Rangers win Game 4, 2-1


What a frantic final period, but Rangers win. More later…


*9:00:* There it is…Brendan Shanahan caps a lackluster PP effort for the Rangers by depositing a Ryan Miller turnover. Miller mishandled the puck, then Matt Cullen gave the mistake in front to Shanny.

Buffalo then cut the lead to one when Tim Connolly made a great pass to Kotalik, who beat Lundqvist glove side.

What a wild minute…This one isn’t over by any mean…even if it appears so for a minute.

*13:13:* Rangers PP, drawn by the hustle of Isbister. With the way Lundqvist has looked so far, this could be it if the Rangers can net a second goal.


*End of 2nd period:* Breathe Rangers, breathe.

The Sabres finally beat Lundqvist, but they couldn’t score.

In case you missed it, the Rangers were (and still are) on an extended PK after Marek Malik followed up a Marcel Hossa penalty with one of his own. It didn’t really look like much of an infraction, but they called it anyway.

The Rangers killed the Hossa penalty (and 17 seconds of 5 on 3), and just sent the Garden into a frenzy after killing off the first minute of the Malik penalty before the period expired.

During that final minute, Derek Roy hit a one-timer that beat Lundqvist to the near-side high corner, but the shot ricocheted off the post and the Rangers cleared the puck.

It was a solid period for the Rangers, but they need to extend the lead. Buffalo isn’t playing great, but they are too good to get shut out…or at least too good to count on shutting them out.

There’s still a minute left, but the Rangers PK has looked so strong.

*6:08:* Uh oh, Rosy takes a penalty after another Malik turnover.

I’ll tell ya, I don’t think Malik makes as many TOs as it seems, but man do they come at the worst times and in the worst positions on the ice.

Again, however, the Rangers penalty killers dispatch easily of a Buffalo PP.

You have to say, Buffalo may have superior skill and depth, but the Rangers have had the better of them on special teams.

And as I speak, the Rangers draw another penalty. So here’s another PP chance.

*10:46:* Shout out to bklynblue, who alerted me to the headline problem. Rest assured, it’s been fixed.

Obviously, the Rangers look excellent right now. HOWEVER, they need to add on here or else this could be a repeat of the other night and, frankly, it’s not Sunday afternoon and there’s no need to play five periods of hockey lasting til who knows when.

Callahan trying to punch Mair just before was classic. So, too, is 4 on 4 hockey.


*19:15:* Jagr give the Rangers a lead on a PPG. It is his fourth of the playoff, and came on assits from Nylander and Rozsival.

Jagr, skating between the circles, redirected a pass from Nylander past Ryan Miller.

My question to those who saw it: Did that goal go in off the body of Teppo Numminen??? It sure looked like it on the replay.


*End of 1st period:* Despite their often sluggish play, the Rangers had the better of the play until the final few minutes of the period. That was a difficult save Lundqvist just made on Adam Mair, who quickly redirected a pass from Daniel Paille. It looked like Lundqvist just blocked the shot with his right leg by reacting quickly.

If you want to read an interesting story about the Sabres vs. Lundqvist, “check out Evan Grossman’s piece on NHL.com.”:http://www.nhl.com/nhl/app/?service=page&page=NewsPage&articleid=301854 Daniel Briere said Lundqvist had the quickest reflexes in the league.

One more thing: The Rangers penalty killing has been exceptional. They have such a strong rotation of forwards and all do their job well.

Now about that power play…


*7:27:* I agree with Jon. As bad as the Rangers look (and they’ve picked it up the last few minutes), the Sabres look worse. However, that’s the type of thing that can change quickly.

As for Bklynblue, Sam is currently in his regular seat down below. I’m slumming it up top (although I’m lucky just to be in the building).

Someone mentioned Hossa before. I agree. He has been out of place and a step slow the last couple games. I thought there were a few occasions on Sunday when he could’ve had a quality shot on goal but failed to get his stick on the puck. When you play with Jagr and Nylander, and passes can arrive when you least expect it, you have to be where you’re supposed to be and cash in on some of the opportunities.


*12:26:* The Rangers just cost me more work. I had to look up how to spell the words lethargic and atrocious to adequately describe their just-expired power play.

OK, OK, maybe not (the blog software has spell check). But that was just a terrible job by them. They almost looked disinterested.


*17:00:* First impression…Nylander looks a little off. That turnover on his second shift was not a good sign.


*Opening faceoff:* Maxim Afinogenov is out of the lineup for Buffalo, he of the 61 pts. Nylander, as you can see, is healthy enough to play.


OK, the team’s about to take the ice. Jason Strudwick is sitting about 10 seats to my left in a suit, but unlike me he is not sporting a computer at the moment. So what’s that mean? I’m the place to turn for in-game blogging.

As always, I note my observations and you feel free to add your comments below. Be back soon…

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  1. AngelusMortis on

    No Afinigenov tonight for Buffalo, interesting.

    Once again, Beninati is doing the play by play. Now the refs and commentators will both be Sabre-partial.

  2. wow super I can watch the game live…yessssssssssssss…………………..

  3. AngelusMortis on

    If Jagr and Lundqvist play like they did in Game 3, the Rangers will go to Buffalo with the series tied.

  4. Geez, the NHL and Versus have the worst sponsors. Baggage Direct? (or whatever it is) Discover Boating?

  5. Afinogenov is playing horribly. It doesn’t even look like he was skating hard. He should be sitting.

  6. AngelusMortis on

    Wow, what sloppy defense by the Sabres. Two guys dive and do absolutely nothing to stop the rush. If Rachunek was any sort of sniper, we’d have an early lead. The team’s looking good so far.

  7. AngelusMortis on

    Agreed, Whitey. Whatever works, though. Good cycling on the 6 on 5. They’re getting some good looks out there.

  8. AngelusMortis on

    Look, everyone, the assclown parade is at MSG! Three cheers for Bettman!

  9. Yenner Mot on

    just like I thought Rangers are playing like crap.

    mistake #1 was putting Jagr’s line in the opening faceoff, that is almost always a bad strategy.

    Weak wristers on the PP instead of slapshots? Garbage PP.

    Rozsival not playing well.

    Entire team is just not sharp

  10. anybody with a brain could see that Afinosuckov was the worst buffalo player in the first 3 games, a turnover machine and a defensive liability. Ruff did the right thing by benching the overrated bum.

  11. AngelusMortis on

    Buffalo isn’t looking too sharp either. Maybe a little playoff fatigue. Does anyone else think that Marcel Hossa has been invisible the entire series, other than the consolation goal in Game 1 and the PK disaster in Game 2?

  12. Eh, I guess I’m wrong on Afinogenov, didn’t realize he was playing SOOO badly this series.

  13. AngelusMortis on

    The crowd’s going pretty easy on Sam’s boy tonight. I’m sure once he makes his first big mistake he’ll hear the boos again.

  14. AngelusMortis on

    “‘Get out of my sty,’ says Lundqvist!”

    God what a tool. Do these guys just talk out of their rectums or what?

  15. AngelusMortis on

    Kevin, I think that was a fair call. As fair as the call against Buffalo, anyway. Stupid penalty by Callahan. That’s not good to see Connolly just walk right through the defense and get to Lundqvist.

  16. AngelusMortis on

    Kevin, I understand. I feel so unappreciated, not getting mentioned by name in Josh’s last update. We just had another example of Jon’s point, Hossa gives the puck away, and Vanek trips over himself.

  17. AngelusMortis on

    Yenner, I think it’s pretty obvious from the posts on this blog from all season that everyone and their mothers know that Malik is a crappy defenseman.

  18. AngelusMortis on

    Is it just me, or is the officiating crew doing a decent job so far?

  19. why doesn’t the usher stick a pin in that goddam balloon. it blocks the TV picture.

  20. Angelus – agreed, good officiating. The fans have booed a couple times, but those weren’t penalties.

  21. OR as my dad likes to say, speaking from your anus again? (the announcers)

  22. Yenner Mot on

    Hossa is what he is, a glorified Isbister that has never scored 20 points in a season.

  23. AngelusMortis on

    Yenner, I’d call Hossa an Isbister with more fancy moves, courtesy his big brother.

  24. Yenner Mot on

    ““using the stick like a gate at a toll boothâ€?


    good anology, seems like someone just complains for the sake of complaining.

  25. Yenner – What does a gate at a toll booth do? It tells you to stop until you pay and then it opens, or you could just run right through it. How exactly does that relate to hockey? I do agree with you on the hits, though. How there were 30 I don’t know.

  26. AngelusMortis on

    That’s two games in a row that Jagr tallies one in the opening minute of the second period. JJ’s looked great lately.

  27. AngelusMortis on

    At least the Versus commentators are giving Henrik is due this time around.

  28. Yeah but these two muppets are oooo’ing and awww’ing every play buffalo makes….

  29. Numminen pulling an Aaron Ward. deflecting the puck right into his own net.

    Buffalo is not going to win this series. they did not look good against the Isles, and they still look too cutesy and deliberate, with the fire and desire missing.

  30. AngelusMortis on

    Prucha is a nutcase. He’s a 175 pound lightweight and hits and crashes the net all night. What a guy.

  31. Briere and Drury rotate at home and then for away games it goes to whomever’s home town is closest to the game.

  32. GuitarWizard on

    Prucha/Cullen/Callahan line is looking good. Most everyone else on both teams look flat.

  33. Malik did well on that PK…

    Like seeing that Elf in a cage. Keep it up Danielle.

  34. AngelusMortis on

    The officiating in this game has been more fair, but a couple too many penalties are being called. It seems the crew can’t find a happy medium for penalty calls.

  35. AngelusMortis on

    Forget what I said about fair officiating. That should have been a minor for each team at worst. Malik took one to the face, but still has time to complain to the official while play goes on. Typical.

  36. AngelusMortis on

    PK still looks great, save the post ringer, but once again Hossa was out of position on the penalty kill.

  37. Malik is the biggest doofus on skates. he takes an obvious tripping penalty, then starts whining ’cause they touched his ugly face, while they go in on goal.

  38. SAYS IT ALL! on


  39. AngelusMortis on

    Sigh…Versus is going to tease us with our glory from 1994,as if we haven’t seen all of this footage countless times already. They’ll probably show Messier in Game 6, Matteau’s 2OT goal, and the MacTavish face-off win with 1.6 seconds left.

  40. AngelusMortis on

    …or they’ll just show some fat guy with a lisp talking about the “Curse”. Forget what I said.

  41. AngelusMortis on

    Sigh…come on Lundy. Get your shoes tied, and let’s play some hockey.

  42. Ah, seeing Valiquette mic’d up made me remember something I was thinking earlier. With the reports of Montoya’s soft play and Weekes most likely gone as a FA, is it possible that we could be stuck with Valiquette as a backup next season? If Lundqvist plays close to as many games as Brodeur, as it looks like he could, Valiquette is probably equal to Clemmensen. I doubt this will happen because the Rangers could probably persuade some old dude to play as a backup for a year or two. Any thoughts from the other fans here? Valiquette as backup bad or good? Chances of it happening?

  43. AngelusMortis on

    Hossa went too slow on the one-on-one. With some more speed he could have gotten by.

  44. What a Lion Shanny is.

    Best guy to have in that situation and he SCORES!!

  45. AngelusMortis on

    Going back to the old woes of this year, the shift after the goal, they let a goal get in. To the Sabres’ credit, that was a pretty sweet pass by Connolly. Suck it up, and put another one in behind Miller.

  46. how many times this year has Lundy bailed out Malik with a great save. he should get the goalie award just for that.

  47. Well…Briere sees 1st hand again his claim before the game; That Henrik has the fastest reflexes in the NHL-


  48. I think it was a goal, but it deserves to be called no goal for the shafts we got earlier in the series. If Ruff complains, which he will, he’s a bum.


    so dumb icing the puck like that…Avery going for the glory of an open net

  50. He was staring at the puck behind the net?!?! How on earth did Lundqvist just have such a brain-fart??!?!?!

  51. Oh, what bull. The NHL wants a tight series. Oh, it’s a conspiracy . . .

  52. AngelusMortis on

    For the first time this season, the Sabres feel the wrath of Toronto.

  53. AngelusMortis on

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Lundqvist is NOT Marty Turco, and should NEVER go behind the net like that.

  54. Thank god we won.

    That being said, the Rangers need to get lateral on their odd man rushes.

  55. I’m sure the fool will have a chat with the King after the game about his almost mishap-

  56. AngelusMortis on

    Honestly, I think that’s a goal. But, it was called no-goal on the ice, and you lose sight of the puck under Lundy’s pad when it goes in, so that’s a good call by Toronto.

  57. Yenner Mot on

    “Have you ever seen a better example of Karma?”

    no, it wasn’t completely over the line, and if it was it couldn’t be seen so it was a correct call

  58. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2-2 BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    No white in between goalline and puck, Not enough to overturn it.

  59. I’m thinking that for the first time now, Buffalo is thinking, holy sh–, we can lose this series to these guys. Hell, the Rangers are now one bad third period in Game 2 from being up 3-1. Hopefully this gets into Buffalo’s collective heads.

  60. I know that Shanny is leading the team in goals and tonight’s was huge, but does anyone else feel like he’s a mere shadow of himself offensively since his injury? Wonder if he’ll retire?

  61. Can you anyone explain why there aren’t multiple cameras in these nets?

  62. Good Lord, Henrik almost gave me a heart attack at age 27 tonight!! Stay in that net!!

    YES RANGERS!! 2-2 BABY!!

  63. how stupid can they get on

    i know that Lundquist is a great goalie and all, but does anyone think he’ll retire?


  64. Shanny will decide after the playoffs….I can’t believe there aren’t more cameras, LUCKYYYY

  65. I have a feeling that puck crossed the line.

    But hey, payback’s a bitch, isn’t it.

    2-2 Baby, great game by the PK and Henrik!

  66. how stupid can they get on

    it is something that must be addressed in the competition committee in the summer. they have to have more cameras and more angles of every play in every arena. it is too bush league to just have guys guessing and saying we think it was in, but we ain’t got the video proof beyond doubt. because it can work both ways. the Rangers could get shafted by a similar call in the next game.

  67. Marek Malik on

    I just want to tank all my fans for not booing me so good tonight. I took puck off forehead as little boy not America and forget to clear puck to side. Sometime I think that I feed puck to score dreaming that I am right wing not defense and other team score. Henrik not like me too much you know. I don’t speak good American like him does. Testing showed brain damage and doctors say I have huge forehead to block pucks. Him said No You Worry about brain damage. You already too far gone. Just block pucks with big head. I do my best.

  68. I have a feeling it did too, but guess what? Too f*n bad! The replay wasn’t completely conclusive, and it’s payback for us having to play 2 extra periods because of those idiots in Toronto. This might arguably now be 3 replays they messed up in this series.

    If our boys keep playing like this, they are going to be VERY tough to beat.


  69. MOT I hope your computer shuts down for 4 weeks and your mouth does the same

  70. Versus people seem to have forgotten the goal that was punched in in game 1

  71. “MOT I hope your computer shuts down for 4 weeks and your mouth does the same”

    I hope your anus shuts down and you explode, feces all over the walls.

  72. Marek Malik on

    Shanny say he be back next year if no one call him name like Shanny the Tranny.

  73. Rachunek’s goal= No goal called
    That punch in crap= Goal
    Tonight=Redemption= NO GOAL!!!!!!!!!

    2-2 Guys, LETS GO RANGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  74. Marek Malik on

    Coach said no more Hollweg cuz he dance like a chicken with egg stuck up its arse

  75. So i turn to Yankee game and Hughes has a no no through 6….Start watching 7th and they have to take him out due to a hammy injury…Oh well, RANGERS WON!!!!!!

  76. how stupid can they get on

    “My question to those who saw it: Did that goal go in off the body of Teppo Numminen??? It sure looked like it on the replay.”

    yes, the tip was going 3 feet wide until it deflected off the leg of Numminen. an Aaron Ward own goal style play.

  77. Doodie Machetto on

    A lot to say, some serious, some not. First, the serious:

    1) Isbister was fantastic tonight. That penalty he drew for the Shanny goal was awesome. And he also threw a couple of bone crunching hits. He actually looked like his former self. I think if he can keep up his play, he should totally replace Hollweg on a permanent basis.

    2) The Shanny goal was because of Miller mishandling the puck. Miller has been prone to that, especially twice two days ago in OT, both times with Betts almost slotting it home. Third time was the charm for Shanahan.

    3) Lundqvist. WHAT WERE YOU DOING!? you can’t just watch the puck like that.

    4) That was probably a goal. Sure, you never see any white in between the goal line and the puck, but the puck is about to show daylight when Henrik’s pad covers the angle (not necessarily touching the puck, just blocking the camera). So it probably crossed, if only barely, but there wasn’t any conclusive evidence. We’re just lucky that it was ruled no goal originally. If it was called a goal, I think it should have stood for the same reason: no conclusive evidence.

    5) Avery has been terrible this series. Also, his line has been a total non factor. Shanny has two goals, but they both came on the PP. I would say to split them up, but all of the other lines have been so good, I don’t want to mess with their chemistry.

    6) Callahan had his first bad game as a Ranger.

    7) Late in a game, I think they should put Hossa and Isbister flanking Betts. Those two guys can hold a puck deep like nobody else. Imagine if it was both of them? That puck would never leave the corner.

    On the non serious note, I listened to the first two periods on the radio, but then headed down to a watering hole to watch the third. It was kinda quiet, and most people were watching the Mets lose. But there was one guy there from Buffalo. He kept making all of these weird sounds like a male actor in a bad porno who is about to climax. And he wouldn’t even do it when something was happening! Buffalo would cross over the blue line and there’s the “WEEEEEEEEOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!” If anyone has ever seend Kung Pow: Enter the Fist, think of the girl. That’s the kind of noise we’re talking here.

    Shanahan scored the 2nd goal and I jumped out of my seat and celebrated, making sure to rub it in. Boy, did I feel dumb 30 seconds later. Of course, he thought it was a goal, and talked about how Buffalo was robbed. But here’s the rub: he thinks Buffalo has been getting the short end of the stick when it comes to officiating! HOW COULD ANYONE THINK THAT?! I took solace in the fact that the girl he was with looked totally uninterested in the game, and in him. In fact, she looked weirded out at his soundboard performance. So when he is hugging his BuffaSlug pillow later, crying about both team and girl, I’ll be smiling with my girlfriend wearing my Rangers jersey while we sleep.

    Sully, you got some ‘splainin to do re: the weird sounds.

  78. truth police on

    I love how guys can listen on the radio and tell us what happened. the same guy who can’t see the talent in Parise or Richter, but thinks Limpwrister is the cat’s meow.

    his name says it all. Pinocchio nose best.

  79. I think the Rangers have played 3 good, solid games in a row. The penalties scare me, but were down tonight. Of course, Malik is just awful with or without the puck but Renney is going to play him regardless.

    Isbister played well. AT least he won’t take stupid penalites like Hollweg will….we cannot afford to make penalties.

    Shanny the Tranny is not himself yet. He is a hardcore winner and is still finding his way out there. I hope we sign him for next year.

    I don’t think Callahan was all that bad…rough, but not Malik-ish. He and his linemates need to score, but their level of energy was high…good hustle on their part.

    as to Ruffy taking about Maxin….expect Affenigov (or however you spell it) to come out FLYING on Friday. He is a solid player and if Buffalo had not been up 2-1 and coming home, he would not have benched him. It was a pretty nervy decision but he obviously expects more from Affing.

    I missed the last 10 minutes of the 3rd…called out to work —-ugh. I heard some on the radio. Did we get a gift “back” from Toronto on the review? Was it in??

    Rosi struggled a bit on D.

    Lundqvst continues to carry the defense.

    Glad Avery didn’t take penalty after penalty…..I cannot bear that………..

  80. Doodie Machetto on

    At least I have the stones to stand by my opinions and to post under one handle all season. Furthermore, I actually have my own opinions instead of just trying to come down on someone else’s.

  81. “Avery has been terrible this series.”

    Where were you on Sunday, in a coma? And tonite, Avery, a non-center won 8 out of 13 faceoffs, including at least the last three in our own zone. He was also the only forward to ice over 20 minutes tonite, in a very intense game.

  82. I thoroughly enjoyed tonight’s effort and thought the Rangers played a great game. Looking forward to us taking the next 2. Let’s go Rangers!!

  83. I thought people on this blog were overly demanding with Sam and Josh for info, but now that I’ve visited the Yankee blog I stand corrected. Animals.

  84. Doodie Machetto on

    Seamus, to give you a detailed description:

    Lundqvist was going to go around to play the puck, but sensing the heat from Buffalo, he let it go for his teammate(I honestly can’t remember which). But instead of hustling back out front after being behind, he kinda lazed it back into the crease, until he saw a Sabre(again, can’t remember which) try and slide it in the far post. He slid across in a butterfly split. The overhead showed the puck get on the line, mostly cross, but then in the next frame, Lundqvist’s pad came over the puck. Now the overhead is slightly behind the line, so it’s possible for his pad to block the line of sight of the puck without making contact. To me, it looked like that’s what happened: it crept across barely, but there was not a frame that showed white in between the goal line and the puck. Without that, for as close as it was, it’s not conclusive evidence.

    As I said, there wasn’t conclusive evidence to overturn the on ice call, whatever it was.

  85. “Is that Sully posing as Yenner?”

    probably, I would never write “Let’s go Rangers!!” that is just too silly for me.

  86. Doodie Machetto on

    chardkerm: perhaps terrible was too strong of a word. Bad is a better description.

    In game three he blew two breakaways. He is 1 for 33 shooting in the playoffs. This series I don’t think he has drawn any penalties, but has taken 3. So he won some faceoffs tonight. For all the hype that surrounded him before the series, he hasn’t really done much.

  87. Doodie Machetto on

    Callahan took two minor penalties, wasn’t really effective offensively. I saw him make one or two defensive errors as well.

    I’m not saying that it was a lousy performance that was comparable to a Malik assist on an opponent goal. Just that it wasn’t a good game.

  88. thanks for the description of the almost goal……..

    no, you’re right about Callahan…hustling, but he was out of place a time or two.

    Friday is going to be very, very tough. Jagr does not do well away from the Garden. …he has even publically said that he is bothered by booing…..

  89. Aside from HL, Avery was the best player in Game 3. He was dynamic. Controlled the play, killed penalties, washed dishes, cleaned urinals, etc. Yeah, he was invisible in Games 1 and 2. But has there been anyone more invisible in this series than Nylander? Aside from HL or Miller, nobody is setting the world on fire in this series.


    Mot, who cares how Shanny looks as long as he keeps getting GW”ers!

  91. maybe if Callahan, Prucha, etc. would be getting the icetime he is getting they too would be getting game winners

  92. Back from MSG.

    The refs stayed out of the game thank God. Jagr is running the ice when he is in the offensive zone. Mara, Gerardi, Tyutin and Roszy are basically solid. But the real secret is that the centers and one winger is picking up the garbage on the boards in the defensive zone. Too many sabers gain the middle slot over the blue line until midway through the second period when it stopped. Ryan Callahan and Matt Cullen were the best Ranger forwards tonight.
    I do not understand why Renney puts his 4th line out after a Ranger goal. He should put an offensive line out after a goal. It backfires quite often. Henrik was stellar. He made saves in the same vain as J D in 1979. The Islanders were the top team back then. And the goalie, JD stole the show. Henrik is doing it up to now in the same fashion.
    By the way, Stop all the B S about MSG bad ice. Brian Leetch kept the puck in at the blue line for 18 years on the so called bad ice. How about some of these players practice the art of cradling the puck? It could do wonders for these cry babies who blame the ice.

  93. That was a f@cking intense game.

    The rangers *outplayed* the sabres for the 3rd game in a row.

    If not for Miller, this series is a blowout.




  94. Crazy Ukrainian on

    Went to the game tonight…awesome! On the way out of the Garden, we passed a crew of guys in suits there…was the Wolfpack there? Looked like a bunch of rookie hockey players.

  95. *slaps salty on the ass*

    It would be so friggen sweet to win at Buffalo on Friday and then clinch on Sunday. *knocks on wood* I’m not going to get ahead of myself. They are going to be two very tough game.


    (Crazy, the Rangers called up about 10 or so Wolfpack members, since they got booted from their own playoffs recently)

  96. cmon d00die you should *know you get one*

    and Lauren, I completely fell in love with you when you called Mara a *twat* last game…priceless.

  97. Hah, well if it wasn’t so well deserved he might have gotten away with being called a doughenugget. Him lifting the puck RIGHT into the crowd when there was NO ONE in front of him was absurd.

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