As long as they don’t start playing Cher…


Never underestimate the power of the 45-minute nap, if only for the fact that I now remember my name and why I’m in Buffalo.

What I still can’t grasp, however, is the perplexing choice of pre-game music streaming through the HSBC Arena sound system as I write this. Among the recent selections: ZZ Top, Alice Cooper, and then a string of fairly recognizable but horribly dated music from the 80s.

In fact, during the playing of the painful “Roseanna” by Toto (first prize to the reader that can name their other big hit), Colin Stephenson of the Star-Ledger to my right regrettably started singing, “Meet you all the way…”

And to think, I once had respect for the guy…

As for non-music related updates, nothing major to report. The plan for the Rangers is to go with the same lineup, while the Sabres were expecting both Paul Gaustad (ankle) and Maxim Afinogenov (indifferrent play) back in the lineup tonight. My guess is the 6-foot-4, 230-pound Gaustad will provide the Sabres an early boost. But the guy hasn’t played since Feb. 7, so you wonder when three months of inactivity might catch up with him..

Meanwhile, another obvious statement: if the Rangers win tonight, they win the series. Not necessarily in six. But in proving they can win in Buffalo, they would officially be in the Sabres’ heads.

Oh, and they’re still talking about the no-goal here.

Not that I blame them…

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  1. So what a luck you haven´t slept for an hour, you probably have forgot your name and the reason you are in Buffalo…:):)

    So how can you be so relaxed, you are killing me..

  2. I’m pumped for the game! The only thing bringing me down is this crappy version of Gamenight Buffalo has when they’re on MSG. Once again, I’m stuck with their broadcast. I think I’ll switch to Buffalo, though they pull for the Banana Slugs almost as much as the Buffalo broadcasters on MSG

  3. people wonder why general hockey fans haven’t jumped right away onto the Ranger bandwagon. well, it’s because they were the laughingstock of the league for 8 long years. they have to EARN it back first. if they beat the sabres, you will see more come on board, and then more and more as time goes by. but you don’t just erase 8 years of embarrassing disappointment in 2 weeks as far as non-Ranger fans or casual fans or media types are concerned.

  4. Oh man I am so nervous, this guy makes me crazy, talking about music instead of….

    That game is so important, this can be a start of an unbelievable run with a win tonight in Buffalo maybe winning the series, getting so much confidence, simply going on a run even beating the Devils in the conference finals and getting a shot on the…

    and the guy is talking about the pregame music, give me a break :):):):)

    Let the game begin now, I can´t wait any longer…

  5. Don Maloney just said he thought that 3/4 of the guys at Hartford would be playing in NYC in the next 2 years.

    oh really? with all these Rangers resigned already, where are you going to find 15 open spots? no way. maybe 5 by 2 years from now, but not 15.

  6. SHIT!!!!!!!!! I just got blacked out on Versus. I guess I’m stuck with the shitty Buffalo MSG broadcast. WTF???

  7. I am mentally preparing myself for a loss… but that just makes a win sooo much sweeter!

    Plus, I’ll be at the game Sunday… so a possible clinch game would be amazing.

  8. Shanahan doesn’t seem to be growing the playoff beard, just the Kornheiser-like facial hair. (I’m not sure what that set up is called.)

  9. Let them keep talking about the no-goal up there. Next thing they know, Game 5 will be over.

  10. RangerRick on

    Actually, Toto had one other hit, “Hold the Line,” which was on their debut album. Regardless of what you think Sam, the music you mentioned beats the hell out of the garbage that passes for music today.

  11. They’re talking about the no-goal. But are they talking about the punch-in goal? Or Racoon’s no-goal?

    No. Of course not.

    Not the brightest bunch up there in Buffalo, are they? :)

  12. I’m surprised they let Afinigenov play, he already has a bunch of turnovers. He’s Buffalo’s Malik!

  13. GuitarWizard on

    “I’m surprised they let Afinigenov play, he already has a bunch of turnovers. He’s Buffalo’s Malik!”

    Except they are at opposite ends of the “skating speed” scale.

  14. Malik was already bailed out by Henrik on the first shift, when he shied away from Zubrus in the corner and let him have the puck.

  15. 0-0….come on guys it is the third powerplay chance now…
    just put it in the net….!!!!

  16. No he isn’t. The play was at the front of the net and Malik shoved the guy. He happened to go down. Oh well. In my obviously unbiased opinion it was a good non call.

  17. same here…buffalo telecast…they black out a bunch of Ranger games this year for the Sabres…and I live about 6 hours from Buffalo and two from NYC…it amkes no sense that an MSG channel will show them…it’s like YES playing redsox games…

  18. I agree. I’m equidistant from the two up here in Potsdam. It’s about 6.5 hrs to both. Most people up here are Sens or Habs fans. They even blacked out Versus, which my brother said they didn’t do in Poughkeepsie.

  19. Can anybody tell me why the Sabres also play the canadian national anthem before the game? iI know you can literally spit into canada from buffalo, but what’s the deal with the anthem?

  20. Alex – it’s not like YES showing Red Sox games because there is an MSG in Buffalo and NYC that are somewhat seperate; one shows Sabres, one shows Rangers. YES shows Yankees, NESN shows Red Sox.

    I was just thinking about something – how many penalties has Girardi taken as a Ranger? I was thinking three; he has only 8 PIM, so four penalties. Good guy.

  21. Greg – we talked about this after the first game. They’re pretty much pandering to their large Canadien fanbase, which somebody said is about 30% of game attendence. And, they’re really close to Canada anyway.

  22. If the GODDAMN refs called all the punches and elbows to his face and slashes on him, Jagr wouldn’t have to go over and hit the guy.

  23. Brandon—thanks. makes sense, i guess, for the s sabres . a little annoying though, it delays the drop of the puck!!

  24. Yenner Mot on

    Jagr is an idiot and not a captain, as soon as he feels some pain he screws his team.

  25. craptain ego on

    he’s selfish, always has been. people want to pretend it ain’t so.

  26. Absolutely, positively the WORST period of hockey this team has played in the postseason. Lucky they’re still in the game. And Jagr’s penalty was unforgivable and could easily cost them the game. Better screw their heads back on and come out ready to go in the third. We’re looking at a 1-0 game here.

  27. That’s an unfortunate penalty, but I agree with it. Isbister will probably stay on the first line though because he played well there for a couple shifts.

  28. Holy s… Listen to those effing wannabe — pounding the glass like apes.

  29. Miller didn’t look like he was fazed by Isbister’s contact. Do most people here agree with the penalty? I thought Isbister was barely moving when contact was made, and his skates were in stopping position.

  30. All of the Buffalo announcers are bummed. This is great. Weird sound because it hit the camera

  31. Gooooooooooooooooooal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. no goalie interference, but definitley when there winger took out 2 players

  33. that a-hole Renney puts selfish jagr on the ice to try for open net glory, and instead they get scored on because of his selfishness, instead of having the defensive forwards on the ice.

  34. GuitarWizard on

    Why do they keep icing the puck on the empty net? Did they not get that message last game?

  35. onecupin67years on

    Typical rangers- blow the lead ,blow the game -reminds me of ’94 playoffs giving away games in the final seconds.

  36. dg – Jagr did a good job on the near boards, getting the puck out the time before Tyutin iced it. I can’t blame him for the icing, though, because they were really tired and scambling and had to get the puck out somehow.

  37. “that a-hole Renney puts selfish jagr on the ice to try for open net glory, and instead they get scored on because of his selfishness, instead of having the defensive forwards on the ice.”

    I doubt that’s what Renney was thinking.

  38. GuitarWizard on

    Girardi also got his stick held so he couldn’t get back to the net after getting knocked down.

  39. 7.7 seconds left, you kidding me, how is this possible ???
    That is the joke of the century…..

    Tell me how is this possible…kicking in the butt, man…

  40. That icing was bullshit btw. Sabres defenseman moved away from the puck as it was coming towards him.

  41. you DON’T put your offensive forwards on the ice in the last minute to protect a lead, you put your DEFENSIVE forwards on the ice. and BEFORE that icing and faceoff, Renney put useless jagr out there because jagr wanted an open net goal, that’s why.

  42. Drury… Drury! How do you not know he’s the guy who is going to beat you?!!??! I feel like I’ve just got punched in the gut.

  43. P.W.: This is kind of late but I was also thinking what Ortmeyer was doing with the porno facial.

  44. How can you put out the wrong guys for the most important shift of the game ???

    How can you do this in such an important game ????

    HOW CAN YOU DO THIS ??????

  45. Somehow I just felt this would be the game to go into overtime because Versus doesn’t have any other NHL game on afterwards.

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