Sully wasn’t lying


Buffalo is indeed Sabres mad.

I saw multiple “Go Sabres” signs in the airport. I saw a “Welcome to Buffalo” sign that instead read “Welcome to Pominville” (as in Jason). I saw a lone woman at a bus stop wearing a Daniel Briere jersey.

Fittingly, my cab driver, a kindly elderly gent, is going to the game tonight with his daughter. He said his 5-year-old grandson can’t add 5 plus 5 but he knows every Sabres’ number as well as Ryan Miller’s goals-against.

To his credit, when I told him I cover the Rangers, he did not swerve off the road and into a telephone pole, although he did caution, somewhat chillingly, to “not say the wrong thing here because people are a little nuts right now.” He also said if the Sabres don’t win the Stanley Cup, it will be a “huge disappointment.”

But no pressure, guys. Really.

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  1. Imagine their chagrin when the Sabres don’t even get out of the second round.

    Those guys will be run out of town on a rail.

    Really, the more I think about this matchup, the better I like it. Let’s face it, the Rangers played the Sabres tight in 2006, when they were playing absolutely no defense at all. And now they’re so much more sound defensively. And much like Atlanta (who suddenly have become “that lousy team with only 2 scorers that the Rangers easily shut down” instead of “that team with Tkachuk, Hossa, Kovalchuk, Kozlov filling the net with Holik, Mellanby, Zhitnick and Dupuis to add scoring depth”, they are unlikely to suddenly be capable of playing the kind of team defense that they’ll need to beat the Rangers, who at this point would have the hardest time playing another team that is as defensively sound (think EC finals against NJ.

    Yes, Buffalo has lots of scoring depth. So do the Rangers. But which team plays better defense? We all know what wins championshhips, in any sport.

  2. repost….sully…. Asked if he hated the Rangers, Ruff said: “I’m starting to. It is a good thing to develop a little bit of emotion and passion for your opposition, and things that they’ve said already about us, that’s good. I like that.â€? … Avery started it and we will finish it… hate the buffalo sabre chips, wings, and the city!…you’ll be like your name, sulking.

  3. This will likely be the longest work day of 2007 so far.

    I really hope Rangers crush the Sabres cup plans. The image of a town of bandwagoners desperate for some kind, *any* kind of championship just iriitates me. Suddenly everyones a “big fan”. Meh.

    I was in CVS last night to pick up some neosporin, (now I’m in Westchester), and there was a guy in there with a sanppy new Sabres hockey cap on walking around. I resisted urges to make a friendly competetive comment. I also resisted the urge to tell him ” y’know, that stuff doesnt work *down there* ” when I saw him and his wife comparing wart removers.

    Round II tonight….lets keep the banter pumping.

  4. They’re all bandwagoners, that’s the sad part. If they were losing no one would even know Buffalo had a hockey team.

  5. sam & sully the cabbie is right on both counts… “not say the wrong thing here because people are a little nuts right now.â€? He also said if the Sabres don’t win the Stanley Cup, it will be a “huge disappointment.â€?” they are nuts and will be disappointed… BRING IT ON!

  6. from NYR…”The Queen City has never won a title in the NHL, NFL, MLB or NBA, although Buffalo endured the agony of seeing four straight Super Bowl losses in the late 1980s and early 1990s.” …. sully your city’s name tells it all. your missing what it takes to be KING!…you’ll have to change it to joker.

  7. “A lone woman at a bus stop….. That place is really happenin.”

    HAHAHA. Yea Sam that place sounds awesome tell Our Boys to take these 2 games from them and bring it home feeling good.

    LETS GO RANGERS!!!!!!!!

  8. Elliot Klapper on

    Any news on whether it will be hollweg or Orr tonight? I honestly can’t see any logic in playing Orr.

  9. Not sure if anyone saw this, but ESPN The Magazine ranked all professional sports teams about a month ago, and the Buffalo Sabres were ranked #1. The rankings are a combination of the team, their production, their fans, stadium experience, etc. I don’t understand how that team is #1. No titles, and when Buffalo stunk, that arena was empty and they had no fan base. Now all of a sudden, everyone’s a fan (including the lone woman at the bus stop). Give me a break.

    No doubt, our boys are going to come out hard and ready to play tonight. The key is that they continue to work for 60 minutes and play as a unit of 5 on the ice. Don’t get caught up ice and create odd man rushes for Buffalo. Don’t take stupid penalties. And for crying out loud, if someone skates anywhere near our goalie, make him pay for it. And keep throwing the puck at the net. Good things happen when you do that.

    Damn I’m so pumped! LETS GO RANGERS!!!!

  10. anonymously threatening on

    I gotta give Renney a ton of credit on his comments about this match-up. Not intending to offend anyone but simply stating the facts about how these teams match up and the great thing about it is that he was just being honest.

    In the proper context, Renney was commenting about the stretch run up to the playoffs and the first series of the playoffs. The FACT is that the Rangers had a better stretch run statistically then the Sabres. Goaltending, PP, PK, and win/loss record ALL favor the Rangers going back about 25 games into the season. The Rangers ended their first series in four games against a #3 seed and the Sabres ended their first series in 5 games against a #8 seed.

    It is brilliant honest statement about which team is better and which team is seeded higher at this point in time.

  11. your boy Malik on

    Great job, Sam…I can’t believe it, but I will be in Hilton Head next week, instead of sitting next to all you writers at the Garden – WHO KNEW? I’m bringing my laptop and will be counting on your blog to keep me up to date. Hoping for another sweep, but if not, will be at the Garden for Game 6! Go Rangers!

  12. It’s another chamber of commerce day here in Buffalo – high 40’s and rain. Sam you are going to love it.

    Ok – i need to address a few issues, since I am the only Buffalo resident on this site:

    1. Yes – I do remember the 4 Super Bowls that we lost (your blog master Sam had to watch the last 2 with me), thanks for the history update. Just like every other person in Buffalo, I watch NFL films the week before the Super Bowl. When they show SB 25, I’ll admit I think we still may win, until they show the “kick” again… It sounds pathetic, but it’s true – we live and die by our teams, probably because there isn’t much else. Thanks for the reminder – but I don’t think that has much to do with tonights hockey game.

    2. You are correct we haven’t won any major championships. We have 2 AFL (pre NFL merger) titles that don’t count. We also have 3 Indoor Lacrosse League Championships – but they don’t count either because “real” lacrosse is played on a field not indoors (unless you play at ‘Cuse).

    3. I’ll also agree your team has improved from the first half of the year. Everybody wants to think it’s the Avery factor. But I think it probably has more to do with the leadership of guys like Brendan Shanahan. Shanahan can score, hit, fight and lead a team – probably filling a leadership gap that Jagr couldn’t fill. Before you all go nuts – Jagr is great, i just wouldn’t want him giving the pre-game speech.

    4. You can make fun of the woman in the Drury jersey at the bus stop – or the signs in the airport, but these are the type of things that make hockey and rusted out cities like Buffalo great. While most cities are talking baseball, basketball, and the NFL draft – we are living and breathing hockey – and that’s it. We don’t have A-Rod’s 14 HR’s, past championships, or tons of hot chicks walking through the streets – like NYC. We only care about tonight.

    5. Chris Drury wears 23 in honor of Don Mattingly. Show the guy some respect.

    Go Sabres.

  13. sully you can take your city and move to Canada, they need an extra slum with loser teams , weather, and people. NIAGRA FALLS so do the buffalo sabre chips.

  14. I was looking on at the Sabs roster and their not that big of a team. Guys like Jagr, Shanahan and Hossa should be able to get to those pucks in front of the net and drive to the net without fear of a big man running them over. I know everyone doesn’t like him, but I would put Isbister on the fourth line, just to take advantage of their size. I mean it is going to be interesting. If I hear how many offensive weapons the Sabs have again, I will stick my foot right through the computer or tv.

    Apparently We have nothing….I like being the underdog!


  15. It’s not spelled like little blue pills you need to get you excited in bed – it’s Niagara Falls.

  16. “I’ll also agree your team has improved from the first half of the year. Everybody wants to think it’s the Avery factor. But I think it probably has more to do with the leadership of guys like Brendan Shanahan. Shanahan can score, hit, fight and lead a team – probably filling a leadership gap that Jagr couldn’t fill. Before you all go nuts – Jagr is great, i just wouldn’t want him giving the pre-game speech.”

    Brah, Shanny wasn’t even around for the Rangers big surge, lil stars and tweety birds were still circling around his head while Sean Avery stepped in and somehow changed the dynamics of an entire hockey team. Avery has spawned. Legend is born. It has been birthed.

    Tonight, we honor the placenta.

  17. Size doesn’t mean much in NHL anymore unfortunetly – if you breath too close someone you may get a penalty now. The Sabres are good in the “new” NHL – 4 years ago teams would have just beaten the crap out of us physically.

  18. SULLY

    Since we are being so punctual on spelling, Frightning is not a word.

    It is “FRIGHTENING” with an ‘E’.
    Just because it ryhmes with lightning doesn’t mean that’s how it’s spelled.

  19. Yea, but going to the net if your a big guy you will draw penalties because the defender can’t stop you unless he hooks you, that is kind of what I was getting at. That is why I hope Jagr takes control of the game.
    – Someone yesterday, I don’t who it was, compared Mair on the Sabs to Avery, Wow. That is all I can say about that is Wow.
    -I hope these bums underestimate Avery and He skates around them, Yes he has more skill than Adam Mair, please. Whatta joke.

  20. Since Sabres starts with SA, theres got to be some good Sean Avery ones in there somewhere :)

  21. you guys crack me up…lighten my day at work today.

    i just can’t wait for tonight!

    Let’s Go Rangers!

  22. sully to show you just what kind of people live in your chip city, a guy just called in on sirius saying some idiotic thing which is par for your course, to the effect that he would rather see al queda win before the NYR. another reason for all of you to move to canada, bye.

  23. Sully – I’ve rooted for your Sabres in the past at times – vs Philly in the finals and more recently last yr, and the NYI at all times and even vs Dallas. But not this series. You seem like a class guy but it’s time for the Broadway Blueshirts to advance another round.

  24. Rangers Pride on

    I have been watching Sabres since last season and the thing that scares me the most is their team play in their own zone. They always seem in sync with each other. If a defender moves out of position, forward takes his place right away. On the other hand Rangers finally look like a team as well. Can’t wait for tonight’s game. LET’S GO RANGERS! Rangers trashed the Thrashers, not it’s time to bully the Buffalo!!!

  25. Guys, I would be pumped up as well if I hadn’t been to the playoffs in 10 years. Good luck – no crying tomorrow.

    Is Avery a Matt Barnaby want to be? Seems like an old act to me.

  26. Sully you will see what kind of an act Avery is in a few games. Enjoy your case of Meister Brau before the game.

  27. Hey Sully

    We were in the playoffs last year…check your facts…not for long though.
    Avery and Barnaby should never be used in the same sentence.

  28. Sully,

    Can you at least acknowledge that this is a Rangers site and you are bordering on annoying most of the readers here?

  29. Anyone else out there think that the Rangers’ comments — Renney’s and Avery’s in particular — are intended to get Buffalo fired-up and running around on the ice chasing Avery (rather than playing the game) like the Thrashers were doing in the first round? The coaches apparently met with the players to discuss comments to the media, and Renney’s gone out of his way to say that Avery’s comments were not over the line. Considering how pissed Ruff can get, I think that the Blueshirts are playing a little psychological warfare in the media. And it appears that the Sabes are taking the bait, hook, line, and sinker.

  30. Jay-

    there is nothing else to do in buffalo but troll around the internet! im sorry for being a total tool!

  31. Someone else has logged on with my name – so i’m out. It was fun while it lasted. Good luck.

  32. Cheers Sully-

    If you can take that issue up with your boy Sam, it would be
    much appreciated.

    Name hijacking IS annoying; although quite effective in your case.

  33. I can give you some advice on how to occupy your time.

    You should get in a barrel and go for a nice ride on the niagara river. I hear theres this part at the end where it is sort of like an amusement park ride. Should be fun.

    Good luck.

  34. sully one of you is too much. Avery is under your skin already, wait until he starts playing, he’ll make your hair stand and your team lose. enjoy the aggravation!

  35. I definitely think Renney and Co. are playin’ a psychological game with the media and eventually Buffalo.

    Smart man


  36. I guess I got fooled by the fake Sully. But that barrel ride thing was funny.

    Lets go Rangers – Just got two tickets to Sundays Game at MSG.

  37. You guys are out of control. This stuff seriously helps me get through the day at work!

    The only crying I want to see is Chris Drury when he’s eliminated. We didn’t get to see him cry at the Little League World Series, so this series would make up for it!

  38. I’m so glad we ran his ass out of here. No offense, Sam but he had to know it was coming.

  39. >>>Size doesn’t mean much in NHL anymore unfortunetly – if you breath too close someone you may get a penalty now. The Sabres are good in the “new� NHL – 4 years ago teams would have just beaten the crap out of us physically.

  40. Hey Sully,

    We all love Donny Baseball, but how many rings did he win? Oh, right. Same as the Sabres.

    Let’s Go Rangers!

  41. Why so many sour fans in these parts. True sully is a slug lover, but at least he is keeping his cool and being respective. Perhaps it is only because he is on a Ranger’s board and he is being cautious. Either way best of luck to you and your slugs Sully, but I truly we hope we best you in this epic battle. Irregardless of my selfdriven ego of the Ranger’s skills, even I can come to grips of how close this series will be.

  42. The SABRES anagrams are awesome….nice work fellas!

    Sully…I think most of us are joshin ya but you had to know you were entering the *hot zone*.

    *S* ABRES
    *A* RE
    *B* EATEN
    *R* ANGERS
    *E* ND
    *S* ERIES

    :looks for more fetuses to snack on before puck drop:
    :ponders if plural of *fetus* is *fetii*:
    :dips fried baby leg in buffalo sauce & bleu:

  43. ORR kicks Ying Yang on

    JEEZ…..I had a horrifying nightmare that …everywhere i go Maxim Afinagenov followed me…He was wearing tight black leather jeans and a ripped up sabre t shirt..and he kept drinking jolt soda….I then got colton orr to get rid of him…but he was to scared of max’s face…Is that a hint that Orrzie isnt playing tonight???

    I woke up in a pool of my own sweat….Yuck

    Oh yea…Why is a sabre fan on this blog….thats akward..

    LETS GO NYR…..I cant wait anymore….I got my Ortmeyer jersey ready…and other game time rituals to take care of…..errr

  44. So, like many of you, I have been reading as must about the rangers as possible lately and I came across this article from chicago.,1,4742740.story?coll=cs-blackhawks-headlines
    Does this guy even watch hockey? The rangers getting calls? Especially Jagr? Jagr takes more abuse than any other player in the nhl. So I guess it seems that not only do the Blackhawks suck, the chicago area journalist need some help as well.

  45. Seamus if they needed inspiration then they are really in trouble.Avery has and will get under their skin, and get them off their game, that’s his main job.

  46. Mike, I’m not a fan of Chicago or it’s reporters, but I don’t think that guy was implying we’ve “been” getting call. I think he is implying that the NHL needs the Rangers to advance, so it wouldn’t surprise him if we do get calls in this series. Keep it fair and even…that’s all I ask. Beat the Sabress…Go Rangers!

  47. Chappie aka Jagr's Czech mate on

    Sorry everyone is making an ass of themselves (and their team) here Sully, good luck tonight, it’s going to be a good game!

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