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I’m not sure if this was captured before the game, but as Jaromir Jagr walked on to the ice before the game, he could be seen planting a kiss on the blade of his stick. It was as if the Big Fella was asking for a little luck, of which he hasn’t had much yet.

Still, both Jagr and Avery are having markedly better showings than they did in each of the first two games. Naturally, Avery would have helped his cause even more by burying that semi-breakaway. I doubt the hooking call merited a penalty shot, but I’m getting the sense that Avery isn’t going to get the benefit of the doubt from officials either way.

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  1. IT HELPED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. Repost – Great play by Malik! And the ref not blowing the whistle! Go Captain JAGR!

  3. Seems like that penalty Jags took has infuriated him(or emabarassed him) and he’s responded by kicking ass…STAY PISSED JAGS!!!

  4. Repost (I guess we’re posting here) – A goal for Rachunek?! Jagr’s mission makes everybody play better. Definitely a good goal.

  5. That is an outrage. Pure and simple, that’s b.s. Overwhelming proof? What a joke.

  6. OK, I can’t stay quiet anymore. That is BULL! Toronto is trying to throw the series to Buffalo. That is a bunch of crap

  7. Can we get one PHUCKING break this series? A punch is a goal but deflecting off a skate isn’t?

  8. That must be why the Sabres play the Canadian anthem at their games, so they can curry favor with their boys in Toronto. Isn’t that four review calls that have gone their way this postseason?

  9. AngelusMortis on

    It’s no wonder Malik is booed on home ice with all of the defensive zone giveaways he has. What a sad situation for Rachunek, he’s finally responsible for a goal for his team and Toronto screws him out of it. Ouch.

  10. onecupin67years on

    I know its clean blog but that call was horse-shit,those reviewers should be reviewed,I’ve pucks bounce off players the same way and the goal counted pure HORSESHIT!!

  11. AngelusMortis on

    Where’s the discipline? Taking penalties isn’t going to protect that one goal lead.

  12. Oh… my… effin’… god…, how many penalties does Jagr need to take this game in order to fill his quota??

  13. AngelusMortis on

    Just like it’s been all season, the refs go easy on Buffalo. Blatant hook on Prucha and nothing.

  14. The officiating in every series throughout the playoffs has been abysmal. Absolutely atrocious. Even worse have been the idiots in the Toronto control room, who have no idea what they’re doing.

  15. to over rule the call on the goal is beyond insanity.

    if that was not a goal there is no way the paw hit in in game 1 was a goal.

    if racoon did not slow up they would have called him for running the goalie.

    it should be 2 – 0.

    this is a farce, listen to the announcers him and haw about bad calls. you would think this is game 3 of the season..

    this is a joke…


    How is Buffalo’s goal in game 1 allowed when it WAS a distinct kicking motion, and now Rachunek’s goal is disallowed when it WASN’T a distinct kicking motion.

    I swear, it’s us vs. the world. C’mon Henrik, one more period so the refs and the league all lose their bet on Buffalo in this game.

  17. onecupin67years on

    E mail the NHL and tell them they don’t know the f____g rules.His foot was planted yrds ahead of the pass.

  18. DanTheRangerFan on

    Oh if this doesent end in a ranger win…..I AM STARTING A PETITION and slamming it down on the league v.p’s desk in TORONTO…now they wonder why hockey has been loosing fans…way to much bullshit

  19. Pierre Maguire should be set on fire for thinking Callahan dove, the sabbies’ hands were on his back.

    LETS GO RANGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Mara you twat, you had all the room in the world to put the puck up the ice without having to lift it…

  21. AngelusMortis on

    All of these penalties are going to catch up to us. No reason for Mara to put it up and over like that. You have to be aware of where you are when you want to chip the puck out, and Mara should know that.

  22. AngelusMortis on

    I wonder if the Rangers’ asses hurt from the raping they’re getting from the refs. Anyone else notice how much better Avery’s gotten at avoiding the goalie when charging the net?

  23. AngelusMortis on

    I know it sounds repetitive, but it’s nice to see the refs still making every weak call on the Rangers and call absolutely nothing on the Sabres. There was a trip by the half boards during the Sabres’ power play, but the refs kept their partiality to Buffalo and swallowed the whistle.

  24. DanTheRangerFan on

    whats new the refs have done this all season…This needs to be addressed Hint Hint Sam (: Lets Go Rangers

  25. If the Rangers played as physical in the last 2 games they would be easily winning this series

  26. the league apparently still feels guilty over the Hull incident in ’99

    because they favored Buffalo in the goal decisions from toronto in the Isles series also

  27. SAYS IT ALL! on

    NY Rangers roughing – 2 min 2:39, S. Avery
    Buffalo hooking – 2 min 7:08, T. Numminen
    NY Rangers hooking – 2 min 16:09, J. Jagr
    Buffalo hooking – 2 min 18:21, H. Tallinder
    2nd Period
    NY Rangers hooking – 2 min 8:50, J. Jagr
    NY Rangers cross check – 2 min 11:01, P. Mara
    NY Rangers tripping – 2 min 14:08, J. Jagr
    3rd Period
    NY Rangers puck over glass – 2 min 1:10, P. Mara
    NY Rangers cross check – 2 min

  28. Avery is clearly the key player for the Rangers. as he goes, so do they. he has picked up his game dramatically over the first 2 games.

  29. Hull must be feeling guilty for sure. He and Ferraro are close to throwing punches at each other, one more recap of that goal and it might get ugly.

  30. Really the refs are ruining the game of hockey, because PP are boring, even strength is where the fun is at. Maybe they should find some other way to punish for penalties–like the backup goalie has to play for 2 minutes that would be interesting.

  31. To say the NHL wants Buffalo to win is like saying a fat kid wants cake. The refs should not be allowed to officiate another game in this series, and the Toronto goal booth needs to forget about the BJs that Briere and co. gave them. This is ridiculous.

  32. AngelusMortis on

    Cullen was wide the hell open there, wow. Nice save by Miller at the end, point blank.

  33. AngelusMortis on

    Rachunek just needed to slam it there. Defenders were too close to stick handle it at all.

  34. Yenner, you’re a jackass. No crowd can compare to the crowd in the Garden! Especially a bunch of hockey bandwagoners in a frozen hellhole like Buffalo.

  35. I’m not a guy who whines about refs; not when I played nor as a fan, but this is too much…..

    that goal was NOT kicked in with deliberation or guidance. Brett Hull hates NY because we would not give him a truck load of money, commercials and press coverage years ago…

    instead, we had the class act of Gretz.

  36. “Yenner, you’re a jackass. No crowd can compare to the crowd in the Garden!”

    that is BS propagando of Sam and JD

  37. I meant Propaganda

    Sabres’ crowd was much more loud, more active in waiving towels, more intimidating, and booed Jagr and Avery and helped their team.

  38. why you think Rangers came alive at home, because the Buffalo crowd seriously affected them

  39. Yenner- Do you realze the crowd is as nervous as it can be? Its overtime for goodness’ sake. I would be pretty silent myself

  40. nice to see Avery shut his mouth and play. STOP taking penalties………

    we won with Atlanta because we did not give them power plays….

    that one announcer needs Testosterone injections to lower his annoying voice.
    He is going to give Chris F. a stroke.
    He makes me search the house for a rope

  41. Sabres bandwagoners have just found something to do while they wait to see the Bills choke again.

  42. Doodie Machetto on

    I think Isbister should replace Hossa on the top line. He’s VERY fresh right now, and was a very servicable replacement when Hossa was hurt. It gives the Jagr line some freshness, and it gives you a chance to rest Hossa to come back fresher later.

  43. your boy malik on

    Hey Sam and Josh – great job – I’m in Hilton Head – they don’t have Ranger hockey at the tiki bars so we came in to watch …I’m ready to sell my soul for a goal

  44. Doodie Machetto on

    P.W., the big problem is you can’t take that kind of a risk when you’re down 0-2 in the playoffs.

  45. MSG crowd my butt. Look at the empty seats in OT, some of them went home. that is bad.

    the good thing about the crowd is that they have been booing Malik all game.

  46. It is hillarious all the BS we hear about MSG crowd, look for yourself it is half empty

  47. onecupin67years on

    Yeah ! They usually come up on the crap end of the stick.Refs Sucked All game long,but the rangers had plenty of pp.lets see if they get on a roll,F you refs!

  48. Rozy sure does………..Malik is just way too slow for new NHL(regardless of stupid plus/minus)

    In off season rangers must learn from Buffalo. What is so wrong with 4 lines with offensive talent!

  49. YESSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    LETS GO RANGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


  50. ORR kicks Ying Yang on

    Great job…The game shoulda been over when rachunek scored…That was Bs…but great shot by rozie…and were still alive thank god..

    But our best players were our penalty killing units..Dont forget the penalties they killed today.

    LETS GO NYR…1 more and its tied

  51. We really deserved that one, outplayed the Sabres all day long. Good thing Rozsival had no long-term injury!

  52. DanTheRangerFan on

    Yenner Mot get a life dude you talk so much shit….Grow up a little. Lets Go Rangers!!!

  53. Wow. That was so awesome. Rozsi had a great game. Tyutin and Girardi will be the blue line of the next 10 years. Oh, man, that was so SWEET!

    LET’S GO RANGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  54. AngelusMortis on

    So what if he can’t spell the guy’s name? If you bleed blue, a spelling mistake here and there is acceptable.

    Rozsival deserved the game-winner. He worked hard all 38 minutes he was on the ice. He was awesome at breaking up Buffalo rushes and was even better on the penalty kill. He’s got a howitzer, and he’s proven time and again if he shoots, it can go into the net.

  55. Can’t believe NBC cut to head to head poker (west coast only?). Shaking with excitement and I need some post-game chatter from those idiots…

  56. Unfortunately, I can’t get that in L.A. Center Ice never carries post-game. Which stinks.

  57. onecupin67years on

    Ok Rangers Fans it was 36 years ago today that pete Stemkowski scored his goal in triple OT against Chicago , I was at the Fillmore east at a Grateful Dead show.

  58. Doodie Machetto on

    If they do a podcast, you can get postgame chatter from our two idiots(UNH? BU? What is that, two braincells between you? haha.)

  59. Yeah, I can’t spell Rozsival when typing 3 seconds after the win and getting it up there. Betts played a great game today. So did Ortie on the PK. Our PK has the number of the Banana Slug’s PP.

  60. Yenner, if you’re going to be negative and just bash the team, why don’t you just leave or find a Buffalo blog to post on.

  61. AngelusMortis on

    Hey, Yenner, it’s a double OT thriller and you’re already turning negative? Celebrate, brother! Only down one game, now.

  62. I dont give a flying phuck what ROb Ray has to say.

    Girardi was awesome. Rozsival was awesome.

    Focus on tuesday.

    Go RANGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HENRIK!!!!!!

  63. Doodie Machetto on

    Did anyone see Jagr’s postgame interview? His sweaty jock was swinging on the wall behind him.

    Sam, I retract, you have 2 braincells to Josh’s one because you used the word “trepidation” in Renney’s post-game interview. That’s right, you were on TV! sort of…

  64. Renney is NOT respected by the players, Dave Maloney.

    in a poll of NHL players for best coach, Renney received NOT ONE vote.

  65. “I’m an Islanders fan. I’m only on here because I have no team or life.”

    somebody is very original, must be LI Joe, for him Islander fan is the biggest insult.

    “I dont give a flying phuck what ROb Ray has to say”

    what did he say?

  66. the Rangers are a well coached team so who cares..

    this team is good and they have alot more good kids coming..

    Giradi is a great defensive Dman…..

  67. “Giradi is a great defensive Dman…..”

    right. and how many vet lovin’ nitwits on this board, including renney, said that he was not ready before he was called up.

    they only brought him up and gave him ice time because of injuries. if not for those injuries Dan would still be toiling in Hartford.

  68. “Did anyone see Jagr’s postgame interview? His sweaty jock was swinging on the wall behind him.”

    hah- i was cracking up!

  69. Epic win in a battle against everything: #1 NHL team with the most unclassy wining coach, completely pro-Buffalo referying and a bunch of BS crue in Toronto.
    I’m proud to be a Ranger fan today more than I ever was.

  70. Wow. That was some shiiiiiit! What a SWEATOUT

    We could easily be up 2-1 now. We’re *somehow outplaying* this team. If Miller wasn’t an absolute STUD in net, we would be melting their faces.

    Even if they knock us out, no way in hell Buffalo gets the Cup.

    So exciting…..Go NYR

  71. Doodie Machetto on

    leetchy – I’m glad that I wasn’t the only one who saw that wonderful performance. I couldn’t hear a word he said because I was laughing so hard.

  72. Yenner – I can assure you it was not me – I was on my way home from the Garden and not even at a computer. I have never pretended to be someone else and won’t start now.
    BTW – I actualy agree with you re the crowd. Combination of a heck of a lot of kids, fairly sizable amount of Sabres fans who got tix from ebay or whatever, nervous fans in a 0-2 hole, and certainly some fans who just have money and are not real fans, plus some people were too busy booing Malik. If we had more of the real fans the Garden will rock more like it did during the Atlanta series. I think the buzz will be there before the next game since we’re back in it and less kids will be in the stands being a night game.

    DG – injuries happen all the time in hockey so I don’t buy the he’s only playing because of injuries. Are we going to say the King and Girardi are only playing bacause of injuries 5 yrs from now. BTW – great defensive stand against the one Sabre player by Girardi in the 2nd OT he really stood him up and stopped him dead in his tracks.

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