you are back here again!


  24. imagination on

    czechthemout!!!!! czechthemout!!!!! since you mentioned the mental midget, he and his buddy, on another site that he pops in on like a jack in the box he is, were spewing about this blog, so here’s some wood for the fire if he ever comes back…

    wildcard — I remember reading your battlles with all the nattering naboobs posting on Sam’s site and wondering whether you were brave to try and correct them or an idiot for trying to talk sense into people so immature and dense. Sam’s blog is great, but I stopped reading the comments ..

    LOL…I think on Sams blog it was a little bit brave…and alot thick headed…talk about headaches…I felt like I was beating my head against a brick wall with someone helping my bash my head against it :) But its also fun to see what silly slop someone will fire back with LOL


  25. don’t even joke about that forsberg thing…not funny at alll, given the rangers’ history of signing old farts (correct that…old injured farts).

  26. Sam, Josh, THANK YOU!!!!
    I did not find you until mid season, but I have not missed a day since! Entertaining, yet knowledgeable! I like that and so do many other Albany area fans!!! It has been great to get to know what happens off the ice, too.
    If you have any influence, Wolfpack to Glens Falls!!!
    and of course ALL RANGER GAMES on MSG in Albany!!!
    Will the Rangers have part of Training Camp in Lake George again? Speaking of Training Camp, is it September yet???
    Enjoy your summer, guys! We will miss you daily here. We may have to learn about golf? Do you write about the golf carts?? Golf itself is sort of boring. Sorry, Sam, not sure how you do it after the excitement of hockey!!!!

  27. Thanks for the great work this season Sam and Josh.

    Has anyone watched the salute to the fans video? Where is Jagr?

  28. Hey Sam and Josh, thanks so much for all the hard work and effort you both put into this blog. This is definitely a hockey fan’s dream to be able to know what the line combos and d pairings are well before the game starts. Even if Krog was practicing with the Jagr unit…Just kidding of course. I enjoyed all your insight and I hope you guys continue this blog during the offseason and into next season as well.

  29. Sam and Josh thanks for providing a great place to share ideas as well as vent our collective frustration from time to time. I can’t wait to do it all over again next season.

    I have to confess I was relieved to find out that Vinny Pooh, DumpJagrDope, and Yenner Mot are all the same person. Who BTW must be the only person I’ve ever encountered who could have an argument with himself on a blog.

  30. Sam and Josh, Sunday’s loss still stings, and watching the Conf Finals and finals and then some other team hoist Lord Stanley’s holy grail will be painful. If it did not hurt so much, the joy and excitement would not be so great. After the Awards show (maybe Henrik for the Vezina?) its on to the draft and next season, so until the week after Labor day, its only Lets Go Mets!

    Lets Go Rangers in ’07-08!

  31. “Vinny Pooh, DumpJagrDope, and Yenner Mot—all of whom, of course, are the same person”

    you have no proof of that, I’ll see you in court for this defamation of my avatar. Expect a phone call from my lawyers very soon, Weinman. The settlement is going to cost you a bundle, this will teach you not to walk up to people and grab them by their face or hair while screaming, take of your mask, Fantomas!

  32. I am strung out. I have been in a walking daze since sunday. Help.
    Just keep blogging, Sam.
    PLease Just keep blogging.
    Just One more Blog, OK. Just one more.
    I promise I won’t ask again. Just One more.

    Help me.

  33. so me, myself, and I has hired sybil they all will take up 2 seats with 20 voices.

  34. a casual observer on

    You receive the ultimate compliment for a journalist. I can’t wait to get home from work to listen to you. Even your wife doesn’t say that! Keep up the great work.

  35. I would trade Malik + Sanguinetti(bust IMO) for Seabrook who is extremely overrated because he is young.

  36. I have focused my energy on Ryan Smyth for Ranger number 1 center. The Oiler-Ranger connection is alive and well!

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