Game 3: Rangers win 2-1 in 2OT


Rangers win with 3:17 left in the second overtime on a Michal Rozsival slapshot from the point.

Tremendous game. Either Sam or I will be back later on.


What an OT period by the Rangers, who pressured Buffalo all period but couldn’t get the winner. Matt Cullen had a decent chance, as did Hossa, but I can’t really remember the specifics because my brain is overloaded with everything that’s gone on.

Zubrus’ shot almost went in. I think it hit a Ranger, and beat Lundqvist to the post. It nearly bounced over the goal line after it hit the post, but the Rangers were fortunate.

I think the main question now is this: How much do these teams have left to give? And, more importantly, which team still has more to give than the other? I thought the Rangers were done late in the third, but they have responded with a second wind. Let’s see if it can continue.


A couple chances there for the Rangers, but we’re going overtime.

Either way, officiating is going to be part of today’s story.


The penalty on Shanahan comes back to haunt the Rangers, who fall into a tie on the goal by Daniel Briere. The Buffalo star beat Lundqvist through a few screens to knot the score at 1-1.

Totally deflating for the Rangers, who definitely had their opportunities to take a two-goal lead. They could end up being sorry they didn’t capitalize.

The Garden is sorta dead all of a sudden. Everyone is stunned.

Buffalo had been 0 for 6 on the PP before that, but you can’t give an offense like that so many chances.


Well, Avery nearly had that big moment I talked about before, but with his jam shot inches from the goal line, Teppo Numminen stopped the rolling puck with his stick blade.

The teams are flying right now. Incredible intensity.

Rachunek nearly made himself the game 3 goat on the giveaway to Hecht, but Lundqvist, as he has all game, made the stop when he needed to.

Here’s a stat for you: The refs have two takeaways, one on Jagr and one now on Shanahan. They are probably the most productive defensive pairing on the ice.


In a non-Rangers related note: For those of you who like good college hockey, BU will face Cornell on Nov. 24th at the Garden. It is significant for two reasons: 1) notice they did not invite UNH, and 2) BU is the best.

So there you have it. Now back to your Rangers.


The last penalty saw Jagr tie his season high with six penalty minutes. Amazing. But, yes, it was an absolute farce. The guy on the Sabres simply tripped over Jagr’s stick.

The Garden crowd just went bonkers after the no-call when Isbister was pulled to the ground. It was yet another tough play to swallow.

Still, no matter how the game has been called, the Rangers have done an excellent job of putting pressure on Buffalo. They are definitely the aggressors today, which is something many of you asked for. Problem is, a one-goal lead is not safe.


Well, say this: Paul Mara got his money’s worth, roughing up the Sabres in front of the net before getting tossed in the box.

With all the work Lundqvist had to do killing off the Jagr penalty (which, by the way, looked inadvertent), I can’t imagine he was very happy with the Mara penalty.


Quick thought: I get the sense Avery’s going to do something. He’s right in the middle of every play when he’s on the ice.


Tough call there. The PA just said Rachunek made a “distinct” kicking motion. But you have to say, with the way he was taken down by Ales Kotalik, Rachunek probably couldn’t have kicked anything.

Oh well, it was nearly 2-0.


Jagr scores at even strength to give the Rangers a 1-0 lead. He made the play himself after Marek Malik kept the puck in the zone. Jagr made a nice move to open up space by the left circle and took a shot on Ryan Miller. The Sabres goalie stopped it, and appeared to stop the rebound try by Martin Straka but the shot trickled through Miller’s legs. Jagr then slammed it over the goal line.

The Rangers were spared having to kill another penalty when the officials (who had already put Tyutin in the box for tripping on Briere) decided Briere was offsides. That was a huge emotional lift because a penalty there would’ve taken a little luster off the Jagr goal.


From the stat sheet:

Rangers have 13 hits, Sabres 3. Huuuge difference from what we’ve seen so far.

Also, ice time for the Rangers — I was right. Only 1:31 for Isbister and 1:26 for Betts. It’s fairly balanced other than that, but it’s clear Renney is sticking with his top three lines whenever possible.

Rozsival leads the team so far at 8:34. I know that’s normal for him, but it may take its toll considering he is pinching more to help alleviate pressure off Jagr and Nylander in the offensive zone. The shifts are probably a little more taxing…twice before he was in the corner battling for pucks at even strength.


Jagr was repaid with a hook by Henrik Tallinder (the guy who Jagr hooked). Again, the Rangers had good chances on their PP and didn’t capitalize. The best chance was a quick cross ice feed from Mara to Callahan, but Callahan didn’t seem ready for it…and there was a good chance he could’ve scored.

There are still 20 seconds left on the PP to start the second period.


Jagr in the box now for hooking, so the Rangers are making their level of difficulty just a little bit higher.

They were lucky the Briere line didn’t get a goal before. They had several chances on net and the Rangers simply couldn’t get the puck out of the zone.

Another thing I’ve noticed so far is the fourth line has gotten almost zero ice time compared to normal.


The Rangers are about 30% on the PP vs. the Sabres, both in this series and in the regular season….and that was a good one. They didn’t score but had plenty of chances. That could be a key for them today because they can’t get much going even strength outside of Avery’s two semi-breakaways.


Honestly, Lauren read my mind. There’s no way the fans should boo Malik. Once he’s in the lineup, his play can only be hurt by the boos.

Other than that, the game has been played at a nice pace so far. The Rangers killed the Avery penalty, and could probably argue that Avery should’ve drawn one on his rush a couple minutes ago.


We’re about to drop the puck here at the Garden. I’ll be with you throughout the game, and Sam will duck in for updates between periods. (He’s very possessive I guess.)

The refs just took the ice. The teams will be next…and I’ll be back shortly after the puck is dropped.

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  1. Man, I really hate Ranger fans sometimes. Booing Malik when he touches the puck already is not going to help. The game isn’t even 5 minutes in. Rangers fans are such d*cks. Support your team.

  2. I love Malik getting booed, that is accountability that is totally missing from Renney

  3. Ah, Callahan on the PP – that’s very refreshing. Looks like they’re using only one defenseman per unit now instead of two on the second unit, although I think this has been pretty consistant for the playoffs. The thing I didn’t like about the first period was too much extended time for the Sabres on offense, especially at even strength. Rangers got lucky with a couple saves and many wide shots.

  4. Rangers are getting lucky — the Sabres are missing the net or breaking their sticks on a lot of decent chances. Rangers have missed the net also, but not nearly as much as the Sabres.

    Need to tighten that up.

  5. Rangers are getting lucky — the Sabres are missing the net or breaking their sticks on a lot of decent chances. Rangers have missed the net also, but not nearly as much as the Sabres.

    Need to tighten that up.

  6. Listening to the Audio it seems to be that the Rangers had the better of play more puck possession and more shots on goal. Was there hundred percent chance to score ????

    They seemed to have a good penalty killing not allowing too much shots on the powerplay….

    Let´s hope they will score first….

  7. I have been all out against booing Malik the entire year, but he does not belong in the lineup. When you make plays like he did 2 days ago that cost your team a game or maybe even a series, you deserve to be booed

  8. DanTheRangerFan on

    WoW Sam- is there any info from the league about confronting the POOR officiating this season and through the playoffs. I can honestly say most games this year have been winged. Stuff needs to be set in stone….they all need to get on the same page. This is f**king RIDICULOUS!!!

  9. Sam, what do you think about the fact that the fourt line got almost no ice time ?????

    Isbister and Betts just about over a minute and ortmeyer not a lot more ????

    Hopefully it works out especially if they may go in OT

  10. I don’t generally believe in blaming the officiating for much, especially not game results, but this series has really seemed biased against the Rangers. Jags and others just seem to drag guys around in a way that would be penalties against any other top player. And I’m not sure how there was no penalty on that earlier rush by Avery, either.

  11. Prucha was my favorite player, but this season Renney totally ruined him. He is not the same player anymore.

    Rangers remind me of Lundmark–so satisfied with couple of good shifts and pat themselves on the back that they stop trying much, later on.

  12. DanTheRangerFan on

    Prucha has been piss poor…but i wouldnt throw him to the wolves just yet. I dont like talking about NEXT YEAR.. but Betts,shannahan,hollweg,Malik,Rachunek OUT and Bring up Dubinsky,Dawes and go to the market for a 2nd line center and a first line d-man. The other d man through the system for markey….

  13. A goal for Rachunek?! Jagr’s mission makes everybody play better. Definitely a good goal.

  14. DanTheRangerFan on

    whattttt how was that a kicking motion….the nhl sucks….they are out to get Rangers

  15. The intensity goes up, said the audio guys of the Rangers, 16-9 shots in favor of the Rangers….
    Well, they need to score a second one avoiding the same disaster than friday….

  16. useless crosschecking by Mara ????

    Oh man I hate to have no pictures, it is like in the middle ages…Those idiots of the NHL don´t allow to buy live streaming over here…there is no live center ice packages online overseas…

  17. oh man this parade to the penalty box has to stop….
    Briere tied it on the powerplay now….

    Sam, are the refs calling the game one-sided or are those good calls ????

  18. onecupin67years on

    Historically the rangers Never win in these situations everything is against them ,What a hand job by the NHL!

  19. Lauren – I hate the fans who booed Malik today. I was at the game – my estimate is it was 5 to 10% of the crowd who booed him. When they did I did my best to tell them to stuff it but it seemed to fall on deaf ears. It did calm down as the game went along. This is not a game in November or January – its the 2nd round of the playoffs for gosh sakes.


  20. IMO, booing Malike IS supporting your team… being indifferent or cheeering a player who is lazy and has hurt the Rangers all year with his slow skating, fear of hitting, and inability to clear the crease sets a precedent that this kind of crap play is acceptable. I don’t care about his +/- which is a bogus stat – Malik HURTS the team incredibly and hopefully the booing will send a message to Renney and Sather – GET RID OF MALIK next year. He is a HUGE liability.

  21. JoeB – unfortunately we share the same name. This is not the time (2nd rd of playoffs after not being this far since 1997) to create all that negative energy by booing a player every time he touches the puck. If down by 4 goals and he’s messing up big time or if the game is November that is another story. Would you also suggest doing that in game 7 of the finals. It distracts the other players and significantly lessens the home ice advantage needed this time of year. I hope you live out of town or otherwise don’t have access to playoff tickets. Fortunately only 10% participated in that folly and gradually subsided as the game went on. The other 90% had better sense.

    Yes it was a terrible play in game 2 – totally inexcusable. But this is about now and going as far as possible now – not sending a message to Sather etc and in the process ruining whatever chance we have this year by making it a road game for the blueshirts.

  22. LI Joe – I understand your point and I hope you understand mine. I can understand saying not to boo Malik in the playoffs, but there were also many folks on here whining about booing playoffs in the regular season, as if fans don’t have the right to boo.

    Malik is a LAZY, weak defenseman and a huge liability and he needs to be gone. Those that can’t understand the sport spout on and on about his +/- while paying no mind to his inability to clear the crease, his unwillingness to hit anyone, and his propensity for scoring on his own net (was it five or six times this year?)

    anyway – LET’S GO RANGERS!!!!

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