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Jaromir Jagr couldn’t help tweaking Henrik Lundqvist as he walked past the goalie after the game.

This, of course, was after Lundqvist was brilliant for 29 saves last night, but also after he flirted with disaster when he ventured behind the net late.

“I thought Henrik was still behind the net, but no, he’s over there,” Jagr said with a laugh while pointing the goalie in the corner.

“I made a great pass,” `Lundqvist pleaded.

“Yeah, but it was to Chris Drury,” Jagr said. “Maybe next year. But don’t pass to him yet.”

Comical stuff.

Anyway, here’s the latest podcast after Game 4, in which Josh and I expound on the meaning of life, and Bill McCreary’s mustache.


OK, more tomorrow….

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  1. The funniest thing about that little exchange is that even Jagr points out that the Rangers will be going after Drury and hope he signs here next year. Right now I hope we beat him good, but then I hope he’s in Ranger blue next year.

    The funniest part of tonight was me driving up 8th avenue with my son after leaving the game across from the Garden, stopped in traffic right next to Ryan Hollweg who was standing there in the rain wearing a suit and presumably trying to get a cab. So I opened the window and told him we missed him out there but great job, and we exchanged fist bumps or whatever those are called. And then I actually asked him if he needed a ride somewhere. “I’m good, thanks.” I tell my wife the story and she’s laughing at me “Why on earth would he get into the car with YOU, a total stranger.” Maybe its only funny to me….

  2. “The funniest thing about that little exchange is that even Jagr points out that the Rangers will be going after Drury and hope he signs here next year.”

    more like scary I hope he was just being sarcastic.

    Say no to Drury and Briere.

  3. Ryan Hollweg on

    that’s not even true, man. I was driving my beemer out to some clubs to show ’em my boss dance moves. Me? standing in the rain? not even dancing?

    some fantasy life, dude.

  4. Heres a beauty from the AP story on the game:

    “I believe I’ve seen a replay where it’s in,” said Sabres coach Lindy Ruff, sounding just like New York Islanders coach Ted Nolan in the first round. “We’ve had some good reviews.”

  5. Holy poop!!@#!@! Is that Yenner being positive about the Rangers?! *Gasp* I didn’t think it was possible!

  6. Sam… congrats on having your article make the League’s daily press email yesterday!

  7. a big part of winning is good luck. both goalies had a problem with going behind their net. Luckily the NYR were able to laugh it off, breaking Henrik’s chops, but hopefully he learns from it. That’s usually a tough play for goalies and many times they get burnt. The NYR need to work on holding a lead, and not giving up goals right after they score. They need to bury teams not give them life.Now this is a good series, but they really need to keep this roll going and win on Friday, a bigger game.

  8. According to yahoo we have called up Dubi, Immo, Moore, Byers, Liffiton, Dawes, Pikkarainen, Bourret and Jessie-man.

    Are we allowed so many call-ups now that Hartford are out of it? Or is it just that only 2 can play?

  9. a casual observer on

    Did you notice the officiating was a little better tonight? That’s cause Gary Bettman was in the crowd and they didn’t want him to get his ass beat! Go Rangers!

  10. One other thing I’d like to mention, and if someone else said this already, sorry for being repetitive. Isbister has been a nice addition to the lineup and should stay at LW on the 4th line for the rest of the playoffs. He’s thrown some good hits, forced some turnovers, and has even created the occasional scoring opportunity. Hollweg and Orr should be mainstays in the press box, barring an injury.


  11. Agree on Isbister, good addition
    So so so so proud of NYR

    Sabres head back to HSBC with an *identity crisis* on their hands!
    What will they do?:
    -revert to their old forecheck/system
    -remain with what they were doing last night
    -something completely different

    Our weakness has become our strength. A win at HSBC friday and MSG *explodes* sunday


  12. Doodie Machetto on

    “Maybe next year.”

    ::crosses fingers::

    Either him, Scott Gomez, or Vinny L (not happening, but our offense would be UNSTOPPABLE).

  13. Like the Hockey Maven said last night on the post game: Rangers are gonna win this series, even if it goes seven, it won’t matter since as he put it, you could play that game 7 in the Arctic Circle for all the Rangers would care, and they’d still win it. GO RANGERS !!!

    BTW, Cullen’s Stanley Cup pedigree was on full display last night – man, did he play great!!!

  14. the maven is a 3 sided coin that you can’t take to the bank. he blows in the wind just to hear himself talk. which team is he really a fan of?

  15. Drury > Briere > Gomez

    that is the order of how you should approach free agents.

    they should free up some serious cash by ditching malik and weekes.

  16. What a solid effort from the Blueshirts last night. MSG was rocking!

    Here is what I noticed: Since the Buffalo PP has been so anemic lately, the Rangers have adjusted their 5 on 5 play accordingly. Basically they have realized that when they go into the “box” or “umbrella” 4-man set-up in the D zone, Buffalo has a hard time making plays and moving it around. As a result, the Rangers have resorted to easing off the forecheck and playing a 5 man zone in their half of the ice. This forces Buffalo beat them in tight, close quarters. They have not been successful at this so far. I like it. Renney using his smarts to create a disciplined defensive team. It also helps that Henrik is a wall!

    Cullen’s experience in the post season is really starting to show through. He has amped it up a notch or two in the playoffs. Like that.

    Props to Callahan too. The guy is hungry, feisty, and seems to be in the right place a lot.

    Jags has a lot of passion and is playing possessed.

    Even Isbister is doing his part on the 4th line and allowing the other 3 lines to rest.

    You have to be thinking we have the momentum now.


  17. Prucha is the Man on

    Where’s Petr?

    Can someone tell me what’s been going on with Prucha? He’s been near invisible. Sam, anyone: Some insight please.

  18. maven also called graves a goon way back when.

    whats up with hossa? man he looks slow, like he’s not even trying. hopefully 2 days off will help hossa get back to the mirage we saw for 20 games and nylander to get over the “flu”.

    man am i proud of this group. i also credit renney for not freaking out with the calls the other night. he could have gone the way of the islanders and been consumed with griping and the team would have lost focus. he’s much calmer than me, i would have been throwing sticks on the ice.

    Be one of the first to get it.

  19. I love Avery, but he panicked with the game on his stick in the moments before the scramble in front that led to the review. He saw the open net and wanted to be the hero, when all he had to do was gain the red line and then check the options. Isbister, too, brainlocked when his chip off the boards ended up being an icing.

  20. Avery has started to get to the Buffalo guys though….I the very first moments last night Avery laid a hit on whoever in the corner and then was fallen on by the player, who took the liberty of holding avery down when he tried to get up.

    And then of course le’ gheigh Briere took a cheap shot at him and got caught.

    I keep saying this, but I truly think Sabres are about to face a major identity crisis. No better time for Avery to work his way into thier skin…but maybe he wants to just focus on his game and not give them any fire/motivation either. Maybe let them become the great big monster that ends up eating itself.

    As much as NYR is outplaying BUF the last 3 games…we’ve seen first hand that the Sabres can strike like a f*cking rattlesnake. We need to hope that they do not figure their game out between now and sunday. The truth is that if the right fire gets lit under thier ass…we could still be headed for a world of pain… I’m hoping they are starting to break down mentally though. I’m hoping Miller feels his glue softening.

  21. a casual observer on

    I give Renney a lot of credit for last nights win. He really has stepped up. New Newman made some good calls on the adjustments.I only have one question……….Where’s Sully??

  22. Avery desrves all the credit he is giving for his contribution, but what he’s done in the last minute was much worse than panicking; it was absolutely selfish, childish, ridiculous thing to do (I mean an open net shot). Even kids in their leagues know that you absolutely can not do it.
    And it’s wrong to compare it with subsequent Isbister’s shot – it was a genuine technical mistake, he simply shoot it harder than he wanted.

  23. What’s with Briere’s voice, I think Deb Kaufman has a more masculine voice !

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