Some guys play the big rooms…


I, on the other hand, will be a guest on a Buffalo internet radio show, “The Cockfight” tonight at around 8:15.

This is obviously the break I was looking for. I just want to thank all the little people that helped me get to the top — or to be more specific, to an internet radio show in Buffalo called “The Cockfight”.

Meanwhile, if you care to listen, “click here”:

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  1. Hey, even Brad Pitt had to be a one-liner in “Another World.”

    Or is this you returning to your roots to show people you haven’t forgotten where you came from?

  2. Sam, is there any truth that you have gone back to the mohawk?

    Maybe you should start color coordinating the Digger Phelps Tie-Lighter or something.

  3. Rangerbillyank on

    Hey Sam,

    I am from Rochester and go to Penn State and will be going to game 2 Friday with Sabres fans from PSU and Sabres fans from Buffalo. It probably won’t be as bad as when I went to the Ohio State football game, but if it gets ugly is there any room to hop up in the press box?

  4. Sam,

    You mentioned Callahan and Cullen, but what about Hossa? Come on, he has his own song!

  5. I hope the Sabres wear their old-school blue jerseys with the crossed sabres on the front. You know, the old LaFontaine ones. The “slug jersey” as they’re called up state are a disgrace to hockey.

  6. Wow that’s a shock the buffalo broadcaster picked the Sabs, wow. Don’t anger the bandwagon fans, Sam….you should have told him to kiss your @$$.

  7. After hearing that all the buffalo fans are taking avery’s comments to heart…I just hope that he can back up his words…I have full confidence in the guy but I def do not want to hear a bunch of annoying buffalo fans if avery doesnt “practice what he preaches”…

  8. Doodie Machetto on

    Sam, you kept your head on a swivel, it’s what you have to do when you find yourself in the middle of a vicious cockfight.

  9. Sam, you know your shit! Even the Buffalo Banana Slugs’ broadcasters know it. Can’t wait for tomorrow.

  10. DanTheRangerFan on

    Lets go Rangers 07* sorry forgot that on my last post its a superstition thing…..


    Look at this clip on You Tube that i found…it shows crosby and ovechkin giving shanny a bday cake during the all star break…when he blows out all of the candles someone asks him what he wished for…he was about to say it before crosby reminded him that it would not come true if he said it…listen to the beginning of shannys wish…can anyone fill in the rest for me???

  12. at that point, it may have been that the New York Rangers don’t finish the season dead last in the East.

    I definitley think he should have put the cake in the whiney baby’s face, but it did show class from Crosbaby and Ovechkin to do something like that for the big guy.

    On another note with Crosby and Ovechkin, I love the commercial where Alex orders all of the room service and then charges it to Crosby.

  13. I find it amusing that the media has chosen to seize on Renney’s comments as verbal warfare. Someone suggested the Sabres were the cream of the crop. Renney responded exactly the way the coach of a team playing with alot of confidence and about to face them should. He basically said yes they’re a good team but we’re not sitting here in awe of them. And them’s fighting words?

    As for Avery’s comments, the fact that the Sabres do anything but laugh at them – I mean, lets face it, you know the Rangers think they’re hysterical as do we – means he’s already getting under their skin. Though I must say i liked the “we’re humble and respect our opponent enough and don’t take a single game for granted” approach that worked so well last round, maybe this time arounf the team feels it’s a better idea to up the emotional ante. Maybe the Rangers play better under those circunstances while throwing Buffalo off their game. Who knows?

  14. Maybe things have been slow with the week off, but it seems like you had a lot more to say when the team wasn’t playing as well.

  15. 14 1/2 hours to go – bring it on..!!!

    p.s. do you reckon Bettman was on the phone to Sean Avery yesterday – “Go on Sean, say something to get the media’s attention, we need higher viewing figures…”

  16. Doodie: Nice Anchorman reference!

    I agree, I am sick of waiting. I’s been a long week. Drop the puck!! LETS GO RANGERS!!!

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