Welcome back Thomas Pock?


Michal Rozsival aggravated what appeared to be his knee at the end of the first period. He’s since tried out skating twice during stoppages but obviously determined he couldn’t go and has retreated to the dressing room.

The Rangers just announced he won’t return tonight.

I’ll pass along more when I have it…

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  1. this is where it would be nice to have struds available. he can play the wing, too. though Pock played the wing through college at UMass

  2. FINALLY a Sabres penalty. Spacek has two penalties now.

    Once again, the announcers sound nonchalant when the Sabres have a penalty called on them. The opposite of their UTTER excitement when the Rangers take a penalty. WTF?

  3. Everyone roots against the big city. Bunch of hicks — in the booth, in the stripes, in Toronto…

  4. Rangers need to get it deep in the Buff zone and keep it there. Need offensive zone time.

  5. we officially gave buffalo that goal when we created that AWFUL turnover.

    you can not do that against any team, ESPECIALLY THE SABRES!

  6. I think Rangers need to shave and play. Their beards are probably itching or bothering them

  7. I say let this game go and just consentrate on hitting and punnishing the Sabres.

  8. AngelusMortis on

    Agreed, dlv. That’ll be a -5 pair by the end of the game. Ross, if you want to talk about liabilities, let’s talk Malik.

  9. onecupin67years on

    Great attempt at a poke check by malik,how about a check every now and then,he looked like he was playing against peewees with that pathetic check.

  10. AngelusMortis on

    I wonder if Mara is enjoying the two goals he’s now just let happen. They’re leaving Henrik out to dry. Given he hasn’t had a sharp second period, but his rearguard isn’t helping at all.

  11. stick a fork in Rangers, they are done. just way too slow and not physical enough.

  12. Mara was not responsible for the 3rd goal. it was raccoon who pinched and lost the puck leaving a 2-on-1

  13. LetsgoRaiders on

    Buffalo speed too much tonight

    Looks bleak I hate to say

    Hopefully by some miracle we can win game 2

    Please stop playing Hollweg-He is an average AHL player

  14. lets face it; rozsival normally logs the most minutes for dmen, and now that he’s not there everyone else is going to be doing more.

  15. ohh yet im spanking sully’s naked butt right now…… mom come join in!!!!!

    “a playoff seies doesnt get started until someone wins a road game” -Pat Riley

    dont sweat it you tit heads.

  16. Sully shouldn’t laugh too hard. The joke’s on him. His name is still “Sully.”

  17. terrible play by mara but also terrible play by i think avery (may have been shanny) going for the hit on the sabres defenseman who had already passed it out of the zone. they are too fast for that kind of stuff

    prucha line is the only one that has looked good.

  18. reginald dunlop on

    is slashing still a penalty? because the sabres have perfected the slash and stick hold up………..guess donut boy and grenouille cant call those??? and that last goal didnt the sabre on the top get a helluva jump over the blue line…….wonder if offsides counts anymore…..defense cant play with 5 men against sabres speed………..time to suck it up boys

  19. Where are the real Fans?????? You are all a bunch of bandwagon riders!!!!- You give up already???? The comeback in the third may run short – but mark my words, this is FAR from over folks!!!

  20. your boy malik on

    YIKES…what the????? Hey Sam heard you on ESPN radio – good job – was driving home looking forward to the rest of period 2 — but now ….wahhhh…..poor Hanke…no one covering his back right now ….

  21. czechthemout!!!!! on

    like i said,renney will figure out how to blow the playoffs eventually.first brilliant move,scratch pock,play a clearley rusty krapunek who looked like dog shit on the third goal.too many penalties.straka,who did nothing in the first round,makes a dumb pass and takes a stupid penalty.shanny doing nothing so far.third line is the only line producing any offence.they don’t look sharp at all today.refs have been awfull for the most part.cally got high sticked twice today,no calls.they will play better in game two.

  22. atl. was a crappy team, and a lot of people were in denial about that. but Betts admitted it, and now it looks like that was the case.

  23. Wow, it would be nice to see the game called both ways. Watching Buffalo slash and hook without penalty is getting annoying. Especially when Cullen is called for a phantom hook that never occurred.

    If we can get a goal or two in the third, I’d be pretty pleased. We outplayed them for the majority of the 5-on-5 time, so it’ll be interesting to see what this team can accomplish if they stay out of the box.

    Anyone writing off this team after 2 periods is a moron. No one wants to be associated with you, so stop rooting for the Blueshirts. After the misery of the 90s-00s, it’s amazing how quickly people are ready to jump on and off the bandwagon.

  24. My 2 censt. rachunek has played poorly and caused minimum one of the goals.

    if Rozi cannot play that is a big problem..

    don’t jump ship yet, but tonight is basically over… Too many penalties, rachunek has played poorly, and Rozi’s injury hurt, the Ranger offense has not done much..

  25. most here are just pointing out the glaring mistakes made by certain players doesnt make them bandwagon and i dont see anyone saying the series is over. but u keep giving them powerplays and make stupid turnovers then it wont be much of a series at all

  26. besides the 3 goals in four minutes, it wasnt a terrible game. yeh the sabres showed their speed & their quick transition game, but we managed it for the most part. yet tomorrow, if the game stands as is, everyone who didnt see the whole game will say this series will end in 4 b/c the rangers cant handle the sabres. screw that.

  27. You are bunch of morons who cannot support their team. We’re losing 3 zip after 2. SO WHAT!? You’re so dumb and diss people from Buffalo and now you cannot even support your team!!! You suck! It’s only game ONE! Don’t you get it??? Stop crying and start supporting Rangers!!!

  28. well, if we were to lose big this is the best time, it will serve as a wakeup call.

  29. I think they needed a little reality check – could you imagine the overconfidence if they came out and won this game right off the bat? – you all know we play better as underdogs. Now tomorrow all the press will say how the Rangers are overmatched now. Than we bang em in game two and head home!!! It’s all part of the plan – Did you think we were gonna go 16-0???

  30. It is understandable for Rachunek to have a bad game after not playing in about a month. Look at Shanahan, he has stunk ever since coming back.

  31. czechthemout!!!!! on

    that was offside on the third goal i’m glad i not the only one who noticed.they also looked like trey are playing with less passion tonight.ortmeyer is completely useless other than the pk.hollweg can’t do a thing out there.

  32. who cares what people you watch the game and come to your own opinion.

    the sabres have not really looked that good but neither have the rangers.

    rachunek gambling on goal 3 in his own zone(not a smart move) and Jagr with some nice setups to Hossa and Nylander but no goals.

    the rangers have to play conservative hockey and they have a chance… THey still have a chance they are not sweeping the presidents trophy winner..

  33. onecupin67years on

    Did they think buffalo was going to hand the game to them …Buffalo took the edge from them

  34. Everytime the Rangers are broadcast on Versus exclusively I feel like putting my foot thru the TV. I can’t stand their mediocre coverage and these second rate announcers. I realize how good we have it with Sam Rosen.

    P.S. — These refs are a joke. Shannahan, Avery, & Straka don’t look ready to play at all. Chalk this game up to rust. Hopefully we will get a much better effort on Friday.

  35. Sometimes it is hard to tell the difference between fan commiseration, and all out Ranger bashing on this site. Most of you come off as just a bunch of oppourtunistic front runners. Tonight you are dooming the Rangers, bashing all of the players, and showing absolutely no support whatsoever, while just a few days ago you thought we were the best thing since sliced bread. Just relax and take this for what it is…a bad start to a series(only game 1), against a very good team who is taking advantage of it. Just think before you type, so you don’t have to take it all back when the Rangers play well again, and make a real competition out of this(something we all know they are capable of doing).

  36. here is my strategy tip: throw the puck in the corners or towards the boards and let Sabres get it while we nail them with big hits.

  37. I’d love to shake those silly smiles off the Sabres. how can the refs call such a bad game? Cant blame all of breakdowns on misguided penalties but we started off great and then the refs started to smoke some weed and made up a bunch of ridiculous calls while the Sabres slashed and held a bunch of times with nothing called. Help. We need Jagr or Callahan or Avery to bring it on. If the Isles could come back against these guys so can we. Lets go Rangers!!!!

  38. I completely agree with you Gerry. Jags, Avery and a bunch of other Rangers thrive as being underdogs.

  39. Remember, in ’94, we lost the first game (at home, to boot) in both the conference finals and the finals. Coming back in the 3d and playing faster and more physical would be a good start, though. Hope Rosi is not hurt too bad.

  40. czechthemout!!!!! on

    look at the difference between buf.first line and ours.they create offence and we have hollweg and ortmeyer.

  41. Straka has been brutal, he needs to step up

    Rachunek is a disgrace to the uniform, if Rozi is out for anytime it will be a disaster.

    Sudbury can’t get put out fast enough!

    Pierre Maguire is spouting about Lundy glove weakness like it’s a revelation. If every pro scout in the league doesn’t know about it they should be fired. That’s why it doesn’t worry me, everyone has already known for months and he’s still a stud.

  42. AngelusMortis on

    Everyone in the league knows about Lundy’s glove side troubles. A vast majority of the shootout shots against him went glove side.

  43. if we cant solve miller on a 5 on 3 then theres not much hope for this game– maybe game 2.

  44. czechthemout!!!!! on

    these refs really suck!!!straka was just tripped And hooked three times not one call amazing!!!

  45. Shanahan can’t keep a pass in, and then fails 3 times to hit the net, time to retire, and fix your damn tooth, we know you can afford it.

  46. czechthemout!!!!! on

    way to go renney,rewarding callahan for being the best forward on the ice tonight by keeping him on the bench on that 5on3.

  47. excuse me– did these versus commentators just say miller was fantastic on the PP? yeh he really handled that ONE SHOT!!!!!


  48. AngelusMortis on

    At least we’re not getting skunked. Good to see the better Hossa getting one in the net.

  49. I love Shanny and he came through big vs. ATL, but man, he really needs to hit the net and skate stronger and harder to the net-

  50. I remember Rangers used to take a lot more one timers in the era before Jagr, now they barely ever do. Look what happens.

  51. that 5 on 3 was disgusting, they only fed the points for shots which is the easist thing for three people to defend. drury didnt kill us, we just make the same predictable pass to the points every time….good to see hossa get on the board but have to cash in on a 5-3

  52. Can our 5 on 3 PP be more predictable? I had a feeling before this series started that the Rangers might not be at their best game 1 due to the long layoff. I expect them to play much better in game 2. 5 on 5, I truly believe we can play with this team. All that being said, 3-1 with 9 minutes left. Stranger things have happened. Maybe we make a late run.

  53. I will say the announcers did sound sad that Ryan Miller lost his shutout bid. Pathetic. Let’s hope he loses the game.

    Go Rangers!!!

  54. AngelusMortis on

    Hollweg just needs to bring the pain while he’s out there. Briere’s a softy, 4#4 should give him another big shove.

  55. AngelusMortis on

    To be honest and unbiased, I think it should be a goal. Irrefutable? Maybe not.

  56. AngelusMortis on

    Actually, that looks like it hit his hand. That’s not clear at all. It should stay no goal, there’s not any irrefutable evidence.

  57. AngelusMortis on

    Well that’s the only smart things the play by play guys have said tonight; how tough that call is for a ref to make.

  58. F’n cheaters. Screw you Briere! I can’t believe these crappy refs allowed that!!

  59. AngelusMortis on

    I really don’t think it’s irrefutable, but I don’t think we were making any sort of comeback besides Marcel’s tally.

  60. good, enough time for Hollweg to injure someone with a big hit, let’s hope Renney is smart enough to go that way.

  61. that was a bad call. they had to overrule on the ice..

    the guys hand came off the stick..

    bad fin call…

  62. Are they kidding me we that call?? What a joke!!! His hand clearly came off the stick and hit his glove. It’s bad enough that we are playing possibly the best team in hockey, now we have to fight thru bad officiating not only on the ice, but off it with the clowns in Toronto.

  63. Announcer, after talking for 5 minutes about how they thought it was punched in: “Best part about video replay is that they take their time to get the call right.”

  64. Call like that no wonder no one watches or cares about the NHL. Buffalo got away with too many goal judgings already this playoff!

  65. the Rangers were not going to win but regardless that was a shitty call and they had to overrule the refs..

    that is a joke, his hand left the stick as clear as day..


  66. HOW THE HELL was that a goal?

    The rule is it has to be “beyond a doubt” it’s a goal. Not the other way around.

    Those replays hardly looked DEFINITE to me.

  67. czechthemout!!!!! on

    now ruff can’t complain about the bad calls that go against him because he is a small mkt team.

  68. AngelusMortis on

    Goal or not, it still showed another weak spot in the Ranger rearguard that needs to be addressed.

  69. intent.. really they know intent they can read his fin mind..

    intent is irrelevant, they have no clue what his intent was…


  70. the sabres are basically raping jagr w.out a fu*ken call.

    this is beyond aggravating

  71. AngelusMortis on

    Gotta love the quartet of pre-pubescent kids in the front row holding up signs and smacking the boards when JJ skates by. Marcel should have the trick, but Miller’s made good saves on him twice.

  72. Miller is pretty sharp tonight….But this loss was a long time coming.-
    Finish strong and get ready to to even this up on Friday-

  73. It’s painfully obvious the refs have been told to influence the series.

    How can anyone argue that the officiating has been fair in this game? Once is a mistake, twice is a mistake. 7, 8, 9 times is not a mistake.

  74. AngelusMortis on

    Hollweg really does nothing but rack up the penalty minutes against a team like Buffalo.

  75. your boy malik on

    ok – let’s get ready for Game 2….reality check, they’ll adjust and get back on track. Even Lundqvist has an occasional stinker – he’s human! GO RANGERS!

  76. AngelusMortis on

    I’d expect to see Colton Orr and his 4 minutes of ice time in Game 2. Renney’ll be disappointed with the team’s lack of discipline, and Hollweg’s big on the PIMs.

  77. hockeymanrangers on

    They are playing flat, Shanny looks real flat. They better get on it next game this one is over. Shanny to me looked exceptionaly flat. This is what we were afraid of, to long of a overlay between games.

  78. How does this team benifit with Hollweg in the lineup? Can they bring someone with more speed up and offense?

  79. All part of the Plan!!!! Buffalo will win – But will know that the Rangers are right there. Nice Goal Shanny!!!

  80. AngelusMortis on

    Those assclowns in the hats in the stands on the left halfboards have to be annoying to the people behind them. Someone needs a spanking. Nice shot and goal by Shanahan. Too little too late, however.

  81. AngelusMortis on

    …and there’s the salt in the wound. Tom looks like he wants to cut his wrists. I would too.

  82. One comment on this game. For the most part, I thought the game as a whole just lacked passion. That’s what happens I guess when the refs call every ticky-tack penalty. Why can’t these refs allow these guys to battle even a little. They can’t wait to blow their whistle. The games just lacks any sort of flow when they call penalty after penalty. Also, listening to these ridiculously boring announcers doesn’t help either.

  83. AngelusMortis on

    Hey, just a little bump in the road on the way to the Stanley Cup. Right?


  84. “We wanted Hollweg to play to hit hard and clean-
    He has done neither”

    he played clean, too clean, maybe you need to watch the game next time

  85. i cant wait till these bitches get to MSG so the crowd can fu*king attack those players.

    lets note: there were mocking avery chants, rangers suck chants, jagr boos and probably more that were not heard from this fabulous “versus” feed.

  86. It’s only one game, and the way I see it, the final was 3-2. That 4th goal never should have been allowed.

    They’ll come back strong and win game 2. They played a pretty solid 3rd period. Shanny’s goal will carry them over into Game 2.

    Lets go Rangers!!

  87. The refs were crap, but we beat ourselves tonite with lack of discipline and speed-

  88. sloppy game all around, we didnt deserve that one. jagr line looked good when they were cycling the puck and prucha and cally looked good. id give averys line less time and certainly not have avery on the powerplay while prucha and cally are on the bench. if they are ever fortunate enough to get another 5-3 they better not try that crap again. also with 4 mins left i know the game was likely over but i wouldnt leave orts line on for a full minute almost zero chance they are gona score..need to clean it up for friday. leaving buffalo with a game would be still be big

  89. Doodie Machetto on

    Folks, let’s face facts: Even though we destroyed ATL, we really still aren’t that good of a team. I’m not shocked by this.

  90. Your right Blue, we don’t take those penalties and tire the defense – you might have a different game – especially being short on D with Rosy down

  91. Yenner Mot

    He took a bad penalty at the end and did not hit hard.

    I know all you wanted after we were down 3-0 was to injure a Sabre-

    Get a life

  92. Wow, Sam, Ask Sully how many times he w@cke* off the refs.

    Wow battling the refs and 5 d-men, very interesting.

    Can we get the count of how many DUIs there will be in Buffalo tonight?

    Wow Hey Lindy no complaining tonight?

  93. April 25th, 2007 at 9:37 pm Yenner Mot

    good, enough time for Hollweg to injure someone with a big hit, let’s hope Renney is smart enough to go that way.

    You are a fool!

  94. Hollweg 5 minutes
    Callahan 10 minutes
    Prucha 7 minutes

    Renney stinks, he cost us another game

    Shanahan -4, lol

  95. “He took a bad penalty at the end and did not hit hard.”

    are you stupid? Even those announcers disagreed with the refs, it was a terrible call.

  96. any thoughts on healthy scratches/line up changes?

    should we just bring up staal? or maybe the entire first line on the wolfpack to get SOME offense on the fourth line?

    i dont know

  97. First loss since April 7 (5 games) and everyone gives up already? What are we, Islander fans?

  98. Isbister’s speed could help (I can’t believe I just said that).

    This team needs to do some house cleaning in the offseason, including coaching staff. They need to get faster and more physical contribution from everyone.

  99. The 2nd line was wretched tonight. Besides much improved play from our blueliners, we also need a lot more from all three players on line 2 in the upcoming games if we want to make a series out of this. Straka and Shanahan have not played up to their abilities for a while, but Avery hasn’t played a bad game like this since we acquired him. I hate to say it but I think at this point(in this series) Avery needs to concentrate more on making good hockey plays and a little less on living up to his reputation. Poor effort all around. Virtually everyone needs to raise their game to some extent. I expect a much better effort on Fri. Let’s Go Rangers!!!

  100. Staal can’t be called up because He is still in Juniors in the Playoffs so that’s out. It came down to fourth lines and our fourth line can’t score.

  101. “The 2nd line was wretched tonight.”

    Yet Renney benched 3rd and 4th lines, typical bad coaching.

  102. 1. The Rangers were playing their game and looking great doing it until they started taking bad penalties. Which started with Avery, who took another one just like it later in the game. Hard to generate any flow when you’re always in the box. not to mention, by the time they’d killed off the first five, they’d gained back some momentum from klling penalties. The Straka took a bad penalty and the walls caved in.

    2. Other than those four minutes, though, the Rangers played reasonably well, especially in the third period.

    3. Agreed the reffein was bullshit. NO game should be that one-sided in terms of penalties.

    4. That was obviously not a goal.

    5. Mara, Rachunek, Straka were absolutely atrocious tonight. Shanny looks like he should call it, even though that was a nice goal, he is too slow and not aggressive enough out there.

    6. Our fourth line is completely useless against a team like Buffalo. We’d be better off calling up Dubinsky and Dawes and playing them with Betts or Ortmeyer, but it would be too much of a defensive liability. Next year, though, next year.

    7. Its just one loss, and we all knew they’d lose some games. Maybe they rally to win the series, maybe not, but its a long series. Even coming back to MSG down 2-0 they still have a decent chance. And I think they’ll play much better Friday.

  103. I actually was trying to figure out why Our 4th line was out at all in the 3rd period.

    Bullshi* calls. Come out hard friday. Hopefully We get the WIn.

  104. We looked like we sat for 6 days – very lazy game defensively and no forecheck. This was a wakeup call. And, to be an optimist, this was a 3-2 loss (the Pominville goal shouldn’t have counted and the empty netter) and we were short-handed most of the game. When we played 5-5 we were pretty even, I thought. Game 2 we’ll be much sharper both defensively and on the forecheck.

    One more thing – Please no more games on VS. Those announcers SUCK balls.

  105. Can’t call up Staal. His team is still in the OHL playoffs. They are in the conference finals up 3-2.

  106. i did not see the rozsival hit that took him out of the game, but did it look like a penalty?

  107. Avery was totally innefective, not only he hurt us with terrible holding penalties, but he also got Sabres and their crowd pumped against us. He should have had his mouth shut prior to the game. I am starting to see why LA fans started to hate him.

  108. Anyone ever see Shrek? Doesn’t Briere look like Lord Farquad? If you don’t know search that on your computers and see. Funny stuff, Yea Briere was getting excited with the microphone in his face.

  109. Good points Peter. Also, just one comment to my fellow Ranger fans. Can we get off Marek Malik’s back? This guy plays against every other teams best players and is on the ice at key points in the game. He did have a rough start to the season, but I think we would all have to admit that he has turned it around from the 2nd half of the season on. He is truly underappreciated. He was +32 this year. He’s obviously doing something right. The Rangers were one of the top defensive teams this season. He is a major part of that whether we like it or not.

  110. czechthemout!!!!! on

    Yenner Mot –

    they didn’t lose because of avery or the crowd.they lost because they took dumb penalties and were not sharp.and avery is one of the big reasons why we are even in the playoffs.

  111. Don’t pick on Briere too much. He might be a little flakey, but he is a FA that we could certainly use next year. Both him and Drury are FA after the season. I wouldn’t mind having one of those guys.

  112. Anyone else agree that Avery needs to shift his focus a bit? That isn’t to say I think that he should back off or not play tough. It just seems to me that he is making this role of agitator his primary focus and in doing so he is neglecting the contributions he could be making using his obvious skill. If he just goes out and plays to his abilities, the other stuff will come with it. It seems like he is forcing it a little bit.

  113. “This team needs to do some house cleaning in the offseason, including coaching staff. They need to get faster and more physical contribution from everyone.”

    I can’t believe I am reading this drivel. Did you think they were going to sweep every series?

  114. AngelusMortis on

    Karel Rachunek’s presence was felt when he, yet again, made a stupid and unneeded play out of position in the defensive zone which led to a goal. Rachunek has no place in the lineup, and moreover no place on the power play unit. Pock was playing good hockey, better than Rachunek would have been anyway.

    Does anyone here have a favorite Rachunek F-Up moment? Mine has to be back in February against Columbus when he went fishing against Rick Nash, got burned, and Nash scored shorthanded.

  115. The Rangers will go as far as their talent will take them in the playoffs. Renney has very little to do with it now. It is all about the talent level at this point. We will find out soon enough.

  116. czechthemout!!!!! on

    they do need some house cleaning.and why was callahan in for only ten min.? wake up renney.

  117. AngelusMortis on

    Renney is still screwing Prucha out of minutes. He got less than 8 tonight and that just isn’t enough. Prucha is quick, has a great shot, and isn’t afraid to get his nose dirty, even though he’s a lightweight guy. Renney needs to give the kid a fair chance against the Sabres.

  118. Mortis – I agree on the Rachunek comment. He’s been bad all year (but played better towards the end of the season) but that doesn’t warrant a start over Pock, especially considering how well Pock was playing and that Rachunek was coming off the injury.

    That being said, the worst D-man on the ice tonight was Mara. He looked awful, particularly on the second Vanek goal when he fell to the ice about a minute too soon. He was out of position all night and looked lost.

  119. I’m interested in opinions of Straka. I love the guy but his play lately has been terrible…a far cry from the way he started. Is his shoulder really that bad? I’m having trouble explaining his lapse to myself any other way. I mean we just signed him to another year and he looks like he should just hang up the skates. I hope it is the shoulder and that it is correctable in the offseason. Anyone think he has just had enough? I just find that hard to believe.

  120. Its awesome to live through yet another string of complaints from NY area hockey fans concerning bad calls.

  121. i know what you mean GB. I was thinking the same thing with Straka. He hasn’t contributed at all since he was out with that shoulder injury. I have a feeling that we will hear about him having surgery on it after the season ends. I think Shanahan is having similar problems since coming back from his concussion. He did score some big goals in the last series, but besides that, he really looks slow out there.

  122. AngelusMortis on

    You’re right, GB, Straka seems to have the same problem Jagr had at the beginning of the year, but worse. He needs to be off the point on the power play if he can barely shoot. He was one of our best players before he got hurt, but now he seems like dead weight on the ice.

  123. Someone has to suffer for breaking up the Nylander-Straka-Jagr line. It happens to be Straka. For the sake of balance Straka has to be exposed for what he really is. Without Jagr, he is an ordinary up one night down one night winger/center. It is for the better team wise.

  124. Matt it was the non-calls that lopsided the game in the chips favor. But the 8 against were basically real. The NHL officials leave alot to be desired, pretty amateur compared to other sports.

  125. Pock never should have been taken out in the first place, but the pansie NY press needs to stop brown-nosing Renney and call him out on his blunders.

  126. I think the real issue for discussion is which city’s fans cry more: Boston or New York?

  127. Bad calls all over the place tonight: in the announcing booth, on the ice, and in replay central in Toronto. I don’t care if he took his hand off his stick to brace himself, he still pushed the puck forward. I actually liked the calls against us, but the refs didn’t return the favor. Jagr was interfered with or held three times that I noticed, but that’s normal, of course. I believe I saw Hossa being hooked, as well. If they are going to call that minor move on Avery, they should call it when Jagr is drawing the penalty. That’s what really hurt us. Again, with Benanati, how do you “melt [the puck] down” when it is covered by a goalie?

    Until the Sabres scored, we seemed to be playing a great game. I noticed countless times that shots or passes near the goal were blocked by our defenders. The offense also did a good job keeping possession of the puck. I just don’t think we shot enough, especially after we were down. The forechecking wasn’t too stellar either, but that can be fixed. Unfortunately, I don’t think we will get as lucky blocking the puck as much next game.

    Please everybody keep bashing Shanny. He only has a goal in each of the last four games.

    That loss of Roszival could *really* hurt us. The only way Rachunek can justify his place in the lineup is if he appears on the scoresheet because we know he will give up a goal. Pöck better be back in there with his three assists in the first round.

    I can understand why people here are getting upset at players because the game was frustrating, but the sky is not falling, so look ahead to next game.

  128. John M
    I disagree about Straka not playing well because he is not with Jagr. Straka has skill level which far exceeds most others on the team. He doesn’t need Jagr to be successful. And you certainly cannot say that the effort isn’t there.

  129. Bklynblue – couldn’t agree with you more about the general officiating level. While my biased eyes didn’t see all that many non-calls that went our way (and I did see a non-call interference for the Rangers right before the one on Briere going the other way), I am scared every game that the luck will shift.

    I was referring to the Pomminville goal, regardless. The Sabres have been getting some breaks on review. And even though I can see the two from Round 1 and the one from Round 2 as legit, if they had gone the other way I wouldn’t have been all that surprised at all.

  130. DanTheRangerFan on

    “Folks, let’s face facts: Even though we destroyed ATL, we really still aren’t that good of a team. I’m not shocked by this” DOODIE- After a comment like this how can you call your self a Ranger Fan. Im shocked by all the negative comments on here. Some have been good critiques but others are off the chart. Some of you guys sound like the world just ended and its all renneys and our boys faults. The simple fact is Rangers had a bad game. They had a long break and came in and lost due to many factors. But we must remember this is a best of seven and from what I saw tonight Buffalo played pretty good but they were def beatable by our boys when they play “their Game”. I think they can turn it around this friday, so lets stop bashing for now and let this play out…Lets Go Rangers 07!!!

  131. Shanahan isn’t playing very well right now. In the panels humble opinion is it because:
    A:He is washed up. Doesn’t have what it takes anymore.
    B:Is still physically affected by his injury.
    C:Is still affected by his injury so as to not want to risk reinjury by playing his game (i.e going to the net and working for “dirty” goals).
    D:Combination of B&C

  132. signing Straka for next season was a big mistake. He and Shanahan should have been let go.

    I am not interested in Briere or Drury. they are too old for the new UFA age, too expensive, too small and about as physical as Straka. I rather play someone from Hartford or sign somebody else.

  133. the refs didnt cost us this game, we did. avery cant take such stupid penalties and he needs to backcheck not try and hit the defense after they break out of the zone, 2nd line needs to play less and prucha’s line a lot more. powerplay needs to have prucha on one unit and cally on the other without straka on the point. and if we are trailing and even have a chance at coming back the 4th line as currently dressed cannot play at all, whats the point of forechecking and creating turnovers if u cant take a decent shot let alone score

    by no means is the series over just need to play a lot smarter disciplined game

  134. Matt …Callihan was high sticked twice right in front of the ref and no call, there’s no excuse for that incompetence, and there are 2 refs watching. If they got those 2 calls it would have really helped the NYR. When refs directly affect the outcome thru bias or blatantly missed calls, it’s a bad game for all.

  135. On the poll, I can’t believe there are so many votes for “Excellent.” If we took this poll in January, there would be almost none. Might I ask why and how your opinions have changed so much, and yet, after one game, Renney is a clueless a-hole again? I, for one, voted “Competant” because I believe the GM’s office did more than the coaches.

  136. GB
    I’m not saying he isn’t trying. His efforts are what they are. His results follow his skill level. His current line chemistry is what it is. Straka was -3, had 3 shots ,on and 3 giveaways accredited to him tonight.

  137. I think that for me it might me time to face facts about Shanahan. The only thing is…he seems to be a great face for our team (missing tooth and all). The guys seem to have really bought in. This is of course uncompromisingly important, and for an extremely long time, the very thing we had been missing. Can you keep a player around for reasons of team morale?

  138. Is it inconceivable to anyone here that maybe, just maybe, the Rangers are outclassed by the Sabres? They’re now 5-0…

  139. Hopefully this loss will sober up the fans. Let’s face it, they beat up on Our Sisters of The Poor, aka the Thrashers. All the fans got all giddy after beating up Atlanta, but they were terrible. Easily the best 1st round draw in the NHL playoffs.

    And Avery, what a douche. He said something like, MAYBE WE WON’T WIN IN 4. IT MIGHT BE FIVE GAMES!! WTF has this guy ever won? He has a nice 20 game run, and all of a sudden the media is saying he is a combination of Claude Lemieux and Esa Tikkanen. Give me a break. His act wore thin in LA, and tonight, we saw why – the diahhrea of the mouth before the game, stupid penalties, and lack of any impact in offensive zone. This is the Avery Hat Trick ™.

  140. AngelusMortis on

    Mark, the regular season doesn’t matter in the playoffs. Everyone is 0-0 when mid-April rolls around. Back in ’94 everyone forgot very quickly the Rangers’ regular season sweep of the Devils, especially when their series ended in double overtime in Game 7.

  141. Of course it matters, in that the same problems that the Rangers had in the regular season presented themselves tonight. They didn’t have an answer to the speed then, and they don’t now. Our defense was terrible against Buffalo in the regular season, and it’s terrible tonight, and Rozi’s absence doesn’t help.

    All I am trying to say is that maybe a little humility is in order. I was taken aback how cocky Avery and Renney were in the past few days. Buffalo is #1 for a reason, and we are #6 for a reason.

  142. One more point on our defense. I can confidently say that our #1 defenseman would be sitting if he were on Buffalo’s roster. He might make Spacek sit. Maybe. But, this is another problem. Never mind their forwards, their defense is clearly superior to ours.

  143. Straka has a shoulder injury that will require surgery and a knee injury
    Staal can not come back until his season is over (up 3-2 currently) as someone else mentioned
    Shanny was real good vs Atlanta
    We will miss Rozy a lot since he is the best d man we have

    can’t blame the refs we committed too many penalties and they were not the hard hitting type either

    obviously a huge game on Friday – if we can come back to the Garden 1-1 watch out.

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