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Obviously a lot to talk over, which we’ll get into in a bit.

For what it’s worth both Michael Nylander and Brendan Shanahan expressed interest in wanting to come back next year, although with Shanahan, there is the question of whether he’ll play at all next year.

“It’s been ‘if’ for a couple of years now,” he said.

Josh and I will be back in a bit…

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  1. i thought nylander had been signed already..?
    he moved to greenwich and is settled there. dont think his family woulda wanna move again

  2. Yenner Mot on

    I am so sick of all the wristshots, this team barely ever slaps the puck (credit to Jagr and Renney) even Shanahan stopped slapping. It is disgusting I want slapshots

  3. The last thing that is wrong with this team is there preponderance of wrist shots vs. slap shots. Take some perspective. Wrist shots did not cost them this series.


  4. yenner mot take some medicine..

    shanahan said he would be back if they want him…..

    the only FA they should go after is Drury that is it.

    they have so much young talent in the minors they are in very good shape.

    bye rachunek….

  5. Yenner Mot on

    “The last thing that is wrong with this team is there preponderance of wrist shots vs. slap shots. Take some perspective. Wrist shots did not cost them this series.”

    obviously, but it is one of many many flaws that cost them the series.

  6. craptain ego on

    are we going to have this blog continue, or are we going to have to analyze Phil Mikkelson’s putts this summer?

  7. i hope we do anaylze phil mickelsons putts this summer, even though there is not much to analyze because his short game is so dominant, we should be more concerned with this driving accuracy.

  8. Yenner Mot on

    “shanahan said he would be back if they want him…..”

    are you implying they will say “no” to Shanny?

    “the only FA they should go after is Drury that is it.”

    that would work for maybe 1 season, then it would be a disaster signing. The guy is basically a 50 point scorer and is 31 years old and is another small and non physical forward.

  9. Yenner Mot on

    people that want a quick fix like Drury are either stupid or aren’t real fans. Enough quick fixes, build from within.

  10. Doodie Machetto on

    I think we can all agree that the only position that the Rangers should even consider signing a FA for(aside from a back up goaltender) is center.

    I want Gomez if they sign anybody, if only to make sure he’s not with the Devs next year. Not to mention his HUGE playoff numbers.

  11. no desire for drury….nylander is a no brainer and needs to be brought back…for shanny its a tough call, great leader, but i think it could be time to cut ties here…to many guys in the pipe…dawes, dubinsky, and callahan all need spots for next year…only guy i go after in FA is gomez..
    BTW, the hockey rodent just let loose that Marty has been playing with a torn bicep muscle, which is the reason for his reluclance to shoot…

  12. imagination on

    I’d go for go go gomez, he wants to stay in the area with the big $.

  13. Doodie Machetto on

    Gregg, I like your assessment of the FA situation. Shanahan was good for the first half of the year, it was nice for the young guys to be exposed to a class act veteran like him, but we need the kids to get in there. Not to mention, we could always bring in a name like that at the deadline.

  14. Doodie Machetto on

    Sam, you should work on a team report card where you rate all of the players’ performances for the season. Also, a possible poll question: Who should the Rangers sign in the UFA market:

    Nobody/other player

  15. We need a solid D-man off of free agency. Scott Hannen from the Sharks would be good, but his asking price may be a little high if we want to go after Briere or Gomez too.

  16. I really hope that the team lets Rachunek walk. He is one of the biggest defensive liabilities I have seen for awhile (Poti.. maybe). He is pretty much on the ice for every goal against. He makes awful decisions with and without the puck. I have no voice from screaming at him (the tv) for the entire game. I almost had a heart attack on the play where he made a horrible pass in the offensive zone and then five seconds later let a Sabre get behind him at his blueline for a breakaway. I really didn’t know what team he was playing for.

  17. Well Done Rangers.

    We, as Ranger fans, have absolutely an upside team with more young studs on the way. I thank Shanny and Jagr for doing their best. I appreciate all that Henrik does in net. Even on the night when the team in front of him disappears. I am proud to be a Rangers fan in MSG. It is the classiest crowd in pro sports. I thank Tom Renney and the coaches for a great season. I show my gratitude to Glen Sather for going out and getting Sean Avery and Paul Mara who were a huge part of the Rangers turnaround. Now Mr Sather go get Ryan Smyth for us please!

  18. 2008 lineup..i don’t see us being very active this offseason..only if we fail to resin

    straka nylander jagr
    prucha cullen callahan
    dawes gomez/drury avery
    hollweg/orr betts hossa/ortmeyer


    **Look for staal and dubinsky to push for spots…

  19. Considering where we were four months ago, we have to say the season was a success. Though we could have taken the series, let’s take away some positives – Avery/Mara trades, Callahan, Girardhi and the great play by Henrik, plus the leadership of Shanny.

    If management stays on the same page, next year should be even better.

  20. craptain ego on

    Raccoon sucks, so does malik, but since they’re jagr’s czech buddies, they get favoritism, which is what holds the rangers back.

  21. Jonathan Probber on

    This may be the time and place to thank Sam and Josh for their unrelenting coverage of the Rangers, which informed and illuminated the season.

    Many of us are still negotiating the blog vs. news story issue, but I think the Journal-News boys figured it out pretty well. The Daily News, The Post and (especially) the Times seemed slow and exhausted by comparison. So, a tip of the Rangers cap and a hoist of the Champagne glass. Can’t wait for October!

  22. onecupin67years on

    Well another bad job by the Rangers,although the newbies think all is great and the future is secure.The future has never been and will never be with this team .They continually find ways to lose. When was the last time the rangers scored in the few seconds of a playoff game and win?
    But we all know how many times they give it up in the final seconds either to lose or tie.And matteau was the only saviour in an OT game that meant something ,soo, stop rooting for mediocrity.

  23. NO WAY Gregg!
    Prucha and Cullen on the second line? You must be crazy. Plus, Straka Nylander and Jagr need to be split up. They play much better that way and it distributes the talent better. The only thing I agree with you on is having Avery on the third line.

    Hossa Nylaner Jagr
    Straka ? Callahan
    Dawes Cullen Avery
    Prucha/Orr Dubinsky Ortmyer

  24. AngelusMortis on

    Well, they did their best. I’d say moving up 6 spots in the standings to get into the playoffs was awesome. Buffalo has the best record in the NHL. The Rangers were outplayed and outclassed, and got a little unlucky. We’ve got a core of great young players and some solid veterans. All we need are one or two good FA signings, and one or two losses (I know everyone would love to see a certain defenseman go the way of Tom Poti). Sam, Josh, thanks for all of your coverage this season. Three cheers for the boys in blue.

  25. One Cup
    You gotta start somewhere. You don’t go from not making the playoffs seven straight years to a stanley cup the eigth. This organization is making strides and I for one hold a lot of hope for the future.

  26. When was the last time the rangers scored in the few seconds of a playoff game and win?

    Ummm…. 7 days ago?

  27. how can people say theres no desire w/ drury? he is a winner at every level, the guy is a absolute stud. id rather build from within.

  28. Rangers6830 on

    I wrote this in another post but I’m not sure about Shanny, it’s a tough call. Might be better to go in another direction there. Henrik and Jags were the MVPS for the playoffs, played their butts off. I’m sad about the outcome but proud of the effort of this team.

  29. AngelusMortis on

    We’ve got a while to mull over free agents. I’d say Drury would be a good pickup. He’s had consecutive 30-goal seasons, and while he’s not too young anymore, he’s also not too old. And, he has leadership and playoff experience (a Cup with the Avs in 2001) to boot. However, I’m sure Buffalo will do everything to keep their co-captain, no matter how far they go in the playoffs.

  30. Building from within is all well and good, but you have to realize that every team needs its share of veterans too. After Straka, Nylander, Jags and Shannahan are gone, someone needs to be their to fill the leadership roles, and score the majority of the goals (scoring regularly is something which is very difficult for even the most gifted AHLers, in their first couple of years). This is why a signing of a proven scorer around thirty or in his mid to upper twenties would not only help us now, but will be just as necessary for our future as bringing young guys up.

  31. AngelusMortis on

    I agree, GB, but you also can’t sign a bunch of 36, 37, and 38 year olds. Shanahan was good for this year, but Renney worked him to death, and for a while after his return he wasn’t the same. He’s a great player and a great leader, but not everyone is going to have the longevity of Gordie Howe and Chris Chelios. Someone like Drury, who is in his early 30s and a solid veteran, would be a good boost for the team. Shanahan may be done, and has one more year tops. Jagr has probably a year left in him, an outside chance of two. It’ll be interesting to see what the team does this summer, but right now, I want to watch some good hockey, even if my team’s got a tee time tomorrow morning. Personally, I think the Ducks will take it.

  32. Anyone else think that Cullen needs to go to finishing school? I mean the guy should be a 30 goal scorer every year, but he just can’t seem to put the goddamn puck in the net. All he should do in the offseason is work on his wrist shot and practice elevating the puck from in close.

  33. Overall great year, the ups and downs made for some dramatic hockey…i have season tickets and it was worth every penny, i was literally on the edge of my seat almost every night.

    As for the offseason the Dmen are going to be tough, Staal is ready…i’m throwing myself to the firing squad here but malik is key…without him the D is looking VERY VERY small…

    Malik Roz
    Tuts – DG
    Staal – Pock – Mara
    Don’t even know if Racuneck is signed next year…its offly crowded though…
    Don’t forget Kaspar is on the hook for two more years..

    Would not be surprised to see montoya and one of those dmen packaged…could bring back something awesome…just throwing it out there…

    draft day…

  34. Angelus
    I agree about Shanahan. I am happy though that Straka is signed, and I hope Nylander signs as well.

  35. Yenner Mot on

    “without him the D is looking VERY VERY small”

    are you kidding me besides Pock and Kasparaitis they are all at least 6’2″

    “Don’t forget Kaspar is on the hook for two more years”

    no just 1 more season.

  36. GB – did u watch the playoffs? cullen/callahan/prucha, especially today was one of our best lines….

    im ok with going after drury if we dont resign shanny…
    hossa is another guy who is unsigned…

  37. Havey
    Malik isn’t “big” he is just tall. What is so good about that anyway, since he isn’t very physical and can hardly be called imposing?

  38. “The Rangers were outplayed and outclassed, and got a little unlucky.”

    Absolutely not, dude. We were NOT outplayed in this series, save for a period or two or three here and there. We should have won Games 2 and 5. We dominated Buffalo.

    Outclassed? That’s nuts. We didn’t throw elbows at every opportunity on their top guy.

    Unlucky? Hell yes, if you consider the selective whistles that seemed to go both ways, but with a slight tilt to the depressing city.

    Either way, it doesn’t matter. Considering how bad this team was playing a few months ago… their turnaround was something to be proud of.

  39. Yenner Mot on

    Craig Weller btw had enough of this organization not giving him a chance and will play in Europe next season.

    Hossa I think is RFA, so just trade him to Atlanta, he will never do much better than 20 points.

  40. craptain ego on

    Hannan isn’t a bodychecker, but he is ten times better than Raccoon or malik.

  41. Yeah every minute. They were a very good energy line and they all have talent. However out of those three, Callahan is the only one who is possibly a second liner. The second line needs to score more than Prucha and Cullen have proven themselves capable.

  42. craptain ego on

    anyone who would be happy or satisfied to have malik back is detached from reality.

  43. Yenner Mot on

    can we finally play Jessiman on the 4th line? I really doubt that he is worse than Hossa or Isbister.

  44. AngelusMortis on

    Hanny – I do think we were outplayed. We let the Sabres play Sabres hockey. We gave them odd man rushes, we gave them the slot, we gave them the front of the net. I don’t mean outclassed as in throwing elbows and such, I mean that the Sabres are in another class of hockey teams. They know how to win, win consistently, and play their kind of hockey and make it work. They sat atop the conference standings all year – I’d say that’s pretty impressive. I’m not saying the Rangers didn’t try, they played their hearts out, especially our big names like Jagr and Lundqvist. The fact is, Buffalo is the better team, and their 8-2 record against us this year will attest to that. It was a hell of a series, and I’m still proud as ever to be a Ranger fan. It just wasn’t our year, again.

  45. Yenner Mot on

    I am afraid Callahan, Dubinsky, Bourret, Prucha, etc. are not skilled or consistant enough to be good 2nd liners in NHL.

  46. AngelusMortis on

    Yenner – give the kids a couple years before we start worrying about that. The only one we can say anything about is Prucha, who had a bit of a disappointing year this year, but he still played solid. We only got a glimpse of Dubinsky, and Callahan looks promising. Only time will tell.

  47. The Zamboni on

    Signing Drury wouldn’t be a “quick fix” as someone put it. Shanahan and Jagr will both be gone within 2 years. Who will step in then? Hopefully Callahan and Dubinsky will be progressing nicely by then, but they won’t be far enough along to take Jagr and Shanny’s spots. Lock up Drury with a four year deal.

  48. Hossa – Nylander – Jagr
    Straka – Drury – Avery
    Prucha – Cullen – Callahan
    Dubinsky – Betts – Ortmeyer

    Preissing – Mara
    Rozsival – Malik
    Tyutin – Girardi


    *Montoya traded to Los Angeles, Phoenix or Florida for a top center prospect.

  49. AngelusMortis on

    We have to also realize that 29 other teams would REALLY love to have a guy like Chris Drury on their team, and that one of them already has him. I wouldn’t think about line-ups for next year just yet.

  50. Doodie Machetto on

    We don’t need to sign anyone for defense. Even if we get rid of Malik and let Rachunek walk, we are still set at the position. Rozsival played extremely well at times, and average at others, but he had an excellent playoffs. No question he should be back. Mara played pretty well, and I think he should be back as well. Tyutin and Girardi are a great 3-4 pair, and should under no circumstances be separated. Staal is coming up through juniors, so that’s five. Add Pock/Baranka/Liffiton and you’ve got 6. Done deal, no need for additions.

    And that’s assuming no Malik or Rachunek. Rachunek may be let go, but there is a zero percent chance they will buy out Malik. So they are full of defensemen. No need to sign another.

    I don’t even think they really need to get another center and let Dubinsky get a shot. But like I said, Drury or Gomez wouldn’t be unwelcomed.




    I’m sure there will be a few more updates to come but I wanted to get that out now…this run was such a blast and this blog and its posters filled in all the space between games..Just great…I can’t wait for Oct.

  52. Rachunek isn’t that terrible.. He scored six goals and had 20 assists, I admit sometimes he does make awful awful mistakes but before his MCL injury he was the best defensemen on the team. You cannot expect a guy he missed 40 something days of practice to be able to jump into the playoffs. But Tom Renney is amazingly stubborn and made the terrible decision to put him back in. Aside from that, I absolutely cannot wait for Staal next year.

  53. rachunek is pretty terrible. Avery needs to be a third line player and cullen needs to learn how to finish or make him a fourth liner. If you put Prucha and callahan with a playmaking center I think both could do quite well. Hate to say it about Shanny, but he should not be brought back. His hands were completely gone this series and he probably cost us two goals today. He is a great leader but I do not think he is up to another full season. PP actually looked good today when they started shooting from the point hopefully that will continue in the next year.

  54. First of all these will be the lines for next season:




    **Pock will be 1 of those players who will be in the lineup out of the lineup. and come on you have to let Staal play he just won OHL top defensman of the year. Also time to cut ties with shanahan. He is gettin old and only dumps the puck now bc of his concussion. But i have to say that he brought great leadership to the team. Also no need for Rachunek and Ortmeyer. Rachunek is the dumbest hockey player ever! Makes horrible descisions with every move he tries to make and i wouldnt resign ortmeyer. He serves his role nicely but doesnt score. You need like a chris neil on your fourth line; someone that could score when needed and play phyiscal hockey. Ortmeyer doesnt score but serves his role nicely but i would rather have dubinsky then him. Also on the second line i would have avery,gomez(if they sign him but they should!) and dawes. I think dawes then Shanahan bc dawes can skate and his young. Whatever the Rangers do they do but still…

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