Renney post-mortem


Here’s Tom Renney on a wide range of topics, including the Yankees signing of Roger Clemens, the latest debate of Democratic candidates, and why he thinks “Spiderman 3” is better than the first two.

OK, the coach didn’t talk about any of those things. But he did talk plenty about the season that was and the season to come.

It’s fairly long so I’ve just included one part.


Plenty more to come, including:

  • Brendan Shanahan leaning on coming back.
  • Michael Nylander more than leaning toward coming back.
  • Sean Avery accepting blame for the Rangers early exit; calling out both Sidney Crosby and Roberto Luongo; and openly campaigning for the Rangers to sign Scott Gomez.
  • Jaromir Jagr proclaiming that he’s looking to be better than ever in 2007-08.

    The problem is it’s going to take a while to transcribe it all….

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    1. ORR kicks Ying Yang on

      I have a feeling…Jagr will be alot better next year…If he can have that fir in his eyes game in and game out….then i think he can go back to his 50 goal scoring ways..hopefully


      I couldnt hear the first part….can anyone else tell me what was a said

    2. Is there any way to pause those clips? When I press what looks like a pause symbol, the whole thing closes and I have to start over.

    3. I don’t think Jagr returning to his 50 goal scoring days has anything to do with the fire in his eyes. I think it’s been there all season. I think the problem was his shoulder. He wasn’t healthy for much of the season. If he’s healthy next season, he’ll be a 50/50 guy once again.

    4. Sam,
      Thank you for the tidbits, and of course thank you for the great work all season! The behind the scenes stuff is always great reading!
      The bad taste is still there from what could have been, but the differnce is we have a lot to look forward to with next years team.

    5. The first part of that sounded like they were talking about either OZO or Kasper.

    6. Sam, how much do you really feel like the inability to handle expectations was a problem for the Rangers (or is for any team)? It’s mentioned so often, but it seems a bit wishy-washy and New Age to me. Jagr’s shoulder, slow defense, weak goaltending, no 2nd line center, half the team not being able to hit a barn with their shot — those seem like real problems. Is “expectations” really the killer people make it out to be?

      And is Valiquette really solid enough to be a true back-up?

    7. Also, Sam (or Josh or whomever), did you see any evolution in the Renney-Jagr relationship? I feel like maybe Renney being able to dictate more to Jagr played a part in the second half resurgence; the taming of the north-south game and the two PP units (at least for the bit they existed) being examples. Thoughts?

    8. Sam,
      When you get the chance…I would love to hear some quotes from Avery on Sid and the moose……thanks

    9. Also Sam, who was it you were leading for Renney to say could step up as a Shanny role in the locker room?

      Nice job, looking forward to the rest of the tapes, cant wait to hear sean running his mouth on *Crysob*

    10. Guessing Sam was waiting for Renney to anoint Avery. Just a guess, though.

    11. I must say that one thing that the Sabres did extremely well is to not let Avery get to them at all. You knew before the first period of Game 1 against Atlanta was over that he was already getting under their skin. But Buffalo never fell for the bait. Even so, he has some impressive skills, and I’m happy to hear that he’ll likely be back.

    12. Avery will be back. Homeboy needs to work on his driving to the net with the puck, I’d estimate he had over 25 shots on net vs BUF, but all were taken from way too far out…especially on breakaway/partial breakaway.

    13. Avery still was very efective in game three and four.

      Man, I love having him on the Rangers, He is never boring.

    14. Tom Renney on

      If Avery’s bucking for a Gomez signing, I am with him. 27 years old, great skater, uniquely capable of breaking down a D on the rush and most of all a proven big game performer. The only question for me would be how hungry he is for more Cups. If that desire can be determined and remains strong, I think he’s a clear choice over Drury and Briere, though those guys are certaibly not chopped liver.

    15. ORR kicks Ying Yang(from previous post): Everyone has a price and if you look at the Pens’ roster, he’s actually third on the depth charts behind Crosby and Malkin, who are obviously going nowhere. I think the right price of top picks, prospects and maybe a youngster(probably Prucha or Tyutin) might pluck him off the Pens’roster.

      As for Gomez, I could be swayed to take him on. Just, I highly doubt he’ll leave the Devils especially for a crosstown rival. Likewise for Drury and Briere. I have a feeling you’ll see the Sabres shell out for both. Or maybe even a Kariya-Selanne arrangement, where they take less money to stay put. Buffalo ain’t going to want to let go of either of those guys. And with the depth of their farm team, they could easily jetison Numminen, Zubrus and maybe trade a guy Spacek…but I’ll bet that tandem comes back next year in Sabers garb.

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