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On a day like today, in the situation they’re in, you try and look for signs of frustration, disappointment or a loss of hope. Maybe a guy snaps at a questions, or someone known for his sense of humor exhibits far less wit or sarcasm than normal.

Yet, to a man, there wasn’t any of that. The Rangers showed no such symptoms at today’s skate.

“I feel like they feel they’re very much in this thing,” Tom Renney said after this afternoon’s skate. “I think we’re taking out of last night what we should and also leaving behind what we should.”

Leaving behind, of course, the egregious mistakes that cost them at least two of the goals. The players I interviewed all mentioned eliminating mistakes on several occasions, knowing a few key turnovers prevented them from knotting the series at a game apiece.

Here are a few newsy nuggets that came out of practice:

*1. Jed Ortmeyer WILL play.* Renney said he liked what Brad Isbister brought to the lineup. He still thinks Isbister can help them exploit certain holes the coaching staff saw in the game tape. From the sound of it, I’d guess Isbister will play tomorrow. However…

“There will be a lineup change tomorrow, definitely,” Renney said, “and Ortmeyer will be back in.”

Obviously the guess is that Ryan Hollweg sits after playing the first two games of the series. Honestly, who else could it be?

*2. Michael Roszival should play yet again.* Rosy didn’t practice (he was the only one), but his knee should be fit to go.

“He’s good. He’s OK,” Renney said. “It’ll be a tomorrow morning thing as far as what we do with him but I’m optimistic. He’s a warrior.”

*3. Sorry folks: Don’t expect changes on defense.* Renney noted that playoff series are short and can change quickly, yet he also liked what he saw from the pair of Karel Rachunek and Paul Mara before Rachunek’s injury.

“They were very good before we had injuries with Karel. They looked like they were in lockstep with one another,” Renney said, adding: “I think you’re talking about two experienced players that, if you show faith in them and give them the confidence that’s required to do the job, I think they’ll step up.”

That’s a wordy quote, but to summarize: Expect Mara and Rachunek to skate as a pair again tomorrow.


At one point in the interview, Renney admitted that his team doesn’t have the same kind of depth as Buffalo. (Uh, yeah…) It still has depth, he said, just not in the scoring column at this time.

As a result, it sounds like the staff spent time this morning on how to free the Jagr line from the clutches of the Sabres 5-on-3 defensive style, and Renney didn’t really hide from the obvious: The defense must involve itself in the attack.

Now, I understand this is probably a scary thought to many of you who employ ZERO faith in the club’s blueliners to play mistake-free (and with good reason). This is clearly something that could make-or-break the series, even if it’s the only strategy to counter the Buffalo D. If the Sabres beat the Rangers for a couple breakaways, arranging tee times for Wednesday comes into full view.

That’s about all from me. … But if you’re looking for reason to believe, *here’s Matt Cullen:*

“We’re going home and we’ve been playing really well at home as of late. Particularly in the playoffs, our fans have been a big difference for us. So we’re going to look to feed off the energy of the crowd. This is the biggest game of the year. You certainly don’t want to go in a 3-0 hole. We are aware of how important this game is so we’re going to give our best effort and throw everything at ’em.”

The question: How much sticks and how much doesn’t?

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  1. SAM thankfully he recognized one mistake, now he has to put Pock back in and resit Isbister.

  2. Good report Josh,

    I don’t think it’s over at all, Cally is not going to sit, If Isbister and Ortmeyer play that means who do you move to the 3rd line. NO ONE, CALLY is not sitting He has been awesome in these first two games. We’re trying to creat depth not shorten it.

  3. “Leaving behind, of course, the *egregious* mistakes that cost them at least two of the goals.” Josh, have you been watching Countdown to Faceoff? They kept getting excited over how they were using the word “egregious.”

    Maltby just made a Malik-like play for the Wings.

  4. sorry josh, both of you are doing a great job. Now if you can get Pock in the lineup, they’ll have the insurance they need since the chips are out to injure Rozi and get him out of the game. They needed to go with 7 D in this series and still do. The offense needs to come from the top lines, the 4th line is for defense, puck control, and to give the first 3 lines a rest. Betts & Ort are for the PK and Pock would add offense that Renney is looking for whether he puts him on D or O. Pock brings more O than Isbister. …..Isbister, Hollweg, & Orr can keep Weekes company. If they’re lucky they’ll be in the same place next year sans Weekes.

  5. Isbister and Ortmeyer in, Hollweg out

    Why that didn’t happen last night, who knows.

    The key to the series remains Hank.. While he has played well in both games, he needs to make the big one.
    For as much as everyone has been patting Buffalo on the back, they remain a soft team in their own end that relies on transision offense and a good goalie.

    They can be beat, just produce.

  6. Dunny Renney knows sitting Ortmeyer was a hugh mistake, but he still doesn’t recognize not playing Pock. I can see why he’s playing Rachky, even though so far he’s been wrong on that move. He’s a pretty stubborn guy, I can’t figure out why he played Hollweg, nevermind Isbister. And I’m not sure he’s even right about Orr. There a few few guys on the chips that deserve a taste of his right hand.

  7. anybody know why the “leaders” Jagr and Shanahan didn’t grow playoff beards while almost everybody else did?

  8. so, if something worked ok 6 weeks ago, that means it must be the best option now, even though your lying eyes say different. So Raccoon gets to play no matter how shitty he plays, no matter how much he hurts the team, no matter how much Buffalo takes advantage of him, no matter how many games they won with a Pock-Mara tandem, all that means nothing to Mr. Clueless because he has to placate jagr by playing all the czechs no matter how many games they cost the team, see Malik and Raccoon.

  9. Isnt that defensive attack what killed the rangers last year vs the devils. The rangers D got caught time and time again in odd man rushes. I dont think our back line is able to be part of our offensive attack.

  10. and incidentally, eff NBC for starting the NHL playoff coverage by giving 5 minutes of NFL bullshit. more slaps in the face for the NHL.

  11. Rachunek vs. Pock is a tough choice. I think they are both average, and it really wouldn’t make much difference. But if Pock was to play instead of Malik, that would help a lot.

  12. Tom Renney obviously is not a subscriber to the say “dont fix it if it aint broke” He made changes after the sweep that were unnecessary. And now he refuses to fix the mistakes he made. How stubborn he is. It takes guts to admit your mistakes and it seemse like he does not have guts.

  13. ORR kicks Ying Yang on

    Yenner Mot

    Idk what exactly you mean by what you said about shanny and jags playoff beards..

    But if thats a bash towards them…Shut the hell up already…We wouldnt be where we were without them..Enough of the “Dawes is NYR’s savior” thing…Its supid..Dawes..Immonen are not gonna turn this team into stanley cup contenders..

    Your just a whiner fan…that is never satisfied..even with a win

    Nonetheless…i think i speak for everyone when i say were all pissed off

    But enough of the dumb ass remarks that make no friggin sense..

  14. it’s not hard to get negative being a NYR fan, they supply more than enough reasons. Now if they can win tomorrow some real optimism can shine thru. If Renney really wants offense from the 4th line he’ll have to double shift guys from the first 3 lines. But they still need to play defense first. They don’t want to get in a shooting match with the chips.

  15. Buffalo certainly is a contender with players similar to Dawes.

    I really want to know though why Jagr and Shanahan didn’t grow beards while even Malik did.

  16. Hey, I said the Rangers would take the series in 6 and that is still possible, so we will win the next 4. Im hoping Miller is gonna fall to pieces as sometimes after awsome games it happens. Just like Henrik against Dallas. He was a wall stopping 50 shots one night and let in 7 the next day. It is not close to over

  17. You know, he’s a great goaltender and played out of his mind last night, but everything that comes out of Ryan Miller’s mouth makes him sound like a punk. I just don’t like the guy. He has absolutely no class. I’m not suggesting Avery does. I just don’t like Miller.

  18. mark my words…..renney’s favorite target petr prucha will be scratched tomorrow. i have no basis for this comment other than what renney has done to him all year and the fact that prucha was benched for much of the 3rd period last night. i wouldn’t be at all shocked to see #25 not on the ice tomorrow

  19. the fact that the entire team didn’t commit to growing playoff beards suggests some internal problems, it is very strange seeing most players with facial hair while the 2 leaders didn’t bother. Maybe we need new leaders not the type that think they are better than their teammates.

  20. are we really going to get into a big debate about playoff beards? wow, you guys really will complain about ANYTHING

  21. TIRF (Typical Idiot Rangers Fan) on

    Not sure what’s up with the Ryan Miller bashing. He really is a classy guy, especially after he was left off the US Olympic team, in favor of those pieces of shit Grahame and Esche – WELL DONE WADDELL! All us Rangers fan can hope for is that Henrik starts playing like Miller.

    I really hope our Rangers don’t win tonight, because, then all of our hopes will be needlessly raised. The loss will be a lot easier if it’s in 4 games.

  22. Fans hoping for losses, others complaining about facial hair.

    I love the internet…LOL.

  23. ORR kicks Ying Yang on

    What a bunch of idiots….I hate most NYR fans like i do NYI fans….The majority of them are pathetic..

    Complaining about playoff beards…Prospects who will turn this team into a stanley cup winning team..People actially hoping there team gets swept..Anyone who says things like that is a piece of garbage who should just jump on a stanley cup winning teams bandwagon..I mean shut up already…Some people do the playoff beard thing…and other arent comfortable with it…maybe jagr shaved cause his hot girlfriend doesnt like it…does it really fuggin matter…


    Shut the fugg up already with your stupid posts…Im no asshole telling you not to post here..but shut up with the stupid posts bashing your own team…They screwed up but dont fault shanny and jagr on this one…just because they dont have playoff beards…you sound like a damn isles fan…why dont you follow them instead…there a winning team now so i guess there a potential bandwagon team… moron…..

  24. TIRF (Typical Idiot Rangers Fan) on

    Orr, I am saying that I hope we get swept because we are easily the worst team left in playoffs. It is ridiculous how bad our defense is. And our 3rd and 4th lines are. I think a classy team like Buffalo deserves to win much more than our boys do.

  25. ORR kicks Ying Yang on


    I respect your honesty…You truly are a typical idiot ranger fan….Your pathetic..Why would any fan wish losses on there fav team..You want those classy sabres to win so bad…Then root for the sabres instead of NYR..

    If you think they diserved the cup so bad…then i guess this whole season you didnt want NYR to win…Your pathetic..

    This is depressing…Whining is all your gonna get from NYR fans…The years we didnt make the playoff….there was less of it…but now that were winning and making the playoffs….you guys will find ANYTHING to complain about…If Jagr was wearing soccer shoes i guess he would have to be traded…Jagr is here to stay and Shanny is to..Bash them all you want….there a huge reason why were where we are….dont forget nylander and straka as well…those 4 were our scoring leaders..and no one else picked up the slack for them…they brought us here..along with Hank….

    NYR might be down 2 – 0…But im still rooting for them…as ive done in the past and will keep doing…unlike some…i know they still have a chance…

  26. orr your talking to a wall. they must be relatives of stan fishler, the triple agent hockey broadcaster. At least he roots for the home team, he just gets confused when they play one another.

  27. Congrats TIRF – for being the biggest coward I’ve ever read on this board. You are so far from being a Ranger fan (my guess is Fishstick fan). Somehow you get perverse pleasure in trying to pretend to being a Ranger fan and then bashing them “Oh I want them to get swept”. BTW what hole did you climb out of. You were not on the board until the past couple of weeks. I would have a lot more respect for you if you came clean on your allegiances. I just wish this board had an automatic ignore this user feature. You would be the 1st I’d put there. And that surprises me because I never thought someone could top the other “allstar” on this board.

  28. Orr – right on as usual. We need people like you here to keep me sane. Actually you’re one of many on here I enjoy reading comments from.

  29. Doodie Machetto on

    “they must be relatives of stan fishler, the triple agent hockey broadcaster. At least he roots for the home team, he just gets confused when they play one another”

    I *HATE* HIM!!

  30. TIRF is clearly NOT a Ranger fan. Maybe if the Isles hadn’t given away their entire future for a guy who will never sign with them in a million years and actually signed Blake when they had the chance he’d have something better to do. It;s OK, though, those 3 young players can join Blake, Luongo, Spezza, Bertuzzi, Chara, and Heatley (could have been taken instead of Deepee if they kept Luongo) as guys that could have actually restored glory to Long Island. and we criticize Sather for letting Zidlicky get away. Brother….

  31. TIRF (Typical Idiot Rangers Fan) on

    Peter why are you goofing on me for the Isles? I am not an Isles fan. I am a Rangers fan. I remember sitting in the garden watching Vickers, Vadnais, Park, etc. I hope we get swept becuase I think this team sucks. They wouldn’t even be here if they didn’t get the easiest collection of tin cans, aka the Thrashers, who has a GM who picked Esche and Grahame, two goalies who probably won’t even be in the league next year, for the USOC team. He also mortgaged the future for Tkachuk, who in 15 years has never won a playoff round. I think we need to strengthen our defense and our 3rd and 4th lines. THIS TEAM IS GOING NOWHERE!



  32. Break up the Shanny Straka Avery line. It is not working. Going to the game today. Even if they can’t pull off the series, we should all enjoy some good playoff hockey today. It’s been a while.

  33. Even if the Rangers are currentlyb the 3rd or 4th best team in the Conference, that’s far from sucking. I don’t want to accept mediocrity either, but what we’ve seen since the trade deadline has been far from mediocre. I can understand if they’re a bunch of underacheivers and you want them to miss the playoffs to clean house and break the cycle of mediocrity. But now that they’re in the second round, coming off a great playoff series, why would you want them to lose?

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