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While I never doubted that Brendan Shanahan would bring something beyond goals and assists to the Rangers, I always wondered if the “intangibles” quality people always attach to players like him and Mark Messier were a bit oversold.

But then came the aftermath of Game 5, and No. 14 again stepped to the fore.

To be honest, folks, I have no idea what’s going to happen today. Deep in their subconscious, the Rangers could still be shell-shocked from what happened to them Friday night and go quietly in Game 6.

But there is the chance that they recover enough to extend this series into Tuesday. And if that happens, at least some of the credit will go to the tone set by Shanahan, who made clear the Rangers had no choice but to leave the devastating events of Friday behind them and move forward.

It’s no secret that Shanahan has been a step slow through the playoffs, and that even with five goals, his production on the ice of late has been lacking. But he is still delivering on what the Rangers expected of him when they signed him last summer.

More from the Garden later…

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  1. Shanny is every bit the leader in the locker room that Jagr is on the ice. The combination is probably the closest you can get to Messier. If Shanny can keep them focused and Jagr can have a big game in a big spot.. we could be talking about a historic game tonight.

  2. imagination on

    Shanny should be resigned if that’s what he wants. He’s one of the main reasons they have gotten this far this year. He’s a great leader thru actions & words.

  3. Gartner—you said it. This postseason, Shanny provides the words, Jagr provides the action, and it’s a great tag-team that hopefully will take this team to at least a Game 7.

  4. Guys like Shanny understand that this is just one game and therefore you can put what happened friday night behind you by leaving it all on the ice this afternoon. Play a great game and go to Buffalo (so easy a caveman can do it!) Getting ready to drive to the Garden; the center of the world at 2:00.

  5. Jagr’s a great player obviously, but the only time you think he lookgs good in the C is when he’s dominating on the ice…his leadership skills are nill, I imagine Shanny fills that role but because you have to coddle Jagr (which is why he ain’t a great captain), they had to give Jags the C or he’d feel sad rather than Shanny

  6. I feel a big game from Prucha if he plays today, he’s been pretty much a non factor in the playoffs.

    Either way, both teams are going to come out very strong, Buffalo because they want to end the series, and the Rangers because they are fighting for their season. These are the ingredients for a classic. Let’s go Rangers!!!

  7. we need a big day from Hossa .. he hasn’t been the go to guy he was. Isbister is no hossa (on a good day)

  8. I’m feelin a big day from Shanny or Avery.

    LETS GO RANGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Yenner Mot on

    If he would deliver on the ice, maybe we wouldn’y be in yhis situation. How about that?

  10. Rangers6830 on

    tough call to keep Shanny or not. I think him and Jagr provide a nice balance of leadership in that locker room, but he really didn’t show up as much as I thought he would in the playoffs. On paper he has some goals, it just seems like he had some bright moments but I didn’t notice him many times either. The Rangers made the huge push for the playoffs while he was out, so I’m not sure if we need him or if we should go get someone else, again tough call.

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