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It’s been an entire season of watching players spend an inordinate amount of time working on their sticks before games, especially Jaromir Jagr, who employs both a blow torch and spray paint in what is likely a small-scale explosion waiting to happen.

When Dan Girardi walked by in the hallway and saw Jagr at work, he marveled. “So maybe I need to start setting sticks on fire before games,” the rookie said. “Maybe that’s why he has 600 goals and I have zero.”

Naturally, the Rangers would love a few of those goals in tonight’s version of *THE BIGGEST GAME OF THE YEAR*. I don’t make predictions, or I should say, I don’t make predictions very well, but what I will say is I have a hard time imagining this being anything other than another pass-the-pepto bismol, one-goal game. But that’s not really going out on a limb now, is it?.

Some updates:

  • Naturally Tom Renney was thrilled by the news that Henrik Lundqvist was named a finalist for the Vezina. “I think it’s sensational. It completely demonstrates not only what we know internally but that others externally appreciate what this guy does for our team,” Renney said. “As much as anybody he propped us up to give us some equilibrium coming out of the start of the season, and was able to sustain it in a big way.”
  • Since this has come up fairly frequently here, I asked Renney about playing seven D — or specifically, whether his reluctance to play seven D was in part because of the Sabres depth at forward. Renney said he didn’t think a seventh defenseman was necessary if everyone is relatively healthy.

    “As much as it’s been a haul and we’ve got a bunch of guys who are achey, we’ve got some forwards who are achey, too,” he said. “We’re performing fine under the circumstance. If I felt it was necessary to dress a seventh for that reason, I would. But I’m real comfortable with the health of our guys.”

    OK, that’s all for now. Josh and I are here again. My guess is he’ll give you some updates during games, and then we’ll both be back for a podcast later…

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    1. I pray to have some tv coverage tonight…let´s see…
      oh no, it doesn´t look too promising…

    2. craptain ego on

      I don’t for one minute believe that phony story. girardi would not say anything of the kind. but leave it to sam to keep trying to prop up his little hero jagr every day.

    3. Sam:
      Thanks for asking Tom directly about the 7 D … I believe he is wrong but he is the coach … Ottawa dresses Schubert who plays both wing and D .. and I believe it helps them.

    4. craptain ego-Why don’t you go back to your troll cave.Your not amusing anyone.

    5. Responding to a few posts back – I must be in the minority of people who actually like Doc Emrick because I think he is unique. I am impressed with his wide vocabulary, like having 15-20 words to describe a pass. It keeps the game from getting monotonous when there aren’t a lot of shots. The only issue I have with him is his piercing yell when he screams something like “BIG DRIVE!”

      Even though I didn’t see any of their games, I know Emrick, Rosen, and JD were all on Versus last year from Rosen & JD talking about where they were the day before a Rangers game, unless of course it was Rosen being on NHL Radio, which I see he does now, with Emrick & JD together on TV. I’d take either of those play-by-play men over what they’re serving up now. I do wish they would put Beezer on the Rangers series; he seems to be a good color man.

      Katzinthehat – nice 24 reference to pumping Nylander with adrenaline.

    6. CrapFace

      I can’t believe what a piece of crap you are.
      Were you there during Sam’s conversation?

      If you can’t believe what’s written here, then you shouldn’t
      bother reading it either.
      No one will miss the crap that you spew.

    7. I’m sorry Brandon, but I couldn’t disagree more…

      Emrick is impossible to listen to, just because he makes up new meanings to words doesn’t mean he has a huge vocabulary. I can’t stand it when he said something retarded like so-and-so “forks the puck ahead” or “he knifes it into the zone”.

      But I do agree that “Big drive” crap has got to go…

    8. Sam I appreciate your perserverence on the 7th D question. Renney seems to feel strongly , so I hope proves me wrong but the NYR went down 2-0 because of the lineup……………..
      I understand the 4th line’s role . Luckily this series is 2-1 and hopefully 2-2. Renney’s decisions for games 1 & 2’s lineup were proved wrong. Many called for Pock to at least be the 7th D in game 1, that proved to be really needed but wasn’t done. Playing Hollweg in both games didn’t pan out, especially when Ortmeyer was not in for game 2, that was proved wrong too. Isbister has played ok in both games, but so far all 3 games, in hindsight of course, if Pock was in the outcome probably would have been different in game 1, maybe in game 2, & game 3 thankfully a win but his presence could have ended it sooner, and if they lost which they came close to doing could have been because he wasn’t in. The D came up big in game 3 but a 7th D would have been a great option for a 96+ minute game, including his offensive abilities to score both at even strength & on the PP. That’s why I still think he should have been in the first 3 games.And I’m not convinced he shouldn’t be in tonight instead of Isbister. But he won’t be, so I hope I’m proved wrong. So I say Isbister gets the game winner on assists from Ortmeyer & Betts ( to prove John M wrong) ;)

    9. Doofus – Yep, Brodeur started 78 and came in once for relief of Clemmy, I believe. I wonder if it’s possible that Luongo & Brodeur could split the Vezina & Hart, as in one wins Vexina, one wins Hart. I see Brodeur winning both. The great rookies on the Pens hurt Crosby, I think, along with Brodeur’s 12 shutouts. That definitely is not skewed in a good direction by the new rules like the wins record is. I can’t believe Lundy even got nominated; I thought Hasek should be there, but people have something against him I guess since he didn’t even make the all-star team when leading in GAA.

      Salty – I believe that Lundy was nominated for Vezina & Calder both last year.

      Sam – interesting question posed in the last entry that I was thinking as well. Is this the first time two goalies have been nommed for the Hart? I would think not, but we’ve probably got to get Elias on that.

    10. Sam ever since going down 2-0 every game is BIG and each one will get BIGGER, that’s the reality.They need to score 1st & The King has to be The King in top form.

    11. Regarding the booing of Malik.

      18,200 Ranger fans are not to be insulted. They boo’d because they wanted to send a message to Renney NOT to dress malik, but have Pock take his place. It was 19:30 when Malik touched the puck and the crowd interrupted; it was not in response to one of his bone-head passes.

      having said that, I don’t believe that Renney will make that move, so I hope Malik is NOT boo’d because IT CANNOT help his play. If we are stuck with him we have to support him. This is THE biggest game of the year.

      Malik has been awful, or, on rare moments, we haven’t noticed him, which is good. But Pock could stay at home, clear to the sides and throw a few hits. That is all we need to have someone better than Malik. Malik has a mental block that he cannot get over..he just keeps clearing the puck in front of the net…………..

      Lundqvst must want to kill him….

      Next year looks bright. If we have a real, young, solid D, Lundqvst may have his best year yet.

    12. God, Sabre-natti is already unbearable. It’s like he doesn’t really have a deep voice, so he has to practically scream to make it so.

    13. booing is the crowds’ way of saying work harder and work smarter.

      last night the Sharks played poorly in the first period. the crowd booed them, and got them to get the lead out.

      they then dominated the last 2 periods, and came back to beat the wings and gain a key 2-1 advantage in the series.

      so, let the boos flow. and the booze too.

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