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The Rangers had a 1-0 lead in Game 7 of the 1994 Eastern Conference final when the Devils tied the game with……7.7 seconds remaining.

It took two overtimes, but you know how that game ended.

All that said, this will be a very difficult game for the Rangers to win.

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  1. I know there was an icing — but why was the jagr line out there ofr the shift prior — not the greatest of moves by tom

  2. Reginald Dunlop on

    real ballsy call by the two refs………..not calling zubrus on the hold….watch him tackle girardi in corner……..typical horses..t refs, can that pick my spot low hitting zubrus be called for a penalty???? unfriggin believable……

  3. I think that might have been the series right there. Drury does it again. There’s really nobody to blame for this one. These things happen. Hope they can do it, but very difficult may be the understatement of the year.

  4. They need to come out HARD! First shift dictates the play. Cant be back on their heels.

  5. Fucking genius/buttkisser Renney just had to put Jagr’s line on the ice in the last minute. And with Isbister, no less instead of Hossa, who was the best Ranger all night. If we lose it’s all on fucking Tomhole!

  6. yeah no reason for a healthy jagr to be on the ice let alone a hurt jagr….stupid

  7. How can you put out the wrong guys for the most important shift of the game ???

    How can you do this in such an important game ????

    HOW CAN YOU DO THIS ??????

  8. Yenner Mot on

    Rangers are dead

    I was going to say that Betts was having the best game of his career, but then he took that penalty.

    Disgusting, the offense is a joke, the PP is a joke, Jagr and Shanahan are a joke.

  9. but to say the least, the rangers did not play their best at all during this game & were lucky enough to get it into OT.

    only us ranger fans can experience this. it will never end.

    7.7 seconds. 7.7 SECONDS!!!!

  10. I feel like someone kick my dog….Thats two games in Buffalo we SHOULD OF WON…

  11. Yenner Mot on

    “is this what a stroke feels like?”

    Ask Sather, he probably had several.

  12. DanTheRangerFan on

    Just Put a pretty big whole in my wall. AHHHHHHHH FU** Im going to the bar to drown my sorrows

  13. czechthemout!!!!! on

    how can you make that kind of call on betts in over time in the playoffs?drury truly deserved his penalty.

  14. Mot do you have any clue? Honestly? Sather will always be looked to for his years in Edmonton, not NY you muppet!

  15. but should we really have one it?

    yeh we had a lead w/ 7.7 seconds left, but with less than 5 left in the third did anyone think the rangers could pull it off? they were looking pretty dead.

    all & all, they should of had it, yeh, and i guess all those horrid weeks in december still never taught these guys anything.

    i dont care what the stats say about the team that wins game 5– i still believe, lets hope the rangers do.

  16. moron dolan on

    What happened? I was smoking my victory cigar with 16 seconds and- ah fuck me.

  17. Once rangers failed on PP i said within a min Buffalo would be on PP and they were WAY over due.

    Go back home, win one, go back tuesday and play better, esp on the PP. I am sorry, this buffalo team is good but they are not as good as i thought they were. Regardless of what happens i don’t see them in the finals.

  18. and you cant get all the gifts in penalties the sabres were giving the rangers w/out converting.

    i dont know why renney was using shanny on the first unit. thats all i’m gonna say about that.

  19. WoW, That is pathetic 16 seconds away, and why was Nylander’s goal not counted again?

  20. Well they certainly blew that. Come on, 7 seconds left, you can’t give that away.

    leetchy2, yeah, the Rangers CAN win the next two, but will they? They don’t score and they take way too many penalties. The Rangers should have put this series away already, and now they’re looking down the cross.

  21. I have no faith in the nhl anymore….i will not give anymore of my money towards the nhl…this game was fixed…and i hope the nhl goes under the next season and there is no more hockey in the usa anymore…this game was fixed from the beginning…the isbister penalty was bullshit…we should have won….i no longer love thus sport like i once did

  22. What a downer!

    One second I am on cloud nine and the next I am smothered
    with dog shit-

    I don’t think I (or the team) can bounce back from this one-



    What a horrible start to weekend.

    Spiderman 3 last night- HORRIBLE
    Rangers lose.

    Now if I don’t win any $$ tomorrow on Derby and De La Hoya fight i might just, cry!

  24. czechthemout!!!!! on

    i know i have been one of the more tough posters on this blog,but i have to say that i am extremely proud of this team.i also believe that this series is far from over.i will be at the game on sunday cheering my ass of for these guys.even if they lose,alot of good things have happened this year and i for one think that if they get rid of that piece crapp malik,and rachunek,as well as the moron shitsbister who cost us the game more than anyone else.

  25. Well, the rangers had the series in the palm of their hands and might have just given it away. Totally unacceptable. This should’ve been the game henrik stole.

    The worst part is having to meet my girlfriend in a half hour and try to cool off before then, which in a playoff series takes about an hour for me.

  26. No the questions start.Their O isn’t doing anything special. Renney make some changes?

    I want to see more of the Cally, Nylander, Prucha line…I think!

  27. From the phantom Isbister call, you felt the scales tip towards Buffalo in the officiating. That Betts penalty wasn’t much of a penalty either. Let’s take it one game at a time though. Focus now on game 6 at the Garden.

  28. It was NOT Isbister’s fault.

    Saying that was Goaltender interference doesn’t make it true.


  29. Fixed? Yeah right. The Sabres pretty much outplayed the Rangers but took some penalties early. The refs called a good game. I was shocked the Rangers had a chance to win this one. I thought a penalty could have been called off the final faceoff of regulation, but it’s always chaos. I think the goal went in off Girardi’s glove while he was trying to blok it, but if his glove wasn’t there it would have gone in anyway. I have total confidence in us winning game 6 and then going to play game 7. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to watch that one until the end due to chorus rehearsal, so I was hoping it would be done in 6. But now, we go to 7!

  30. Right with you czech…I HATE THIS TEAM, but love them to death (outside of Malik)

  31. DanTheRangerFan on


  32. You know, as much of a letdown as it was to give up the goal with 8 seconds left, the fact that we went 0-6 on the PP before that is probably more of the reason why we lost. Cash in on a couple of those PP chances and the game could have been well wrapped up before that dumb-ass decision to ice the puck.

  33. it’s going to take a lot more than 1 hour for me to get over this one. I’m so angry and sad right now it’s very hard to take.

  34. Reginald Dunlop on

    van massenhoven found his whistle after the third………shouldve stayed as an OPP……..horrible ot call again…..and we still havent whined as much as Ruff whines the whole game……that friggin replay of the tying goal is just pissing me off, seeing the tackle…now where is Kerry Fraser and Dan Marouelli again???? great choices…………just a JOKE

  35. if Hollweg had taken that same penalty that Limpwrister took, people here would be all over him. but shitbister gets a free pass. also, limpwrister was on the ice for the tying goal as well. what was he doing out there? ask a-hole renney and selfish jagr.

  36. quit whining about the refs. the Rangers had 5 of the first 6 PPs. people here are sounding like Isles fans.
    “the game is fixed” and other assorted horse manure.

  37. Fruity Cupcake on

    Please please PLEASE! 20% of the teams who don’t win Game 5 win the series! We’ll win on Sunday—DUH—then take it to seven. Come on—isn’t it DELIGHTFUL paying in MAY? Against the BEST effing team in the league? I LOVE THESE guys! And Jesus Christ, Hanny? That’s Miller, looking like South Park’s Jesus. Snort snort, but seriously—check it out….

    See you Sunday for the WIN at MSG! Sleep well, Ranger fans–home ice. Home ice, baby!!!

  38. Renney twice in a row got the team in deep shit in the end of 3rd period with totally wrong lines and icings.

    Fire Renney and his speakeasy hyena smirk.

  39. I am so sick and tired of the Rangers getting their heads up their ass when they think the game is over and there is still time on the clock. Last game Lundy goes behind the net with 40 seconds left and gets a lucky NO GOAL call. Stay the F**ck in the net and let your team clear the puck.
    Hockey games are 60 minutes not a game played until you THINK you have won. Tough next games if there is more than one

  40. czechthemout!!!!! on

    i have to say that i am very disapointed in the play of prucha,hossa in this series.they need to get rid of malik and rachunek,as well as shitsbister.the offense needs to take more shots on goal.if anything was proven tonight,it’s that miller can be beat up high.but they need to shoot more,especialy on the powerplay.

  41. Refs actually favored Rangers for most of the game, too bad the PP stibks like I don’t know what. Just shoot from the point and look for repounds or deflections, not pass it around the net until you lose it or take a crappy shot.

  42. “Speakeasy hyena smirk”

    speakeasy? Damn, I didnt realize Renney was a prohibition era bootlegger.

    23 skiddoo!

  43. Oh no! Not again. My girlfriend (now wife) was visiting me in Toronto when Zelepukin scored. It’s Groundhog Day! I can’t handle it! I know we’ll win on Sunday but I feel it’ll be the first 8 overtime game in NHL history on Tuesday and that scares the you know what out of me. I guess if it was easy we wouldn’t be REAL Ranger fans………oooohhhhh……

  44. Fruity Cupcake on

    PS: I might like Chris Drury as a player IF HE EVER SMILED. Hey Sam, Josh, what’s his problem??? Calder winner, Cup winner, blah blah blah, the S.O.B NEVER smiles. Hello, Chris? It’s a game! You’re VERY good at it!!! Show us your teeth. Smile—holy moly, have some fun boy. Let Colorado re-sign him—I don’t want him in the NYR lockerroom.

    And God bless Shanny, Jags, Hank and all the hard-working Rangers. WoooHOOOOOOO GO Rangers!!!!

  45. ” have to say that i am very disapointed in the play of prucha,hossa in this series.”

    They played pretty good, but Prucha was really unlucky.

    They also need to get rid Shanahan, he does nothing.

  46. czechthemout!!!!! on

    this team has it’s back aganst wall now.just like against
    st.louis.if they have shown anything it’s that they will not quit,and i think that we will be back there on tuesday.

  47. That was a dumbass play by Isbister. He did make contact with Miller inside the paint, and it was interference. He most likely cost the Rangers a goal on that one (“maybe” because although not likely, Miller may have saved it had it not been for Isbister bumping him. Who knows had they scored it may have been the difference in the game.

  48. The fix is in. Where was the Isbister interference? What kind of call was that on Betts in OT? F**k the refs and f**k Buffalo. The only way these guys win is when the refs make it so. RANGERS IN 7!!!! LETS GO RANGERS.

  49. As for the icing… aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  50. 1/2 an hour later, I still feel like absolute shit.

    This is not getting any better.
    Time to take something for the pain- hmmm what do I have stashed away?

  51. i feel like someone just threw up some baby shit in my mouth.


    you knew BUF takes this game when they tied it though.

    And you gotta be shitting me if you think the ice was tilted on this one…very fair game for the most part, a few questionable calls but I feel they went both ways.

    You don’t recover from this though, I’m sorry. Losing in regulation, fine….happens. But this…this is just about as *painful* as it can possibly get.

    This was that spark that BUF needed. Slaughter in the Garden coming up. I HATE to say it, but wow.

    Buffalo must/will be going apeshit tonight. You can’t blame them.

  52. “speakeasy? Damn, I didnt realize Renney was a prohibition era bootlegger.”

    no, more like what it is he speaks too easy, like a blabbermouth that has no brains or emotions.

  53. I hate to say this, but I think they’re done, this is just too demoralizing.

  54. Rangers are a Mickey Mouse organization, with Jagr as Mickey, Shanny as Minnie, Malik as Goofy, Renney as Hyena, brought to us by Dolan as Walt Disney.

  55. This loss was just unlucky-

    With 7.7 seconds left, it could
    have just as easily gone the other way; the
    normal way.

    The tone on this blog would be jovial instead of morbid and we would be the ones going in for the kill.

    That is what makes this loss 100 times as painful.

  56. Yenner,

    Can you please, please, shut the fuck up just for the rest of the night, please?

    We know you are a ranger fan too, but you just bring the absolute worst energy around here, try to be funny, etc. sometimes it is, 90% of the time its not.

    Were tough, we can take it, but please cut the shit tonight for everyones sake. We would all really appreciate it.

    Thank you in advance

  57. calls and bounces you can’t control, but you can control who goes on the ice when you have a one goal lead with a minute to go.

    and it is inexcusable that Renney did not have his defensive guys on the ice. and the reason is that the selfish jagr line wanted open net glory, that’s why.

    and there’s renney after the game saying his team didn’t play well.

  58. czechthemout!!!!! on

    so many on this blog are quitting and i don’t understand why.buffulo did not get down after losing two straight and one in overtime.there is no reason to panic here at all.the so called best team in the league barely is able to beat them and every one is jumping off the ledge.mark my words we will be back in buffulo on tuesday!!!!!!

  59. The media better be hard in Renney’s and even Jagr’s faces about what happened in that last minute. The fans deserve a goddman answer. And I’m sure Jr. Doltan will want one too. It’s gonna cost him another round of playoff$.

  60. Isbister cost us the game, the series and the season.

    Thanks Renney for putting this useless piece of shit on the ice.

  61. czechtemout – it’s just so freakin painful. Sure we can hope for the best but 7.7 seconds. Someone above has a sick sense of humor on how to torment people. I’m so sick to my stomach right now but I’ll be there Sunday cheering and hoping. But being a Ranger fan is very very tough right now.

  62. czechthemout!!!!! on

    it all goes back to not bringing along enough of your own talented kids like byers,dubinsky,and others.hopefullythey have now learned their lesson and will do things differently.

  63. You Ranger fans need to quit complaining about the refs and realize Jagr and company are a bunch of losers. You had more power play chances tonight than the Sabres including one BEFORE the Sabres in OT, your bums have scored 9 goals in the series, including 5 on the power play and any knowledgeable hockey fan would agree, 5 on 5 the Rangers can’t play with the Sabres. Your so called super-star Avery has never done anything in the past and would be playing in Rochester if he belonged to the Sabres. You cried when the refs didn’t count a goal in game 4 because of a kick in but you still won the game. I’m sure your players wouldn’t be blaming the refs just themselves.

  64. Damn. The Rangers looked like the Los Angeles Kings there. Tell Sean to stop channeling that energy.

  65. czechthemout!!!!! on


    this from a fan of a team whose whinng girl of a coach wrote a letter to the league complaining about the officiating after a disgrace in game 3?i have 6 words for you:GO F—K YOUR SELF,A-HOLE!!!!

  66. ronnyw9 – real classy. do you also step on injured dogs and laugh when you see them yelp. I’m not personally blaming anyone but whoever is choreographing (sp?) this stupid life. Life sucks right now and I don’t need you here to remind me of that. AND please follow czechthemout’s advice.

  67. what a bunch of losers and Hank, nice angle next time dive to take it away you idiot.


  68. onecupin67years on

    isbister was a schmuck for crashing the net however so slight,still an iffy call,but can’t the rangers Ever do Anything right?

  69. I can’t believe people are blaming Isbister. He did run into Miller, albeit with a little help, but Nylander may not have scored without that. And then we probably would have sat back and the game would have been tied earlier. To be honest, I don’t even remember the Betts penalty in OT even though I know I saw it. It still feels bad even though a couple months ago I thought the Rangers would make the playoffs and lose in the first round. Isn’t sports a bitch like that though; you keep wanting more! I’m looking forward to game 6 to see the Rangers win for possibly the last time this season, but anything can happen in a game 7. And here come the ESPN highlights now… :'(

  70. My head hurts. G’night fellow blueshirt fanatics. Hopefully things will look brighter tomorrow. Right now I can’t think aout hockey anymore. :-(

  71. this hurts ugly bag. but we will win another game at the garden on sunday. the rematch will come tuesday and then we will say how good them buffalo wings taste.

  72. Wow, that was a penalty on Betts? Unbelievable. I can’t believe Lundqvist let one through the five-hole. When was the last time that happened? I have to disagree with Melrose that the “Rangers played great in this game” and were “the best team in game 5.” They were the best team games 2-4 though.

  73. Very depressing, but the series is far from over. They should win game 6, and Rangers can take a Game 7. They can win in Buffalo.

    Melrose is still giving the series to the Rangers.

  74. Can anyone think of a worse – or I suppose more difficult – loss than this one? Buffalo was dead. now they’re going to win the series. That goal was it, right there. Drury’s, I mean.

  75. J(shit head)ROUNDT

    You are an idiot. The Rangers have put forth twice the effort as has your cocky, individual oriented “team”. If the Sabres are so good, as you and your fellow idiot fans contend, then why have the Rangers made this such a close series. Could it possibly be the arrogant and self centered play of those on your beloved squad. Team effort is what the Rangers have showed throughout the series. Sporadic individual effort is all I have seen from these Sabres.

  76. czechthemout!!!!! on


    f souray.i have had enough of that type of rebuilding.i wan’t staal in here instead of that useless piece of shit malik.as bad as he was in the regular season,his pathetic play gets even more magnified in the playoffs.did any one notice how he moved away from the boards in the first period just so that he would not get hit by a sabers forechecker?what a wuss coward he really is.i want every talented kid in the orginization to be given every chance no matter their age to be given the chance to make this team.that icludes some the kids we’ve already seen like dubi,and others who we have not seen yet like pyatt,sauer,staal,dupont,sags,potter,russell,hillier and others.


  78. czechthemout!!!!! on

    one more thing i want to say is that one thing we have all learned is that the king is a stanley cup quality goalie.

  79. incidentally, that puck deflected in off the skate of Raccoon, ever so slightly it changed direction.

  80. It absolutely baffles me how the BETTS line did not see the ice once after the Straka goal in regulation with 3:19 left in the game. Is he not our best defensive center on our best defensive line??? Were we not trying to hold onto a 1 goal lead?? The Avery line stayed on after the goal, then came the Nylander line, then the Cullen line, then back to the Avery line with 1:46 left and last but not least in the last minute of the game when you want to have your best defensive line out on the ice they put out our best offensive line. What the F*CK was Renney, Pelino, and Pearn thinking??? Putting a defensive line on the ice in the last minute of the game when you are trying to hold a lead is Hockey 101. I almost threw my remote right thru the TV when I saw that last minute debacle.

    And it’s amazing, I watched the Ranger postgame show on MSG and listened to the ESPN radio postgame show, and not one so called hockey expert brought up that point. Not one.

    Also, the PP is a joke. There was no passion on any of our PP opportunities. They got totally outworked on every chance they had. That’s unacceptable.

    Also, can the refs stop calling this Bullsh!t penalties on both teams. Let these guys decide it on the ice. I’m tired of the refs playing a part in just about every game played. They all suck.

    And one final note, Bettman is an a$$hole. Hockey on Versus sucks. I travel for work and haven’t seen one hotel room I stay in have Versus. Every single hotel has ESPN & ESPN2. This guy has been the commissioner for how long now??? Have we gained any new fans?? NO. Have the ticket prices been reduced anytime recently now that we have cost certainty?? NO — they have gone up in most arenas. The guy is an idiot and should be replaced ASAP.

    I’m so F*uckin fired up!!! OK, I’m done now. I apologize for the cursing, but I just need to get my points across.

    P.S. — I still think we have a chance to win this series. In fact, I’m very confident we will win game 6. This team has bounced back before & I believe they have it in them to do it again. OK, now I’m done.

  81. Well thats what Renney gets for putting that non defensive first line out there just so Jagr could get an Empty Netter.

  82. Glad to see the “classy” Sabre’s fans are back. I’ll bet they were screaming about the referee pretty loudly when Van Massenhoven called that hook on Drury 27 sec. into OT. Either way it’s over. We’ll find out what happens Sunday at MSG.

  83. czechthemout!!!!!

    The Yankees suck too. I’m sure your a fan of them. Ruff never sent any letter to anyone. Where do you get your info from the National Inquirer? Your team blew the game so face it. They lost the game, not the refs.

  84. I’m looking at the first 30 comments and you guys call yourselves ranger “fans”. C’mon boys buck up. This is as bad as it gets and I have a feeling we will come out and force a game 7 and we all know anything can happen in a game 7. I don’t mean to disparage any of you “fans” but have some faith. This will be a tough couple of days but we’ll go get em on Sunday. Go Rangers!!!!!!

  85. the fix is in on

    what is there to say. screwed by the refs again. guess they owe us one again.

  86. That last goal was not off Raccoon’s skate – it was Vanek, and it was on purpose. Needed one of those “distinct kicking motion” BS replays. Unfortunately it is allowed. As for the “softy” on Betts, you knew they were going to even it up with a BS call, we needed to score on the PP. Shanny was “bitching” about it in his post game comments. Played back the Nylander goal on the Tivo – Isbister did not touch Miller, and was out of the crease by the time the shot was taken. He was also nudged in there by a Sabre.

    Bottom line, we needed to get it done and should have. If we were smart, we’d tackle all the Sabres like Zubrus did in the corner to two players. Maybe you don’t panic and ice it. Maybe you don’t leave your 3 worst defensive forwards out there when trying to win. Maybe, maybe maybe.

    We can still win. We should win. We’ll see.

  87. phee – if we didn’t care so much it wouldn’t hurt so much. so even if it sounds like we’re quitting or need to be talked off a ledge that certainly does not mean we’re not fans. I can’t speak for others but I also don’t go from rooting like crazy for the Rangers 1 day and then one of the NY baseball teams the next. The Rangers are my passion in sports and it hurts real bad. I will go Sunday (czech I hang by the red line opposite where the Rangers come out for pregame right in back of those special little set of seats) and cheer and hope the team can heal a broken heart.

    Despite how I feel


  88. Reginald Dunlop on

    just call it evenly………if afinogenov’s body into lundqvist’s head earlier was not a penalty…….why was isbisters????????????? No consistency…….that is the biggest complaint…….puck propelled by glove into net is a goal…….puck ruled incorrectly propelled into net by skate NO Goal……….No consistency………

  89. In what universe is Isbister EVER on a first line?

    Renney world

    What a loser coach.

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