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Apparently Michael Nylander is fine and will play tonight. That was according to Tom Renney, and judging by the fact that there were no new faces at the morning skate, and the fact that the same trio — Ryan Hollweg, Colton Orr, and Thomas Pock — stayed on the ice late, we can assume the Rangers will ice the same lineup tonight.

That said, for Nylander to miss two days in a row is evidence that he’s not 100 percent. But he’s a warrior, so we can expect to see the usual circle backs into the neutral zone tonight.

Some more clarifications are in order:

  • I said the Rangers had only two remaining call-ups. That was only true as long as the Wolf Pack were still playing. But now that the Rangers’ AHL affiliate has been eliminated, they can use as many of those players as they want.

    With that in mind, Al Montoya, Alex Bourret, Dane Byers, Nigel Dawes, Brandon Dubinsky, Jarkko Immonen, Hugh Jessiman, David Liffiton, Greg Moore, and Hannu Pikkkarainen have all been recalled.

    None skated with the big club today, and as of now, they’ll skate separately unless Renney is contemplating incorporating some into the lineup.

    And speaking of prospects, Marc Staal continues to impress in the OHL playoffs. His Subdury team was supposed to bow out early, but Staal is one of the major reasons they’re still alive.

  • The old man just called a little while ago to tell me does have Versus after all. I know this was bothering many of you, so thanks for your continued support.

    OK, big one tonight. Bigger than big, actually. I’ll have more from the Garden later…

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    1. Wasn’t there some situation with MSG2 and Sather or someone not getting that channel, so they got it changed so no games are ever on MSG2 again? Lols, now if only one of them doesn’t get versus.

      btw for anyone who doesn’t, I hear if you just call up your provider you can get it, and at worst they charge you a few dollars a month. (which is bs cause you’re supposed to get it anyway).

    2. Will Nigel and company be at the game tonight in the press box? I hope I see him there I am dying to get a picture with him.

    3. i hope so…but not for a picture. i rather they see first hand the craziness that is MSG come May :D

    4. The list of callups make sense, with the exception of Hannu Pikkarainen, who in the two games I saw him play in Hartford this season, was just… bad. Also, the exclusion of Lampman (does this suggest that Rangers are giving up on him, as he’s an RFA this summer?) and Korpikoski is a little puzzling, unless they were suffering from undisclosed injuries during the playoffs or something similar…

    5. that hit was in the 2nd OT. there is also video of staal going end to end and scoring a goal, pretty impressive. looks like a man among boys.

      starting to really like our future d:

      staal, toots, giradi, Bobby Sang, rosie, pock, sauer

    6. Sam, be happy that you don’t have to watch Versus. Their coverage is just awful and that’s on their best nights. I actually go and put on the radio or use my computer to listen to Albert & Maloney in between periods. Keith Jones is good, but I HATE BILL CLEMENT!

    7. With all the sitting around that Weekes and Valiquette have done, wouldn’t the Rangers be better off dressing Montoya? I am not familiar with his play/ability, but it seems that people mostly have good things to say about him. I guess the question is, which is better: a goalie who is rusty and out of game practice for having sat on the bench backing up Hank, or one who has been playing regularly in the minors?

      And Sean: I agree, Versus coverage sucks big ones. But, at least we don’t have to put up with Brett “I hate the Rangers” Hull and his antics on NBC.

    8. Excellent! Great to see King Henrik getting recognized 2 years in a row. I’m sure he is one of the 2 who tied for 3rd (probably with Kiprusoff), but I am glad he finished that high in the voting and ahead of the rest of the league.

      Lets hope he wins 2 trophies in June, the Conn Smythe and the Cup!!

    9. Yenner Mot on

      “With that in mind, Al Montoya, Alex Bourret, Dane Byers, Nigel Dawes, Brandon Dubinsky, Jarkko Immonen, Hugh Jessiman, David Liffiton, Greg Moore, and Hannu Pikkkarainen have all been recalled.”

      1. Montoya should be dressed as a backup to Lundqvist

      2. where is Korpikoski, Baranka, Potter, Pyatt, Sanguinetti, etc.?

      3. What are they dong, just watching the games and practices?

    10. Steve Rucchin on

      Anyone have info on the last name, Hannu? Never heard of him.

      I think the game might be blacked out on Versus here if you have the MSG channel. It was last Friday for Game 2.

    11. Yenner Mot,

      Baranka’s hurt. Potter’s doesn’t have an NHL contract – he’s on an AHL only contract. Pyatt didn’t make the cut to stick around with the Pack and was released from his ATO within a week or two of joining the the team. Sanguinetti did stick with the Pack, and played through their playoff series, including some important minutes, so I thought maybe he might be included in the group. But he’s young, and will be headed back to juniors next year regardless, so I assume they’re thinking there’s no rush in getting him here. Not sure why Korpikoski wasn’t included, that one doesn’t really make sense… maybe Sam can find out.

      And Montoya absolutely should NOT be backing up Lundqvist. Montoya pretty much lost game 7 of the Pack’s series on his own on Sunday (In his own words: “There were breaks and bounces everywhere, but it came down to tonight, and I didn’t give my team a chance. I don’t know what happened. I don’t have any excuses.” See:,0,5781262.story?coll=hc-headlines-wolfpack for more) I know everyone’s anxious to see him but he’s just not ready for the NHL, and is not the guy you want in the net right now if god forbid anything should happen to Lundqvist.

    12. Rucchin,

      Pikkarainen is a defensman from Finland. He was hurt during training camp (shoulder) and missed most of the season. He only played 6-7 games with the Pack this year, if I recall correctly. He spent more time in Charlotte after coming back from his injury. His inclusion has me scratching my head, to be honest. In the first game I saw him play for the Pack back in March he was really bad. He was on-ice for all three goals against, and was directly responsible for at least one. I saw him again on Saturday, and he wasn’t as glaringly bad, but the entire defense corps pretty much forgot to show up, so everyone looked bad. He did score a nice goal on a shot from the point, for what its worth.

    13. robbiegunz on

      Let me throw in my comments about the prospects seeing as how ive seen them first hand most of the season…
      Lampman- buhbye, the guy can’t cut it in the bigtime and he looked lost most of this playoff series
      Pikkarinen(dont care about the spelling)-awful in the p-offs, and in his earlier stint in hartford was a construction cone
      Montoya-As a diehard ranger fan, I cannot back the idea of having this guy as the backup..The guy served up soft serve in game 6 and 7 and at streaks during the season. Not something you want in a backup let alone someone whos soooo highly regarded in this organization
      Potter- afraid to shoot when necessary and not really all that good on D
      Sanguinetti- I’ll preface this by saying, yes he is young, HOWEVER, as a first round pick and a guy who was counted on to play solid D towards the end of the reg. season/playoffs he was hardly impressive and at best blatantly overmatched and mediocre
      Dubinsky-lolol…this guy thinks his shi* don’t stink, incredibly selfish and was invisible when it counted
      Korpokoski-see dubinsky minus the selfish part
      Bourret- What a great trade by the blueshirts, the guy can flat out play. Gritty, speedy talented and for who…Dupuis?? hahaha where’s he?
      Dawes/Immonen- these guys need a Serious look next year
      Alright enough of my diatribe
      LETS GO RANGERS!! Ill be in sec. 228

    14. Hey rgunz, nice synaposis of the pack players. I watched most of the playoffs on the net and agree with alot of what you were saying there. I wish I could follow the pack and the rangers equally its just really hard for my sched.
      Anyways,nice update Sam
      Lets tie it up boys

    15. Yenner Mot on

      “Montoya-As a diehard ranger fan, I cannot back the idea of having this guy as the backup..The guy served up soft serve in game 6 and 7 and at streaks during the season. Not something you want in a backup let alone someone whos soooo highly regarded in this organization”

      I don’t get it, what are you saying?

      I am also very disappointed with the lack of scoring from Korpikoski and Dubinsky in AHL.

      Sanguinetti will be another 1st round bust.

      BTW, you forgot Moore, Baranka, Jessiman, etc.

    16. New Newman on

      RGunz…just so we can have a point of reference….and please be honest….what were your thoughts about Callahan and Girardi before they made the move up to the NHL? Reason I say this is, you were pretty harsh on most of the players yet they made the playoffs and did OK?

      Please understand that I didn’t catch one Pack game this year and only glanced at some stats occasionally, so I know very little about the team. Bourret sounds good but you said, “Dupuis hahah where’s he?” Dupuis was the best player on the Thrashers in Round 1 against the Blueshirts and would be better than any of our 4th liners currently.

      So I fully appreciate the color on the players but from what you wrote, we have no one down there worth a lick? Except Dawes, Immonen, and Bourret…two of which had a look and I guess are worth another look, perhaps, maybe, possibly.

      Again, not trying to be confrontational but more trying to get a sense of whether you are really fired up that they choked or do we really have a dearth of talent down there?

    17. New Newman, totally understand what you were saying. Now that I look back on it I was a bit vague. 1. Callahan and Girardi in my eyes before they got the callup were locks on making the club next year, I didn’t expect the Girardi callup but I knew he would be solid..Callahan was just a matter of time. As for the Dupuis thing, I was merely stating the fact that he is probably on the 8th hole at Augusta right now, and in getting Bourret I think it was a steal considering the fact that for most(myself included) thought this was a throw away trade. As for the dearth of talent, I truly think there are players worth the shot and while my previous writing only highlighted the few you mentioned, I think that guys like Byers, Liffiton, Baranka, Jessiman and Korpokoski in due time, and the 3 you highlighted are all very much capable. I merely mentioned Bourret and CO. because it was that line that did 90% of the scoring towards the stretch run of the reg.season/playoff series. Yenner Mot, as far as Montoya is concerned, I just feel that he too highly touted in this organization for what he has put out as far as results. While he did take the rap for his bad play in the p-off series, I think that forecasting him to be the backup next season is highly optimistic, seeing as how I don’t think he’s mature/consistent enough to come in say godforbid Lundy goes down for an extended period.
      That being said I really have loved the fact that I’ve been able to have my 20 game plan at the garden and my season plan in hartford for the last 3 yrs. and to be able to see the kids perform on both levels, I hope they’ll keep the team in Hartford

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