Isbister takes Ortmeyer’s place in the lineup


Count me as surprised by this one. I will say that Jed wasn’t great at even strength on Wednesday, but he still ranks as one of the Rangers’ best penalty killers.

Thomas Pock and Colton Orr are also both out, meaning Tom Renney is sticking with six defensemen.

More later…

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  1. Sam looks like Renney is grasping at straws, maybe he just wants to keep the puck away from the chips.

  2. Doodie Machetto on

    I think Ortmeyer is hurt and they aren’t saying anything about it. He saw very little ice last night even though they were on the PK for over 10 minutes (He saw only ~1:45 of that).

    Sam, you’ve got some work to do!

  3. AngelusMortis on

    I don’t get this decision. Seeing as how undisciplined the Rangers were in Game 1, you’d think you’d want to keep one of your best penalty killers in the lineup just in case there’s a little deja vu. Maybe Isbister’ll get a hat trick and surprise us all.

  4. Shitbister for Orr???

    Things just keep getting worse. I’m stuck watching the Buffalo broadcast on MSG. Their anouncers suck.

  5. AngelusMortis on

    P.W., is it Rick Jeanerret doing the play by play on MSG? If it is…I’m so sorry.

  6. AngelusMortis on

    Chris Drury will kill us if the D-men don’t get him away from the front of the net.

  7. They just sat there and bashed Jags, said he has no defensive skill and was a one way player. They said he never backchecks.

  8. This idiot is creaming his pants talking about the past two Miller saves. I don’t know if they use a color guy, but he never talks.

  9. Doodie Machetto on

    just because he had shifts late doesn’t mean he isn’t hurt.

    Why else would he have seen so little PK time?

  10. SCORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    YES…we needed that first one, who got it, these idiots don’t know

  11. way to go, Renneyface. don’t dress Orty, and on the PK, Hossa, looks awful, out of position.

  12. Doodie Machetto on

    If Ortmeyer isn’t hurt, Renney is retarded.

    Also, for once I agree with Sam Rosen Brian Campbell is one of the most underrated defensemen in the NHL. I think he is one of the top 5 D-men in the East.

  13. unfortunately, I missed Sam Rosen saying somthing of substance, but I agree. Campbell is a pretty good hockey player who gets overlooked because he plays in Western New York. Bandwagoner Heaven!

  14. further why Renney is retarded is he played Orr instead of Hollweg or Isbister, who are now rusty from not playing.

  15. excluding that last PK…Hossa has played a solid playoffs so far. I have been impressed, especially after missing so much time at the end of the season.

  16. Callahan is rangers best player in 1st. now watch renney bench him again in the late stages like last game.

  17. Doodie Machetto on

    Yenner – Orr is a pylon. I’d rather have a Weeble out there than him against Buffalo.

  18. “Yenner – Orr is a pylon. I’d rather have a Weeble out there than him against Buffalo.”

    I meant against the Thrashers, he shouldn’t have played in the playoffs at all.

  19. What is up with Hollweg is he hurt? He forgot that he is supposed to throw at least 5 hits per game in the playoffs?

  20. Renney is a freaking fool. I been saying all week we needed to dress 7 defenseman.

  21. I have the Buffalo broadcast too. I love this guys energy, but he flips out everytime the Sabres touch the puck. When Hossa hit the crossbar/post he practically whispered “that’s off the post.”

  22. Well, if Orty wasn’t going to play, dress Pock in his place. He has played wing, and it gives you that room for a 7th Dman. You can also rotate a guy into that wing if you don’t want Pock out there. Like I said the other night, this is where they wish they could dress Struds, who plays both D and wing.

  23. craptain, you’re right. Renney should have known if Roszival was that flimsy heading into tonight…

  24. Good period except PP mistake by Hossa… Callahan looks awesome and I hope Rozy is ok. If not, we’re in trouble. How about Hollweg hit somebody?

  25. Just saw Ortmeyer and he said he wasn’t hurt. When asked why he wasn’t playing, he just shrugged his shoulders. He didn’t look happy.

  26. These idiots keep saying the Rangers are trying to spear the Buffalo players. I don’t see it, do you guys??

  27. One of the ice-side reporters said Rosi got assisted down the hallway during the intermission by two people. Then said the Sabres should focus on taking him out of the game, because that would help them. What fucking scumbags.

  28. Doodie Machetto on

    Sam, excellent update on that situation.

    Ortmeyer somehow worked his way onto Renney’s shitlist.

    PS, last penalty killing forward who started to get scratched – Jason Ward. We all know what happened to him.

  29. “PS, last penalty killing forward who started to get scratched – Jason Ward. We all know what happened to him.”

    yeah he is playing great for Tampa.

  30. Loved seeing Penisville going down like he was shot.No injury, and a double minor. Brilliant. NHL officiating is brutally disgraceful.

  31. And for J. Ward, that is all playing on the second line. He was averaging something like 22 minutes per game.

  32. “They just look like a normal team.” -Joe Micheletti (referring to the Sabres)

    Come on Joe, why on earth would you say something like that???

  33. “By the way, A.Ward’s PO stats: Two over par.” – Doodie

    Man, that is horrible…true…and great…but horrible!

  34. buffalo’s worst player so far in 2 games, Afinosuckov. he has been awful, with constant turnovers and penalties.

  35. Doodie Machetto on

    Jagr is out. If last year is any indication, it’s time to pack it up boys.

  36. Doodie Machetto on

    Does Mara normally have a beard? Because if not, he has the fastest growing playoff beard in history!

  37. TIRF (Typical Idiot Rangers Fan) on

    Wow, no one has the right to complain about officiating tonight!!! Missed Jagr high stick, ticky tacky interference calls against them, while we are doing the same thing and not getting called. Make up time, I suppose.

  38. onecupin67years on

    By the way Buffalo has one of the highest if the the highest alcoholism and suicide rates in the US,so give them a break when they find anything to cheer or drink about

  39. onecupin67years on

    By the way Buffalo has one of the highest if not the highest alcoholism and suicide rates in the US,so give them a break when they find anything to cheer or drink about

  40. one how about giving them something to jump about, at the Falls after they lose 4? ;)

  41. Well apparently there is no lack of things to drink about in that godforsaken hellhole of a city.

  42. AngelusMortis on

    “Chris Drury will kill us if the D-men don’t get him away from the front of the net.”

    Me two hours ago.

  43. Ortmeyer should have been on the ice over Hollweg. This team gets too many power play goals…we could have used Ortmeyer to help. Hollweg will only throw a few checks, take more penalties, and cost us.

    Lundqvst is gonna kill Malikenstein after the game.

    I have not waivered on Tom Renney’s inability all season and stand by that.

  44. Doodie Machetto on

    Malik got the 2nd assist on that one. Not very much unlike when he got that primary assist on the Getzlaf onetimer.

  45. Doodie Machetto on

    Since when does Hollweg stick check?

    Pack it up boys, enjoy your ticket price hike next season.

  46. AngelusMortis on

    Rachunek being himself once again. He’s at least partially responsible for at least one goal a game.

  47. “Pack it up boys, enjoy your ticket price hike next season.”

    smart fans watch from home, or don’t watch at all.

  48. czechthemout!!!!! on


  49. AngelusMortis on

    Renney’s changes have caused two goals this game. Hossa should have never been on the PK, he hasn’t done that in months, and Rachunek is his old unreliable self. Can Renney not get it through his head that no matter how much he wants something to work it just won’t?

  50. Doodie Machetto on

    Cullen was called for pushing the stick away from the Buffalo player as he skated over to pick it up.

  51. Doodie Machetto on

    Sabres are flying. This one’s finished without them having a bad turnover.

  52. “mot it’s passed your bed time, go to sleep for 4 weeks, bye”

    hate to say it, but I told you so, typical Rangers can’t play hockey for 60 minutes.

  53. czechthemout!!!!! on

    like i said before,renney’s coaching will cost the rangers the playoffs.

  54. everybody had their man, and then Raccoon decided to leave his man to take a run at campbell, and missed. that opened it all up for the 3rd goal.

  55. the only thing that makes me smile tonight is


    The number of empty seats for the Devils Round 2 home playoff game…

  56. “mot who woke ya up, the horn?”

    I was talking on the phone if you got to know

  57. Malik could not have been worse.
    Note to Renney:

    even if Hollweg does personal arthritic monkey dances for you, naked, in the lockeroom, stick with Ortmeyer for the penalty kill. When something ain’t broke, leave it alone….

    man, with us winning the first round, there is no way Renney will be fired. that is so depressing……

  58. it was the outrageous blind backhand pass up the middle giveaway by malik that gave away the lead and gave Buffalo all the momentum they needed to start the 3rd period.

    malik is an inexcusable joke.

  59. onecupin67years on

    Malik ‘s lack of concentration in the opening minute threw away any chance the rangers had in winning the series ,Malik looked like a mens league schmuck with that lazy move…time to get out the fishing rods and golf clubs .

  60. czechthemout!!!!! on


  61. onecupin67years on

    They better get rid of malik let him play in Transylvania with herman Munster.Forrest Gump plays better.

  62. Wow, I think I just saw the oddest game of my life a team that had everything going and Malik gives it back and all of a sudden Miller became Ken Dryden. Wow can’t wait to hear interviews after this flop. Wow.

    6 on 4 couldnt get the puck in the zone that said it all.

    Unreal, well Sunday is game 7, basically.

  63. DanTheRangerFan on

    Alright this really sucks cause that was an important game and we played well enough to win….But in the end we end up two down. wtf This is going to be a long charge back…Lets Go Rangers 07

  64. Shanny the tranny is a winner. He is a gamer who shows up in the playoffs. He is also exhausted, having been overplayed by Renney–he was worn out by Christmas, suffered a bad concussion, and is not himself.

    In other news, reports are just coming in that Lundqvst has kicked the living stuffings out of 6’5″ Marek malik. When asked why, Lundqvst resorted back to his native tongue and explained to the police that he thought that it was Dr. Frankenstein’s Monster coming towards him; not a fellow hockey player.

  65. onecupin67years on

    Sam do us a favor: lose your notes so we cant read about this crap tomorrow ..please.

  66. let me give the press my multi-syllabic mumbo jumbo to attempt to commiserate with the devoted followers of the blueshirt hockey franchise.

    I am a perfect hyena who never makes mistakes in my utilization of personnel. My moves were not instrumental in the ultimate destruction of the ranger effort. I take no blame or responsibility for the morass we are now in.


    Thomas Q. Renney III, esquire

  67. onecupin67years on

    What ever happened to NY sports? the Yanks play like the mets and rangers,and all the other teams are a waste.

  68. Tonight we saw the reason for why good hockeyplayers don’t shoot the puck as soon as they get over the attacking blueline.

    Look at Buffalo, they scores all the time on the same time of opertunitys we got time after time tonight. We can complain all we want on Malik, but the facts are that Buff needed one chance to score, and they made it impossible for Lundqvist to save with a shot/pass wide and then a tip. We spend the enitre game in their zone and just keeps hamering away bad shot after bad shot. Often low from bad angles.

    Its like we belive that every thing is fine as long as we throw it on the net, newsflash there is a reason for why good players don’t normally shot as much as the fans want, because its freakin useless to throw it on the net from a bad angle all the time. Buffalo never does that, they make a good pass instead, we are too freakin egoistic.

    I am pretty dissapointed with our execution, its too bad, Buffalo is not playing good defense but we aren’t taking advantage of that. We plays with our heads down and to afraid to go out there and make a diffrence.

    We need to stop throwing thoose alibi shots on the net darn soon or this could turn into a really bad habit. Watch the 94′ cup run, pucks was never thrown on the net like we are dooing every shift now. Look up, make the goalie move and then shoot. I think this is a subject that have been gooing on for a long now and Renney better adress it soon.

    All thoose alcholic influenced screams at the garden to shoot the puck have brainwashed our players. Freakin insane and stoneage hockey to play like we doo. Buffalo will laugh all the way to the EC finals…

  69. At least we have a clear vision of Marc Staal replacing Malik next year, no ifs ands or buts about it. They HAVE to get rid of Malik.

  70. onecupin67years on

    A 45 foot wrister by Holewig has little chance of going in ,you have to beat Miller by making him move post to post.

  71. funny how Rangers are the only team whose real GM is their assistant GM, real coach is the assistant coach and real captain is the alternative captain

  72. onecupin67years on

    Well since the rangers cant score maybe I can on my wife…OH.Honey… Good nite folks.

  73. stuff that Euro circling crap, ola. that is why they could not even get across the blue line 6-on-4 in the last minute, because they won’t dump it in, they want to do that Euro circling bs that goes nowhere.

  74. TIRF (Typical Idiot Rangers Fan) on

    Ruff had a right to be irate about that penalty that they got. That was chickenshit call. Whole game was officiated terribly. We had no business even being in this one.

    And what a non-entity Avery has been. Here is the original quote from him: “I’m going to hurt them, I’m going to hit them, I’m going to be in their face as much as I can,” “Each check is going to be a little bit harder. Their speed isn’t an issue to me.”‘

    Here is how the quote should read: “They’re going to hurt me, I’m going to get hit a lot, I’m going to be on my ass,” “Each check is going to hurt me a little bit more. Their speed is a huge issue for me. I’m going to have to take a punch of penalties.”

    Oh, well, I guess this proves to Renney that the cream does indeed rise to the top.

  75. Chef – Agreed

    Lundquist didn’t pay good enough for us to win!
    Miller did!
    We need Lundquist to step up and be much, much better in MSG

  76. Why doesn’t anyone point out that Nylander was absolutely terrible tonight. He played very lazy. Everyone is blaming Malik, but Nylander was his intended recipient of that pass and instead of even trying to reach for it, he just stood there. Then to make matters worse, he just stood there and didn’t even bother picking the guy up in front of the net. Earlier in the game, the Sabres had a 3 on 2 with Nylander the 3rd Ranger coming back. Instead of busting his ass to catch the guy in the middle, he stopped skating and glided as his guy got a point blank shot that Lundqvist had to make a great save on. I’m a fan of Nylander, but I have to say, he was absolutely pathetic tonight.

    All that being said, the difference between the 2 teams is that Buffalo doesn’t need to play their best game to win the game; the Rangers do. And too often this year, the Rangers will play great for 40 minutes and piss the game away in 20. The Rangers proved that they can play with this team, they just need to play a perfect game to win it. I can only hope we turn it around the next 2 games.

  77. I hope we will win on Sunday, since I will be there (courtesy of my compnany’s season tickets).

  78. Ola, I think that is the first intelligent thing I read by you, cheers.

    Lundqvist did let in 2 or 4 soft goals so far in 2 games, very disappointed in him.

    look at the scumbag Renney smiling like a hyena. Nice that he was not running the practice and caught up with Sather on the old times.

  79. anyone watching renney was that Sam who just asked him about jed and i love the response i needed to get isbister in the lineup

  80. bg- yeah, its working awful for Buffalo.

    No we should just keep throwing the puck on the net. Why do it the way it have been succesful in this league the last 30 years?

    Have another beer.

  81. one cup in 67 yrs. there is a fishstick fan on I think newsday with that same handle. why do you use that handle – if you’re really a Ranger fan that is as bad a handle as you can come up with.

  82. if you think Buffalo is a circling team, you are clueless.

    Drury plays north-south straight ahead real man hockey, not like the Jagr line east west crap.

  83. czechthemout!!!!! on

    TIRF (Typical Idiot Rangers Fan)-

    hey you troll,why don’t you go on the sabers blogs where you are not a rangers are a demented soul who should be happy that your team won the game.instead you are slithering here on a rangers blog trying to annoy us true fans.

  84. I took his comments on Isbister starting tonight meaning that Ortmeyer was hurt. Otherwise, the decision makes no sense as we have all stated. I have no problem with Isbister being put into the lineup, but it should have been for Hollweg.

  85. I thing we should stop pointing out Rangers that f..ed up tonight (though it’s hard to not to mention Malik). And face that Buffalo had a lot of luck winning the game tonight, and had many calls in their favor during the series with Islanders. Lets hope their luck will run out starting NOW!

  86. AngelusMortis on

    Lundqvist can’t be blamed for this one. He had no chance on the first or second goals.

  87. lets face it Rangers are a bunch of outcasts sprinkled with some good young players.

    Jagr, Shanahan, Straka, Malik, Betts, Cullen, Nylander, Avery, etc. almost no other team wanted them for various reasons.

  88. they have outplayed and played respectable in both games. They will not get swept. Put Pock, Orr, & Orts back in.

  89. The facts are that while dominating the game, we created really few great scoring chances, something that have been the case time after time late this season. No matter who have been in the net, that dude in Boston, Dubi for NYI and several others.

    We have no creativity, we play a really sterotyped offensive style, the few scoring chances we are creating comes from late man passes, E-W passes or on the PP.

    Look at Buffalo, they gain the zone, holds up the puck, while atleast 2 guys drives to the net. That makes them really hard to cover and when they make thoose E-W passes it will either connect right away, or bounce around and get a scoring opertunity that way.

    We never holds up the puck when entering the attacking zone, we put our heads down and just throws it on the net, often it ends up behind the net and we can put pressure on it. But even if we win the rebound Buffalo have gotten time to get organized on D and we are forced to go up against a collected D.

    Thats great, when their are no other options. But when we get open ice, like we did against Buffalo time after time tonight we better start making Miller move in the net, and get much more quality and not worry so much about the quantity.

  90. czechthemout!!!!! on

    there will be no changes on the rangers sunday.renney the stubborn mule will not put in pock.he will just continue with the same final comment for the night is
    RENNEY SUCKS!!!!!!!

  91. Hollweg had 3 shots on goal in 5 mins.

    Limpwrister had ZERO shots in over 9 mins.

    Hossa had 3 in almost 15 mins.

    Nylander had ZERO in 21 mins.

  92. this team is ridiculous

    “Jagr, Shanahan, Straka, Malik, Betts, Cullen, Nylander, Avery, etc. almost no other team wanted them for various reasons.”

    forgot Hossa

  93. I don’t think people saw the same game as I did. Yeah Malik was awful – and his play really hurt. But I see no one really talking about the game losing goal. Yeah Rachunek was bad as was Mara. But Hollweg really really s*cked. He has no hockey intelligence whatsoever. He runs across the ice for one of his big hits which leads to a 3 on 2 and then extended play in our end and of course the game losing goal. Is it any wonder that we won 4-0 vs Atl without him. And yes I know Buffalo is far better than Atlanta. Hollweg is exhibit A re the forwards on players to go. We would have been better with a cardboard cutout in uniform as one of our 20. Even Weekes as forward would have been better.

    BTW – as much as he deserves it and as bad a play as he made on the tying goal – if we boo Malik we will get swept. So think about it.

  94. chef- How is it possible to let in 3 goals on 18 shots?

    Watch the goals, Buffalo looks up when they are in the attacking zone, they aren’t egoistic and shoot all the freaking time. The first goal is impossible to save. The 2nd goal is a shot/pass and a tip from the door step, the 3rd a great pass and a slam dunk again.

    We are playing like a bunch of 15 y/o when we get into the attacking zone. Never any headsup passes, completly obssesed with throwing the puck on the net.

  95. TIRF (Typical Idiot Rangers Fan) on

    Czech, I am a humble Rangers fan making simple observations. Like that their goalie is superior to our goalie, despite all of the disrespect my fellow Rangers fans heap on him. Everyone here, myself excluded, thought that Henrik was the superior goalie. Obviously not.

  96. Hollweg is not the same player he was 2 months ago, maybe he hurt himself dancing lol

  97. Talking about d-man for next season. I hope Girardi and Tyutin will lead our d-man next season. I guess we should keep Rozsoval and Mara too.
    Not like I gave up on this season yet-just throwing this out there for you.

  98. “BTW – as much as he deserves it and as bad a play as he made on the tying goal – if we boo Malik we will get swept. So think about it.”

    if we get swept maybe Malik and Renney will be gone next season, think about it.

  99. czechthemout!!!!! on

    TIRF (Typical Idiot Rangers Fan)
    you are a humble putz!!!!now go back to the buf.hole you came from.

  100. Yenner – going back to your old tricks going all the way to Vinny Pooh. a leopard does not change its spots so I should not be surprised.

  101. “The first goal is impossible to save.”

    wrong, he was in a bad position left half the net open and didn’t try to look through the screen

  102. Still amazes me how many fans are here to bash everything. They played SOLID through 2 periods and then Malik made the game turn a different direction.

    How the heck can anyone say Hank isn’t playing up to par? Do you not watch the games and see the crazy deflections scored on him? Miller makes great saves and has his D in front to protect, not leave mean on the side post open to deflect pucks in.

    Today you say everyone sucks, when they win…everyone hop on the boat and say how they’re the best player. I’m sure Nylander sucked too in the Altanta series, right? People are Amazing!

    Go NYR!!!!

  103. TIRG – Agreed! Henrik didn’t show his dominance over Miller yet. Hope it’s still to come…

  104. LI Joe — I agree with you. Booing Malik will not do us any good. The fact of the matter is, he actually plays solid defense. The problem with him is that when he does make a mistake, it always seems to find the back of our net. He is not as bad as everyone on here makes him out to be. The Rangers have been one of the best defensive teams in the league since December. Malik & Rozival play against all the top lines and play the most minutes. He obviously does something right.

  105. now it’s the King’s fault. how about the hockey gods too? they were robbed by leaving the keys in the door.

  106. TIRF (Typical Idiot Rangers Fan) on

    Why is everyone booing Malik? He just sped up the inevitable. The only remaining drama is whether we will lose in 4 or 5 games. We have to hope for a similarly officiated game, where blatant high sticks to the face are overlooked, and ticky tacky calls are constantly called against them, including the last one with 2 minutes left. I’m telling you, the only way we can win are a combination of Sabres injuries and help from the Zebras.

  107. czechthemout!!!!! on

    malik will not be gone next season or any season as long as jagr is here so get over it guys.we can only hope that maybe he decides to retire earley or that renney gets fired and a real coach holds him and others accountable and dumps him.

  108. I love how the apologists like Renney try to cover up the malik blunders and try to change the subject.

    “if we boo Malik we will get swept. So think about it.”

    too f’n bad. you want the fans to pretend that the big dork did not cost the rangers the game. all the news that’s fit to cover up.

  109. Once again lets not blame the payers too much. Hockey gods are favoring Buffalo for now, but not for long. We showed that we can skate with this guys.
    GO NYR!

  110. czech – I think he is a fan of the team that lost 1st rd.

    Yenner (or Renney backwards aren’t you clever). I would sign for the sweep if you went too. The only thing I’ll give you some credit for is cleaning up your language.
    Even with a sweep Renney is staying and Malik probably is as well.

  111. “He just sped up the inevitable.”

    I am actually grateful for that, anybody that saves me time is a good guy.

  112. Bottom line – Sunday is a must win. Malik will not be gone next season because he is under contract and nobody else will want him as much as the NYR do. I couldn’t believe it when I saw that Orts didn’t play. That came out of nowhere. Probably his first healthy scratch in his two seasons with the team. Hey, maybe we’ll see Orr & Isbister next game, ya never know!

  113. “Hockey gods are favoring Buffalo for now”

    refs did favor us this game and we still lost.

  114. TIRF – r u Islander fan or something? Get out of this blog with this a attitude, potz!

  115. Yenner Mot & TIRF are annoying, but at least they’re not fanning the flames (as in cursing) like our old friend Vinny Pooh did.

  116. bg – I said how bad Malik was – it was as bad a play as I’ve ever seen in a big game. In effect he choked. I probably hated that play more than you. I don’t think Tom Renney would say those things do you? But I guarantee we wil lose and lose big if the crowd starts booing from the 1st drop of the puck. So much for home ice advantage – might as well play the games in Buffalo. That would only guarantee that we will be out May 1st and then the fishstick fans can say they went 5 vs Buffalo.

  117. yenner; yes the last penalty call was a softy but like I said Buffalo’s luck will run out. We are the better team lately (if we keep playing like this).

  118. I dont know if I have seen a worse give away in my lfe than Maliks. This is why I close my eyes when he ouches the puck. This guy should be traded for a bag of pucks but I think that is still asking for alot. Maybe a peanut vendor or something. They dominated the game and Malik just served it up to them on a silver platter. Heres my points. If you are Tom renney, why do you put Isbister in the lineup instead of Orts? Unless Jed was injured, there is absolutely no excuse for this. In my opinion, that costed us 2 goals tonight. The first one was the Canada Sabres powerplay goal. There was miscommunication and we got 2 guys trapped on one side of the ice. If Orts is in the game, being the excellent PKer that he is, I dont think this would have happened. Another one where the absence of Jed hurt was the 3rd Canada goal. The 4th line got stuck on the ice way too long and once again if Jed is on that line, we most likely dont get stuck in that situation because he has alot more defensive skill than Isbister. My last point is Rachunek. Why is he playing? He was brutal the other night and was even worse tonight. He gives the puck away way too much. Thomas Pock better be in for game 3. I must give Ryan Miller credit because he certainly kept them in it. This series is no where near over. We will not just roll over and die. This team has been through tons of adversity and will not give up.

    Next year, we need to get rid of Malik and call up Staal and we need to let Rachunek walk and play Pock everyday. This series is not over but they got this far WITHOUT giving away any vital parts of the future. Next year we will see Cally from day one and I also think we will see Dubinsky and Bourett. I am also thinkimg we could see Montoya take on some of the load. So dont give up on this series but also remember if things dont turn around there is alot to look forward to

  119. anybody pinning these losses on Lundqvist is clueless. As clueless as our genius coach. Malik and Raccoon share the blame for this debacle.

  120. they’re just so called fans that hate the NYR, there are plenty of Americans that do that with the USA.

  121. “they’re just so called fans that hate the NYR, there are plenty of Americans that do that with the USA.”

    more like unsatisfied and disappointed rather than “hate”

  122. czechthemout!!!!! on

    ted nolan is TEN TIMES THE COACH our moron is.he took a team of retreads and castoffs and made the playoffs.does anyone on this blog think that renney would have done better?also does anyone think that nolan would not have done a better job here than the buffoon who currently coaches?

  123. Just to make my point clear: I’m not blaming the two loses on Henrik; I am just saying that Miller had been better for Buffalo then Henrik for us so far.

  124. I don’t think they outplayed us too badly. I think we outplayed them so far.

  125. I used to think highly of Nolan, but he is too veteran crazy and only cares about winning now. They barely played any young players there.

  126. He didn’t get hurt, he finished his shift and it was a little over 1min. to play in the period and he left. It’s not the first time he does that.
    I am sure he got upset that he got hit and didn’t score on his shot, too!

  127. Renney can only take a team so far, but not far enough. He’s too mellow and too intellectual. I hope he gets a video of Ruff and watches it over & over. MSG refused to show Ruff lose it at the end of the game, great actor…. hopefully they’ll turn it around like they did in March, & find ways to win.

  128. we have such a soft team that gets outhit by the likes of Sabres and Thrashers. Our physical play in the playoffs is pathetic.

  129. Anthony (Abev) on

    Jagr “ran away after he got hit” because he always goes to the dressing room if hes not going to skate another shift for the period.

    It’s really a shame that Sam and Joe were not clear about that b/c now it gives ammo to the new Ranger fans.

  130. TIRF (Typical Idiot Rangers Fan) on

    NYR=NYR – using what measure have we outplayed them so far?

    Everyone is saying how sucky our defense is and how we have to get rid of all of them. Umm, but didn’t I say that 3 days ago!!?! What we need to do is trade a high draft pick, maybe our 1st rounder, for Buffalo’s #7 defenseman, Nathan Paetsch. He would easily be slotted in as our 1st or 2nd defenseman. He has also been trained in a top notch organization, and he could spread those winning ways to our lockerroom.

  131. TIRF (Typical Idiot Rangers Fan) on

    Bklyn Blue – do you think Ruff had a legitimate beef? Was that last penalty, with 2 minutes left, a joke? What about the missed high stick by Jagr on Drury? As I said earlier, if any Rags fan has a complaint about the officiating tonight, then he is a total moron.

  132. TIRF, Dude, I don’t know what r u smoking. If you watched the same game as we all did, you could see that Rangers played good. Buffalo made much more turnovers and we had more chances to score then they did. The difference was Miller so far – in both games.

  133. tirf they gave him 4 min for a 2 min high stick, 2 drops from a nose bleeds aren’t cuts. the refs are not pros in this league.

  134. yea dont give up yet, we totally out played them, we deserved the win tonight, I really thing we can pull this off in seven, its not gonna be easy but its doable. lets just hope that miller doesnt stand on his head in game 3 as well, no one said we would win 16 straight on the way to the cup.

  135. TIRF (Typical Idiot Rangers Fan) on

    I am not saying that WE didn’t play better. We did. But we didn’t outplay them. We got a ton of calls go our way tonight, and that made things seem closer than it actually was.

  136. its all about faith and i do believe that prucha and callahan will come up big in game 3 as along as they are given that chance

  137. man it is so great talking hockey into may, whens tha last time we had the oppurtunity to do this.

  138. Matt, we need more fans like you and I on this blog. It’s not over yet. Even TIRF agrees that we outplayed them. Lets believe in our Rangers.

  139. TIRF – you have got to be kidding yourself if you think anyone here thinks you’re a Ranger fan. I don’t think it’s Buffalo but rather the Islanders that you root for. Ranger fans do not call their team rags nor would they put the word idiot in their signage. At least have some courage and admit you’re an Islander fan when you bash the Rangers at every opportunity.

  140. are boys are battling hard, dont give up on them so easily. Yeah malik made some mistakes but he is a central part to the taams success based on his icetime, I dont know why but I feel confident that as long as we play like we did tonight are we will get some bounces and luck are way.

  141. miller didn’t stand on his head, they didn’t run into a hot goalie excuse, 2 posts, not enough screens or driving to the net, rebounds, tips, etc makes a goalie look good when he showboats a glove save.

  142. LI Joe – I got him (TIRF) 30min ago. He does seem to be very negative about the Rangers
    GO NYR!

  143. TIRF (Typical Idiot Rangers Fan) on

    The rule is if you draw blood, it is a 4 minute penalty. It is cut and dried. He didn’t have control of his stick. Tyutin hit the Sabre in the face. Said sabre was wounded by said stick. Ergo, 4 minutes. It isn’t up to the ref to examine the cut and say “Not enough blood!” It seems so simple to me. Darn Tyutin it is.

    What about Jagr jabbing his twig in Drury’s face. Was that a penalty? How about us tackling the player on the Buffalo 2 on 1? How about that penalty on Briere with 2 minutes left?

  144. Prucha has degenarated thanks to Renney’s treatment. Renney is terrible with young players. Under a good coach Prucha would be a 60 point guy and kill penalties, Hollweg would kill penalries and chip in 10 points, Dawes would play similar to Gionta, and so on.

    “malik cost us the game.

    there is nothing else to be said.”

    you can also blame, Renney, Hossa, Lundqvist, Miller, etc.

    Only chance we advance is if Miller is carried out on a stretcher early on in game 3.

  145. Yes, but I’ve seen other things too; like Buffalo players interfering with Rangers players in the neutral zone and stick into the skates several times – not called. So stop pointing out that ref. were favoring us in this game, ok?

  146. TIRF (Typical Idiot Rangers Fan) on

    Let’s go Rangers! The Rangers are the best team in the league and the Sabres suck! They don’t belong even in the playoffs! Miller sucks! If you take out the plays that are classified as “goals”, we won this game! Are my bona fides now established?

  147. tirf did you want the calls only to go for the chips? callihan was high sticked 2x in the 1st game, elbowed to the head tonight. you can take the refs to mcdonalds or the circus so they can have a complete array of clowns.

  148. Thank you Yenner Mot. Like I said; Miller has been a difference in this series so far. Henrik has to step up for us in the next four.

  149. TIRF (Typical Idiot Rangers Fan) on

    You are reaching the bottom of the barrel, NYR, yet you keep on digging. The Sabres had 2 interference penaltied called on them tonight that were a joke. My favorite team, the Rangers, did the same thing with impunity. You still haven’t answered me about whether you thought the Briere penalty was a good call.

  150. NYR – yes with a ticket bought on ebay. the ebay prices should be coming down if anyone is interested they should check it out.

    BTW – Sudbury won it’s 3rd series in OT – I think there is 1 more series to go. See boxscore at left of attached. So Staal (seems to me at least) should really be ready next year. If he works during the offseason he definitely should make this team.

  151. “thought the Briere penalty was a good call”

    definitely a good call, it was a definite crosscheck, sure it wasn’t very hard, but it was a crosscheck and Cullen fell down.

  152. I did say that last penalty was a joke, but it doesn’t mean that the whole game was called in our favor.

  153. TIRF (Typical Idiot Rangers Fan) on

    Come on, this is the playoffs, it’s not november 23. The refs who make those chickenshit calls won’t advance to the next round. Mark my words.

  154. I agree but there is more. Buffalo is the favorite in this series and Toronto will do everything they can to drown NYR. Look at the first game and the call them made on the goal that was clearly punched into. If not that call we could still be in the game then.

  155. maybe instead of garbage Drury and gay Briere we should sign Zubrus, 14 hits in 2 games vs Rangers. I don’t mind players that can skate, score and hit really hard.

  156. Yenner – agreed about signing Zubrus (I like the way he playes). PHI will hand themselves when we do that

  157. TIRF (Typical Idiot Rangers Fan) on

    NYR, you are engaging in revisionist history if you think that puck was punched in.

  158. can’t blame the refs. we were thoroughly outplayed in game 1. Malik’s HUGE mistake plus the play of the 4th line and 3rd pair d on the game losing goal were our downfalls tonight.

  159. Look folks, this is me just being honest. And please keep in mind I’m as die hard a ranger fan as one could be.

    We don’t match up well against Buffalo. They’re too fast, too skilled, and from what I can see…. hungrier than we are!!!
    There was one particular shift that infuriated me i.e. Jagr. Nylander coughed up the puck in the offensive zone… and there’s Jagr, right next to the puck-carrier….gliding along as if his work was over for the shift.
    To top things off…. it seemed that even though we held them at bay with their shot totals by clogging up the neutral zone… whatever odd man rushes they got, they capitalized on!!! Meanwhile, our 31 shots on goal (or whatever the total was) weren’t exactly the highest of quality and mainly peremiter shots. I don’t know… it just seems the likes of Tomas Vanek and co have more zip on their shots, dump ins…etc. More “umph” behind everything they do than any one person on our bench and it frustrates me. We’re WAY too passive!!!!!! Wake up boys!!!!!!

  160. remember Buffalo is the regular season champ. We lost a real good chance to make this a heck of a series with the INSANE PLAY BY MALIK and a crap 4th line other than Betts. So there is certainly room for improvement with in my opinion Hollweg, Orts, Isbister places available (despite at least one of them signed for the next yr or 2). Not even going to talk about some of the d who s/b replaced. need Orr for teams like Philly.

  161. ” the Sabres, who were outshot and outchanced through two periods, but found another gear when it mattered most”… while the NYR came out in the 3rd asleep…blame _________,and if they won? they have nothing to be ashamed of, perfect hockey is not reality, yet!

  162. I am very disappointed in Hollweg’s physical play, or did Renney tell him “no big hits”?

    next game I want 4th line to have both Pock and Ortmeyer on it.

  163. NYR – $ 125 in the 300’s by the corner the King defends twice. And that was before the game was played (but only 1 ticket but I know others there for between periods). Paid more for Tuesday but that was before the series started.

    Scroll through for the buy it nows in addition to the ones expiring soon – but those I usualy get outbid on. Nothing looks that good now but in the morning could be better – and many tickets can be emailed right away.

  164. “Prucha has degenarated thanks to Renney’s treatment. Renney is terrible with young players. Under a good coach Prucha would be a 60 point guy and kill penalties, Hollweg would kill penalries and chip in 10 points, Dawes would play similar to Gionta, and so on.”

    but the funny thing is that Renney chose to make Orr (of all people) his pet project, watch next season Orr will be killing penalties and playing in OT.

  165. Hollweg’s physical play where he ran himself way out of position led to the losing goal. it led to a 3 on 2 which led to plolonged time in our own zone with the worst possible combination out there and sure enough the losing goal. He has no hockey intelligence whatsoever.

  166. Betts sucked tonight as he does every night. He is a waste of ice space. Malik doesn’t even deserve to be talked about. They both belong in a minor league. Mara makes mistakes because his partner sucks. Mara is an offensive d man. He is not paired with the correct partner. If he played with Gerardi all night it would be different. If you remember, Rachuneck left Pock out to dry in January and got the kid benched.

    The sorry point tonight is that Ryan Callahan showed that he is a very poised young man playing NHL Playoff hockey. The management was too slow in promoting him as well as Gerardi which cost us a higher seed.

  167. If we had a higher seed we would have been eliminated by now.

    And I agree that Betts stinks and needs to go, we need someone like Joel Lundqvist to center the 4th line.

  168. Next season lines:


    get rid of Hossa, Betts, Shanahan, Orr and maybe even Hollweg

    Would love to also get rid of Straka and Jagr, but I doubt they would do that.

  169. ORR Kicks Ying Yang on

    Anybody who wants to pin this loss on Malik is a moron

    Its Malik and a few other guys…Who the F**k leaves someone wide friggin open on the point on a PK..

    Why the hell is Hollweg..The man who throws less hits then any hitter in the league playing…Ill take Isbister over hollweg anyday..cause he hits..he sticks up for his he was doing for Jagr and Avery at the bench…and Ortmeyer diserves to play..Not Hollweg

    We got our Vintage staff goin…They take out the wrong players and put the ones they feel can do something in…

    This loss hurts…Cause we shoulda won this damn game..and the moronic play of malik who makes a blind pass when you dont have to…oh yea and betts who spins around like an idiot trying to get stafford and lets him pass the GWG…and I like Hossa but cmon…The miscomunication was putrid…

    I want to lose a game like Game 1…Were we diserved to lose that game….We didnt diserve to lose this one…

    Any body who pins this loss on Lundqvist….Ill give it to ya nicely…Go jump off a bridge and do all NYR fans a favor…if your not happy with him go jump on the sab band wagon and go obsess over the overrated deformity called Miller…Enough said

    Get rid of Hollweg..Betts..Rackunek..Malik..Weekes..Ozolinsh..then maybe…just maybe we will have a shot at being great for once..and not having as much mistakes…

    Like i said before game 1..Renney and the staff should have NEVER changed the lines…It was working..

    Im pissed….Im gonna break a few chairs over my Tv

  170. ORR Kicks Ying Yang on


    Ill put it as simple as possible…..Your a brainless witt AKA Brnadon Witt

  171. I’m not one of the Malik bashers,but a bonehead play like that in a playoff game by an experienced d-man is unacceptable. Everyone makes mistakes but that was just dumb. I noticed he wasn’t out there for a couple shifts after that.

    Jed must be hurt or something. Its the playoffs they’re not going to tell you the truth.

    Henrik has played well,but not great. Maybe I’m just disappointed because we’re down 2-0 but it does’nt seem like he’s making those fantastic saves like he normally does. He’s going to have to be great or this will be over soon.

    I really thought we would win this game .We played well,just every mistake we made turned out to be costly. Its not over yet,teams have come back from 2-0,but its going to be alot harder. I feel bad for the guys,they played so hard and mostly a good game and lost anyway. Its disappointing .

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