Oops, part 2


Once again, I stand corrected. Game 5 if necessary would be Friday in Buffalo and not Thursday as originally stated.

In other news, congratulations are in order to radio man and former Rangers great Dave Maloney, who is actually getting married this weekend (you may wonder about his faith in the Rangers that he would schedule his wedding at the end of April, but it’s actually more complicated than that).

One of the great rewards of this season has been getting to know Dave, who is someone I revered growing up, and who has been an invaluable source of insight for me this season.

And to think it all started when I was a camper of his at Maloney Brothers Hockey Camp. Anyway, congratulations, Dave — although I am puzzled why you wouldn’t want to spend your honeymoon in Buffalo….

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  1. Was it really called the “Maloney Hockey Brothers Camp”?

    Maloney Brothers’ Hockey Camp would seem to make more sense, as in a hockey camp belonging to the Maloney brothers, not a camp run by the Maloneys for brothers to patron.

  2. Doodie Machetto on

    RE: your freshman football haircut. Maybe you should regrow it. Anything to take the focus off of your ties.

    Haha, couldn’t resist.

  3. Congrats to Dave. I made the same scheduling mistake last year (who would have thought). Fortunately the reception was only about 10 miles from MSG so there would have been time to make the game. I hope Dave is doing it local.

  4. the twin lundqvist took a beauty of a shot on a simple yet complicated move.. took that sweet shot and boom its in the hole.. but now its tied. turco finally gave up a goal

  5. I hope Rangers are planning to offer Dallas a nice deal for Joel. I would love to get a speedy 2 way center that is great on faceoffs and averages 3 hits a game. I bet he can kill penalties for his brother as well.

  6. ORR kicks Ying Yang on

    Yenner Mot

    Yea i’d rather have Joely then hollweg…Joel has offensive talent and he can break players backs….Literally…(kronwall)


  7. OMG then there would be twice the hotness to look at! I think this is a good idea and the Rangers should get on top of that asap.

  8. Hollweg I love, he can stay here even if he doesn’t score, his hits are awesome.

    I wonder what would it take to get Joel here by October.

  9. Congrats and best wishes to Dave Maloney. Not only a refreshing radio voice these days, but solid team guy. I grew up watching him on those teams in the 70s and early 80s. One vivid memory I have (and he too probably) is a game vs. the Blackhawks in chicago (probably on ch. 9!) when he was seriously crosschecked in the jaw. Something to do, I think, with Steve Larmer. In any case, messy.

  10. Yeah, Sam, any way you can ask around about Joel Lundqvist? Any word around the Rangers that they are even considering trying to bring him to Broadway this summer?

  11. Don’t we have enough role players already? With some other guys waiting for their chance with the Pack?

  12. I’m still waiting for confirmation of what games will be shown on TV over here. There are promising slots for a live game on Weds night (judging by the time – midnight here – it must be our game) and Friday nights games “As live” on Sat morning, and live again on Sunday night (i suspect Anaheim v Vancouver for that one, as we play at 2pm ET).

    My predictions for conference semis: Rangers in 7, Sens in 7, Ducks in 6, Detroit in 7.

    As for Joel – unless they think he can be a #2 centerman there is no point in signing him. Besides who cares about the off-season – its PLAYOFF HOCKEY TIME..!!! GO NYR!!!

  13. “They’re certainly one of eight teams left, and I’m not going to suggest I’m not going to give them credit, but I’m not going to pump their tires, either.

    “We belong here, too.”

  14. ORR kicks Ying Yang on

    The thing with Joel Lundqvist is….Would Hank want him here…Hank is the King of New York…Would he play the same with Joel on the team…Nonetheless if Hank wanted him here that would be cool..If we can get him…and we do have a few role players. but thats one i would want….He hits like theres no tomorrow..he wins faceoffs..and he can shoot a wicked wrister..Hes kinda a combination of betts..ortmeyer..and avery,

    LETS GO NYR…..to bad for DAL though….Modano must be weeping after missing that open net…

  15. Sean Avery on the Sbres:

    “I’ve already decided I hate all of those guys,” Avery said. “So I don’t think we’re going to have much of a problem with that.”

  16. a casual observer on

    I had the good sense to wait. I’m getting married May 20th.
    She shot down my idea of having Bobby Granger perform the ceremony. I hope we are still playing!!

  17. “I’ve already decided I hate all of those guys,� Avery said. “So I don’t think we’re going to have much of a problem with that.�

    Do you have a link for that?

  18. I would never get married before mid June. Screw that, I wouldn’t want to miss any playoff games. Plus, then you got the honeymoon (if you go right away), you’ll miss the whole end of the playoffs!

  19. I got married April 8th of last year, and came back April 18th from the honeymoon, which was the last day of the regular season. Of course, none of it mattered, since we all know how great the end of the season was last year.

  20. Sean Avery, in the Post, on the series: “I don’t necessarily foresee us winning in four. I anticipate a long series. It could go six games or five.”

    That’s the nuts. Gotta love him.

    Let’s go Rangers!

  21. If Sabres fans boo Jagr, then Rangers fans better boo Sabres every time they have the puck.

  22. Check out this music video about Avery. Its from his days with the LA Kings, But its very intresting.

    He has brought excitment back to the Garden. We have been missing this kind of emotion fot ten years.

  23. during the whole DAL-VAN series, i actually got to see Joel’s game and you know what? he’s pretty damn good, definitely Rangers material. I wouldn’t complain if Sather signs him.

  24. Sather would have to trade for Joel if he wants him. Wouldn’t cost us too much, I bet they would like Immonen wwith all the Fins they have there, maybe Pikkarainen as well, heck throw in Kim Hirschovits (do we still own his rights? He just had a great season) just for fun.

  25. I think Joel is more than a role player. Not saying we have to get him, but I think his upside is big. As to whether or not Henrik wants his twin on the team, I have no idea.

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