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OK, here’s Josh and I on the latest podcast, something we couldn’t do for the road games since I was flying solo and it would be odd to hear me just talking to myself.

To spice things up, Josh entered into a six-minute, profanity-laced tirade. It was quite entertaining.

OK, not really. But we do talk about the game, which was exciting, too.


More tomorrow….

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  1. good stuff.

    would have preferred a little more vitriol for the refs. they were just awful and deserve to get lambasted at every available opportunity.

  2. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, Wolfpack is eliminated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Jagr had close to 22 minutes to rest thanks to the refs, so maybe it worked it’s karma. Sam & Josh Versus has called out the NHL on the goal, please do the same, and it’s time the refs become professional. The NHL disgraced themselves on national TV. No other sport has stooped so low, they are basically amateur officials and biased to boot.

  4. Even people who aren’t Rangers fans have commented to me about the lopsided calls today (and we’re talking some DEVILS fans here).

    So, with the Pack done, do the Rangers call up some guys to get the experience of being around a team in the NHL playoffs? (I don’t expect lineup changes.)

  5. ”It has to be a distinct kicking motion,” Renney said. ”If that’s distinct then we’re all in trouble.”

  6. Rosival > Girardi
    yeah, but 399 career games versus 34? What’s the word on Kevin Weekes?

  7. tirf get your broom out and sweep while you walk. Put it where you can do it with no hands.

  8. I totally agree on Dan Girardi, he’s not flashy but he’s our best stay at home defenseman on this club. I hope he’s here for many years to come because he’s a pleasure to watch.

  9. Actually, I’m also curious about Weekes. Not a big deal, but I don’t understand why any info on him is so hard to come by.

  10. I think my favorite moment from the game besides the goals is Dan Girardi knocking Vanek on his a$$, That was awesome.

    LETS GO RANGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Colin Cancer Campbell is up there in Toronto Screwing over the Rangers. He alway was a piece of garbage. Golisano must have funded some fine hookers up there in Toronto.

  12. ORR kicks Ying Yang on

    Colin Cambell has always had it in for NYR….here are 2 examples

    1) Simon gets 25 games for trying to take hollwegs head off..and he believed the guy was possesed by a concussion..In my opinion simon shoulda got more games…

    2) Orr gets 5 games for cross checking golden boy OV…But Brashear gets 1 game for punching Aaron Ward in the face with his bare fist…It was a sucker punch and he only got 1 game…

    I hate that loser…as much as i hate the idiot NYR fans who say they want there own team gettin swept…Were still in this one so screw you.

  13. Girardi will be putting up 25-30 points a season

    So anybody still want Drury?

    he is nothing special

  14. czechthemout!!!!! on

    this was absolutely the worst,most one sided officiated game i have ever seen in 34years of watching hockey.there is something fishy going on here with the refs,league and the calls they are getting every game.this also happened to the icelanders almost every game they played them fact an A.P. rcap of the game states that this is already the fourth call via replay that has gone their way out of four.i hope someone starts some kind of ivestigation about this crap because this performance by the refs and the league today was a complete win,a team should not have to play against the refs and the league not to mention the opponent they have to face on the ice.ok, now to the game.malik is a bad bad hockey player.he is a liability on the ice,he will not throw a check under any circumstance never.he is the epitomy of a pylon disguised as a hockey player.i don’t care about his +/-one bit.he sucks!!!!!!!.i hope he is replaced next year by staal.he should thank his lucky stars that he plays with rozy who covers up his pletora of mistakes that suck the life out of
    this team.i thought avery was great was jagr.callahan was simply out standing as well.giardi and tyutin were fantastic!!!.they are the best d tandem on the team.his royal highness was himself again today.i am thrilled with the result today,but there is no way we can possibly win this series when we are getting screwed like this by the refs and the league.

  15. Good stuff, guys. I love the audio analysis you do after each game…you should definitely keep this for games in the future. Obviously, it would probably be impossible to do it for all 82+ games in a season, but I hope you keep it around for next season.

    I was at work from 12 till 6 listening to the radio. As soon as I got off, I flew home and made it in time to see the Rozsi goal about 10 – 15 minutes later. Talk about good timing, lol.

  16. I thought the audio was lame and didn’t really add anything that we didn’t know already.

  17. ORR Kicks Ying Yang on


    Once again….Shut the hell up…You hate anything that comes from NYR’s mouth…You hate when they love when they lose…You never have anything positive to say about them..

    If your not an isles fan then why are your a ranger fan…Cause you sure as shit dont sound like one

  18. I think the audio is cool, but it would be great if you guys could talk more about the stuff we (or at least some of us) can’t see — the post-game stuff, some more behind the scenes reactions, etc. Maybe just add a bit more reportage to the opinions, although maybe that’s not the point of the podcasts.

    But thanks to you both, you’re doing a heck of a job and have all year.


  19. FYI – MSG is showing the replay of the game from nbc – but skipping some parts. they’re 1/2 through 2nd period but could likely skip a whole OT.

    Yes Drury is real good – he came real close to ending the game on a wrap around about 1 minute before we won it.

  20. -Orr Kicks Ying yang

    Yenner mot Is Tom Renny Backwards. Its Kind of a Bizzaro Tom Renny. Thats why everything he post is sounds so stupid. Its the opposite of what he means.

  21. No rooting interest, Josh? Don’t you want the Rangers to win?

    There is definitely something wrong with the officials. If that Sabre goal wasn’t a punching motion, how could Rachunek’s goal be a kicking motion? Many calls against the Rangers were not called the same against the Sabres. I am just confused.

    Jagr and Avery both looked like men possessed today. I loved their games, besides the two real penalties Jagr took (not counting the phantom trip). I really tried to watch Girardi more today and he really looked good. His good play is really overshadowing Tyutin’s quiet play right now. I was also noticing Callahan become the new Prucha in terms of hitting, Isbister protecting the puck well, Ortmeyer hitting better than Hollweg, and good work by the fourth line in OT.

    And, of course, let’s give it up to Henrik for many great and instinctive saves.

  22. home-o-larry on

    First of all (no) – im not dancing larry…in case you were wondering.

    Second – anyone want to start a petition to fire brett hull off NBC?

  23. ORR Kicks Ying Yang on

    NYR made the dumbest decision re signing hollweg..I got no prob with Orr…I mean with a right hand of doom like he has…Why let him go…And we’ll need him for the 8 games in PIT next season with the pens signing Aaron Boogaard…amon other rival teams…

    Hollweg is useless…I cant believe how physical this team was today…Without hollweg…Its a waste of time working on hollweg…Hes just taking up a spot that should be given to Dubinsky or some other prospect….But anyway hopefully NYR works on not taking penalties…they took 11 tonight i think…..

    This is a win…as a ranger fan….i needed….A double OT winner….thats something ill always remember…That was a great game…

    Hopefully NYR will tie the series and take it from there…Ill be at game 4 tuesday….I just wish i got tickets for this game instead…


  24. DanTheRangerFan on

    We def need to get a petition going and slam it on the v.p’s desk in Toronto. Ill gladly take it there myself! Im really considering putting one together. Sam good audio…BUT I cant understand why you are not addressing this huge problem with the officiating. It is really hurting the NHL, these Refs need to be on the same page. But then again look at the call Toronto blew today, maybe theres no hope when you cant even go by the book on your own rules. Its sickening….well still love the rangers and hockey/to bad some of you guys on here talk so much crap on here abut the Rangers. No matter what happens its been a good season. Soooo LETS GO RANGERS BABY!!!

  25. who is this Orr kicks ying yang fool? Your name makes no sense. Orr sucks 10 times more than Hollweg, Orr is almost totally useless. You must be one of those fighting fans. Stick with boxing instead of hockey.

  26. if you talk to fans of any team they’ll tell you the same thing the refs stink and so does colie. Reality check, the NYR are not liked and probably hated by alot of hockey fans and the league.

  27. Before this series started I had islander fans complain to me about how the league wants buffalo to win because there team got railroaded on alot of calls. I figured it was islander fans complaining but after watching this series there is something fishy about how buffalo get all the calls. Yesterday it’s no goal but when buffalo in game one bats the puck in with there hands and the ref called no goal and than it takes up in toronto 10 minutes to say it is a goal when the replay showed the player used his hand, there is something wrong.

  28. Another thing is that even though the refering has been horrible in this series the rangers should be up 2 games to 1 but thanks to Malik’s blind pass to a defensemen on buffalo’s team that leads to a goal which in my eyes is the turning point in this series. I can’t wait to the day when this big goof is off this team. I’ve seen one two many of these Malik passes which I might add has cost the rangers games.

  29. what about Kasperitis? why is info so hard to come upon regarding him??? last we heard he had a nervous breakdown on the ice; went to the hospital… since.


    also, as horrid as Malik was, I think that Betts had a very, very solid game. One of those quiet pieces of a puzzle…good hard work

    anyone agree?

  30. Consistency has never been the trademark of the NHL referees. I know th egame is fast, but out of the 4 major sport leagues, the NHL has the worse officiating. I have no problem with some of the calls made against the Rangers yesterday, but by the same token, the Rangers played at a high energy tempo. Therefore, don’t tell me that the Sabres are so discipline in their play that they didn’t commit some fouls of their own.

  31. Avery Blasts Brodeur on

    QUESTION: Why is game 4 on Tuesday and Game 5 not until Friday. Why the 2 days off? What is the NHL’s reasoning for this idiotic scheduling?

  32. Brett Hull is the only person who thinks it was a goal. Aside from all the bandwagon Buffalo fans, of course. He’s only saying that because he’s doing a terrible job on NBC and he’s trying to save his ass with brownie points. Good thing Ray Ferraro put that fat idiot in his place.

    Barry Melrose – Goal
    Entire Versus Crew – Goal
    Doc, Pierre, and Eddie O – Goal
    Clement and Ferraro – Goal
    Random local sportscaster – Goal
    Colin Campbell & Brett Hull – No goal

    Makes no sense at all

  33. Seamus – agree with you on Betts. looked good on pk and in OT had good legs.

    Avery – I think the biggest reason is NBC wants them on Sunday so even if they played Thursday the next game would be Sunday. we’re an older team – so I’m happy with the extra day. I think it leads to better hockey and was a big factor in our winning the cup in 1994 with game 6 on a Saturday and 7 on a Tuesday.

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