Hail to the King?


Thanks to reader Tom for the tip on the Swedish newspaper’s Aftonbladet report that the Rangers are looking to sign Henrik Lundqvist to a seven-year contract extension worth $32 million.

We’ll have to leave it as speculation for now seeing how the Rangers have yet to comment. What I will say is I would hardly be surprised.

For all the talk about Shanahan, Nylander, Drury, and Gomez, the single most important item on the Rangers’ agenda should be locking in Lundqvist before his contract is up. And there’s no time like right now.

Plenty more to talk about. By the way, I’ll be on RNN tonight to wrap up the Rangers season. Once I know what time I’ll pass it along so you can be sure to mock me en masse.

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  1. Sam

    Great job this year. Hoping you’ll keep the blog going in the off-season.

    Thank You


  2. True Fans bleed RW&B on

    Sam…I opened up a certain newspaper and saw a Volvo advertisement with Hank as the promoter! In the post-game interviews Hank was wearing a “VITAMIN-water” hat. It would seem he’s getting into some promotion stuff because I’ve never seen him wearing anything other than a Rangers hat before.

  3. True Fans-

    On 1050 ESPN there is a Vitamin Water commercial with Lundy, and I think Jagr or Shanny promoting the product.

  4. Sam…thanks for the great job. You set the standard for this type of blog.

    Now, a quick question for Sam or anyone else out there. In the Post today, Mark Everson in an on-point “let’s throw Lamoriello under the bus” article stated that Lamoriello had dealt “the rights to Henrik Lundqvist for the Brian Gionta pick.”

    Lundqvist was a 7th round pick by the Rangers. What am I missing?

  5. Worth every penny I think.


    I am glad I stumbled onto your blog in my mindless search for anything Rangers. Josh, a good job as well. Your playoff coverage was enjoyable to read.

  6. Thanks Sam and Josh this blog has been great. I didn’t find it until late in the season but i have came here every day since i have. I’m really proud of the Rangers they never gave up and thats all you can ask. I think next Year they will be even better.

  7. Bob,

    That douche in The Post flat out made the Henke for Gionta thing up. Not only was Henke drafted by the Rangers in the 7th round, Gionta was drafted 2 years before Henke! How could the rights to Henke be traded for a pick that was already made two years prior? Doesn’t anybody fact check anymore?

  8. Steve Rucchin on

    If anyone is worth 15 years, it’s this guy. Not that I wanna see that…

    And, the Rangers took Jason LaBarberra 16 spots ahead of Gionta. Maybe that was mistaken for Lundqvist?

    I didn’t read the article, so I’m just guessing here.

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