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The latest e-mail from Sully:

“You are going to be surprised when you get here. This whole city is bleeding blue and gold. I wouldn’t tell anyone you write for the Rangers — you’d probably get jumped at the airport.
I wish I was kidding….”

Of course, technically, I write “on” the Rangers, not “for” them, but that’s merely semantics to anyone who even sees me in the vicinity of Jagr and Shanahan this week.

I say bring it on, although I’ll be coming into the corners with my laptop up high.

Besides, if it makes the people of Buffalo feel any better, I’m pretty sure there are Rangers fans who think I’m an idiot as well…

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  1. Its ok Sam we’ll protect you from the Hick pricks. Tell Sully, I doubt the Rangers, you or Ranger fans will be intimidated. Jump you? What are they going to do throw a gold or yellow (whatever that color is that makes me gag) towel or pom pom at you?
    Ask sully if the Sabres were in last would the town be bleeding yellow or gold and blue?……Doubtful.

    LETS GO RANGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I would watch yourself. A buddy of mine had his back pocket torn off as he was standing at the urinal earlier this season. The jerk behind him literally said,”What are you going to do about it?”

  3. sam–if you get attack by a sabres fan just yell out the words “brett hull” and they will all fall to the ground crying and you’ll have a clear get away. my college roommate was a huge sabres fan and he’d opt for a kick to the groin over being called brett hull.

  4. Sam:

    For Game 1, you should wear a Brett Hull Dallas jersey, and a Scott Norwood Bills jersey for Game 2.

    Loser Buffalo fans have never seen a title in their town…and never will. And for the record, Buffalo’s new jerseys are hiddeous. Blue and gold are awful team colors.

    Lets go Rangers!

  5. I was actually going to start talking more Sabres smack – until I read the “Commando” comment. Well played….

  6. I’ll see what i can do. What’s the Sabres record against the Rangers this season? I forgot, please re-fresh my memory.

  7. Sam I go to the University at Buffalo they are just a bunch of band wagon fans most of whom are pretty uneducated about the sport itself and fall back on comments like “the sabres are the best team ever” “sabres rule” oh and my roommate a
    “die hard” sabres fan had to ask me all last round what days and times his team was playing. Pathetic.

  8. Someone please tell me “30” is not in reference to Ryan Miller. Yet another overrated goalie King Henrik will outplay.

  9. Sully, to re-fresh your memory: we had as many wins against you this regular season as the Sabres have Stanley Cups.

    Moving on…

    The NHL is being extremely stupid right now, and I don’t understand it. It appears as if they’re not going to announce the Round 2 schedules until the Canucks-Stars series finishes tonight. That’s messed up. You have 7 teams officially in Round 2 right now who have no idea when they’re going to play. That affects practice schedules, strategy sessions, flying arrangements, etc. It’s also a pain in the ass for the fans. Who cares if one series isn’t decided yet? Round 2 starts in 48 hours and no one knows anything beyond that. What’s the holdup here, and who exactly is it helping?

  10. First of all, the season series doesn’t mean crap. 0-1-3 against the Sabres, all before the trade deadline, and 3 of those with Weekes in net? Yeah, says a lot. I’ll give credit where it’s due, but to use that as a barometer for now is pretty ridiculous.

    And second, I have a feeling the schedule for Round 2 is known by some, but that it’s being kept internal right now by both the NHL and the networks. If you notice on the NBC Sports website, they apparently already know they’re covering Game 2 of the Rangers-Sabres saturday at 3pm. Something tells me they have an idea, they just won’t “officially” release it until all of Round 1 is over (thanks Stars-Canucks!). Just speculation though.

  11. What are they going to do, throw Buffalo wings at you?? With extra firey sauce?? OOOOOO! Tell them to shut up or we’ll send another Spring blizzard their way.

  12. (Doodie you took the words out of my mouth, very well played)


    Sully!, you and the rest of “Sabre Nation” will dine on cloroxy lava. There is about to be a coup in the NHL East.

    Please see this precious little stat, IMO the only one that really counts:


    Overall Record – Buffalo: 4-1 / GF – 17 / GA – 11
    Overall Record – N.Y. Rangers: 4-0 / GF – 17 / GA – 6

    Same goals for but the Sabres gave up almost TWICE the amount of goals.

    (Thanks to Theo Huxtable for the stats)

  13. “Here’s twenty dollars to get some beers in Val Verde. It’ll give us all a little more time with your daughter”

  14. a casual observer on

    Don’t be to fearful in Buffalo, the fans are all the same size as Briere! All that snow and no sun must have dwarfed them.

  15. Doodie Machetto on

    casual observer: no, its evolution: they have spent so much time cowered in embarassment that their bodies naturally adjusted to being lower than the rest of humanity.

  16. anonymously threatening on

    Buffalo is an awful city – Smelly, gray, sad but true.

    Buffalo has a great team this year. There is no disputing that. They are fast and deep with four strong forward lines. The season match-ups these teams had were prior to Christmas and cannot even be considered now. Both teams are totally different now. The Rangers are firing on all cylinders, have team chemistry, great goaltending and a team approach to defense. Complete that with the obvious skill from the top two lines and well…

    Advantage – Rangers.

  17. Doodie Machetto on

    “Buffalo is an awful city – Smelly, gray, sad but true”

    Buffalo used to be nice. Yeah, I remember that *day*.

  18. Is this the thread for fisticuffs? Being born in upstate New York I am proud to still bleed red and blue. This is going to be a very rough series and the state of New York is about to host some fine hockey between these two teams. Let us pray the Rangers roll the slugs, I am tired of hearing about Buffalo being so great and people underestimating the Rangers. And as far as how many games the Rangers have won against Buffalo this season… thinking back on it I can honestly say the Rangers never played Buffalo this season so our record is 0-0. And if they are thinking that the Rangers they played pre-December are the Rangers that exist in the playoffs then they are getting ready for a beating. My point is… Buffalo, you have yet to really play our team.

  19. I really like how everyone is referring to the Rangers as a “new” team since the addition of Avery – a player better known for his girlfriend rather than his play on the ice. I’ll admit I wasn’t a big fan of Alicia Cuthbert when she wore men’s tighty whities in “Old School,” but playing the teenage porn star in “The Girl Next Door” did change my mind. I would have to say she’s kind of legit now. Just for the record, you can keep score any way you want with overtime and shoot-out looses – the bottom line is the Sabres won 4 times, and the Rangers came in second 4 times. And unless you are in the Olympics – second place sucks. Good luck. Sabres in 6 games – Drury will be the best player on the ice.

  20. reginald dunlop on

    too much beef on weck for that sabres fan……….big nite in Buffalo is going to the amherst marriot cougar night……..great town……good thing toronto is only an hour away……best thing about Buffalo………but their fans have the right to be overconfident, look at all of the cups they’ve won……..

  21. i think sully being killed by arnold has made him a little loopy

    either that or he’s convinced that the sabres dominated the islanders as opposed to getting a couple of lucky bounces to prevail…or maybe he’s jealous that avery is dating an actress and the best any sabres player can do is dating millie the counter girl at barry’s house of buffalo wings

    the rangers are so good right now they’ll win this series in three games, and use the fourth as an optional skate

  22. Respect to player-coach Reg Dunlop on the couger comment at the marriot. It’s like a scene from a crappy 80’s movie there. Do whatever you can to avoid that dump.

    As for the number of cups we’ve won. I’ll admit championships have been few and far between in Bflo (leaning more towards few – or zero). But 1 Stanley Cup in the past 67 years isn’t exactly burning it up either.

  23. Let’s get nasty, then…

    “You are going to be surprised when you get here. This whole city is bleeding blue and gold. I wouldn’t tell anyone you write for the Rangers—you’d probably get jumped at the airport.
    I wish I was kidding….�

    I didn’t know they have airports there… ;)

  24. Clarence "Screaming Buffalo" Swamptown on

    Joe, you may be right “the best any sabres player can do is dating millie the counter girl at barry’s house of buffalo wings,” but you won’t find any of them on a stage blindfolded & ball and gagged while transvestites dance around them like Brendan Tran-a-han!

  25. For all the alleged overconfidence of Sabres fans, its funny to see how delusional these Rangers fans are. Your team had a strong first round, no doubt, but you were also playing an Atlanta team that deserved to be a 7 or 8 seed, rather than a 3. They were badly coached, and never seemed to get over the “we’re just happy to be here” of their first playoff appearance as a franchise. The Thrashers were completely undisciplined and the Rangers, very nicely I will concede, made them eat it. Good for you guys – you beat the team that played the worst playoff hockey this year. Moving on…

    Regardless, Sabres fans know that beating the Isles as we did required a few lucky bounces, and the help of some questionable officiating, but so does winning any hockey game. And we also know that our bandwagon is full up, and has been all season – but that’s what happens when you dominate the league from wire to wire. Buffalo is still full of long-time, die-hard fans. Now that I think of it, so are most of the east coast cities that have sold out games due the patronage of Bflo expatriates cheering on our boys in blue and gold.

    Oh, and if you’re wondering about how our fans would fare if we were in last place – I was at a game in MSG last fall, when you guys sucked, and attendance was pretty sparse. Unless you count the Sabres fans in attendance.

  26. i’m changing my prediction to rangers in two, we’ll just hang out at msg drinking beer and watching reruns of the white shadow for games three and four

    jagr will score 18 points in the first game, 19 points in the second game, and lindy ruff will negotiate a surrender shortly thereafter

  27. reginald dunlop on

    now according to my math…….that would be one more cup than Buffalo has won……and yes there is an airport in Buffalo, undergoing a major expansion, adding a second lane of traffic into and out of airport

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