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Never trust what you read on a web site (excluding this one, of course). That report of a Saturday afternoon Game 2 on NBC was incorrect. Instead, the series schedule is as follows:

Game 1 Wednesday at Buffalo
Game 2 Friday at Buffalo
Game 3 Sunday afternoon at MSG
Game 4 Tuesday at MSG
Game 5 Thursday at Buffalo
Game 6 Sunday afternoon at MSG
Game 7 TBD at Buffalo

More later..

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  1. nbc is showing a game sunday at 2pm so my guess is that they are gonna show game 3 instead of game 2.

  2. Nice! Thanks Sam! And I was worried because I am out Saturday! Now I don’t have to miss anything!

  3. Doodie Machetto on

    Sam, what are the odds on you getting a quote from Don Maloney or any of the other Rangers brass on the possibilities of Maloney leaving NY to take the head job in either Columbus or Phoenix?

  4. Nice, I called that Wednesday start. Might as well start the earliest finishers first. It’s gonna be interesting to see the times for the games in Buffalo. I think they will be at 7:00 with Western Conference games on the same night starting at 8:00 if they are in Detroit, but definitely 10:00 in San Jose. It all depends which series is on the same night. If Devils are on, Buffalo will most likely take 8:00.

  5. doodie–there is NO chance that you’d ever get maloney to say anything publicly about another job while the rangers are still playing. he’s got more class then that. and he isn’t going anywhere. he has been as responsible as anyone for the rangers turn around the last 2 years and if the title of ‘gm’ is that important to him then i’d put $$ on the rangers being willing to name him GM with sather remaining team president before they’d let him walk.

  6. does Malonney have the green light to talk to other teams or have any asked permission to talk to him and gotten an ok ?

  7. Doodie Machetto on

    I know nothing, I’m just curious. Maloney’s departure would also open the Messier door. I would say Mess could slide into Pheonix with Gretz there and all, but after the failure of his other friend, I’m sure the other owners would want less of a friend and more of a pro.

  8. I dont see this schedule posted anywhere but here. Are you a 100% sure this is accurate?

  9. Here’s the schedule, including times, as posted in the Blue Notes blog by Steve Zipay:
    Wednesday: Game 1 in Buffalo 7 p.m.
    Friday Game 2 in Buffalo 7 p.m.
    Sunday Game 3 at MSG 2 p.m.
    Tuesday Game 4 at MSG 7 p.m.
    Thursday Game 5 in Buffalo 7 p.m. *
    Sunday Game 6 at MSG 2 p.m.*
    Tuesday Game 7 in Buffalo 7 p.m *

    * If necessary

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