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Let’s all agree that if there are going to be double overtime games, they should always be during the day, when we might risk missing dinner, but will at least always make deadline.

I got a couple of calls from friends today who thought yesterday was a night game, and who asked if I was groggy today. The answer, of course, is yes, but that’s because I’m always groggy, and not because I got to sleep late.

Meanwhile, a few updates:

  • A little more than half the roster skated for today’s optional, including Jaromir Jagr and Henrik Lundqvist, but not Brendan Shanahan, Michael Nylander or Sean Avery. Noted slacker Michal Rozsival also didn’t skate either, but that’s because his legs fell off in the middle of the night.
  • Altogether, a fairly upbeat room, but not to the point where the Rangers are feeling comfortable. The basic gist: it was a start. It’s better than 3-0. But they’ve still got plenty of work to do. “They’ve still got the edge,” Jaromir Jagr said.

    Of course, Jagr couldn’t resist one crack when asked if there’s a defenseman out there who can stop him. “He hasn’t been born yet,” the Big Fella said with a laugh.

  • With Hartford’s elimination from the AHL playoffs, Tom Renney said the plan is to call up a handful of players to serve as a taxi squad here. For any of those players to be activated, the Rangers will have to use one of their two remaining call-ups (Brad Isbister and Ryan Callahan were the first two). Renney said management was in the process of deciding who would be brought in.
  • Naturally a lot of questions about the — ahem — officiating today, with everyone agreeing that a) Karel Rachunek scored a goal yesterday, and b) that the calls on whole went the Sabres way, but c) it does the Rangers no good to dwell too long on the officiating. Maybe its naivete, but the hope is that the calls will balance out over the course of the series.
  • It looks like Tom Renney is going with the same lineup, and it seems like the right call. I actually thought Isbister was pretty good, and that Rachunek, goal or no goal, recovered enough from the horror shows of Games 1 and 2.

    OK, more later…

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    1. Doodie Machetto on

      Repost from the last thread:

      To those who think Lindy’s whining got them the calls? Remember earlier in the season when Sahnny complained and then we had like 10+ penalties called on us the next game? Complaining does not help, it just makes you a target for the refs.

      As for the distinct kicking motion: watch it in slow motion. When he is trying to stop, his skate doesn’t glide, but rather stutters. Those stutters look like kicks. Now, knowing how hard it is to stop sometimes when someone is on your back, I know it is just his skate jutting in the ice. But it could be looked at as kicking. The call sucks, but it’s not like there wasn’t any justification for it. It doesn’t have to be a kick like the one the ref did to indicate it was a goal. Remember Cullen’s backheel earlier in the season? No doubt about that being a kick. Misconstruing the skate jutting, it looks like Rachunek tried to kick it with the inside of his skate. Of course, you have to be pretty dumb to misconstrue it, because there were several in a row, but looking at just one, it would look like a distinct kicking motion.

    2. It is supposed to be conclusive to over rule the call on the ice. That was not conclusive.

      That was one of the worst games I have seen called, Period.
      No conspiracy theroy, Just a Bad, Very Bad, Game by the Refs.

    3. Renny might want Malik to be his neighbor(see Steve Zipays article),But I get a ball in my stomach whenever he is on the ice.

    4. the only d that look good are rosi, toots and girardi. mara and rachunek keep getting burned on the outside and malik is just bad. but clearly no changes will be made. renneys defense of malik’s terrible blind pass that cost us fridays game is laughable. it was a dumb pass that you are taught as a mite not to make and even if it connected to nylander, it was still just a breakout pass, not like nylander would have been all alone.

    5. Finally coming out of ultra-lurk mode to comment on the (no)Goal…

      Rachunek’s weight at the time of his “kick” was completely on his front (“kicking”) foot – his left leg is skittering on the ice as he gets hooked.

      How can you have your skate edge on the ice *and* your weight on that skate *and* make a distinct (pendulum-like)kicking motion without lifting that skate off the ice? You can’t.

      Not that he didn’t try to redirect it in, or hope to. But he did so within the rules.

    6. Is it more or does Tyutin look the best hes ever looked because hes paired with Girardi? And is anyone better with their stick than Girardi. His poke checking is an art. Impressed with Rosy too, should be nice seeing him play next year with Staal.

      Anyone who has played even minimal ice hockey could see what Racuhnek was doing. He was attempting to stop while at the same time putting his stick on the ice to redirect the puck. He couldnt get it on the puck and as he was stopping the puck glanced in off his skate which was in the process of stopping. Just seemed like common sense that it was a goal, unlike Pominville’s in game 1. How was that goal any more conclusive/distinctive?

      In the end all that matters is we won. Let’s build on it tomorrow nite.

    7. Funny. Malik has struggled this year, but his play has improved in the later part of the season. Malik’s turnover cost us, but Nylander almost did the same thing Sunday. Malik has made that pass (as has Rozy, Straka, Prucha, etc.) all season and no one complains when Nylander dipsy-doodles up the ice and scores. That is the way the top 5 play. Live by the sword, die by the sword. The fans are all over Malik this year. Maybe they should cheer the guy insted of booing him, because if he didn’t pick up his game in Feb-Mar. like he did, we would all be playing golf right now.

    8. Doodie Machetto on

      I agree, Malik has been a lot better. Still, it’s a playoff game. You can’t do that in a Playoff game. You just can’t.

      And I wouldn’t be playing golf. I hate that game.

    9. Isbister look good for the big 9 minutes he played. Put Pock in he would do better as the 7th D 4th liner.

    10. Last night was one of the most exciting games that I’ve been to EVER!! I am glad that our “These refs suck” chant was heard by the viewers at home. :) The score last night should have been Rangers 2 – Refs 1 but the Rangers prevailed in the end with the score that should have been in regulation time. Either way, karma did its job! I truly believe that the noise at the Garden was a HUGE distraction, Brian Campbell said that he took in the atmosphere during the national anthem and he said it was a noise that you want to go away! LOL Let’s make it louder tomorrow!

    11. Doodie Machetto on

      Oh, and booing him is ridiculous. No better way to give a guy confidence for a game than to boo him when he is introduced or gets an assist or something. Blast him on this board, or when talking to your friends, or write Renney a letter saying you don’t like Malik, but booing him is just completely unacceptable.

    12. Doodie Machetto on

      Isbister looked REALLY good in OT, as did Betts. Betts almost had the winner a couple of times.

      I actually like the idea of having Isbister in the lineup, provided he is actually used in a very particular sense. I suggested during the beginning of the 2nd OT, when I saw how fresh he was, that he replace Marcel Hossa on the top line for a shift or two to give him a rest. If they wanted to give Isbister a top line shift after Hossa had some special teams time or late in a period, to give the Jagr line some jump, I’d be all for it. He actually did pretty well there while Hossa was hurt.

    13. Sam – is there still a limit of 4 callups when Hartford is done. I remember Buffalo had a ton of injuries last yr on their d so I would think at the least there would be an injury exemption even if the limit was listed as 4. Then who would determine if a guy would be too injured to play for that exemption.

      Finally what would be the rule if on an icing a guy was clearly injured before the icing. Could he be replaced on the defensive zone faceoff or would the team be forced to go 1 man down and a guy could come in from the bench after the faceoff. Or told you have to be on the ice and crawl your way off the ice for the change if an ACL type injury.
      Then of course you have the potential for fake injuries.

    14. I think that the video refs often take WAY too long to decide. Once you get past the point of viewing all the angles and studying the two or three best ones a few times, it has been proven that the group reviewing will be (subconsciously or otherwise) looking for proof to support their predetermined opinion. I think that there should be a 2 minute time limit, at which point they must be instructed to make the call from what they’ve seen, be it conclusively goal/no-goal or inconclusive. Apart from which, I believe that if you MUST look at the play for four-plus minutes, it CANNOT be considered conclusive, and the call on the ice should stand.

      By the way, what’s with Bret Hull? He flat-out HATES the Rangers. On the NBC intermission reports, he was so blatantly anti-Rangers that when the question “Which team deserves to win?” was posed, instead of giving the obvious answer, and unable to back his favoured non-Ranger team, he says: “I don’t believe in that question” (or words to that effect). Well, the Rangers DESERVED to win, and they DID win. Even with the refs wearing Sabres jerseys beneath their stripes. Read it and weep, Hull.

    15. “Malik’s turnover cost us, but Nylander almost did the same thing Sunday.”

      Apparently Nylander has attempted that pass before, and when told not to he said, “But Coach, I am the Swedish Wayne Gretzky!” I thought that was pretty good.

      Izzy and Betts looked good in OT because they were the only ones with relatively fresh legs. I appreciated the work the did. Also, did anyone notice how Girardi was laying people out and bodying guys off the puck? I was extremely impressed.

    16. Doodie Machetto on

      “Apparently Nylander has attempted that pass before, and when told not to he said, “But Coach, I am the Swedish Wayne Gretzky!â€? I thought that was pretty good.”


      In all seriousness though, Nylander has REALLY improved this season. At his age, you usually don’t see that sort of thing.

    17. I think what really makes the no-goal call disturbing is comparing it to the pominville goal in game 1. At the very least, they should have resulted in the same call – either both called a no-goal or both called a goal. Both were cases of a puck being directed in by something other than a stick, and both players were being harassed, which makes it more difficult.

      But two things make the calls really bad in my opinion:

      a) It is virtually impossible to perform a kicking motion while stopping, and especially while being hooked/held by another player – anyone who has ever played knows this.

      b) The Pominville goal was originally called no goal, and the rangers goal was originally called a goal. You can’t tell me there was substantially more evidence to overturn the on-ice call in the Pominville goal than the Rachunek goal. Like I said, at the very least they should have resulted in the same call.

    18. Doodie Machetto on

      Dom – good point. They should’ve had the same result.

      As for what everyone is saying about the logistics, that’s kind of the point I was trying to make. But what I figure actually happened was they looked only at the time of contact, back and forth in slow motion, in absence of the evidence of the situation. I was watching it on TiVo, and when you do exactly what I said, it looks like a kick. But you have to be retarded not to take the rest of the situation into account.

    19. Charlie, I couldn’t agree more about Brett Hull. The guy is a flat out idiot. He brings nothing to the table and should be removed from the NBC broadcast. He’s just a clown who likes to say things that rile people up. I can’t stand guys that are that arrogant and think they know everything.

      I’m a huge Ranger fan & I must say I was disgusted yesterday when the fans booed Malik the way they did. How is that going to help our cause? The fact of the matter is, even with the mistake he made (as glaring as it was) he is still an above average NHL defenseman. I’m convinced that he might be the unluckiest person in the NHL. Everyone makes mistakes, but for some reason, his mistakes end up in the back of the net. I just think he is really underappreciated for all the good he does. That’s just my opinion and I know that I’m in the minority.

      Sam, is there anything wrong with Nylander? Is he sick? Injured? He has been horrible this series. He looks nothing like the player who dominated against Atlanta. His passes have been off, he isn’t controlling the puck like usual, and at times he seems lazy on the ice.

    20. Hey Sam – a few notes from Buffalo…

      Penalties are penalties. You said last week you cannot stand people who try to blame the refs, take your own advise. Trust me, no one outside of Buffalo wants the Sabres to win, so let’s not pretend there is a referee conspiracy. I agree they are calling some very borderline infractions, but it’s up to the players to adapt to what the refs are calling.

      Last time I checked this is a hockey series not soccer. The rules state that you cannot kick the puck into the net. Is this a dumb rule? – yes. But it’s still a rule. It was kicked in. Relax, the Rangers still won and they should have. They outworked the Sabres for most of the game – and were clearly the better team yesterday. This Sabres fan is kind of happy we have another Friday night game at the HSBC anyways (and no we are not over looking anything so save your breath).

      Even though you won – did you get a little nervous when Roy’s slap shot went off the post in 2OT? That would have been it.

      Out from Buffalo.

    21. goalbyPrucha on

      I remember feeling confident on the review that it would have been a goal. Even the nbc announcers said it, if I’m not mistaken.

    22. Sully,

      Here’s a little english lesson for you courtesy of myself and

      Entry: advise
      Function: verb
      1 a : to give advice to : COUNSEL b : CAUTION, WARN c : RECOMMEND
      2 : to give information or notice to : INFORM
      intransitive verb
      1 : to give advice
      2 : to take counsel : CONSULT

      Entry: advice
      Function: noun
      1 : recommendation regarding a decision or course of conduct : COUNSEL
      2 : information or notice given — usually used in plural
      3 : an official notice concerning a business transaction

      So maybe you’d like Sam to take his own ADVICE…

    23. thanks for the spelling lesson buddy – i think you knew what i meant. But im glad you wasted your time going to the dictionary, nice work. (check for more spelling errors please)

    24. What bothers me is not that Rachunek’s goal was disallowed, but that his was disallowed and Buffalo’s cheap goal in Game 1 WAS allowed. The league got the call wrong on both goals, even the crappy VS and NBC announcers thought so.

    25. Help me out guys,
      I live in Arizona & have been a Ranger fan for over 60 years.
      I watch EVERY game on my dish.
      NBC sucks on broadcasting.
      My question is what are the NYR fans chanting during games. I can’t make it out & the announcers won’t repeat it.
      The only one I can hear is “Potvin sucks” & of coarse “let’s go Rangers”
      Help of an old guy here & let me feel like in MSG again.

      THX, Tony

    26. And for the guy who is pretending to be me – it’s pretty funny. I used to do that when i was in 3rd grade too.

    27. Hey Sully,

      Weren’t you “Out from Buffalo” some time ago now? It is nice of you to let us know your innermost desires, but is this really the place for it?

    28. bklynblue – good point on the “punch” goal. it looked like a tough call from the stands, but they didn’t show the replay on the jumbotron. I’ll take your word on it.

    29. ThisYeasModel on

      On BRETT HULL….he has to be a shill for the NHL as the league allowed him to score an illegal Stanley Cup winning goal against Buffalo. Bettman, Colie, et al are trying to make it up to the Buffalo owner and fans. I doubt we will see any games where the ratio of penalties is not 2:1 against. Add to that the dislike by the refs towards Jagr (diver), Avery (instigator) and Shanny (complainer) and don’t hold your breath waiting for any calls. The Rangers have to continue to get the puck in deep and cycle, and bury more of their chances. If we score 4, we won’t have to be so stressed or worried. Buffalo leads the series 2-1, but the Rangers have been the better team 2-1. WIn tomorrow, and this series is ours.

    30. Did anyone else see the shift in OT where Izzy was still out on the ice when Jags and Nylander came out. Granted Izz was considerably fresher having barely seen the ice, but I thought he looked better out there with them than Hossa had all game. And I railed on the uselessness of Izzy earlier in the season but he worked well in the trenches yesterday on that shift … maybe try Hossa with Betts and Jed (another HBO line) where his speed would be better served and leave Izzy with Jags and Nylander who frankly don’t need a speedster with their puck possession style …

    31. cwgatti April 30th, 2007 at 2:00 pm:
      “Maybe they should cheer the guy insted of booing him, because if he didn’t pick up his game in Feb-Mar. like he did, we would all be playing golf right now.”

      You’re saying Malik is the reason we’re in the playoffs. Do you have any idea how utterly effing stupid that statement is? You haven’t been watching the same Rangers we have. Yeah, Malik picked his game up. But he’s still the biggest liability we have on this team. They cut Nylander slack because he’s a forward. He’s gotta take risks to make a play. Malik is a defenseman. He can’t be taking any risks. Learn the positions of the game.

    32. Another thing. Maybe someone could explain me how come if there was no-goal why refs didn’t make penalty call for hooking? Is there any explanation from the league or referees?

    33. Hanny,

      I think you are criticizing a valid point that cwgatti made. You yourself agree that Malik picked up his game. He IS one of our most-utilized d men. Renney is intent on using him whether or not he’s making these mistakes. Therefore, the comment: “if he didn’t pick up his game in Feb-Mar. like he did, we would all be playing golf right now” is TOTALLY valid. It is not every blueliners job to make zero risk plays, otherwise there would be no room for players like Mara et al.

    34. There’s NO WAY Malik is the reason we’re in the playoffs. The reason for it is because EVERYONE picked up their game. Don’t make Malik out to be God’s gift to the NHL. If he didn’t pick up his game, guess what… I still think we’d be in the playoffs. Malik isn’t the end-all, be-all of our playoff drive.

      Everyone makes mistakes. But when Malik does it, it usually turns into a goal. :) Look, I don’t like hearing the boos just as much as the next true fan. But at some point you gotta say “WTF is going on with him.” Everyone’s allowed mistakes, but he has a tendency to make those mistakes in front of Lundy or near enough to him to burn us.

    35. the penalty was not called because it was after the first intermission mandate that we not get any more calls for

    36. Sully, 1) It was not kicked in, Rachunek was stopping himself or he was going into Miller and We probably would have gotten another penalty call. Tough call? On the punch in? Ray Charles could have seen that.
      Roy’s shot hitting the post, Was the hockey gods saying you don’t deserve this game, We also hit posts in game 2, you would have been down about 6-2 in that game.
      Outplayed most of the game? Your team has been outplayed 10 of 11 periods. SO RELAX YOURSELF. Good work SAM.

      LETS GO RANGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      P.S. SULLY, IF

    37. Sully, 1) It was not kicked in, Rachunek was stopping himself or he was going into Miller and We probably would have gotten another penalty call. Tough call? On the punch in? Ray Charles could have seen that.
      Roy’s shot hitting the post, Was the hockey gods saying you don’t deserve this game, We also hit posts in game 2, you would have been down about 6-2 in that game.
      Outplayed most of the game? Your team has been outplayed 10 of 11 periods. SO RELAX YOURSELF. Good work SAM.

      LETS GO RANGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    38. Malik is terrible, anybody who thinks he’s an “above average” NHL defenseman is not paying attention, but booing a player on your own team is stupid. What’s the point?

    39. a discussion of ratings on Mike and mad dog. at 6pm they were 4 in NYC and 40 (yes forty) in Buffalo.

      but the overall avg ratings for the 3 hours were—

      in NYC, the yankees were 8, NFL draft was 4, NBA was 2.5, golf was 2, nascar was 2, and Rangers were 1.8

      so, in NYC, even a nondescript golf tourney got better ratings than a Ranger playoff game, and an out of town basketball game did better.

      sure, Buffalo is a smaller town with less things to do, but that still does not FORCE people to watch the game. Now, here I am not talking about the diehard fans like us, I am talking about casual fans or non-fans, and in Buffalo those casual fans WERE tuning in, but in NYC they were not doing so as much.

      but the biggest thing to take out of this info is that the NHL is in big trouble as far as getting a national TV contract on network TV that pays an upfront rights fee, and puts the finals on in prime time. NBC is not paying any rights fee, and they are about ready to drop the prime time finals next year if this year the ratings are as miserable as last year.

    40. NYR1994 – your point about trying to not to run into Miller does make sense, but when you try to stop in skates you turn the skate toe to your inside – not to the outside like your trying to score against Mexico in the World Cup.

    41. Buffalo Bandwagon Fan on

      Just a thought,
      How about how much the puck was bouncing around out there. NY had to slush up that ice. Pretty good tactic if you ask me. Islanders did some of the same, but I almost thought we were going to need swimmies by the end there. On the goal. It was a goal, he REDIRECTED it in with his foot, no question, which is legal. However, the league has made that same call in other games. I beleive it is time to reword the rule or stick to what they always do and make it up as they go.

    42. Doodie, you see a distinct kicking motion? Distinct: Distinguished as not being the same; separate. You could “separate” that and “distinguish” the kicking motion from that motion associated with stopping and/or slowing while on the ice? I doubt that. I mean on super slow mo Racky’s leg might move an inch or two from it’s original path…no more. Hard to say that is “distinct”. The thing that puzzles me is it was called a goal initially. Then there was totally “conclusive” evidence that it was a “distinct kicking motion”? That is BS. Then I look at the game #1 Pominville play where he punched the puck into the net during the course of coming to a halt and it was NOT a goal by the ref’s initial call. And then there was “conclusive” evidence that it WAS NOT punched in? I just find the calls around those two events just so inconsistent.

      And Racky’s stick was held and hooked so he couldn’t move it. Shouldn’t that have been a penalty?

      Call it what you want, but it sure smells bad.

      Brett Hull is a clown. Nothing more. A Hall of Fame prolific NHL goal scorer and total stud on the ice, but a dopey fool in the TV studios who should quit while we still have good hockey memories of him.

      And Sully, go choke a Buffalo chip you pontificating charlatan.

    43. Right Sully, this is also not Holyfield vs Bowe, that is what that punch in goal looked like.

    44. a casual observer on

      “Hey Sam – a few notes from Buffalo…

      Penalties are penalties. You said last week you cannot stand people who try to blame the refs, take your own advise. Trust me, no one outside of Buffalo wants the Sabres to win, so let’s not pretend there is a referee conspiracy. I agree they are calling some very borderline infractions, but it’s up to the players to adapt to what the refs are calling.”
      Sully, I HATE the Islanders, but I had to admit Buffalo was given every break against them in the first round. I see it happening again in the 2nd round. I don’t know if it is a “conspiracy” but I see a small market team who is very good getting a little extra help.

    45. calling the ticky-tack fouls is really ruining the sport. it was done to try to put more scoring in the games, but scoring is back down again this year, and coaches have adjusted defensively.

      all it is doing is taking the physical battles out of the sport, it is not increasing scoring, it is ruining the flow of games with all the PPs, and it is turning the game into puckcarrier-turn-his-back and kill time in the corner hockey.

      there were so many phantom calls for one-handed hooking in the Van-Ana game last night that it was boring.

    46. WE as Rangers Fans must STOP this conspiracy talk. Outsiders are already saying that we sound like Islanders fans.

      Just state that facts. Game 3 was the worst example of NHL officiating to date – no question about it. Non-calls, questionable calls, reversed calls, offsides – you name it. The NHL made a joke out of that game. The league ought to be embarrassed.

    47. NRR1994 – i already agreed the punch was a break for the Sabres. As for the kick – they should get rid of the rule all together. Unless you high-stick or throw it into the net, it should count. You would think the league would want more goals anyway.

    48. “a 1.8 share in NY is still more people than a 40 share in Buffalo.”

      not to network TV execs it isn’t, and THEY are who count if you want NHL hockey on TV.

    49. Buffalo Bandwagon Fan :

      Speaking of the ice.
      first, in Nassau. According to a article which I can’t find at the moment, there were reports of a unnamed team that had such a long shot to make the playoffs that the people in charge melted the ice surface. And, winning games on the road to get into the playoffs, they had to remake the ice surface on short notice. Also, this article said the ice was terrible and the home team won neither of their home games. Must have been the Islanders.

      As for MSG’s ice Sunday, The Killers played the night before, and, while it was a great concert to see, it didn’t end until just before midnight. It gets a lot hotter during a concert than a hockey game. I don’t think it is anything more than bad Scheduling and pandering to national TV. Scheduling a puck drop 14 hours after the end of a major concert probably isn’t the best for the ice surface.

      And, here’s a question I really need an answer to: If the ice is slow, then doesn’t it affect the speed of the Defense just as much as the speed of the Offense? So therefore the team with the more speed will still be the speedier team on whatever surface?

    50. jim they seem to call Jagr for ticky tacs but not the ones committed against him near as much. He’s the type of player they were intending to protect ala Mario & Sidney.

    51. Buffalo Bandwagon Fan on

      Here’s your answer: A team is proportionally affected by conditions. A faster skater loses more proportionally than a slower skater. A team that relies more heavily on puck movement is greater effected by slow ice. If Afinegenov is normally 2 steps ahead and now is only 1 step ahead that makes a difference. The Rangers benefit from sloppier play, it also was the reason they didn’t put that game away earlier with sure goals bouncing off Avery’s and everyone else’s stick. Don’t expect that ice to get any colder by Tuesday, I just hope The Sabres adjust accordingly the way they should have after the 1st period.

    52. buffalo look at Afinegenov’s icetime. They check the ice temp at MSG in between periods.

    53. I’m not saying the ice surface didn’t help them. The Rangers play in a building where there’s something scheduled almost every single night. They’re used to having crummy ice, they’re used to having the puck bounce and flip on them. I don’t know if you can blame the ice for the shutdown of the Sabres’ offense. There were many points in the game where the Ranger forwards were blowing right past the D that was giving the Rangers difficulty in the first two games.

      The point of my post was just to put out the info on the ice. I’m sure it will be better than Sunday although I doubt it will be amazing. It really never is in MSG.

      As bad as the ice was, I’d say the home advantage of getting the last change and the fans made more of a difference than the ice.

      Not sure which source I got this from but it is a pretty decent quote:
      “It’s so long ago, I can’t even remember,� Briere said with a nervous laugh, trying to recall something about the opening 20 minutes. “I don’t even know what to say. The one thing I remember was the crowd was into it.�

    54. Sabbie fans can come on here and bitch, ut you can’t go on any of there sites becasue they delete everything you write. Hmmm can dish it, but can’t take it I see.

    55. Im not bitching from a Sabres point of view. We lost yesterday – no big deal, you guys played better. We’ll see what happens. Don’t be scared of other points of view – if your agrument makes sense I’ll probably agree with you anyways. As for the Sabres websites – I wouldn’t go on those either. Most likely the people on those sites are the types that scream “shoot” when the puck is in the corner on the power-play.

    56. ORR kicks Ying Yang on


      With all due respect…Cmon…Thats moronic…Your saying you’d want a player to kick in a Game Winning Stanley Cup clinching goal…If it were at that point…Its simple if its a kicking motion..whether its accidental or not it shouldnt count…But rackys goal shoulda counted because its either he put on the breaks and force the puck in even though that probably wasnt his intent…or he steamrolls Miller and most likely hurts him…

      Im happy with the win but im not happy that they didnt call that a goal…Thats the second time this year…NYR was screwed out of a goal…That nearly costed us a game..

      For all of you who dont remember…It was cullens shot that went in the net and out…And the refs refused to review it..when it was clearly IN the net

    57. Doodie Machetto on


      “but when you try to stop in skates you turn the skate toe to your inside – not to the outside like your trying to score against Mexico in the World Cup.”

      If he were just stopping, sure, turning in would’ve been better. But he was also trying to square up so he could shoot, with his stick, at the puck. The fact that he was stopping in such an awkward fashion is why his skates jutted across the ice.

      New Newman:

      “You could “separateâ€? that and “distinguishâ€? the kicking motion from that motion associated with stopping and/or slowing while on the ice? I doubt that.”

      The rules don’t say anything about having to separate it. Only that the motion be distinct. And when you do what I said, taking the motion totally out of it’s context, it does look like a kick. And each one of those juts from him trying to stop, not just when it when in, his foot moves a solid 3 to 4 inches. I’m not saying they got it right, just that it’s not like they conjured it out of thin air.

    58. i personally think its tougher to kick a puck in rather than shoot it. these long reviews waste a lot of time. when brett hull scored with his foot in the crease to beat the sabres in the stanley cup, should it have been counted? By the rules at the time – no. but lets be real (and i would probaby be shot in Bflo for saying this) the hull goal should have been a goal, he was in the crease to get the rebound. the NHL changed the in the crease rule the next year because they knew it was a dumb rule.

    59. goalbyPrucha on

      SULLY, Rachunek was tied up like a calf in a roping contest!! Why no penalty on that call at least???? He didn’t kick it. End of story. Rangers got hosed by the officials. On and off ice ones.

    60. Sam:

      Rangers are playing with fire not dressing 7 D. If one of their D goes down it is over … Sabres are too fast and fall down to easily (dive successfully), for the Rangers tired D’s stick checks if they have to go with 5 D.
      Isbister did average as did Ortmeyer… one of them can sit for Pock ..

    61. DanTheRangerFan on

      This is from an aricle a few years back thought it was appropriate reading material with everything thats going on…The fact is the officiating use to be alot better now its so wishy washy. Not sure who to blame?

      As head of officiating, what do you see as the biggest problem facing the NHL right now?

      We have teams that think whenever they lose, the officiating cost them the game. That is absurd. When we ourselves, and independent people, assess the officiating in the NHL it rates very highly. Teams that lose tend to point a finger at the official rather than shouldering the blame for having the wrong people on the ice or for their players not showing up. Frankly, a lot of it we find very annoying. It’s embarrassing for the league for no reason because our officials do an excellent job overall. I guess I’m in the minority because when I was a manager and my team lost, I usually figured we got beat.

    62. hl,

      I’m not sure you understand how TV ratings work. You’re comparing “shares” for different markets, not nationally. The “universe” in Buffalo is tiny compared to NY, so a 40 share of the local Buffalo market is irrelevant compared to a 1 share in NYC. The pool of televisions being watched is so much smaller in Buffalo. In fact, the NY market is so big, that if a show does well in NYC it raises the national numbers. Buffalo is a drop in the bucket. The NHL understands that and probably has the actual numbers.

      Nationally, “ratings” are the percentage of all households watching; “share” is the percentage of televisions turned on.

    63. there would be alot more than discussions going on today, if the NYR lost yesterday. Then that would have been a kick in the rear and throat. That’s why it’s been played down nor as much outrage. It still needs looking into with a real explanation, not slow mo mumbo jumbo. More like ‘we might have made the wrong call because upon further review it’s INCONCLUSIVE, so we concluded wrong. The player didn’t intentionally kick it in, the motion was from stopping not to run into the post similar to a hand punching the puck, but the hand was to stop from hitting the post’.

    64. A couple of quick responses:

      I’ve actually had the pleasure of playing at the Garden. The ice, when I played it at least, actually wasn’t that bad, although I grew up playing their practice rink at Rye Playland so I was sort of used to similar conditions. What I will say, however, is that it was so freakin’ hot, I was dying. A couple of players said to me that that was the hardest part yesterday.

      That said, the puck from my vantage point was bouncing A LOT, and if there was a concert the night before, that would explain it (I know the Killers are big but I’m shocked they played the Garden and not the Theater).

      As for the seven D, my story in tomorrow’s paper talks about the integral role the fourth line played in Sunday’s win –particularly their ability to spell the top lines in OT. You simply can’t get away with fielding a team with less than four lines against a team like Buffalo that rolls four consistently.

      Yes, there is a risk of losing a defenseman and being shorthanded, but Pock is not a full-time forward — he hasn’t played it much since his sophomore year of college — so to just dress him in that role for insurance purposes is risky in its own right.


    65. czechthemout!!!!! on

      i hate to say this,but here goes.the fact of the matter is
      that minorities for the most part don’t watch hockey,have not been exposed to hockey to the extent that hockey is an expensive game to play and is also expensive to go is is not expensive to play ut is somewhat expensive to attend.most inner city kids can’t afford hockey equipment or ice would be great if the nhl would take maybe some small percentage of it’s revenue and reivest it into inner city kids in n.y,det,la,chi,bos,etc..maybe also get euipment makers like nike,reebok,and ccm to donate equipment so as to spark interst in the inner cities,maybe expand what the ice hockey in harlem venture is doing nation wide.what the nhl needs is a jackie robinson type figure in terms of ability
      or a michael jordan of hockey to spark minorities interst in hockey.than and only than would there be better ratings on a wide far as baseball goes,no other sport gets as much free publicity by the press as baseball.this most boring of sports is force fed at us day and night all year long.and yet until the yankees became good,baseball ratings sucked big fact in the early 90’s,cbs lost billions thats right billions on the got so bad that they bought them selves out of their contract with baseball to the tune of 1 billion dollars never to come near it again.
      and in 1994,hockey ratings were better than basketball’s was.i also would like to add that the world series ratings have been on the decline now for fact last years
      ratings were the worst ever.the number one sport in this country is football with out a shadow of a doubt.

    66. chris that’s a good idea, but the NYR better be talking to the league behind the scenes that gets the message into their heads. The NHL needs to get their act together for the playoffs…..””The puck didn’t deflect off Rachunek’s skate and in. The pass from Hossa hit Rachunek in the skate … then … Rachunek propels the puck in with his skate,” NHL video director Damian Echevarrieta explained. “You can’t score a goal with your skate unless it hits you in the skate and goes in based on the momentum of the shot or pass. You can’t propel the puck in with your skate.”……’It has to be a distinct kicking motion,” Renney said. ”If that’s distinct then we’re all in trouble.”….” as this was the fourth video review of these playoffs that went the Sabres’ way – two in this series, two in the first round against the Islanders”

    67. czechthemout!!!!! on

      yesterday’s game was the worst officiated game i have ever seen in watching hockey for 35 years!!!!!.it was so one sided it was scary to could deduce that buffulo had the officials on the take if one did not know any better.but something is surely wrong.this also happened to the osls against buffulo in every one of the 5 games they played them.coincidence?maybe.all i know is that a wise man once said that if it quacks like a duck,it’s a duck.and this thing is quacking up a huge thunder storm.

    68. I know exactly how it works. and the national number was 1.2, I said it was 1.8 in NYC

      and the point still stands. it was lower then everything else on TV at the same time.

    69. SAM how long ago was Pock a sophmore, 3 years ago? Is that how Renney &/or Pock feel about him playing on the 4th line & as a 7th D? Renney did it last year with Strudwick. Pock has more offensive abilities than Strudwick, and probably more than Orr, Hollweg, Isbister, Ortmeyer, & Betts in terms of scoring goals or assisting on them in the NHL. It’s not like he’d be playing goal or baseball, it’s a position in hockey that he’s played before. I think he add more of a dimension to the NYR and give Renney options. I’m not knocking Isbister, he played pretty good yesterday, but he only got 9 minutes out of 96, so they weren’t really rolling 4 lines thanks to the REFS. And the same will probably happen tomorrow, if the refs continue working scared and inconsistent. And now they have the added insult of the NY fans, press coverage, and conytroversary which their supervisor thinks it shows their doing their job…….
      from that ESPN article…”Who makes the cut? Those who call games in strict adherence to the rules of the “new NHL” — specifically, evidencing zero tolerance for obstruction violations like interference, holding and hooking.

      Exhibits A and B: Dennis LaRue and Kevin Pollock. In Game 3 of the first-round series between the Sabres and the Islanders at Nassau Coliseum, the ref tandem called a pair of tripping penalties against the Isles in the final eight minutes with the home team trailing by a goal. The last penalty, whistled with just 1:34 remaining in regulation, drew an angry response from the crowd, which escalated to some fans pelting the ice with garbage.

      That’s just the sort of thing Walkom likes to see (minus the littering).”

    70. Sam, thanks for the clarification on playing on Garden ice. I’ve never had the chance and I just always see the puck bounce and flutter.

      It was a good concert, but being in MSG for the Rangers the next afternoon trumped it big time.

    71. Sorry, hl, maybe I missed the point. I thought you had suggested the larger share in Buffalo implied they were a bigger market for hockey viewership or had more rabid fans.

      Czech, it sounds to me like you’re talking about an underclass issue more than a minority issue, though the two are obviously related. For minorities with money, Jerome Iginla isn’t too bad a role model, I don’t think. Not to mention Kevin Weekes, baby!

      To me, the larger problem is pretty clear. If you can’t or don’t play hockey — no matter what ethnicity you are — you won’t watch games on TV. Most Americans don’t have hockey as an option — it’s not a part of their culture. Not to generalize too quickly, but I doubt most suburban or rural Iowans play the game, and it’s not because they can’t afford it. And so they don’t care to tune in…

      Finally, let’s be honest, watching a basketball or a football be moved around the court or field on TV is just easier for a casual fan to follow. There may be no solution (maybe HD?) but my friends who would be open to the game and like going to games still find it hard to follow on TV. Which says two things: it’s hard to follow, and I need to know different people.

    72. AngelusMortis on

      Even I’ll admit that Rachunek played a decent game yesterday, and I really, really can’t stand him. Malik didn’t even look TOO bad.

    73. bklynblue,

      They’ve been calling ticky tack penalties on Jagr and not calling most of the blatant penalties committed against him for 12+ seasons. Maybe it started when they were promoting Lindros as the “Next One”, I can’t remember exactly, but it’s been going on for a long while.

      The order for superstar preference is:
      1. “True” Canadian (Gretzky, Lindros, Crosby)
      2. French-Canadian or American

      3. European or Russian

      If you’re in the third category, especially an all-time great like Jagr, you can be held, hooked, and tackled, but if you touch an opponent with your stick it is a penalty. It didn’t take Shanny long to catch on, but if you complain it only gets worse.

      Heck, even Lemieux (category 2) retired again in ’97 due to the lack of penalty enforcement.

    74. What is Allaire doing? Shouldn’t he be scouting the opposing goalies to determine their weaknesses and how to beat them?

    75. scully #2 go tell your mommy what your posting here , and call your doctor . you need help.

    76. Some reaction to the above 100 something comments…

      DOODIE: Isbister on first line? F@#k no to the tenth power. While people continue to claim this guy played “great” on Jagr’s line, he played ADEQUATE, period. Not good, not bad, but adequate. And given the guys he was with and his paltry three points, I’d argue his play was even a bit sub-par. I agree with Isbister on fourth instead of Orr, MAYBE Holly.

      KOFFEY: No. Period. No seven d-man. Bad idea during the regular season, worse during the playoffs. A true contender will always have four reliable lines to skate, not three.

      SULLY(and all on Rachunek): I watched that play over and over again and I’ll say this: first, I’d make a case that had Rocky been standing in the crease, that probably would have deflected off his skate into the crease. Second, had he not jammed on the breaks, he WOULD have creamed Miller running full-tilt; in otherwords, Miller injured. No doubt in my mind. And lastly, there is no one in hockey that could deliberately work that play. It was completly unintentional and, like Hull’s goal in ’98, should have been counted(although I disagreed with that call at the time and was routing for Buffalo).

    77. czechthemout – there is an inner city NHL program. One player I can think of that I heard came from that is Gerald Coleman who played goal a couple games for the Lightning last year. The main problem is that hockey can’t be played most of the year outside, unlike most other sports besides skiing, for instance, and practically nobody watches that either. The way to make hockey fans is watching the game from an early age (as I did) or going to a game, which is unfortunately very expensive if you want to actually see the puck clearly, unless you work for a big company who pays for the seats. Plus, it takes a lot of equipment to play hockey, as it does football, but football is more highly promoted in pee-wee leagues, so hockey is neglected.

    78. Sam I understand the 4th line’s role . Luckily this series is 2-1 and hopefully 2-2. Renney’s decisions for games 1 & 2’s lineup were proved wrong. Many called for Pock to at least be the 7th D in game 1, that proved to be really needed but wasn’t done. Playing Hollweg in both games ddn’t pan out, especially when Ortmeyer was not in for game 2, that was proved wrong too. Isbister has played ok in both games, but so far all 3 games, in hindsight of course, if Pock was in the outcome probably would have been different in game 1, maybe in game 2, & game 3 thankfully a win but his presence could have ended it sooner, and if they lost which they came close to doing could have been because he wasn’t in. The D came up big in game 3 but a 7th D would have been a great option for a 96+ minute game, including his offensive abilities to score both at even strength & on the PP. That’s why I still think he should have been in the first 3 games.And I’m not convinced he shouldn’t be in tonight instead of Isbister. But he won’t be, so I hope I’m proved wrong. So I say Isbister gets the game winner on assists from Ortmeyer & Betts ( to prove John M wrong) ;)

    79. Has anyone else had a problem with this “comments” part of the blog shutting down your browser? I cant believe I actually was able to click to this part this time, it usually shuts down my explorer (im at work, must use IE)Driving me f*cking crazy….Sam, if you or anyone know if there’s a way to fix this I’d appreciate it…

      will repost this in the next update….


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