Rozsival is day-to-day, and so are the Rangers


The Rangers practiced at the relatively late hour of 1:15 back at the arena, hence the delay in updates.

Michal Rozsival did not skate, and is still being called day-to-day by the Rangers, but again was walking without a significant limp. Tom Renney said Rozsival is still a possibility for Game 2, because as the coach shrewdly noted, “tomorrow is another day.” Genius stuff.

In other news, I just passed Rozsival, Marek Malik, and Petr Prucha huddled at a table here. Just a guess, but I don’t think they were scheming a bench-clearing brawl tomorrow.

It was a fairly light workout. If it’s possible to be both, the Rangers were hugely disappointed (Renney’s description) and upbeat (Brendan Shanahan’s words) this morning after the 5-2 loss last night.

“It was one thing if we played our best and we still didn’t get a win,” Shanahan said. “But we didn’t feel like we played our best.”

That said, Jaromir Jagr countered by saying this:

“We lost the game,” Jagr said. “Maybe we didn’t play our best, but maybe they didn’t play their best.”

So there. Looks like the forward lines will stay intact, at least from how they practiced today, while he defensive pairings obviously depend on Rozsival. It was even more difficult to get a sense because Malik rested today as well (soreness, according to Renney), meaning that Thomas Pock was left to practice with that defensive stalwart, Colton Orr.

More later…

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  1. Sam am I missing something? No limp after the game but he’s day to day? It doesn’t sound like a leg injury. Do they need to be reminded this is the playoffs, you play hurt? Was Jagr joking or serious? If he was serious , it’s over. The game wasn’t an embarassment but not scoring on the 5-3 is not acceptable. They dissed Renney & themselves. He needs to confront their desire to win The Cup.

  2. goalbyPrucha on

    ““We lost the game,â€? Jagr said. “Maybe we didn’t play our best, but maybe they didn’t play their best.â€?”

    Lord have mercy!

  3. Rozsival has played hurt before. Maybe the Rangers are participating in the traditional playoff game “Hide or Exaggerate the Injuries.”

  4. Sam,
    Did you get any weird vibes off of Jagr during the interviews after practice. On the they mentioned that Jagr looked agitated by all the questions. You think that this may be a sign of pressure building up on him to do better in game 2 or is he just fed up with all the questions about game 1 and wants to move on to game 2?

    Lets Go Blueshirts!!!!!

  5. a casual observer on

    If we play the whole game like we did in the first period we will win. The officiating might be better and we will be more disciplined in game 2.

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