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This review is obviously not courtesy of the Rangers’ PR department. But it’s worth sharing nonetheless.

Moving on, the following release *IS* courtesy of the Rangers PR department. Specifically it’s a viewing party at the Garden, where you can join fellow Rangers fans in your favorite Karel Rachunek jersey to watch Game 5:

The New York Rangers and MSG Media will team up with American Express to provide a unique viewing experience for Rangers fans at Madison Square Garden to cheer on the Blueshirts as they take on the Buffalo Sabres in Game Five of the Eastern Conference Semifinals. Join former NY Rangers Adam Graves, Rod Gilbert and Glenn Anderson for a night of fun with locker room tours, contests and special playoff prizes. The game will be telecast live on MSG and shown on Gardenvision in the Arena. Tickets are $10 and will be available beginning Wednesday, May 2 at 9:00 am via and at The Garden Box Office, American Express Card Holders can receive free admission via

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  1. What’s the line between being psyched to be in the garden for a crazy exciting game and not wanting to give the Dolans even more money that they don’t deserve?

    Jags knows this may be his last real chance at a cup.
    He is totally pumped and giving it everything he’s got.

    Shanny really came up huge last night.
    Granted, he is not near 100%, but I take his
    70% over many others 100% any day. He continues to
    come through in the clutch with great hockey instinct and his experience and leadership is invaluable in the playoffs.

    Shanny should be here to stay as long as he wants-

  3. Yeah, those of you that think Shanny needs to hang up the gloves after this season are nuts. He is absolutely an asset to the team. If he hadn’t gotten hurt this season, there is no doubt in my mind that he would have been the Ranger’s #1 goal scorer this season.

  4. Doodie Machetto on

    That replay says exactly what I’ve been saying. The puck probably crossed, but you can’t see it. Without seeing it, yuo can’t overturn.

  5. If Gardenvision wasn’t so old and was a bit clearer I might have come all of the way into the city for the viewing party. HDTV at home makes for a much more compelling argument for those not in NYC proper …

  6. fortunately for us in this case, you are not allowed to use deductive logic to score a goal .. you have to SEE it across the line! ;-p

  7. Doodie Machetto on

    I tried to post this on the other thread a few hours ago but was denied by the server. I’ll try and remember what I said:

    Anyone who thinks Callahan was good last night (especially the people that thought he was the best player): I disagree entirely. I thought it was his worst game as a Ranger. Now this doesn’t mean it was as bad as Malik’s worst game, or just an average game for Malik, but it was a bad game nonetheless. It’s OK, he was bound to have one eventually. Jagr was by far the best forward on the ice, for either team.

    The win last night makes me think of a Harvey Keitel quote from Pulp Fiction: “Let’s not start sucking each others d*cks quite yet, gentlemen.” Buffalo was the best team in the regular season for a reason.

    I hope the Rangers can win in six. If they can’t, I want them to lose Friday. This is for two and half reasons:

    1) Buffalo probably won’t lose 4 games in a row. The Rangers will prbably drop one game

    1.5) Buffalo probably won’t lose two games at home. If the Rangers have to lose at Buffalo, I’m hoping for Game 5, instead of Game 7.

    2) If the Rangers lose a game, the best game for them to lose would be game 5. They play better with their backs against the wall. Also, winning three in a row and going up 3-2 might make them complacent.

    I want them to win in six, but if it takes 7 games, I want game 5 to be the one they lose.

    Sam, in your last post, I thought you had made an error, but upon reconsideration, I decided you did not. You referred to Jagr as “the Captain” with a Capital C. I thought to myself, what about Messier? But then I realized that you were referring to a proper name with their title, like the President(if you’re referring to a specific president). The way you distinguish Messier is that he gets a capital T too, as in “The Captain.”

  8. Is it probable that the puck went over the line? Yes.

    Can you DEFINITIVELY tell? No.

    Hence, the ruling on the ice stands because there is not conclusive evidence to overturn.

    Literally as close as you can get. It’s really amazing.

  9. Would a video from in fromt show conclusive evidence?
    Hank’s pad on that angle kind of obscures the entire goal line when the puck is kept “out.”

  10. Doodie Machetto on

    I think it could. If you can see from the front, I think that you can see the white in between the puck and the red line, as Hank’s pad would be behind them both.

  11. Doodie Machetto on

    Usually that angle comes if it is on the near side because that’s where the camera is more likely to catch it. Still, I’m surprised that there wasn’t a camera that caught that.

  12. DanTheRangerFan on

    This is old news look on the goal has been investigated by numerous sources and found not to have gone in. It’s a good read…any way where the hell has the prucha we once loved been?

  13. sully goal?…remember? …partial repost

    Hey Sam – a few notes from Buffalo…

    Penalties are penalties. You said last week you cannot stand people who try to blame the refs, take your own advise. Trust me, no one outside of Buffalo wants the Sabres to win, so let’s not pretend there is a referee conspiracy. I agree they are calling some very borderline infractions, but it’s up to the players to adapt to what the refs are calling.

    ….. They outworked the Sabres for most of the game – and were clearly the better team yesterday. This Sabres fan is kind of happy we have another Friday night game at the HSBC anyways (and no we are not over looking anything so save your breath).

    Even though you won – …..out from Buffalo.

    ….. …you can say goal all you want but can you prove it conclusively ? Get a lawyer but it still will be a loss, and get ready for Friday, now it’s a dogfight.

  14. Doodie

    I think the best thing to hope for is the Rangers to win game 5 no matter what.
    Your preferences can only be made in hindsight.
    Right now, we need to keep on winning and not have our backs against the wall.

    A win in Buffalo at any time would be huge for us. Game 6 at the Garden up 3-2 would be the BEST scenario.

  15. GuitarWizard on

    Goal? Yes.
    Proof? No.

    People who takes pictures of their TV and post it on YouTube piss me off.

  16. Doodie Machetto on

    I don’t know.. They’re due for a loss at home, and they would be due for a loss in the series(having won three in a row) and complacency is something that creeps in on this team from time to time.

  17. Doodie Machetto on

    I mean, don’t get me wrong, I hope they win in 6. But if they lose a game, I want it to be game 5.

  18. Doodie Machetto on


    I posted this last night after the game. It’s about my experience with one of your bretheren. Maybe you can explain the weird noises. If nothing else, maybe you can get a good laugh.

    On the non serious note, I listened to the first two periods on the radio, but then headed down to a watering hole to watch the third. It was kinda quiet, and most people were watching the Mets lose. But there was one guy there from Buffalo. He kept making all of these weird sounds like a male actor in a bad porno who is about to climax. And he wouldn’t even do it when something was happening! Buffalo would cross over the blue line and there’s the “WEEEEEEEEOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!� If anyone has ever seend Kung Pow: Enter the Fist, think of the girl. That’s the kind of noise we’re talking here.

    Shanahan scored the 2nd goal and I jumped out of my seat and celebrated, making sure to rub it in. Boy, did I feel dumb 30 seconds later. Of course, he thought it was a goal, and talked about how Buffalo was robbed. But here’s the rub: he thinks Buffalo has been getting the short end of the stick when it comes to officiating! HOW COULD ANYONE THINK THAT?! I took solace in the fact that the girl he was with looked totally uninterested in the game, and in him. In fact, she looked weirded out at his soundboard performance. So when he is hugging his BuffaSlug pillow later, crying about both team and girl, I’ll be smiling with my girlfriend wearing my Rangers jersey while we sleep.

  19. “1.5) Buffalo probably won’t lose two games at home. If the Rangers have to lose at Buffalo, I’m hoping for Game 5, instead of Game 7.”

    Going out on a real limb there, eh Doodie? I don’t want us losing Game 7 either. Because then we’d, um, lose the series.

    If the ‘goal’ was as obvious as everyone is making it out to be, Briere would have had his sticked raised in celebration the second it happened. Hockey players instinctively do this whenever the puck goes anywhere near the goaline. He didn’t, nor did any of the other Sabres until well after the whistle had blown.

  20. At game 3 on Sunday in the Garden, there were these 2 Buffalo fans both wearing Afinogenov jerseys( no idea why), and one wearing a set of yellow Viking Horns. These guys had some nerve and balls to boot.
    As they walked through the concession area between periods, Rangers up 1-0 after 2, they loudly yelled,”Let’s go Buffalo” and “Rangers Suck.”

    In response, the many (drunk) fans were shoving them, throwing popcorn, beer, and anything they could grab, at them. One guy actually had a great line and yelled, “Nappy headed Buffalos.” They went nose to nose with some of the biggest and toughest fans.
    Eventually, the scuffle was broken up resulting in them being all doused and stained.

    These Buffalo fans have no respect and lack any class. If I were to be in Buffalo for a game, yes I would wear my WolfPack or Rangers Jersey. But there is a way to carry yourself with respect when in someone else’s home.

  21. Doodie Machetto on

    “Going out on a real limb there, eh Doodie? I don’t want us losing Game 7 either. Because then we’d, um, lose the series.”

    It’s called tongue-in-cheek Adam.

    BlueClue, I hate to say it, but I think most Ranger fans would have done the same thing if they were in Buffalo.

  22. New Newman on

    Posted this on the last blog…then found out there was a new blog:

    On the Shanny thing….I think he is not throwing the body around so much because he is much more valuable creating plays, making smart defensive plays, and moving the puck. Yes he could throw more body checks, but remember he just had a concussion and I don’t think needs to hit people as much to make an impact nor is it the best use of him. So my guess is he is playing smart and not throwing his body into situations because his energy is better spent elsewhere. The guy has a bunch of goals this postseason. I love him and Straka as a PK unit. Shanny has been invaluable.

    Doodie…I agree that unlikely that the Rangers will win 4 in a row. But I said to my brother before we went to game 3 of the Thrasher series, “You know the odds are against the Rangers winning tonight.” We know how that one turned out!

    So I say, win whatever game they can henceforth. All the mental masturbation that goes on in this blog is a bit funny….Who gives a S…LGR…win 2 of the next 3.

  23. Doodie

    You had to see these guys in action.
    They were lucky to escape with no broken bones. Seriously-

    I have been to games in Philly in full Blue and have gotten in to many altercations, some physical. But these guys were asking for it.

    I never said they weren’t true fans. They just lacked class in the way they went about it.
    Would you paint yourself blue or wear a costume in someone else’s rink? (Aside from Isles or Devils Ice)

  24. Rob S.

    Back to last post, you said that this break is a 2 day break, not 3.

    How is Tuesday night to Friday night not 3 days?

  25. Because you play on the third day, Blue. Pitchers in a 5-day rotation gets four days between starts, not five.

  26. Doodie Machetto on


    In the playoffs, absolutely. It wouldn’t be smart, by me or others, but you HAVE to.

    Newman, this was the first time Buffalo lost two games in a row in over two months. Four games in a row? I’m not sure they did that all season.

  27. the Sabres fans are just bitter that the NHL finally decided to use their rulebook to decide a review of their goals/no goals. look at this way, it MIGHT have gone in. It might not have gone in. Even though it might have went in you cant see it so you cant overturn it.

  28. the chip fans that were at the garden Sunday were diehards and stupid. I’ve been to philly in the old days 10 rows from the ice and once right between the penalty boxes. Unless you want to get in a fight, you cheer your team but don’t cross over the line.Some of those chip fans had the nerve to march around before the game like it was a parade, that’s begging for trouble.

  29. Still…If you want to be technical about it, fine.

    But my point is that there is almost 3 full days, 72 hours, between opening face-offs.

  30. Doodie Machetto on

    bklynblue, I’ve been to international soccer games (infinitely more likely conflict than a hockey game) between political rivals, dressed in full garb of my country, and we paraded around like it was our place.

    What actually happens to those rabid supporters is more a reflection of the home fans. Only animals would resort to violence. You can’t take someone rooting for their team in your stadium? cry about it. You don’t go to violence. It’s freedom of speech and association. Welcome to America.

  31. There s a huge difference between rooting for your team and making a mockery of the fans in their own stadium. If you act like a complete idiot, you get a beating

  32. Im not bitter. The Sabres played like crap yesterday, except the final 7 minutes. I think common sense says the goal went in – but from the above goal camera, Lundqvist’s pad covers the puck at the very last moment. So it was inconclusive by NHL rule. It’s the Sabres fault for only scoring one goal. But I do believe, if there were better camera angles (or better cameras) it probably would have counted. The punch goal and the kick were questionable too – so I don’t have much stand on here.

    We’ll see if the Sabres decide to show up on Friday….

  33. Sully, why is it that the Sabres played like crap and not that the Rangers played well?

    Rangers shut Buffalo down, Lundqvist was his brilliant self and that’s all she wrote.

  34. You wanna use deductive logic that it was actually a goal? I’ll use deductive logic that the Rangers would have won it in OT anyway.

    I win.

  35. sully blue clue has a good point. the defensive game is shutting down your offensive game.Ruff is being outcoached and the NYR have veteran leadership with experience. some who are scoring, that you guys don’t really have.

  36. Clive Diggs on

    I think it’s hard to compare the disallowed Rachunek video review with the one from last night. Rachunek’s goal was disallowed because of a bad judgment based on what they saw IMO. Last night’s goal did not count because the limitations in the video tech couldn’t let them see the full sequence of events in the first place.

    If I were a Buffalo fan, I’d be angry about the review last night too, but realizing that we got some good breaks to this point – like Ruff said.

    Anyway, at least people can stop suspecting that the NHL is favoring the Rangers or the Sabres in this series. But if they are…please let it be the Rangers!

  37. truth police on

    Ruff made the mistake of playing 4 lines. when he shortened the bench and went to just 3 lines in the second half of the 3rd period, the Sabres were much more effective and got their offense in gear.

    there is too much belief in the Sabre forwards depth that is just not valid. they are small and cutesy with the puck. that does not win in the playoffs. grit and winning battles for the puck and hustle, muscle and desire are what win in the playoffs.

  38. Im sure the Rangers are playing a major part in the Sabres not playing well. But it also seems that there are lot of guys taking a vacation – none as much as Afinogenov who is actually in the press box.

    The bottom line is that the regular season or even the Presidents Cup don’t mean much right now. It’s a 3 game series – the Rangers have the momentum, the Sabres have home ice. We’ll see Friday.

  39. the sabres will have Paul Gaustad back for game 5. he has been out for months with a severed ankle tendon. that may give them a little more grit, if he is not too rusty. but they will not beat the Rangers unless they get a way better effort from flops like A-finicky-gonad

  40. sully you’ve somewhat seen the light. But’s it’s your man Ruff who’s not getting it done. His players don’t have a good game plan, they just want to go go go, and be fancy at it.Then he talks about ugly goals. Maybe he should get permission from his allies in the NHL to project his picture in the net behind Lundie;)…. don’t forget your hat with horns at the cleaners.Too bad the chips thought winning 2 games would get them to the next round automatically. So now your counting on home ice,at least you know they would absolutely lose if NY had it.

  41. The whole “Buffalo didn’t show up until the last 7 minutes of the game” is not entirely accurate.

    Its true, the Sabes were crashing more, and they were taking more chances, but the Rangers were playing back on their heels.

    The point that no one seems to want to concede is that the Rangers did most of it themselves more than Buffalo was taking it to them.

    Sure, the Sabres had most of the puck posession (and only 3 shots in that time frame), but that was because the Rangers weren’t challenging them at all.

    And, either way, you can’t have people playing that kind of hockey the whole game because it is bound to turn into odd man rushes going the other way.

    Either way, Buffalo still holds the advantage with potentially two games in their barn and only one in ours.

    The Rangers NEED to score first on Friday and not quit after that. Take the crowd out and make the Sabes play nervous. Also, take the body a bunch, it is obvious that the Sabes don’t like getting hit, I see them move away from hits instead of taking the hit and making a play. This was super obvious in game 3.

  42. ORR kicks Ying Yang on

    Hey the Sabre fans are so used to saying “No Goal” im sure they’ll learn to live with those 2 words another time…

  43. orr no win for them for 2 more games in this series would sound alot better.

  44. i hated this stupid conspiracy chat of guys like balej20 at hfboards, good that there is call on our side. a very tough call, in my opinion it was a goal, yeah you never see the puck behind the net, but the puck is under the pad and the part of the pad, which covers the puck is behind the net!
    who cares, friday is an important!

  45. What’s with this suddenly cordial tone between Sully and Rangers fans? Have you all gone soft?

    Actually, it’s somewhat refreshing. Anyway, I’m not sure if this merits it’s own post, but here’s the latest from master dealmaker Glen Sather:


    New York, May 2, 2007 — New York Rangers President and General Manager Glen Sather announced today that the club has signed free agent defenseman Michael Busto.

    Busto, 20, skated in 70 games with the Kootenay Ice of the Western Hockey League (WHL) this season, registering 20 goals and 43 assists for 63 points, along with 79 penalty minutes and a plus-21 rating. The First Team WHL All-Star led the Kootenay defensive corps in goals (20), assists (43) and points (63), while his 63 points ranked third among all WHL defensemen. In the postseason, he collected three points (one goal and two assists) and nine penalty minutes in six games with the Ice.

    The 6-2, 210-pound defenseman has skated in 331 career WHL games with the Kootenay Ice, Swift Current Broncos and Moose Jaw Warriors, recording 41 goals and 100 assists for 141 points, along with 371 penalty minutes. Last season, Busto registered 43 points (eight goals and 35 assists) in 69 games and ranked 12th among all WHL players with a plus-24 rating. His 43 points ranked 11th among league defensemen. In addition, the native of Burnaby, British Columbia tied for third on his team with four assists in four postseason games in 2006.

  46. Sammy, do us all a favor. Tomorrow when you talk to the boys tell them of PTI and Mike & the Mad Dog who are Guaranteeing that the Rangers lose Game 5 & 6/7. Make sure they know that the media is already counting them out, just to fuel them a bit :).

  47. About Busto…

    That’s a guy I was thinking that they might sign. He reminds people of Girardi in that he’s a smart player who seems to be always in position a lot.

    Smart move, as the guy looks like he has some decent potential.

    One of the better undrafted kids out there, IMHO.

  48. LOL@ whatever the likes of Chris Russo and his fat side kick think about this series.

    I’m planning to go down to the Garden Friday at least to check it out before going to a nearby sports bar for the game. Anyone else planning on going?

  49. That stuff that Mike and the Mad Dog were spewing was utter crap, Anthony. I can’t believe what I heard.

    Though, I guess I should’ve believed it coming from those two idiots…

  50. Anthony – While I usually like PTI, I thought they were tools in this case. One of them, I belive TK, mentioned that the Sabres were 4-0 in prior reviews, but Wilbon was shouting conspiracy, claiming he was only half-joking, but hoping the Sabres will close it out just because they got shafted in Game 4. He wasn’t saying the Rangers would lose, I don’t think. As for Mike & The Dog, that’s something I would expect from them; no knowledge sometimes. To Around The Horn’s credit, three of the writers mentioned that Sabres had been running well with the goal reviews, so this one can’t be seen as an outrage, even though those aside from Cowlishaw (the hockey knowledge) “sold” the review as no goal.

    In my opinion, after getting to “review” the goal myself with some online videos, I now do not think the puck crossed the line with the way it came out of the net. It must have hit Henrik’s pad after that frame where it is almost in (rather than going underneath) and then rolled halfway up to where it shot out of the crease. It still had so much momentum, so I don’t think it was ever momentarily stuck underneath, across the line.

  51. I posted this during the game last night, but didn’t get any responses and want to know what others think –

    Ah, seeing Valiquette mic’d up made me remember something I was thinking earlier. With the reports of Montoya’s soft play and Weekes most likely gone as a FA, is it possible that we could be stuck with Valiquette as a backup next season? If Lundqvist plays close to as many games as Brodeur, as it looks like he could, Valiquette is probably equal to Clemmensen. I doubt this will happen because the Rangers could probably persuade some old dude to play as a backup for a year or two. Any thoughts from the other fans here? Valiquette as backup bad or good? Chances of it happening?

  52. I have no faith in Valiquette.

    I think Montoya could use another year in the AHL, so they’re going to have to find a respectable backup goalie.

  53. a casual observer on

    If you close your eyes Mike Fransesca sounds just like Rosie Odonnel

  54. billybleedsblue on

    listening to mike and the mad dog for hockey talk is like going to a whore house for spiritual advice. shame on you for not knowing better or for even listening to those bucketheads for that matter.

  55. Forget dropping Game 5; we need to step on their throats and play like its game 7. Can’t afford to let momentum shift. Slugs have lost confidence in their game – I think Lindy has as well. They are taking chances at the blueline instead of the generating offense off the rush which they did all year(see all the odd man rushes rangers were getting in periods 1 & 2). Also, regarding coverage of the game on our local radio and TV, could it be any weaker. This is the northeast for pete’s sake. Can’t we do better that fatso and dog on the drive home.

  56. Even if it did cross the line (no convincing evidence, though) the puck would have had to touch the ice past the goal line to be a goal. That has yet to be mentioned in any highlight, analyst conversation, etc.

  57. Anyone want to hear something interesting? The Ref was making Lundqvist move his water bottles toward the back of the net during a TV timeout. Sure enough, it ended up in review

  58. Matt, The puck has to break the plain. If your goalie makes a save and his glove breaks the plain, it is a goal. It is much like football. Ball crosses plain, its a touchdown

  59. czechthemout!!!!! on

    this is to our “fellow rangers fan”. tirf(total idiotic retarded fag)up yours!!!!!and your whiny “classy”coach,
    lindy fluff.

    up yours and your classy buffulo sabers orginization!!!

  60. Doodie Machetto on

    I think Montoya should be dealt. If it means he has to play backup for a year so he can see some NHL puck, then I’m for him being backup. The longer we wait, the lower his value is. With how little depth there is in this summer’s goaltending market, and with how many teams are looking for a franchise goalie, we could really cash in. It wouldn’t even be like we saw a problem with him, it would be that we already had a franchise keeper, two vezina nominations in two seasons.

  61. Does anyone else get reminded of Sean Avery when you see Chris Richardson from American Idol. I just realized they look alike.

  62. czechthemout!!!!! on

    can we please stop with the goal or no goal thing already.the is ZERO EVIDENCE that the puck went in.the puck hit the kings pad as the top of his pad is tilting towards the ice.that is why you can’t see the puck as it is bouncing off of his can have a thousand different angles on it but one thing you can’t deny is that the puck did not completely cross the goal closed end of story.

  63. Matt – not true if it hits the inside pipe at back and bounces out without hitting the ice it’s a goal. If goalie has it in his person or glove past the line and it does not hit the ice it’s a goal

  64. Silly Question, but . . .

    I’m going to Game 6, my first ever hockey game! (I’m a huge Rangers fan but I live in Brazil).

    Anywho … is it really cold inside MSG or will I be alright wearing an undershirt and a long-sleeve shirt?

    Thanks guys . . . and Let’s Go Rangers, end this BS in 6 boys.

  65. SillyMan – a long-sleeved shirt should work out fine. I’ve been alright with short sleeves, but I like cold weather. I’m always comfortable with long sleeves, too.

  66. Brandon . . . thanks,

    Also, does anyone know a good place to grab a quick bite to eat and perhaps shoot a game of pool (I’ll have a chick with me) before game starts?

  67. Mike and the Mad Dog are Islander fans. They had Ted Nolan on umpteen times and treat the guy like he’s Scotty Bowman. for those two to start counting the Rangers out can only mean good things, especially since neither of them know anything about hockey. Besides, they were too busy dissecting the Yankees firing their strength coach and his resume to care about hockey.

  68. I was sweating balls during game 4, so it does get hot in there. Plus 18200 people cheering through the whole game also adds to the heat. It was nice and cool when I walked into the arena and then hot as ass when the game started.

    So don’t overdress, I’ll warn you now.

  69. Yenner – I think you are the epitome of complaining for the sake of complaining, in response to your in-game post last night, and just about all of your other posts.

  70. Montoya needs more pucks thrown at him, he doesn’t need to sit on the bench and watch Lunqvist play. It would be absolutely dumb to bury him behind #30 and ruin his path to become a number one goalie in the NHL.

    That being said, it is pretty obvious that Montoya is going to be dealt. Give him a full year without injury to show what he has got, and then sell him at his highest value.

    This isn’t a Beezer vs. Richter kinda thing, Montoya has great promise, but Lundqvist has been a Vezina finalist both of his first two years and he loves being in New York and he’s only 24. I just hope for Montoya’s sake he doesn’t become a Jason LaBarbara… full of promise but stuck in the AHL.

  71. I woant Montoya to be the backup, he should be good enough for 15-20 games. If not then trade him, and sign a competent backup.

  72. ORR kicks Ying Yang on

    Yenner Mots a loser who has no life so he bashes NYR….hes clearly not a fan cause after every win even through a shut out win he bashes them….Hes an isles fan or maybe some other team….Dont even talk to the loser cause your wasting your time…

  73. local is a great bar/restaurant right next to the garden…no pool tables though

  74. Amsterdam Billiards on the Upper West Side…I believe around 78th and Amsterdam.

    Great place to shoot some pool, grab a drink and some grub…quick ride on 1,9, A ,C Subways to The Garden-

  75. Backwards Renney…

    Montoya needs to learn consistency. That’s not something you’re going to get riding the pine 75 games a season. Let him dominate the AHL in a year without injuries… Then we can talk about dealing him for actual value.

  76. Oh-

    I think Amsterdam Billiards closed down and they’re building a highrise in its place.
    Here is another good joint only 10 blocks from MSG-

    Slate Restaurant Bar & Billiards
    Neighborhood: Manhattan/Grammercy-Flatiron
    54 W 21st Street
    New York, NY 10010

  77. DanTheRangerFan on

    Montoya is not Nhl ready, and if you think he is you have not followed his playing very close…we went down this road before with blackburn and where is he. In a texas motel room playing slappy hands with a hooker/ all because he was put into a situation he wadent ready for that resulted in injury….

  78. Mike and Mad Dog are rubbish.
    Didn’t mike ask milbury a few years ago in playoffs if his team was leaning on captain Peca for playoff push…Milbury responded “Umm maybe from stands as he has been out all year”

  79. ORR kicks Ying Yang on


    Who cares about Colton Orr…..Fact is im a die hard NYR fan and thats all that matters…Your just a pathetic peice of shit that roots for a team that you truly dont like…..Go jump on a bandwagon…cause you’ll never be satisifed with NYR……


    I heard NYI trid offering Ryan Smyth and 8 year deal….Is there any truth to that or just BS

  80. I remember those 2 fools (M & M Dog) riding in the Ranger parade in 94′ in some convertible. If and when we do it again and they’re still on the air they’ll be there again.

    Re the Garden – it could be cool early before people get there. The nearer you are to the ice the cooler it is. You can always have a long sleeve shirt over another and if it gets warm take off the long sleeve. BTW – if you get there early (1 hr before gametime) you can watch them warm up and they let you go all the way down to watch it.

  81. Mke and Mad Dog are salesmen. Thats all plain and simple. They hype whoever needs the airtime.

  82. sillyman just go to MSG early & eat in the PLAY BY PLAY, I think there’s a pool table in there. Dress warm, you can take a sweatshirt off when it heats up.

  83. yenner you know stupid, you see him in the mirror whenever you get brave enough to look. Montoya is NOT NHL ready.He’s not mentally tough enough. Maybe you’re a distant relative of his.

  84. Fatso & Fruitloops aka Abbot & Costello aka Mike & Crap Dog are hacks. Why do they even bring up hockey, because they are going to make themselves look like idiots anyway.

  85. The rangers have played well on the road since the last two months. Actually the rangers should have won game two, buffalo’s goalie played very well in that game and the rangers out played buffalo until Malik made his famous blind pass in to the slot to a buffalo player and buffalo scored, that turned the whole game around in the third period. I think game 5 will be close again but the rangers cannot make stupid mistakes like the one Malik made if they want to have a chance to win game 5.

  86. Okay, I think I’ve placed where the puck actually is when everyone thinks it disappears. I bet if we had HD cams it would be easier to see:

    Frame 2 seems to correspond with this image:

    The puck goes vertical for that split second so thats why its hard to see. Theres no way for the puck to go behind the line and then go to where it is in Frame 3 based on the speed it was going. The puck already has contacted the hook of the pad in Frame 1, and it bounces off the main part of the pad in Frame 2.

  87. Scott O.–“HDTV at home makes for a much more compelling argument for those not in NYC proper”

    game in buffalo won’t be in HD as far as i know…games 1 and 2 in buffalo were not.

  88. So funny how this debate about the replay goal continues. At this point, who gives a rat’s ass? It’s over and done. Ruled a goal. NYR win! Look forward to Game 5. Enough already.

    Fat Man and Big Mouth on WFAN know less about hockey than my mom does. They should just stick to what they do best, being obnoxious about baseball and football. Is it me or does it seem like Fat Man probably never played a sport in his life? He was probably the statistician or water boy for the football team and baseball team in high school.

    Regarding PTI and ESPN, aside from Buccigross and Melrose, I think ESPN has it out for the NHL until they sign a TV deal with them and chuck Versus. It is classic that PTI (I like that show btw, generally) talks about hockey for 1 second maybe every 10th show. Even Jeremy Roenick when he was on there about 3 wks ago was giving them major crap because they allotted him the 5 min segment. But to hear Wilbon and Korny opine on the replay goal yesterday without even talking about the other 2 replay goals in this series or the replay goal in the Atlanta series is just myopic. I find that when these guys go out of their area of expertise, they just end up sounding like dopes. Like how come they couldn’t have had a segment on Monday’s show talking about the fantastic excitement of game 3? That would have done the NHL justice. Instead they just focus on the negative aspects of it all. I think it is because it was on NBC. Seriously.

    Anyway, LET’S GO RANGERS!

  89. I think there is no High Def in games at Buffalo becaue they shoot the game with Flinstones Cameras….Haven’t quite caught up yet with latest technology-

  90. Sillyman,

    I had never been to MSG; only the Nassau Coll, until a friend said (this is years and years ago)….you have never seen a game until you see it at the Garden. You will see that there is a class of fans VERY different.

    Sure enough…people dress nicer, act more appropriately, don’t throw beer on each other, you can bring kids (except for that one bad-penalty call chant) and have cleaner bathrooms.

    After my first trip to the Garden (it was nice getting dressed up a bit) I’ve never been back to the Nassau Coll. What a dump compared to the Garden.

    No wonder Lundqvst was bothered by the trashy “ice-girls”. The Islanders have become, sadly, a walking talking gimmic of white trash.

    The Meadowlands may be a wasteland of empty seats (except when they play the Rangers!) and the Nassau Veterans Memorial Collesium a dirty toilet, but the Garden…

    well, let’s just say it is a historic site that has retained class and dignity through the decades.

  91. Doodie Machetto on

    Re: Montoya

    The guy has no future in NY, barring Lundqvist doesn’t pull a Blackburn. That said, the older he gets, the lower his trade value is. However, his trade value is going to be very low until he sees some action at the NHL level. One season as back up, 15-20 games. Trade him after the season, or possibly at the deadline. Playing in the AHL doesn’t help us get him traded for anything good. Two examples of this, both from the Sharks:

    Miika Kipprusoff played two seasons as backup and got them a 2nd round pick.

    Nolan Schaefer played 7 games in the NHL and only got them a 7th round pick. Mark my words, he’s going to replace Fleury in Pittsburgh next season in the middle of the season, just like Henrik replaced Weekes in the middle of last year. But because he hasn’t been tested enough at the NHL level, teams are too cautious to offer more.

    Bottom line: Montoya needs to be an NHL backup sooner rather than later.

  92. Crazy as it may seem, any chance we sign Weekes for another year as backup?

  93. I agree with Doodie on Montoya. His value is minimal until he proves he can play at the NHL level. Kiprusoff is the perfect example.

    Figure Henrik is good for 65 starts next year, which gives Montoya 17. Let Montoya get his starts in, then unload him for a young quality forward.

    Here’s another thought: perhaps we don’t trade Montoya at all? Just keep him and let him serve as Henrik’s backup for as long as possible. It’s a good insurance policy in case Henrik ever gets hurt. Plenty of teams have 2 quality goalies. Nothing wrong with keeping him until he hits UFA status, then unload him the year before. If we trade Montoya and Henrik gets hurt, we have nothing.

    None of that matters right now. All that matters now is stealing a game in Buffalo so we can clinch at MSG on Sunday.


  94. Newman – you meant to say ruled a no goal. I have to admit the Sabres are handling this better than our neighbors to the east did. But that has no bearing on moving forward. Let’s win game 5 boys.

  95. Yenner Mot on

    ORR kicks Ying Yang, you wouldn’t know yin from yang, you can’t even spell yin, and you don’t know the first thing about me. You are just a moron, Too bad yor parents were dumb enough to not use a condom, apes like you are trash that overpopulates this planet.

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