Where do they go from here?


There’s not much to add here that you all haven’t already said yourselves. This was devastating for the Rangers, and despite all their efforts to say the right things post-game, you wonder whether this will still be with them on Sunday.

But if you have to find something to latch onto, it is that this team has rallied from the brink already this season.

“It’s not easy to overcome this one,â€? Rangers captain Jaromir Jagr said. “We were so close but we have to forget it, and just act like we were down 3-1 and won this game to get to 3-2. That’s all you can do.â€?

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  1. We can still do this! Have to believe!!

    Nothing is over until we decide it is! Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor? Hell no!

  2. It looked like the Rangers were done during the regular season and they were able to come back. They will win at MSG and then finally win at Buffalo. The season is stll alive.

  3. What I think the Rangers will take from this series, and what I’ve taken from it myself:

    This team has already gone farther than anyone has expected them to. Now they’ll be playing at home with nothing to lose and everything to gain. They’ve already shown that the Rangers can skate with the Sabres as good as anyone has played against them this entire season, and if it wasn’t for abysmal officiating and a lack of discpline, the Sabres would likely be eliminated already.

    If the season ends Sunday or Tuesday, it’s not anything like it was last year. This year, this team was healthy, and our leaders stepped up when we needed them to the most in the playoffs. Lundqvist has shined brighter than ever and Jagr has actually played like a captain. This team is a few pieces away from being one of the top teams in the NHL…their defense needs some work in the offseason, as do their third and fourth lines. I’m sure a lot of it can be fixed within our own system, though.

    The Rangers have to go into the remaining games and just play their hearts out. That’s all that’s left. Last year, this team was empty after Game 2 of the series. I say this year, we leave our guts and glory out on the ice and take Buffalo to the absolute limit.

  4. SAM–Did anyone ask Renney why a fatigued and sick Nylander was out in the last minute instead of Betts, who had been great all night and is the FAR superior defensive player? I think the fact that nobody seemed to talk about that on MSG is letting Renney off the hook for a HUGE mistake. I think he’s outcoached Ruff and was great in the first round, but having Nylander out there in the last minute with a fresh Betts is inexcusable.

  5. “Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor? Hell no!”

    I guess not since it was the japanese who bombed pearl harbor.

    take a history course, nitwit.

  6. May 5th, 2007 at 12:31 am
    SAM—Did anyone ask Renney why a fatigued and sick Nylander was out in the last minute instead of Betts, who had been great all night and is the FAR superior defensive player?”

    Because they ICED THE PUCK. DOH

    Were not allowed to change

  7. Only the greatest rally speech of all time. Would be funnier if Jagr said it…but hey…..

  8. “Because they ICED THE PUCK. DOH

    Were not allowed to change”

    he was out there 40 seconds BEFORE the icing, nitwit.

  9. SAM Renney has to find a better reason than they didn’t play a good game. They had a 1-0 lead with 1 minute left, and he wants to talk about a bad game. He needs to own up with where the buck stops in the last minute of the last 2 games. He lost the game tonight, so he coached a B game.

  10. WTF happened to the Rangers I used to know? Where’s the spirit? Where’s the guts, huh? “Ooh, we’re afraid to go with you Jags, we might lose.” Well just kiss my ass from now on! Not me! I’m not gonna take this. Drury, he’s a dead man! Miller, dead! Niedermeyer –

  11. “Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor? Hell no!�

    I guess not since it was the japanese who bombed pearl harbor.

    take a history course, nitwit.

    I think you missed the Animal House reference…..

  12. that “tough” (ha ha) NY press asked Renney not one friggin tough question about his misuse of forwards in the last minute.

    more of a lapdog NY press when it comes to hockey.

  13. Bleed Blue on

    Win or lose Sunday I am proud of this team. I just don’t think they will win a game 7 in Buffalo, thats a tough one for anyone. Well I’ll be there Sunday (hopefully not the last game of the year) for the Ranger win…

  14. “this is how I cope with my anger and frustration.”

    yenner mot there are alot better ways for you to do that. Do yourself and everyone here a favor, disappear.

  15. Yenner Mot on

    Rangers will lose on Sunday, Sabres will strike early and often.

    get Renney, Jagr, Malik, Shanahan out of here already

  16. I’m going to give you a little advice. There’s a force in the universe that makes things happen. And all you have to do is get in touch with it, stop thinking, let things happen, and be the ball.

    Na nanana nanana naanana

  17. Heave - Ho on


    That last goal was not off Raccoon’s skate – it was Vanek, and it was on purpose. Needed one of those “distinct kicking motion� BS replays. Unfortunately it is allowed. As for the “softy� on Betts, you knew they were going to even it up with a BS call, we needed to score on the PP. Shanny was “bitching� about it in his post game comments. Played back the Nylander goal on the Tivo – Isbister did not touch Miller, and was out of the crease by the time the shot was taken. He was also nudged in there by a Sabre.

    Bottom line, we needed to get it done and should have. If we were smart, we’d tackle all the Sabres like Zubrus did in the corner to two players. Maybe you don’t panic and ice it. Maybe you don’t leave your 3 worst defensive forwards out there when trying to win. Maybe, maybe maybe.

    We can still win. We should win. We’ll see.

  18. I’ve got it. I’ll be sullen and withdrawn. I’ll dwindle off into the twilight realm of my own secret thoughts…

    I’ll lay on my back here ’til dawn, in a semi-catatonic state and dream of guitar notes that would irritate an executive kinda guy…

  19. Yenner Mot on

    So, I guess Jagr and Co. are having difficulties where it is easy for a caveman, according to joker Jagr. Where was his sense of humor every time he takes a terrible penalty.

    Btw, can our top liners at least throw some hits in the playoffs, they are so ridiculously soft–Nylander, Jagr, Straka, Shanahan, Hossa, Isbister, even Rozsival.

    Where the hell is the hitting, when you get a chance you lay the body on someone, not peel off like some slimebag.

  20. Im pretty sure toto’s other big hit was “hold the line”, it could have been “africa”. Either way they are both great songs by toto.

  21. How come no one in the media has even questioned Renney’s deplorable personnel management this game? He made a shrewd move dressing Isbister to play on the fourth line after the second game but couldn’t restrain himself from moving that dolt to the first line where he effectively wiped out what would have been the winning goal by mindlessly running Miller. Oh and Isbister (along with Jagr and Nylander) were on the ice the last minute of a game where you’re trying to hold on to a one goal lead. Why didn’t Renney call a time out if he had to to get his top defenders on the ice in the last minute. For that matter, when he was stuck with the Jagr line for the last few seconds, why didn’t he call a timeout AFTER the Sabres called their time out to give the flu ridden Nylander and the hobbling Jagr some additional rest (and, at the same time, screw with the Sabres’ heads)?

    Ruff has outcoached Renney period to period the whole series. Without Hank, Renney would be back in junior hockey looking for work.

  22. In Buffalo, these playoff games get a 30 share. In tri-state, they pull in about a one share. Everyone cares here. No one cares there.

  23. onecupin67years on

    Sam ,the Sabre’s were desperate also ,now the pressures on them to wrap it up .As Messier says “that seventh game is the hardest to win” ,Maybe the sabres will follow in that great Buffalo tradition that the Bills have set .And the Rangers can’t get angry but need to get “even”

  24. pundit so how many people is a 30 share there vs a one share here? Go brush your hat and polish your horns…….. Sully are the snooze games now exciting ?

  25. A 30 share of 300,000 is still alot less than a 1 share of 7 million. And besides, what the hell difference does that make? Has absolutely nothing to do with the series.

  26. Furthermore, you want your sports teams to compete with ours? Fine, the teams are engaged in a great series. But don’t suggest that your city can compare to ours. That’s one we sweep without even trying.

  27. TIRF (Typical Idiot Rangers Fan) on

    I am feeling a little bit better now. Our boys aren’t in the same class as Buffalo, and we definitely would get spanked against Ottawa or NJ. Better they should get spanked in game 6. Then we can rebuild.

  28. Im not gonna cry too much at how bad the officiating was again last night. Betts didnt interfere with the goalie, thus taking a goal away. The icing at the end of the game, was not icing since a Buffalo player could have played it but chose not to. Zubrus took down Girardi and another Ranger got wiped out. 2 players down and on the goal line and they were not able to get back in the play.

    Its just one thing after the other. Even the goal they clearly scored was ruled no goal at first. Its horrific that hockey has come down to a bunch of numbskulls that have no clue as to what they are doing.

    Now I know why hockey is at the bottom of the list, cant get a real Television contract, etc. The sport is a mess. Football had a lot of officiating problems and then got it right when they instituted the challenge flag. Does hockey have to do the same?

    Very sad!!

  29. It’s amazing how everyone turns!! If I told you back in January that the Rangers would be down 3-2 in the conference semis vs BUFFALO in early May, would you take it? Damn right you would! IT AIN’T OVER Till the Fat Lady Sings!!!

  30. tirf go back to watching your saturday morning cartoon , Bob the builder. Now be good so your mommy & daddy don’t spank you, but they should lock you in a closet until monday. You need to go to school and get an education, you’re not too bright. You want to rebuild a playoff team, genius. Go tell your team, which ever one it is, that scrap crap.You need to learn the difference between change & improve.

  31. The Rangers will go as far as the talent on their team allows them to go in the 2007 NHL playoffs. There is no rocket science to it. Whether the goals are scored in the First or Last second of the game really has no bearing on it. The game and the performance of a team is judged by the whole game. Every team has talent. But some teams have more than others. This is not Texas hold em on line. It’s not about luck. It’s about execution. And the Rangers will go as far as their talent allows them to.

  32. “Olgie May 5th, 2007 at 12:04 am
    We can still do this! Have to believe!!
    Nothing is over until we decide it is! Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor? Hell no!”

    I wasn’t even going to read the blog this morning; too discouraging. I am so glad I did! this really made me laugh.

    It reminds me of the Sopranos where one of them was working for a Korean (Tony’s cousin, Tony) when Paulie Walnuts looked at him, and gave him that two-finger point and said, “Huh? you working for them? Well, you just remember Pearl Harbor!”.

    It was a classic line.

    thanks for the humor.

  33. billybleedsblue on

    yenneR wrote on the last blog, “Rangers are a Mickey Mouse organization.”

    You know, it was The Great One that used that same line to describe the Debbies some years back…

    As for this series, it could very easily be over right now with either team the victor. There have been some really close games that could have gone either way. Just believe that the Rangers can do this, and with any luck, we’ll see it happen.

    And yes, Renney should be taken to task for not putting his best checkers/shot blockers on the ice. And how about playing a little dirty and taking a penalty with 7+ seconds left? What’s so bad about that? A nice cross-checking call in front would have been great, then you just have to reset for the draw and put the shot blockers out there. It’s playoff hockey, you have to be a little more desperate in those situations. I dunno, ultimately, this game was handed to the Sabres…after all that hard work, it’s frustrating, but the Blueshirts can still pull it out. Let’s Go Rangers!

  34. I was really disapointed with alot of the comments posted here last night. All that negative stuff sucks. It defeats the purpose of having a great team that is playing its heart out. We waited a long time for a team like this.
    If its is over, I will be depressed, But I am Very proud and thankful. Proud of of the Rangers and thankful for this Blog.

    It is one of the best Ranger teams that has ever laced up the skates and put on that red, white and Blue sweater.

    Lets Go Rangers.

  35. These guys are right. If you had told me back in January or February that we would be forcing a Game 6 in the Eastern Conference Semifinals, I would have gone on a Jim Mora type of rant about making the playoffs in the first place. The Rangers have played their hearts out these playoffs, and for that, I am very proud of them. However, just like any true Ranger fan, I am very disappointed in the results of last night’s game.

    But guys, think back, 1994, Eastern Conference Finals, down 3-2 and facing elimination in Game 6. We not only won that game, but we also won Game 7 to win the series, as well as win the Stanley Cup. Have faith, this isn’t over.

  36. that was heartbreaking. i wanted to mention that it was shame bettsy took that OT penalty, because it really put a blemish on his fantastic game. i was seriously impressed with how he was outworking almost everyone on the ice. he should have been out there in the final minute of regulation, and it hurt the rangers BADLY that he couldn’t help out on the pk in ot. sunday should be fun.

  37. So how come Bettsy, your best defensive forward, didn’t see the ice after Straka’s goal with three and change left? Wouldn’t you want him out there protecting a one goal lead? Great coaching.

  38. You knoe what, let’s have some optimisim here.
    Down 2-0 earlier on in this series, it was looking
    pretty over for us, but we turned it around.

    Asked then if we would be satisfied later this series down 3-2, we would have taken it in a heartbeat.

    We can win the next two. It’ll be hard, but not improbable either-


  39. I still can’t believe that was a penalty on Betts. All he did was tap the guy in the gut with his stick, which isn’t hooking. I’d like to know if the ref who called that was on the wrong side of the ice. JohnM, good post above. billybleedsblue, I agree with you about taking somebody down. There was only 16 seconds left at the faceoff after the icing, so even if we did get the puck back after taking the penalty, there wouldn’t be much time left then. I guess Renney thought he would get a whistle sooner so he could put defensive guys out there sooner, but it’s not like they weren’t rested. Jagr did work hard to clear the puck once, but it can’t really be expected twice in a shift. I think the power play needs to be looked at, as well. Neither unit shot enough; at some point you have to take it to the net throught the PKers rather than constantly passing it to the outside.

  40. Seeing Miller on the bench praying, not even looking at the ice-

    …and then the Sabres tying it up with 7.7 made me sick to my stomach-

  41. I think the call on goalie interference was very, very soft. Rangers 2 Buffalo 1 should have been the final score.

    oh well.

    At least Drury might be in Ranger blue next year.

    Malik will be starring in the next “Scream 4: Frankenstien returns”. No make up.

  42. or, perhaps,

    “I am Sam, too: Still Tarded”.

    No, wait, that will be Sean Penn, playing Sam, going to rescue children in New Orleans, sinking in the boat because of too many camera men and PR men.

    We must find something to laugh about…..

    we were all up, jumping around at our goal…………….I don’t remember feeling so deflated so quickly since the last time I saw a photo of my ex mother in law—

    pictures of her were sold as one of the finest methods of effective birth control known to men.

  43. The Isbister interference was very very slight…

    in sports a little thing makes such a difference 7.7 seconds, 1 bounce. Buffallo has gotten many breaks all season.

    play hard sunday and we will see what happens….

  44. Yeah, last night had to be one of the biggest, if not THE biggest sports let down i’ve ever experienced.

    Last night really counted; it wasn’t just any game; it was one which would have given us confidence and momentum.

    Buffalo would not have been able to recover from it.
    But now we are the ones back on the hot seat and need to bounce back and win one game at a time.

  45. czechthemout!!!!! on

    TIRF (Typical Idiot Rangers Fan) –

    hey look what crawled out from under a rock.it’s the (totaly iidiotic retarded fag).you disapeard for a couple of days there when the going got tough for your whiny little girls team,and now your back to try and annoy us.well i have some thing to tell jerkoff.the rangers will win tommorow,the rangers WILL WIN on sunday,and you will slither right back under that little buffulo chicken shit rock you come from you stupid troll!!

  46. I believe we’re toast!! no way we’ll overcome that loss…backbreaker, I wanted to cry and it looked like JAGR DID TOO. Dont know if they can come back from this. How long can the King save our bacon?

  47. TIRF – funny how you did not post when we won games 3 & 4 and now you come out of your fishstick hole (just reinforces my opinion that you are the biggest coward on this board). If there is a rebuild the 1st I want gone is you. You are as much a Ranger fan as I am a member of some Nazi skinhead group.

    There has to be a way on this blog to have an ignore this user button. You would then be like the tree that falls in the forest with noone around to hear it.

  48. hockey would be a much better sport if they make icings automatic, get rid of offsides, allow interference/hitting away from the puck, increase the size on the goal, find ways to make the ice better, and decrease size of goalie equipment.

  49. WE can do this.
    Yes – we can !
    I believe in our team.

    God, don’t let me down now !

    Sam where the hell are you ?
    NOW is when we need you.
    Tell us the state of mind of our team.


  50. I want Immonen in the lineup, on Sunday, he can help on PP, faceoffs, and offense. Take out someone who is furthest from being 100%.

  51. Anyone who thinks Drury is going to the rangers is dumb. Plus f*ck Drury who cares about where he plays.

  52. Yenner Mot on

    Even with the game tied, Rangers were handed a PP in the OT and what did they do? They stubk it up as usual. So blame the coaching staff for not putting defensive 4th line on the ice to protect the lead and a PP that is totally impotent.

  53. Playing with the house money right now. Like someone said already- they have nothing to lose so go out and leave it all on the ice. It’s been a helluva run to this point. Root hard tomorrow guys…

  54. Yenner Mot on

    BTW, Lundqvist really screwed up on those 2 goals, he is not tough mentally, once he made a mistake, he starts making more. Lets face it we were very much outplayed this game and Sabres deserved this win.

  55. yenner the lundqvist comment just gave you full “moron” status. christ go watch baseball

  56. Yenner Mot on

    Kovy, I could never take away your honored title, that was passed to you by your ancestors

  57. TIRF (Typical Idiot Rangers Fan) on

    WHY ARE ALL OF MY FELLOW RANGERS FANS ATTACKING ME? I just think we have what it takes. We are collection of Jagr, Lunqvist, and a bunch of JAGS (just another guys).

    I am a Rangers fan, and I weep for the future if all of us Rangers fans can’t get along.

  58. You guys forgot to mention Jagr was also on the ice with under 2 minutes left with a one goal game. He had a bad leg to boot. Bad coaching mistake may have cost them the series. Also, was a timeout called? I cant remember

  59. RangerRick on

    I have to go way back to my teen years in the 70’s to remember a game in any sport that left me feeling this bad.
    It felt like someone punched me in the gut. To echo some earlier comments, yes, if you had told me a few months ago that the Rangers would be in game 6 of the eastern semis I would have taken that in a heartbeat. However, that doesn’t make last night’s game less painful. After Marty scored I really thought we had this series, but now the life has been sucked out of me. I really don’t see how they can come back from this. Hope I’m wrong, but Jagr isn’t Messier in the leadership department. And, my wife just says, “It’s only a game!” aaaaarrrrrrggggghhhhhhh!!!!!

  60. What hurts the most about last night is knowing that the best defensive players were not on the ice when they were most needed. As well as Renney has been doing in these playoffs one BIG mistake and his stock just drops. I don’t know what to think about tomorow’s game. Obviously I’d like to think the Rangers will win, and again in Buffalo in game 7. I’m really looking for an offensive breakout and I hope it happens. The strangest thing is that this series should be over. The Rangers should have won game 2, we all know what happened in games 3 and 4, and last night, even though they were outplayed most of the night, they should have won that game. I guess it’s a double sideded sword. They should have won 4 games now, how many games would you expect to say that about against the President’s Cup winners?

    I’ll keep the faith though. My “Be A Ranger” t-shirt had it’s run, I shaved last night as soon as I got home from watching the game. next up is the St. Patrick’s Day Rangers T-shirt, we’ll see what luck it brings.

  61. Rangers6830 on

    This was rough, heartbreaking loss. The win was there, soooo close. :(

  62. Give it a rest, all you negative jackasses. Save it for the post-season.

    LET’S GO RANGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  63. Sorry guys. I just got in a little while ago and Josh is covering for me at today’s practice, which started at 1.
    Apparently Nigel Dawes is up with the team. Josh will have more in a bit

  64. Yenner Mot on

    my “hockey is different here” g-string has also run its course, time to donate it in my local thrift store.

  65. Yenner Mot on

    sounds like Dawes in for Isbister, would also be nice to insert Immonen somewhere.

  66. ORR kicks Ying Yang on


    Shut the hell up….You what ranger fan wants them to get swept…Your a moron…because NYR down 3 – 2…I still havent seen a game were i was truly impressed with the team that was supposd to dominate in the playoffs….They are nothing…If they get past NYR they wont get past OTT…

    So go post on some stupid Yankee’s blog..You and Yenner Mot…Your a buncha losers who have no life…and you have to pretend to be Ranger fans


    Your just a dick….I cant bad mouth you..because you have no knoledge of the game..Get rid of Malik…is the smartest thing you ever said in your life…But Get rid of Jagr and Shanny…You are a brainless twit…

    Your comment on Lundqvist sealed the deal….You just no nothing about the game and the Rangers

    And Jarko Immonen wont help the F***in PP…Yea if he was in the game yesterday we woulda dominated right???

    You Idiot

    And another thing….For all you idiot ranger fans who are whining…and allready admiting defeat…Go to hell….and quick….cause you sound like a buncha sissys…I have more faith in them…And i believe they can come back…

    IF…..They lose…..And all you losers come outta no where…and say…”rangers are ppathetic…What a waste”…then seriously….jump off a damn bridge cause you’ll be doing everyone a favor..

    Im damn friggin proud…of how far this team came….Turning this year around…Turning to the youth when they needed them the most…Turning around the home ice….and now there on a 9 game home winning streak….Going from 11th place to 6th…sweeping ATL…and giving BUF more then a run for there money

    There you go…..Enough said….Its either you believe or you dont…And if you dont….go watch someother team or sport..

  67. Yenner Mot on

    ORR you still can’t spel yin. Immonen would have been a lot more useful than Cullen who has speed, but not much else. Immonen would be a much better fit to center Prucha and Callahan as he knows how to make plays and he is the best shot deflector on the team and would help a lot on the PP.

  68. Yenner Mot on

    Cullen is a good energy player, he should be on the 4th line IMO, yes, signing him to 4 years was a big mistake.
    Furthermore Renney put a line of Prucha-Cullen-Callahan which just doesn’t work in terms of scoring because neither of the 3 is a good playmaker. It did work when Avery was on the line because he is a pretty good playmaker. Once again, Renney is a moron.

  69. so are yeener mot & tirf one and the same, twins, or just two clueless people that have zero ideas besides nonsense? The vote would be close on which one is the bottom of the barrel, two monkeys vying for that position.

  70. Brett Hull is such a dumb tool-

    He just said on NBC that the Rangers should have lost game 4 on the Briere wrap around. The guy hates the Rangers, yet NBC let’s him talk out of his ass.

    He also had this sparkle in his eyes when talking about the Rangers collapse last night-

  71. who cares about what idiots like Hull say. You saw the games yourself you need some fool to tell you what to think???

    I got a great idea, how about the Rangers play there asses off on sunday and play smart and then they will be fine and go back to buffallo for game 7..

    it aint over yet…………

  72. How about those VS. announcers? They couldn’t be any more pro-Buffalo if they were born in the Anchor Bar. Ridiculous. But it’s going to make winning all that much sweeter. Let’s not forget the Rangers have already been one of the 20% to win a best of seven when losing 5…


  73. Yenner Mot on

    you know what is funny, Avery leads the rangers with 29 hits in the playoffs which ties him with Trent Hunter.

    Cullen is just not good ebough–61 hits in 82 games, 7 hits in 9 playoff games, only 41 points while getting 17:09 minutes on average, this is just not cutting it. Why the hell did we sign this Rico Fata clone?

  74. Actually, I kind of agree with the point TIRF makes, even if he is just a troll and not meaning to make a point. There really are some idiot fans on this board and others, that manage to take a negative out of every possible situation this team is in, and drive the mood down for everyone. He really does represent the typical idiot ranger fan.

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