Wow, this really must be important


I say that not because of the dozens of camera crews and reporters at the morning skate today. But more because I think Jaromir Jagr is trying to channel some early ’90s magic by sporting the beginnings of a mullet.


It wasn’t quite the “business up front, party in the back” extreme of his Cup years with the Penguins. But it was a start. Needless to say, we here at Blog Central will be monitoring this situation very closely in the coming weeks

Also, Jed Ortmeyer appears to going with a Adam Morrison-“Boogie Nights” mustache, while Colton Orr and Ryan Hollweg both look like they came straight from the set of “B.J. and the Bear.”

Meanwhile, some non-hair related updates:

  • Hollweg is indeed in for Orr on the fourth line.
  • Karel Rachunek is likely to be in as well but was deemed a “coach’s decision” by Tom Renney.
  • Obviously, lots of conversation about Sean Avery’s inflammatory comments earlier this week (this was something we also discussed last night on “”The Cockfight”:″. I’m still getting used to that name). Both Tom Renney and Lindy Ruff tried to defuse the issue.

    “We’re so focused on playing our game and what we want to do on the ice,” Ruff said. “We’re totally concentrating on that.”

    As far as Avery, it’s worth noting that he and Jagr left the ice early to avoid the media crush. I passed him in the hallway right as a the media was entering the dressing room, already showered up and walking out of the arena.

  • More proof that Michael Nylander is a 12-year-old boy trapped in a 34-year-old man’s body: The Rangers center was again the first player on the ice, and spent the entire Zamboni run stickhandling up a single stretch of ice. Of course, Nylander also left the ice early. What a dog.
  • You’ve officially disheartened Sully. Neither he nor I mind the spirited back-and-forth. Sully is a big boy. But if you think for a moment that I wouldn’t notice someone else pretending to be him, you’re obviously mistaken. I’m not cool with that at all.

    OK, more later..

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    1. Sully came here talking smack and left with his tail between his legs. He got what he deserved.

    2. Sam….can u PLEASE tell Jagr to make sure he grows out that mullet….everyone wants to see it again…

    3. lindy ruff can say that they are concentrating on the game and not avery but for the last 2 days all i’ve heard is ruff, miller, drury, briere talk about avery. they are talking about not talking about him but they are still talking about him. this is just like how atlanta talked about not paying attention to avery. he’s in their heads already.

    4. Sully you are the victim of all Rangers fans having to listen to Sabre fans talk smack. Bad timing

    5. Holloweg for Orr is a great move. Sabres have no real fighters and Hollo has the speed to run em. Look for the Sabres to pull the “last minute back turn” all night long on him.

    6. hockeymanrangers on

      I sure hope the boys have their nose to the grindstone tonight. And Avery plays his game and not a game that everyone else wants to see him play. My feeling is that this is going to be one of the best seriers in the entire playoffs. Especially if the Rangers can play like they have been every game every shift. LET’S GO RANGERS, GET R DONE. SORRY, THAT’S THE REDNECK IN ME.

    7. Rob – I like Hollweg in for Orr because of Buff’s speed….But he’s has got to be real careful because we need to stay at ES or on the PP…Holly’s gonna be all amped up after not playing and probably looking for the big hit…But we don’t need it..I’m sure what Renney wants out of him is skating, FOrechecking and backhecking..A clean big hit or two would be a bonus..

    8. Hospo –

      I am sure that message was given to him from Renney as it was partially the reason he was benched in the first place. Orr would be usless in this series for his complete lack of footspeed. He would lag behind and hurt renneys ability to roll for lines. Now with betts / Orts / Holloweg he has a 4th line that can keep up and even make things difficult.

    9. I have been secretly hoping that Jagr would revert back to his mullet days. I remember back when I was a kid, I had tix to a rangers-pens game right behind the rangers bench. this was like ’92 or something and some guy screams “Jagr cut your hair you look like a bear” and I thought it was the funniest thing. Now it doesn’t seem so witty though….

    10. Rob – No arguement..Holly was lit into after his boarding penalty in the Bruin game and really didn’t play well once he came back..Hopefully, the break will help him because we do need his peed and forechecking (compared to Orr)…Even with Holly, Renney still has to careful of the matchup for his 4th line and not overplay them..

    11. I think the Hollweg/Orr move is good. And I’m not decided on Rachunek/Pock. Pock is solid as was Rachunek before the injury. I think Rachunek has a bit more shooting potential though.

    12. Hmm, if the Rangers pull off a Cup run this year, will Playoff Mullet become the new Playoff Beard?

    13. I personally would have stayed with Pock….. but I don’t anticipate the series to go either way because of this choice. As long as Rachunek doesnt make a glaringly bad error think he will be fine. He showed some grit right before he got hurt. I trust NYR to not plug him back in unless he is really, *really* ready. He wanted blood when Hollweg got his throat chopped. Seems like a good team guy down the line to me.

      :day trickles on….I look toward 7pm as salvation on the horizon:

      :remembers it’s in VERSUS:

      :blames sully:

    14. Sam if sully is already down, he might as well get used to the ride. the NYR will finish off disheartening him along with his team. It looks like Renney has Avery on a short leash until gametime, then the pitbull will be in full attack mode. Beware of brAvery!

    15. I didn’t leave with my tail between my legs – I went to lunch. The beers at the HSBC Arena are laced with crack – so you need to eat pre-game or you’ll piss your pants and forget your name before the start of the third.

      Sam, that Jagr mullet is awesome.

      Also, anagrams are lame. Try to keep it to hockey – if you can.

      Let me guess, someone is going to reply with an anagram?

    16. Rob S. – I agree with your Orr comment. Unless the Andrew “the human punching bag” Peters is in the line-up, no need to dress Orr.

    17. sully you have to be on crack to live in buffalo. When the NYR finish with you , they’ll be more than pee and a tail in your pants. Avery has already gotten in your empty heads. you’re going to need plenty of beer because you will want to forget the game and your name, especially yours;)

    18. oh my g00dniss even some childish anagrams got into the poor guys head… must….be….joking…me…..?

      Sam W: Sorry for putting you in the position to have to “delete post” my man, I thought I was pretty clear that it’s all in jokes and fun.

      :wonders if I may have struck a sensitive nerve with one of the L’s:

      :laughs it off and drinks concoction that makes HSBC beer look like Mich Ultra:

    19. See

      BTW, I don’t think that was the real Sully on this thread.

    20. Rangers Pride on

      Hey guys found this on Rangerland blog. Enjoy:

      As daylight dawned on the travellers heading West to Fort Hayes, Lord Nylander finished his tea and handed the delicate china cup to his servant who stood waiting unobtrusively.

      “What say you gentlemen?� Nylander asked of his fellow noblemen, M Straka and the Mysterious Duke Hossa. “Shall we get started?� With everyone in agreement, Lord Nylander opened the door and they stepped out of the dining car and onto a flatbed where more servants waited to hand them their rifles, cleaned, oiled and loaded for the day’s hunt.

      Jed Ortmeyer spat a stream of tobacco over the side of the moving train and moved to greet the gentlemen. “‘Should be a fine mornin’ for it boys,� he drawled, nodding his head to the horizon where several dark spots were starting to resolve in the morning light, giving the hunters their first view of their prey. It was not long before an immense herd of buffalo pulled parallel with the train, not more than 50 yards from the track. Immediately, the hunters took up their rifles and let loose a fusillade into the swiftly moving pack. The stupid animals bellowed and stumbled but did not alter their course under the steady rate of fire.

      The sound of the hunter’s shots generated much excitement amongst the other passengers and before long Captain Jaromir Jagr came out onto the platform with several of his men who he introduced as Avery, Shanahan and Cullen. The Rangers took up their rifles and joined in the fun, unleashing volley after volley of deadly fire into the seemingly endless herd of rushing buffalo.

      Chief Jim Neilson watched the proceedings with mixed feelings. The buffalo, in their multitude, had seemed an unstoppable force of nature but perhaps their time had come. Who would prevail in this epic battle was this noble reporter’s question. “Rangers in seven,� came his reply.

    21. “while Colton Orr and Ryan Hollweg both look like they came straight from the set of “B.J. and the Bear.â€?

      what does that mean for those that never even heard of “B.J. and the Bear”?

    22. Pock-y Reddick on

      how many times this season has Pock been given the shaft by dishonest Renney?

      no matter how well he plays, no matter how many games the rangers win with him on D, Pock will be crapped on by 2-faced tommy r.

    23. Since we are all trying to kill time…how about a little discussion on what the final score may be tonite…and who would be the scorers….anyone??? My guess is 3-1 Rangers. Scorers are Jagr, Prucha, and Avery!!!!! (in any order)

    24. Pock-y Reddick

      You may have to defer to the coach on this one. He has no problem with Pock. Now is not the time to second guess. Just watch the game and root(sp) for the good guys.

    25. Just more disappointment on the way for those loyal Buffalo sports fans . . . Rangers in 6 (and maybe 5 since they’ll be going back to Buffalo up 3-1).

    26. My biggest hope is that the cork has been pulled on Cullen and goals just start magically appearing out of his stick. This guy *still* has potential to be one of our slippery slimey (salty?) surprise guys late in the game. And if he’s at *least* putting pucks on Miller leave it to garbage boys Prucha and Callahan to put the rat goals away. The only problem is that punk-ass Cullen has the tendancy to shoot high/over net. If he swoops in and keeps shots low that line doubles in threat….and I’d bet he puts a few more away.
      Do it Cullen. DO IT FOR SULLY!!

      Punching out friends…and *nice job on the anagrams everyone!*

    27. “He bumped Hossa up to the first line, and for a several-game stretch when Straka was injured, rewarded Malik with the alternate captain’s “A” on his sweater. In both instances, Renney’s faith was rewarded: Hossa emerged as the Rangers’ most improved forward, with eight goals in his final 19 games of the regular season; while an emboldened Malik ended the season with a team-high plus-32 rating.”

      I can see Sam is *still* drinking the Malik Kool-Aid.

      And, Polska, sorry, but I hate individual game predicitons. Salty, don’t kill the Anagram thing. The Rangers one barely makes sense.

    28. Doodie Machetto on

      I hate to be Mr. Negativity, but I actually think the Rangers drop the game tonight due to rust and what I’m going to call the “undercompetition effect.”

      Remember how the Devs destroyed the Rangers last season, only to be easily disposed of in the next round? Some of the Devs said the Rangers were simply not enough of a challenge and it threw them off of their games. I put it to you that ATL was so easy, the Rangers are going to be ultra rusty and may drop game one as a result of that, combined with the long layoff and a rusty Rachunek.

    29. I have no idea what tonight is going to bring, hopefully a Ranger Win. I hope a 4-2 Ranger Win.

      LETS GO RANGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    30. a casual observer on

      I enjoyed having Sully on this site. I don’t mind a little give and take. If you are reading this, good luck to your team! Now go get your shine box!
      Let’s go Rangers.

    31. DanTheRangerFan on

      yaaaaaaaaaaa baby I couldnt sleep last night,eat today,stop the hairs on my playoff beard from standing up,or stop the butterflys that are trapped in my body from moving around. Its def playoff timeeeee….. Lets go Rangers 07

    32. Here’s some food for discussion why do those hicks boo JAGR when He has the puck. Someone help me out here.

    33. Interesting. I, too, seem to be growing a playoff mullet.

      It’s what happens when you go six months without a haircut.

    34. Wow, talk about an ass-whooping. You guys were right about one thing, though, Lundquist was a game changer…he changed it from 10-2 to 5-2. Good work.

    35. Um, who are the morons who think an anagram is putting new words starting with the letters SABERS.

      Check out what an anagram is, or people will start thinking you’re from Buffalo

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