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Greetings from the Jet Blue lounge at JFK, where I’m awaiting my ridiculously early flight to Buffalo, and where I choose to blog in large part to avoid passing out and drooling all over one of the vinyl seats. It’s a glamorous life.

Anyway, the inevitable look at Tom Renney was the “subject of my story in today’s paper”:, which will either be a source of enlightenment or outrage to you depending on your perspective (although judging by the early results of the adjacent poll, it appears that the anti-Renney camp is dwindling).

I’m not the only one to choose the Renney angle. In her continuing efforts to make me look bad, Lynn Zinser wrote an elegant piece on Renney in “today’s New York Times”:

Plenty to discuss on this, but I’m boarding. More from Buffalo later…

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  1. Anthony (Abev) on

    Renney is still the coach? I thought they got rid of that clown months ago! That’s why they started winning, right?

    Another clueless move by Sather. And who are these young kids playing now? Everyone knows you need veterans in the playoffs. Typical Rangers…

    [I kind of miss those days, way back in early March when all was lost. :)]

  2. Sam now is the time to be positive, but if you asked Sather on a lie detector machine you might get the truth about Renney. He’s been as inconsistent as his team. Like the NYT said …”has had enough ups and downs to qualify as an amusement-park ride …” Hopefully they are past that for the playoffs. How they played up to Feb was a shame. Thankfully they are on the right track, but credit and blame can be divided among them all. They are finally a TEAM AND AT THE RIGHT TIME!

  3. Coaches rarely get bashed when they’re winning, and that is what the Rangers are doing right now.

    The last coach I can rememmber really getting it after a great season was Joe Girardi with the Marlins. The guy wins NL Coach of the Year, then gets canned. Absolutely rediculous! Glad to have him on MSG though.

  4. there are many reasons for why they are were they are, but Shanahan is probably the #1 reason. The rest followed.

  5. sully…. Asked if he hated the Rangers, Ruff said: “I’m starting to. It is a good thing to develop a little bit of emotion and passion for your opposition, and things that they’ve said already about us, that’s good. I like that.â€? … Avery started it and will finish it… hate the buffalo chips, wings, and the city!…you’ll be like your name, sulking.

  6. Okay, apparently the aformentioned Newsday piece was written by a one Barbara Barker. Still unclear if there is any relation to Mr. Price is Right…

    Go Rangers!

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