Another dreaded 4 a.m. bell


You might say it’s unhealthy to travel on the day of games if it means working on only four hours of sleep.

But then, I’m not sure it’s healthy to spend any more time in Buffalo than is absolutely necessary.

(Sorry, Sully, too easy).

Anyway, none of this should have an effect on you since it’s probably not possible for me to be any less coherent than I already am. And thanks to the early flight, I should have no problem getting to the morning skate for both teams.

Meanwhile, a sign of things to come: sitting at the gate, a guy in a Buffalo Sabres hat points to his head with both hands and just nods. Call it a quiet confidence.

More later..

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  1. hockeymanrangers on

    Lets hope we can keep them quite tonight, by scoring the first goal and then running (ok skate) with the lead the rest of the game. Ok now double that and we got it made.
    We can do this nose to the gindstone no mistakes. Go Rangers

  2. Staal is the future on

    Hang in there buddy. And good job on the Rangers on Demand spot with Kenny Albert. LET’S GO RANGERS!!!!!

  3. Sam – you should have flew in yesterday. Your Buffalo fans were asking about you last night.

  4. You must be incoherent, “sitting AT AT the gate, a guy in a Buffalo Sabres hat points…” poor Sam.

  5. Is there any chance of tonight’s game being broadcast in HD?

    It makes SUCH a difference on versuss.

  6. Anthony, couldn’t agree more man…


    Sam, you’re a better man than i….as if i saw that man with the hat, i’d probably tell him where to stick it…


  7. How many teeth did the guy with the Sabre Hat have?

    Were his remaining teeth a bright yellow?

  8. hockeymanrangers on

    Speaking of ref’s, Can we get the ref’s on our side for a change???

  9. Blue Clue,

    If you live in the NYC area the game is on MSGHD if not sorry.


  10. SaratogaRanger/Forechecker on

    I feel for you, Sam. I’m making the round-trip from Albany and back tonight, just to catch the game. 7 hours of driving for 2.5 hours of hockey. No, I’m not obsessed!

  11. It’s actually been gloriously sunny with bright blue cloudless skies literally all week, with temps in the mid to high 60s.

    But we here in Buffalo know that you all have nuthin’, so you might as well make fun of our city. Our 30 minute commutes, our great restaurants, our friendly people, and our wonderful history and architecture can handle it.

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