Nylander ready to go….sort of


Michael Nylander was in typical rink rat mode today, staying on the ice for the morning skate some 15 minutes after all of the others Rangers regulars. The one difference is that Nylander has missed the last two days with the flu, and still isn’t 100 percent.

“I feel better,” he said. “That’s the good part.”

The father of six children, Nylander figured it was inevitable that he was going to come down with what was trickling through the house. He was in the stands for one of his sons’ hockey games and he shared a water bottle with his daughter. And when she fell ill soon after, Nylander figured he was doomed.

“It was just a waiting time for me,” he said.

So there you have it: should the Rangers get eliminated from the playoffs and the NHL goes under while trying to promote a Buffalo-Ottawa Eastern Conference final, you can blame some Greenwich, Conn., third-grader for its downfall.

Seriously, Nylander played through this on Sunday and Tuesday as well, so it shouldn’t be as big of an issue now that he’s actually showing some improvement.

No changes are expected in the lineup.

I’ll have more in a bit, but for now I’m going to try to grab an hour’s sleep.

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  1. Repost – “When we wipe up those Greasy Buffalo Wings after 6 games, the versus crew and other sports MSM won’t have any excuses left to delegitimize the Rangersâ€?
    BlueClue (or anyone), if you don’t mind me asking, what’s MSM stand for?

  2. wow okay I can post again.. (Anyone ever get those WP HASHCHECK errors?)

    Maybe Nylander shows some fireworks tonight…but I’m really hoping for big games out of the 3rd line, and I’m thinking that Sean Avery has the chance tonight to finally becaome that X factor Ranger fans have been looking for since the series began.

    Avery’s mouth against a team starting to doubt itself could be just the gust of wind on Buffalo’s *house of cards* that we are looking for.

    (Can Matt “Stanley Cup” Cullen net an early goal for us?)

  3. I get the Hashcash posting things and they make me crazy. But, be careful, try too many times to post once you start getting them and you’ll get the dreaded “you have tried 4 times and failed” which seems to carry a few days worth of exile with it…


  4. with 6 kids he has to be tough. I know….I have 6 as well!

    4 of my 6 scream when they see Malikenstein on the ice. The youngest two are not allowed to watch the game when he is on the ice….just too scary. Between that and some of the Dracula movies, they could have nightmares.

    got to be a careful dad

  5. “But, be careful, try too many times to post once you start getting them and you’ll get the dreaded “you have tried 4 times and failedâ€? which seems to carry a few days worth of exile with it…”

    Yes, that may have been my downfall. I wonder what causes them though…I was thinking it might have been my “website”…but it’s allowing me to keep it there now.

    Regardless- I’m here now, feet tapping like crazy under desk with that nervous knot back in my stomach….I just want to see another close game tonight.

    One one hand, these days off may have helped BUF lose that “momentum” gained in the closing minutes tuesday….but it may have also cooled NYR down as well. We don’t want them going in *overly* confident tonight.

  6. Sorry Brandon

    Just came back from fixing my car and changing all wheels-

    MSM as was just explained is Main Stream Media.
    I used to see it all the time on Political Blogs and
    had no clue what it stood for till a few years ago-

    Either way, Let’s Go Rangers!!!!

  7. Salty – Iwant to see more than a close game tonight I want to see a Ranger win to go 3 games to 2 up.

  8. Obviously that is preferred—

    But as long as I know NYR gives 100% I will be able to sleep soundly, as I did after game 2 where I was still extremely proud of the team.

    I really believe we need Avery to bring his intangibles tonight to exploit Buffalo’s pressure. Something along the lines of him skating by the right player and saying:

    “Listen to the desperation of these poor fans…They actually expected you to get to the cup didn’t they?”

  9. Avery can be the gust of wind on the *house of cards* Buffalo becoming.

    Where the Rangers apparently have become a team where “the sum is greater than its parts”, Buffalo appears to be the opposite. A team full of extremely talented individuals, yet without an X factor of it’s own.

    repeat after me:


  10. Avery could do more damage by converting on one if his several breakaways.

    That’ll shut’em up!

  11. Speaking of quotes.

    Where’s that guy that does the Renney speak? I’d love to read some hypothetical Renney quotes and stuff.

  12. “Avery could do more damage by converting on one if his several breakaways.”

    Excellent point…he seems to get at least 2 per game….if only he had a split second’s more patience…UNTZ!

  13. I did a couple Renney quotes at one time(not the only person, I don’t think), but it doesn’t seem as funny now that I’m drinking the Kool-Aid — and as much of it as I can get down.

    LET’S GO RANGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. About 4 months ago, I was one of the guys propping up Hossa, before he became hot, and saying the guy will materialize.

    I also said that Hollweg should have more limited playing time and wasn’t so vital to the team’s success.
    All this, before we went on a tear after the All Star Break.

    At the time, people on the blog were telling me I know nothing about hockey and not to post.
    Talk about drinking the Kool-Aid-

  15. hockeymanrangers on

    Avery has to be leading in shots on goal in this series, he is very much due for a couple tonight and that is goals not shots. Go Rangers

  16. onecupin67years on

    rangers must remain composed if they don’t score first or are down by a 2-0 score.
    And they gotta take the body and forecheck,back and czech check,frustrate the sabres into mistakes.

  17. Tom Renney on

    Back due to popular demand:

    As to the pernicious notion some have floated at the end of the day in various forms of interpersonal communication — which does not foreclose an identification with the genre of neo-feedback which any self-respecting hockey player/striver/achiever desires on a grand if not all-encompassing scale — that somehow the continuation of our success might be abrogated by an expectation that those who would make themselves our opponents will come out of the gate with a purpose and a determination not seen in western NY since the French-Indian War, I can only respond by alerting the attendant exigencies that are often subsumed by a primordial impulse to establish themselves in the hearts and minds of what we’re trying to accomplish here in accustoming ourselves to an ethic and a culture that crops the cream, rather than the obverse (or its solipsistic doppelganger).

  18. New Newman on


  19. New Newman on

    Sorry, that didn’t work…it was LGR in huge letters that somebody sent me earlier…so much for cut and paste. I am heading home…and getting ready!! That entails putting my kid to bed (18mos and can do the “Po” in “Potvin Sucks” after I do the whistle)….having him do the “Potvin Sucks” chant to the best of his ability 3x, then hunkering down for the game! LGR!!

  20. “Tom Renney is best coach ever. Since I like him, we win cup this year.”

    I was thinking about this last night. I had never really stopped and considered Jagr’s numbers if he had been happy and motivated his entire career.

    Scary/depressing thought.

  21. Hi Sam

    Can you remember me ????

    I am so nervous for tonights crucial Game 5 !!! What are your feelings ???? Do you think the Rangers can win tonight seriously ????

    What do you think ????


  22. They no boo me tonight! Yeah baby. They cheer me good tonight. I know they aim at my forehead but wife tell me to “duck”. I tell her shut her hole under nose women no speak to me, ha, hah, ha. You laugh?

    Henrik is jerk. He tell me stop playing hockey and go into Hollywood scare movies like Doris Karloff or someone. He get mad cuz I pass puck in front of him. Where I come from this done to make goalie strong like bull. He is, how you say in American, a Wus.

    They no boo me tonight, babies. Renney say I wear A again. He say last time fans at Garden Boo Marek, he give them finger by giving me A. I get A again. I rock and rule.

    You think when I spin around I know no not what I am doing but I trick Buffalos into thinking I no play defense. You think I sissy for no hitting. Hey I make more two million dollars. I no get my pretty face and large forehead damaged. You see.

    Rangers in 6. But, if I score for the Buffalos, Rangers in 7.

    Love all American dollars,

    Marek Malik

    and you no call me Malikenstein. I no act in scary movie like Boris Dracula or Wolf man. I just have big forehead. Not my fault. My mother drank lots of vodka when pregnant with me.

  23. Jagr and Kotalik almost came to blows in the hallway this afternoon after yelling at each other in Czech….

  24. I know the game is on Versus tonight, but the game is also being displayed as being on MSG by the Dish Network… Does anyone know if the game is going to be blacked-out since it is on versus? Or is it going to be played on both channels?

  25. Game will be blacked out on versus because it is on MSG. It has happened before in these playoffs.

    LETS GO RANGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  26. oh man Sam, How can you try to sleep when Game 5 is coming up tonight ?????

    I wouldn´t be able to sleep for a second, I am so nervous….:)

    I don´t think I will be able to watch it tonight, I may look to the boxscore once in a while after every fifteen minutes or so…!

    What can I do to control my nerves ????

    Sam, wake up and give me some encouragement…


  27. Funny Renney, Malik, Jagr stuff! I liked Malik the best.

    Wilbon on PTI just gave us 0% chance to win the cup, but that can’t really motivate us because he knows nothing about hockey. Bob Ryan gave a 7% chance.

  28. Shanahan doesn’t seem to be growing the playoff beard, just the Kornheiser-like facial hair. (I’m not sure what that set up is called.)

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