Nylander ailing?


Michael Nylander is said to be battling the flu and was not on the ice for the morning skate. I’ll have more on that in a bit.

Also, the Rangers recalled 10 players from Hartford to serve as a taxi squad. Among them: Brandon Dubinsky, Nigel Dawes, David Liffiton, Hugh Jessiman, and Al Montoya.

The full list and more later…

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  1. imo he’s looked like he’s been battling it the entire series. he hasn’t had that jump that he did in the atl series. wouldn’t shock me if he’s been sick for the past week

  2. with the callup of al montoya, a solid, experienced AHL goalkeeper, the blueshirts have a glut of keepers for the playoff run, wonder what ranger management was thnking…any thoughts out there?

  3. Nylander will play no matter what. The guy waited his entire career to make it to round 2, and now that he is here, I doubt he will sit and let a rookie play. He is a tough Swede..like King Henrik! Go Rangers!

  4. Nylander works harder than anyone on the team. If he is in any shape to play the game, he will be there. He isn’t the kind of guy to take a day off unless he absolutely has to.

    He may not play an intense passionate game but the guy is a warrior.

  5. Nylander will play. This pining for Dubinsky is just crazy. Obviously if Nylander can’t go, Dubi will play but I’d rather have Nylander at 70% over Dubi at 100%. We need him out there. How the hell do these guys catch the flu when it’s not even flu season anymore??? Stop shaking hands when you meet people or something!

  6. If Nylander can’t go (my money’s on the fact that he will) Straka would center the first line, Avery would center the second, Hollweg would play on the 4th line, and Isbister would move up a line or two. Dubinsky will not play. He was invisible in the Wolf Pack’s playoff series, nevermind trying to jump into an NHL second round series. But if they decided to insert a center, Immonen would get the call first, because of his age and experience, IMHO.

  7. The flu is going around. I’ve got it right now. I’ve been sick since last Thursday… but I was able to make it to my mens league game last night LOL

  8. If Nylander really has the flu, then he better stay the hell away from the rest team, and not get them sick.

  9. it’s probably another injury and not the flu. he’ll probably play since it’s

    1) crucial – don’t see any good options and the options will have domino effect throughout lineup
    2) they have an extra day after tonight before the next game

  10. Avery is definitely better suited at wing. Stick an IV in Nyls if he really has the flu and get him out there. Huge game tonight! MSG’s gonna be rocking!

  11. nylanderforpresident on

    Uh, so hopefully he’ll play and net a goal or two or three.

    But more likely he’ll set up Rozy for another point shot.

    Did anyone else panic when he slid the puck back to the point at like 1 mph?


  12. TheKatzInTheHat on

    They should pump him up with adrenaline like Wayne Palmer…but try to avoid the whole coma thing…

  13. call ups has more to do with letting some guys practice with the big boys….

    Nylander would have to be very sick not to play. I don’t want to see the dancing arthritic monkey Hollweg play: Buffalo power play is just too strong.

  14. Seamus – Buffalo power play is not as good as Rangers and was only 17th throughout the regular season.

  15. Doodie Machetto on

    Chris, once the team was good, there became no point for talentless Hollweg. I think Hollywood is a great character guy, but it’s time for him to get packin (Either in a Wolf sense or to another team sense).

    If Nylander can’t go: pack it up boys, we’re through. He is the only thing we have that even CLOSELY resembles a 1st line center.

  16. hockeymanrangers on

    I sure hope Nylander is in there tonight. If not maybe Dubi would get the call I liked what I saw of him the short time he was up. I also saw him and Callahan live in Hershey PA, he’s got the NHL in him. I am surprised the Wolfpack got knocked off that sucks. Anyway you talk about it not being flu season well I have had the flu myself for 3 days now. GOOD LUCK RANGERS, AND ANYONE GOING TO THE GAME TONIGHT I WANT TO HEAR EVERYONE SCREAMING 100% ALL THROUGH THE GAME YOU KNOW IT WILL LFT THEM. COME ON WE CAN DO IT. GO RANGERS.

  17. Hollweg does not have a great hockey IQ. He runs around for his hits which often put him way out of position. Against a team like Buffalo it would be very tough for him. If a forward can’t go they would move people around and put Hollweg in. I would prefer obviously no changes but if one was needed put in Dawes or even coming from me a big surprise Immonen for the 4th line. Again this is vs Buffalo, if it was a different team like the Devils or Ottawa I would use Orr or Hollweg. If Hollweg gets in I would put him in vs Connoly to see if he could exact a physical toll on him.

  18. Wolfpack got bumped because of Montoya’s stupendously bad play. He’s one of two I’ve got a beef with even being listed on the taxi squad(let me follow this by saying I highly doubt anyone from this list will register palying time in this series barring serious injury). Monty cracked under the pressure and showed why he, like fellow first rounder Jessiman, should have played out his days at college. The other question mark is Jessiman. This guy is BARELY and AHLer. Now, I’m really gonna hope Bourret was part of this taxi list along with Immonen. Those are two(in addition to Dawes) that I think could help this team(especially Bourret) if they needed a Nylander fill-in.

    Maybe move Straka up to center Jags-Hossa; Cullen between Avery and Shanny, then have Prucha-Immo-Callahan for third and the regular fourth line(maybe chuck Bourret in for Isbister, cause he’s supposed to be Avery Jr.).

  19. Am I the only one that wasn’t really impressed by what Dawes had to offer?

  20. Dawes is a system player.
    He has talent, but only within a proper environment.
    We really don’t have a system in NY.

    He would fit right in with the Devils.
    With his lack of size, I say he should be dealt

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