This just in: Marc Staal is really good


From the Rangers:

The Ontario Hockey League today announced that Sudbury Wolves Defenceman Marc Staal is the recipient of the Max Kaminsky Trophy as the OHL’s Most Outstanding Defenceman for the 2006-07 season.

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  1. I think that Malik is the rangers most outstanding Dman.

    he was out standing around while the opponents scored quite often this year.

  2. Congrats Marc! Hope to see you in Ranger blue next season!

    Not for nothing, but I hope the Rangers give Malik the Kaspar treatment next season if they can’t unload him. He sounded like a real pr*ck yesterday when answering the question about being booed. And he says he won’t change his style of play? I guess we can etch his name in stone next to Valeri Kamensky, Kevin Hatcher, and Bruce Driver on the all-time suck team.

  3. Very true about Malik-

    He sounded very apathetic; almost like it was all about the money; money which he doesn’t deserve.
    Malik should have a one way ticket out of here next year-

    Marc, we’re proud of you. Hope to see you in full blue nest season-

  4. The Zamboni on

    I hope Staal comes in and competes hard for a spot in camp. If Jordan can be successful at the NHL level already, I have very few doubts that Marc will have much trouble adjusting.

  5. Yenner Mot on

    But Malik is the neighbor that Tom Renney always wanted, not a depressed hooligan like Kasparaitis.

  6. Our defense is going to look awesome in 2-3 years when everyone is finally in NY: Staal, Sanguinetti, Rozy, Tyutin, Girardi, and Sauer. And with the King in net, our GAA will be tops.

  7. Yenner Mot on

    I didn’t like how Staal looked in the last preseason, hopefuly he is much better and isn’t being overhyped because of his brothers

  8. Doodie Machetto on

    I’m hoping Marc can compete too. As for comparing him to Jordan, I feel that comparison is false. Jordan plays a very fast offensive style that doesn’t take much adjustment to be able to play at the NHL level under the new rules. He can use his speed to burn defensemen, and if they hook/hold/interfere it’s a penalty. Because he’s so speedy and can read plays well to use that speed, that’s why he scored so many goals, particularly shorthanded.

    Marc Staal is a shutdown defenseman. That’s a whole other ballgame. He’s listed at 6’4″ 205 on the Sudbury website, making him one of the heaviest guys on the team. Jagr plays at 245-255. He would steamroll Staal if Staal can’t put some more weight on his frame. Mara is 6’4″ and 220. Shit, even Lampman and Pock are 205 and 210, respectively, and they are only 6’1″. If Staal really wants to make the big club next year, he’s gotta put on at least 10 lbs in the offseason, and at least 20 if he wants to compete at the high level he has been doing in juniors.

  9. Yenner Mot on

    Sanguinetti might be a bust. Sauer and Baranka get injured a lot. If Malik is not moved then someone’s year is wasted which is terrible, nobody wants to watch idiot Malik play

  10. Yenner Mot on

    If Staal is 205 lbs then he won’t be very effective in NHL, but I bet he is at least 215 by now.

  11. yenner you should live next door to Renney since your names are similar. He’d have a barbed wired electric fence.

  12. RangerRick on

    Sam, you mentioned in an earlier post that you weren’t sure what would happen to this blog now that the season is over. Please consider doing at least a weekly update so we know what’s going on with the Rangers (trade rumors, etc.). Also, did anybody seriously think that the team was going to bounce back from Friday night’s devastating loss? I know we all love the Rangers, and have seen them fight back from a 12th place standing in February, but they are human beings and emotionally must have felt like they were punched in the gut. Conversely, if they had held the lead that night, I’m sure they would have taken the series. All things considered, if you had told me in mid-February that the Rangers would end up playing Game 6 of the Eastern Conference Semis, I would have been happy. Hey, they went farther than last year, and played several really good games in the playoffs. I’m proud of them. Thanks for doing such a great job with this blog.

  13. Malik should be jettisoned. If you took an old washing machine, put a jersey on it, duct-taped a stick to the front, propped it up on skates, set it to “hook”, then plugged it in with a long extension cord and gave it a shove out onto the ice, you’d probably get similar output.

  14. Any chance we re-sign Isbister?

    Seriously, though, it’s looking more like Prucha is a goner. Either him or Hossa. I would prefer Prucha myself, even though Hossa looked good for a while this year, but I can’t see Renney putting him back on the first line after taking him off for *Isbister* of all people during the playoffs. If Prucha makes it back, it’s possible he could see the first line again. Dawes will be given a shot in lieu of one of them. If we sign a second-line center, Dubinsky won’t play until there’s an injury. If not, Cullen would start on the second line before Dubinsky, who I don’t think is ready from what I saw. The only open D-spot I would give to Staal if he is ready, or re-sign Strudwick to be an injury replacement because Malik will be here next season. For the poll, most important would be to sign our own FA because Lundqvist is one of them!

    Prucha – Nylander – Jagr
    Straka – Cullen/FA – Callahan
    Avery – Cullen/Dubinsky – Shanahan
    Dawes/Hollweg/Orr – Betts – Ortmeyer

    Malik – Roszival
    Girardi – Tyutin
    Mara – Pöck/Staal

    Montoya/FA Backup

  15. New Newman on

    First, great blog. You guys did a great job this whole season.

    Second, proud of the Rangers this year. They gave me a lot of exciting and fun filled nights of watching hockey.

    All that being said, Renney deserves credit for bringing the team together with a style that was apparent. However, his decision making abilities remain suspect. Nigel Dawes with zero, none, nil, zippo big NHL game experience into game 6? WTF! He was -2 in case anyone was looking. I don’t care how stupid Isbister’s goalie run was (VERY!) but throwing Dawes in there was just idiotic! Shanny (-3) and Avery (-3) were in a fog for game 6 too, btw. Avery was invisible for the whole series vs. Buffalo. Rachunek for Pock was a suspect move and should have been reversed in game 3 or 4. And how the hell can Chris Drury be standing anywhere in the Ranger zone without someone blanketed all over him (even enough to get a penalty, I don’t care) in the final 15 seconds of game 5? Then Renney justifies who he had on the ice? The puck went into the corner ont he faceoff and Izzy and Nyls are chasing it into the corner? How dumb is that? They should have just camped in front of the goalie, started to fan out from there, and play man to man with anyone in the slot. Pathetic!!

    Mostly I am just sad, not angry. I sat through game 5 on pins and needles and Straka hooked us up with 3 mins to go. Then I just started saying, one play at a time, just play smart, play the body, kill the clock. Sure enough they could not get it done. So today my heart feels heavy knowing that we could have had the upset of the year in the NHL if we had just closed out game 5. Oh well!

    Great job Blueshirts. Next year I hope to the lordy lord that Orr, Hollweg, and Ortmeyer are somewhere else and we have upgraded with some nice UFAs. Prucha is still a question mark. Fine, the guy did OK in the regular season 2 years in-a-row, but he was a non-factor in the playoffs for 2 years in-a-row. Malik should be sent packing as should Rachunek and Bozolinsh. Shanny is the big question mark. Is he going to become another Messier who plays the PK and the PP only? The way he played since his concussion has me thinking that he might not be able to do much else.

    Regarding the goalie situation, Montoya should be traded for a monster D or monster C. Seriously!

    And Strudwick on the team next year? If we need slow but physical, maybe. But the guy doesn’t have the skills.

    Anyway, great season overall Blueshirts!

  16. joker May 7th, 2007 at 4:08 pm
    I think that Malik is the rangers most outstanding Dman.
    he was out standing around while the opponents scored quite often this year.

    Ha, ha. You very funny jokerman. You make fun of me huge cranium especially forehead but do you have job in Hollywood waiting after hockey? No, I don’t think so. Buffalos did not run over me. Me big but I play small, dainty, fancy hockey. I do famous remake of American scary movie and violent which you Americans pay big dollars for.

    In my country, I am hero. I no change my game. Yes, I do stand around but it is my strategy to scare the Buffalos with my large protruding chin. Big foreheads mean big bucks. Look at Governor Arnold. Him got huge chin too. Not pointy like mine. Mine look more like Lassie. Nice pointy.

    I passed buck to Buffalos so they score because I no like your Prince Henrik. He think girls like him but girls only talk to him to see my huge forehead.

  17. Doodie Machetto on

    *Players I don’t want on the team next year:*

    Hollweg, Malik, Kaspar, Ozo, Strudwick, Rachunek

    *Players I want to see given significant ice time or traded:*

    Dawes, Prucha

    *Players I want to see in Hartford or traded*

    Immonen, Isbister (someone has to play the farm, right?)

    *Players I want to come back, only in some limited form:*

    Shanahan(3rd line, low salary), Orr(healthy scratch most games, but occassionally in to be extra muscle when necessary), Ortmeyer(if we can find a guy to kill PKs and block shots like him, dump him), Hossa (playing 4th line, the guy who would get scratched for Orr, and if the Rangers need to shuffle lines within a game, moving him up to play with Nylander and Jagr where he can be effective at times)

    *Players who I want to be given significant time, but probably won’t get it and will end up in hartford:*

    Dubinsky, Pock, probably Staal, Montoya(17 games)

    *UFAs I would bring in:*

    Gomez, at the expense of Dubinsky, Rafalski or Souray (assuming the Rangers get rid of all of the defensemen I stated above, and either Staal or Pock go to Hartford).

    *Lines I want to see for a serious cup run:*




  18. Doodie Machetto on

    Edit on the defense pairings

    If they get nobody


    If they get Rafalski


    And I don’t want Souray because he is such a defensive liability.

  19. I thought Staal had a very good camp last year. He is one year older, stronger (I bet he has added 5-7 lbs of muscle DURING the season and will add another 10lbs off season. He is still growing.

    We some additon by subtraction (Malik Rachunek, etc) we are going to have a solid defense behind one of the league’s top netminders.

    Look for the Rangers to go further next year than this year.
    Look for us to make a run for the CUP if we dump Renney and have a true youth movement.

  20. ORR kicks Ying Yang on

    Marc Staal..I have a feeling will be huge…in the future of the ranger blue line

    Hopefully he and Bobby Sanguinetti ae not Busts..cause that would suck…

    Ill be rooting for Sudbury

  21. “And I don’t want Souray because he is such a defensive liability.”

    I’d take him and his presence on the PP. If you put a Defensive D-Man with him you should be ok. Is Rafalski a UFA?

  22. imagination on

    doodie….from another NYR blog…”The funny thing about the Malik situation is he was NOT on ice for a single Buffalo goal in the last 4 games of the series. And that’s with having the second most minutes on D. Buffalo acored 12 goals in those 4 games and Malik was not in the ice for any them…”
    that means he’s better than most on the team including Shanny if I follow your logic, So Renney should reconsider giving him the A and maybe Jagr wants to give him a soin with the C…. Malik is just not a top D man but he’s not a diaster, and certainly Shanny is not except thru subjectivity, not objectivity which everyone wants but not from themselves.

  23. than you Lord, for anointing poor little doodie to bring your Ranger commandments for ’08 to us unworthy blog peasants.

    doodie can’t even part his hair, let alone the Red sea.

  24. Doodie
    I don’t like Prucha on the 2nd line. He hasn’t shown he deserves to be there. He isn’t big enough or a talented enough finisher. All in all that’s a pretty weak line. We don’t even know for sure that Callahan will, at this juncture in his young career, produce enough to warrant 2nd line duty.

  25. I dont think the team needs to make wholesale changes and the chemistry is good. You need guys like Ortmeyer for the PK and smart energy (as opposed to Hollweg). Staal needs to make this team and I bet Bourret is given a good shot as well. Is it true that “Yenner Mot” is a Mongolian term for transgender hockey fan? Please advise.

  26. Doodie Machetto on

    imagination: It could have something more to do with the fact that the Jagr line made Buffalo play defense, while they attacked the Shanahan line. Same way Malik was +32 or something in the regular season: the other team isn’t likely to score when it’s playing defense.

    Shanahan’s line wasn’t effective in that way(also due in large part to Avery’s disappearing act), and when you can’t keep up with Buffalo’s speedy forwards, it’s a recipe for odd man rushes. Please see the game 6 highlights as reference.

  27. I want to say thank you for Sam for your updates all year long. I live in philadelphia and work a lot and do not manage to see as many of the games as I’d like so your blog has helped me greatly. For some weird reason I can only read at work and not post or I would obviously post more.

    Second, getting read of the young forwards would be stupid and if Prucha leaves as well as dubs I’ll be real angry. Really Angry.

  28. Doodie, thats all good and fun but the lines you want to see are different from the players you want to se. You realize you cant want players to have serious ice time and then not even put them on your lines. Im confused. Staal will make the team out of camp. I guarantee it and you can quote me on this.

  29. Doodie Machetto on

    GB, I respectfully disagree. Prucha has 52 goals in his first 147 NHL games. That’s about a goal every three games. Straka has 214 goals in 812. That’s about 1 in 4. Not to mention that Prucha has seen significantly less ice this year than he did last year. If you put that kid in a position to succeed, he will. He needs to work a little on his defense and his playmaking, and he would be a top level second liner.

    Callahan is a little tougher to defend because we don’t have the body of work. However, he needs to be on a line with a set up guy. Cullen and Prucha are not that. Getting him with Scott Gomez(as per my ideal combos) would do that for him, and his production would go way up. He has all the tools. He could get a little bit bigger, and that should be his number one concern in the offseason.

  30. Doodie Machetto on

    Go NYR: that was a combination for a cup run next year. If they were just focusing on rebuilding, I would’ve inserted Dawes where Prucha is, Prucha where Shanahan is, Dubinsky where Gomez is, and ditched Shanny and Gomez.

  31. imagination on

    doodie I was there at game 6, I saw Shanny and bunch of guys disappear and make mistakes, First was the coach treating Shanny as a step child, just give him Dawes, give Jagr Staka back. Let Rachky stay in he almost kicked 1 in, let Pock rot, just tease him in practice and pregame.And they lost on a fluke tip that might have been a stick above the crossbar. With all their faults they should have won. Why do most want to change this team that from Feb on was one of the best? Renney was out coached, he is green in playoff coaching, especially during the game. James Patrick said Ruff recognized the 1-4 and told his team what to do to beat it, while playing a cat & mouse game with Renney. They turned it into 10-4 over & out with the help of inconsistent refs.

  32. Doodie
    Prucha’s problem is not in his ability, it is in his head. His lack of procuction this year was because he couldn’t finsh when he had his chances. Is it possible that giving him more responsibility would increase his confidence and thus make him more productive? Yes, but we can’t assume that. Besides, he was put up with Jagr and Straka and did absolutely nothing. Comparing him to Straka is ridiculous. He doesn’t have the size, speed or near the playmaking ability of Straks. He had his chances to show that he is ready to assume 2nd line responsibilities this year and didn’t do it. Also I think it is very important to split up Jagr Nylander and Straka. It adds depth and doesn’t make the team have a mentality that they need to be reliant on the trio for the majority of the offense. Which is what was happening in the past, when they received far too much ice time and were considered “THE LINE”. To be successful we need three “THE LINES”.

  33. GB you need 4 rolling lines to win The Cup in the New NHL. That’s why this team only needs 2 additions for next year. A top center & Staal or a top D man if he’s not ready. Shanny can drop down a line if he doesn’t come back to they way he was before the concussion. If most believe they came close or should have won vs the chips, they neede 10 more wins to reach the goal. Why blow up the team? Next year no, after that maybe.But Renney has to understand playoff coaching.

  34. That said Prucha has potential. Potential however is not what wins you the Cup. In a couple of years I could see Prucha on line 2, but he just isn’t ready yet, and you don’t throw a guy on a line like that to “learn” during a year in which you believe the ultimate achievment is possible.

  35. When I said three lines I meant really good scoring lines. I definitely agree that you need to roll four lines, and that the fourth line should chip in for goals too.

  36. Sam,

    If you are just figuring that out, we got problems. Are you sure you’ve watched hockey before????????????

    OK, I’m just kidding. In all seriousness, you have done an outstanding job this year. The same goes for Josh in your absence. You two know what we want, and provided for us right here, and I wanted to let you know how much we all appreciate it. I’m already excited to continue the banter on here through free agency, the draft, and into next year.

    TO EVERYONE ELSE ON HERE (yes, even Yenner and Malik):

    It has been a pleasure to post in the presence of all you great Rangers fans! It has been fun, enlightening, and yes, at times, frustrating. I appreciate everyone’s insight and ideas over the course of the season, as well as updates when I couldn’t get the game on TV up here in the frozen college hockey abyss we call Potsdam. I look forward to seeing you all over the summer here on the blog.

    Now, enjoy your summers, your families, your normal – non hockey blog pseudo identity – lives and I’ll see you where ever the puck drops and fans are screaming for their Red, White and Blue.

    Let’s Go Rangers ’08…the season begins today

  37. 1. I’m fairly certain that I don’t want Tome Renney’s neighbor OR a depressed hooligan playing defense for the Rangers next year or EVER.

    2. Stop hating Malik because he’s big and doesn’t hit. Hate him because despite the fact that he’s +256,000 in his career, the -20 that keeps him from being 256,020 are 20 goals that he gave away with errant passes and all cost his team dearly.

    3. Hossa is capable of playing well for 10-15 games/year. I think Renney wants a physical presence on the first line in addition to Jagr. So if the choice actually is between Hossa and Prucha, the latter who had scored 5 times as many goals in 2 seasons with similar PT and had no time on Jagr’s line, maybe we should find a big first liner who is actually capable of potting some goals off of Jagr set-ups, keeping Prucha and bouncing Hossa. Just a thought…

    4. I’d be surprised if Shanahan returned. That concussion was awful, and once the season is over I’ll bet he looks at his wife, looks at his 3 kids, realizes he’s done all there is to do, and hangs ’em up. And if he doesn’t, and we keep him, then Renney must swear not to play him more than 10-15 minutes a night because those will be 10-15 minutes during which he’ll be effective, physical, and fast enough.

    5. Make Drury happen. That guy is a perfect fit for this team. He clearly has had to work his ass off to get to where he is and expects nothing less from his teammates. He is 31 years old. That is NOT old. How good do you think the Rangers would be if he were one of our top two centers next year? Scary good.

    6. Marc Staal may not be ready next year. So what. Malik is in fact signed next year and I highly doubt Sather is going to trade him. Our defense is likely to look similar next year, but look at it this way: tyutin, pock and girardi are all another year wiser and better, and Rosival has really come around as well. Add one more top tier defensemen and we’re solid for a while, with Staal replacing malik in 2008.

    7. Trade Montoya for something good while he still has value.

  38. Sam,

    One quick thought. I saw someone questioning Renney’s decision-making here in comments. Here’s something I noticed throughout this series: Rangers don’t know how to play last minutes of close play-off games. They panic and/or make mistakes, end up running around, instead of covering men and protecting net. That;s what it looked like in the last minutes of game 4 (i didn’t see game 5 in its entirety but the play immediately before the goal speaks volumes about their inability to work as a team under pressure from six attackers). That’s also what it looked like in the last minutes of game 2 which they lost – their unwillingness to shoot being magnified by importance of the moment. And – NO, being able to protect a lead in the last minute of regular season games doesn’t count. My guess is this should (and can) be relatively easily fixed by coaching and they obviously didn’t have enough of it to prepare for this type of situation. Which is OKay as long as it becomes a takeaway from this season’s end and doesn’t go un-noticed. Renney and Co have mentioned that this whole thing is a “learning experience” and I don’t mind that. As long as they DO learn from it.
    By contrast, Sabres knew exactly how to cause maximum havoc in the zone and score in the last seconds, doing it more than once, as we know. We could also go back to last years play-offs and recall how they ousted OTT – there were goals scored in the last seconds as well. Maybe other series also feature that, but I haven’t been following close enough, so that’s all I can remember.
    As well-coached as they appeared to be in the second half of the season, this component totally lacked from their game, which is probably not an oversight – it just took the coaching stuff too long to put the team together for the stretch run and they simply ran out of time for tweaks. Inconsistent power-play is probably a function of this as well – they must have worked a lot on the PK (judging by results anyway), but decided to spend less time with the PP since it’s less critical (or was looked at that way) and has a much better chance of taking care of itself.

    Anyway, great season and a lot to look forward to.

    And thanks for this blog, guys. What a wonderful job you are doing on it.

  39. czechthemout!!!!! on

    callahan is a 30plus goal a year player who plays a gritty 2way game.he already is a second line player clearley.if he develops more,he will be a 40goal man.his playmaking ability is under rated.yesterday,he set up cullen for two breakaways wich cullen blew.if he plyed with a play making center,he would be a great two way player.malik is a horrid player.he makes at least one bone head play per period.he stays away from contact against players half his size.he is a coward who will not protect his teamates under any circumstances.he needs to be jettisoned.rozy should be
    paired with pock.they both played well when paired for some games this year.pock is a good passer and will take the body some.he also is learning his positional responsabilities and playing with rozy will help him alot.
    dubinsky needs to play with players who can play like callahan.he played with greg moore when cally was called up and his production suffered somewhat.that being said,he is a blue chip prospect and his development should not be stifled by playing in the ahl for too long.cally was ready months before they called him up.i think if they play him with cally and avery that that could be a good second line.
    the rangers also have to make a commitment to have all 4 lines capable of scoring like buffulo and ottawa.that is the future of the league,not slow plodding goons like colton orr.i say orr should be replaced with byers who can play.he almost scored twenty goals in this his rookie year.he and korpikoski would look great flanking betts this coming year and tom pyatt next year.staal will be a star!!saw him play in the world juniors aginst the best young players in the world and he clearly stood out as did more move would be to trade montoya and prucha for someone like nathan horton.i can just see a line of cally-dubinsky-horton terrorizing the eastern conference for years to come!!!

  40. Peter
    Based on what he said in a post game interview it seems that Shanny fully intends to come back to NY. He made it clear that if he is wanted, he will be here.

  41. czech your plan is for 09, Sather is not going to blow up this team for next year, nor will he fire Renney. What would this team have done 100 % healthy for the playoffs? If this team was where it was when Avery & Mara were just added. Even before Mara , I think, the game that comes to mind was when they played the fishsticks and put 54 shots on Di Peter. Most were asking who was that team & where they did they come from, similar to how they played on the West coast trip. This team has the ingredients, the chef over boiled the soup in the playoffs, hence golf. Mistakes not talent cost them the series.

  42. Folks: I saw things slip when Zubrus went after JJ in Game Six and Jags took a stupid penalty out of frustration. Dumb penalty and showed that Zubrus did an Avery on us. It was a defining moment for me in this series and you could rewind the tape and watch things turn. I don’t know if the team reacted badly after that but I felt the momentum swinging badly. The real killer bad decision was the last line change in Game Six and who we had on the ice – but overall, one has to say it was a great charge back in the second half and we finished strong – it was gettable but we let it slip away. Life sucks sometimes.

  43. Yenner Mot on

    I know this will never happen as long as Renney is here, but it would be interesting to see how
    Jessiman-Nylander-Jagr line would look.

  44. czechthemout!!!!! on

    Yenner Mot -i would love to at least see that in pre season,
    maybe it would finally give us an indication of whether jessiman will amount to anything.i will say that gh showed something finally this year.

  45. We’re through with the Ozo financial baggage, right? Still unclear why we had to accept his seemingly fake knee situation.

    I think Hossa deserves a chance to prove himself again on a true offensive line. But that’s just me.

    And I love Prucha. But if he can’t learn to finish more often, and can’t put on muscle, we should trade him.

  46. Doodie Machetto on

    Lots of good suggestions guys. I feel like I need to clarify some things:

    While I am very opinionated, I am open to discussion and suggestion, so long as they are thought out and not just blind faith or hatred. I don’t claim to know it all because if I did, I would be behind the bench or in front office somewhere, which I clearly am not. I like this board so much because I can find people who have intelligent opinions on the Rangers, unlike 90% of the fans that pack the stands (I remember at the last game I was at, some guy said to get Dubinsky off the ice and to have Cullen center the second line, Betts the third, and Hollweg the fourth). My friends that actually like hockey don’t really KNOW the workings of it, and know even less about the development of the team. Here, I can find people who actually know something and can exchange ideas with them. So, to all of you, thank you. And I’m sorry if sometimes I come off as a know it all.

  47. doodie most know you don’t know it all, and besides yenner has you beat but he enjoys annoying people.;)

  48. honestly of all the veterans over 30 I only want Nylander back for next season, the rest of them got too much baggage or too many flaws

  49. Doodie Machetto on

    bklynblue, aside from Shanahan, I think that you and I actually agree on most subjects. I agree with your last statement to GB almost to the letter.

    I think that the big issue going into the summer and next season is what the goal for the team will be. Those who advocate the full rebuilding will want as many kids up as possible. This will mean no lineup spots for Dubinsky and probably Dawes or Prucha (pick one) as well. Others, myself and you included(if you don’t mind) think that the team has a shot at the cup next year and should go for it by bringing in a FA center, and a solid D-man. That ideological question needs to be answered ASAP, so that the team can start assessing it’s options regarding FA centers and defensemen. I wouldn’t want Souray, but I’d love to have either Rafalski or Kimmo Timmonen from Nashville.

  50. also I think Nylander might be a good captain of a young team, the guy has tons of kids and would probably be good with young players.

  51. doodie just a center, Staal will follow in his brothers footsteps and jump to the NHL with a few hicups. they might need nothing but another year together to become a better well oiled machine. Renney should know that or just wht they need. A real 4th line. They will look at their pieces and chemistry, and decide what to do for next seasons true run. Then they’ll be able to overcome Renney’s shortcomings.

  52. “Dubinsky, who I don’t think is ready from what I saw.”

    he looked ready for NHL, but the question is how good will he be and what should be his role is he a role player or does he have serious offensive potential. I think he has it in him to at least be a consistant 50 point center.

  53. Doodie Machetto on

    bklynblue, I’m hoping Staal can make the jump successfully. As I said above, it’s really going to come down to his size. His listed stats make him far too lanky to play his game effectively at the NHL level.

    As for the real 4th line, I hear you. I like Blair Betts. He’s a pretty solid 4th line center, but when he is flanked all season by Hands of Stones Hollweg, Orr, Ortmeyer, and Isbister, you KNOW there won’t be goals. He occassionally showed moments of offensive brilliance, but usually just mediocrity. I think Betts is actually one of the better 4th line centers in the league, after Buffalo (I can’t even tell which is theirs), Detroit (Franzen), and San Jose (Goc). An argument could also be made for Wes Walz in Minnesota and Joel Lundqvist in Dallas. That still leaves him as the 2nd best in the East.

    Hossa’s offensive game only worked well when he had Jagr and Nylander helping him out, so on a 4th line, his offense would be nil. I like keeping Hossa around because it gives Renney options for the first line. I don’t think Hossa would be able to contribute offensively without them though.

    I like keeping Orr around to be a healthy scratch most games, but provide the rough stuff when necessary.

    We gotta find a replacement for Ortmeyer. Someone who can kill penalties, but isn’t a void offensively. I love Jed and Hollywood as character guys, but they just aren’t good enough to be on this team anymore. Hollweg and his mentality would probably fit in nice in Philly. Ortmeyer could probably get a job in Tampa with Ward or just about anywhere that’s desperate for PK help. Isbister should go back to the farm as a last minute injury replacement, just as he did this season, and not too terribly either.

  54. Boy Yenner, what a 180 for you on Nylander. Some of your posts earlier in the season had him as public enemy #2, right behind Jagr.

  55. Yenner Mot on

    I was always torn on Nylander, and my opinions are not static. I actually like Nylander better than Gretzky in his last 2 seasons. I think Nylander would even have better stats if he played with 2 good wingers instead of egomaniac like Jagr. He needs to get better on faceoffs, throw a few hits. He probably has 2 more good seasons in him. If you think about it he is more of an attraction than Jagr because his moves and skills and puck handling are actually fun to watch(and maybe the best in the league), unlike Jagr’s who just lacks grace and quickness and just keeps shooting high and wide from terrible angles

  56. Yenner Mot on

    I would be very happy if next season Nylander is the captain and Jagr, Straka, Shanahan, Hossa, Malik, Rachunek, Cullen, Isbister are all gone.

    sign Zubrus for 2 years and Scott Walker (Renney’s boy from Vancouver days) for 1 year

    I bet Walker could help the development of the likes of Hollweg (I think Rangers management expected Hollweg to develop into Scott Walker but for some reason it didn’t happen)

    I have a feeling they might go after Sundin and/or Forsberg. Having Nylander and Lundqvist could attract some Swedes.

  57. I understand you guys know hockey, but it is obvious you do not really know Ryan Hollweg. I’m not saying you guys are bashing him by any means, just that you guys don’t know his true potential. He and Betts work pretty well together, and Hollweg has great value on the forecheck. He forces countless deep turnovers that have not been put it the back of the net by his linemates.

    He is not a natural winger, he has only played there because of his forecheck ability. All through juniors he played center, and was pretty good. At Medicine Hat, he consistantly scored around 50 point (20 goals). He had as many as 70 points (30 goals). He does have some offensive skill, but has not been able to develop it at a consistant rate because of the role the team has had him play. He has been interested in one thing, and that is knocking the chocolate out of people.

    Get him some ice time with some offensive weapons, either at wing or center. Allow him to create the turnovers and feed scorers infront of the net.

  58. PW nice fantasy on Hollweg. What he did in the past has not translated into the present. When he has offensive opportunities he chokes. He doesn’t go to the net or even hit it when he has a wide open shot. To top that off he’s not even a PK er. He was promoted too soon. Now it’s doubtful he will amount to anything but a good checker. That’s why he finished the season in the skybox.He’s taking up a spot that will go to a better player, he’ll either be traded or a skyboxer unless he finds himself in the off-season. The NYR need a good 4th line.

  59. Sundin will be wearing another uniform in October but pray it isnt red white & blue. He did nothing down the stretch. If there is a reclamation project on the maple leafs that could fit on the rangers they should check out McCabe. He was awful last year but is a tremedous offensive talent. If we could send Malik up north…..

  60. i Hope we do see Staal in Ranger Blue next season.
    Malik’s time is up (please get rid and please be wrong Larry Brooks!!)and as much as i like their energy i think Jed and Holly could be out of the door too – the Sabres showed this year that your 4th line has to contribute goals too and ours don’t. Raccoon will be gone also (thank god).

    We need some scoring help (regardless of Shanny’s return) and if Nylander is back we need a #2 centerman, or to put some faith in Immo or Dubi and spend the money on a winger like Kariya (or have a go at Drury anyway and try to find a bargain winger or promote Bourret/Callahan/Dawes). If Nyls is not back we have to throw the kitchen sink at getting Drury,Gomez or Briere (or two of them).
    With Weekes, Raccoon, Ozo and Kaspar off the payroll next year, we have some room (even if the King, Nyls and Avery get decent raises).

    Sam – thanks for an excellent season reporting – i look forward to your off-season rumours and updates.
    I’m off for a British summer of golf, cycling and running (weather permitting of course!).

  61. I can’t believe you guys want Rafalski. Hell no! He stinks! He’ll be Bruce Driver Part II. There is no need for him. Rozy’s shot is developing more and more, and all what Rafalski will do is eat up cap space and prevent a prospect from getting a shot.

    I think Rozy, Malik, Tyutin, Girardi, Mara, and Staal will be your 6 next season. And if it’s not Staal, then Pock. And if not Pock, then probably an UFA other than Rachunek.

    I am pumped about Staal, but I wouldn’t be upset if he goes to Hartford for a year. I don’t want anyone rushed, which is why I still believe the Rangers did the right thing (for the most part) in letting Callahan and Dubinsky play most of the year at Hartford. These kids are all 20, no need to rush their careers. At Hartford, Staal will get 20+ minutes a game and develop all of his skills even further. In NY, he’ll get less ice time and won’t see the PP.

  62. And of course, I want Malik gone. His +/- means nothing to me. In Vancouver, he benefited from being out on the ice when Naslund/Bertuzzi were there, and here he has benefited by being on the ice whenever Jagr is out there.

    If the Rangers want an inexpensive d-man through FA, why not go after one of Ottawa’s guys, Phillips or Preissing? Timmonen from Nashville might be a good fit too.

  63. Buffalo Bandwagon Fan on

    Regarding the poll …. Stop talking about drury, you will never get your dirty blue mits on this guy. Just because he is ‘available’ does not mean you have your pick of the litter.

  64. Straka is easily their hardest working player. If you watch games live, you see him do so many things that no other player would do to keep a play alive or to kill off a few extra seconds on the PK. In game 3, at the end of a long PK shift, he cleared the puck down the ice, skated twice as hard as anyone to get to the puck and killed at least another 10 seconds off the clock before he got to the bench. I wish we had a roster full of players with his heart and soul.

  65. I agree. Straka works his tail off every single game and is an excellent PKer.

  66. agree on Straka. great hustle. Not sure he’ll be ready physically at beginning of season since I think he might need surgery.

  67. Straka is one of my favorite players for sure. Regarding his physical shape coming into camp next year, I think he will probably be ok. At least it’s not his legs, and it seems to me that the biceps is a better place to be injured, certainly than the shoulder and probably better than the triceps or the forearm.

  68. Hossa will most definately be back next season on the top line with Jagr and Nylander… I liked that line alot, and Hossa is still a work in progress.

    Ortmeyer, Hollweg, Prucha, are all questionable and could be replaced by kids in Hartford.

    Bourett, Dubinsky, Dawes, Byers, Jessiman will all be given a chance to make the big club.

    Staal and a UFA on defense.

    I would go after Drury big time… I have no use for Gomez or Rafalski, I don’t want any Devils on this team.

    Jagr, Nylander, Hossa

    Callahan, Drury, Straka

    Avery, Cullen, Shanny

    Orr, Betts, Byers, Bourret, Ortmeyer

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