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Jaromir Jagr was asked if he had any guarantees for the upcoming series against the Sabres. The Rangers captain responded, “I guarantee there will be a game on Wednesday.”

It was then noted that it snows often in Buffalo and that the game could always be postponed.

“OK, 99 percent,” he said.

No, there isn’t any snow in the forecast as far as I know. But in terms of their chances against the high-powered Sabres, the Rangers exhibited what I would describe as a quiet confidence, not exactly stamping their own ticket into the conference finals, but hardly cowering, either.

I teed up what I thought was a fairly easy question to Tom Renney about how if the Rangers are going to face the cream of the crop, they might as well face them when they’re playing their best hockey, and well rested to boot.

You figure this was a chance for Renney to get into the whole, “They’re a great team, we have our work cut out for us, etc.” type answer. Instead, the coach rejected my premise.

“I don’t say they’re the cream of the crop right now,” Renney said. “They’re certainly one of eight teams left, and a good one. I’m not going to suggest I don’t want to give them credit. But where we are because we belong here, too.”

So there.

Meanwhile, a sentence you would never be able to write outside the MSG Training Center: I’m having trouble concentrating because the Liberty are making too much noise in the hallway.

More later…

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  1. Love that quote. Renney is really coming into his own with this stretch and playoff run.

  2. With the new poll, you should have Colbert-ized it.
    The staff has been:
    a) The greatest
    b) The best ever

  3. Anyone wanna talk about Pelino? The guy kills me. I went to his camps many many years ago as a kid, and everytime he talks to the camera, I am reminded of how he would address the parents on opening day. It seems so scripted to me, I feel like he’s got his answers lined up ready to spit out before he hears the question. Such a “show man”, you can totally hear it in his voice. He loves the cam.

    That said, I like Pelino a lot. I know him, and I know he means business. I’ve been in trouble with the guy before and he was very stern, yet very fair. He also offered me a job to work at the camp for the following summer, I almost took it. In retro, taking that job would have definitely paid off down the line (see: NYR tix)

    Mike “It’s All Part of the Show” Pelino. Good guy.

  4. Doodie Machetto on

    EB – he’s saying that calling them the “cream of the crop” suggests that they are somehow superior, and he doesn’t buy it. I think it’s his best quote from the season.

  5. DanTheRangerFan on

    Must agree…Very good quote from Renney. Cant wait for this series, I feel our boys are ready. Lets Go Rangers 07

  6. DanTheRangerFan on

    By th way…Is anyone else growing a playoff beard? Cause I got a few weeks here and its rough. I look like Michael J Fox in Teen Wolf. It’s always a fun day in the work place when your the butt of every joke. Lets Go Rangers 07

  7. I got the playoff beard going, last time I shaved was the saturday after they clinched. My facial hair still grows fairly slow so it’s more a “playoff scruff” than a full-blown beard. I also haven’t cut my hair in like two months, so I got a pretty good mess going on up there too.

  8. ORR kicks Ying Yang on


    LOL good quotes from you….lol

    Im growing a beard as well…But givin my age its not going that fast so i doubt ill get a full beard going….

    As for the Renney quote….I dont know about you guys but i love it…i think he might be getting a little better then early in the year…Thats what you gotta say..Good quote by Renney ..i love it.


  9. On the new poll, I was thinking poor for a while, but the way they got them working towards the end, it’s at least competent now. I think the front office was better than the coaches, though, so it’s only competent for me.

  10. GuitarWizard on

    I’m taking the Shanny “playoff goatee” approach. I was thinking about the playoff beard but my employeer wouldn’t like it so much.

  11. Doodie, re: purple ties
    One more reason to hate Ted Nolan. He wore purple ties almost every game. ;)

  12. “Pearn > Pelino”

    Undoubtedly. Pearn is all c0ck, no n0nsense. The guy makes me nervous just looking at his silly putty forehead getting shiny under the garden lights. Pearn also has a different pair of penny loafers for every man he’s killed. He can now hold about 18 cents in his victory bootery, and that’s no lie.

    No shit though, when Al commented on Pearn’s tie recently, he turned and gave him a *look* that took about 24 off *my* life.

  13. ORR kicks Ying Yang on


    I caught that as well…..Jeez alot of good quotes today…keep em coming…It must be excitement for the upcoming series…


  14. OK, enough with the purple ties! I own one and wear it with a black suit. Now I am going to go home and burn it just because I don’t want to be associated with Ted Nolan!

  15. Did anyone else see Sean Avery on TRL today? He was just on a few minutes ago, talking briefly about the playoffs, Elisha Cuthbert and everything.

    Anyway, he gave away 2 tickets for Game 3 at the Garden to some girl, and gave away Rangers jerseys to everyone in the audience.

    Also, I could have sworn that Avery is growing a mohawk. The middle part of his hair is really thick and the sides are thin, lol.

  16. ORR kicks Ying Yang on


    DAMNIT i was just watching it for 2 minutes….I wanted to see if a video was on….Then i turned it off….

    ERRRR…Same thing with NBC…I turned it on and seen it was an intermission report so i turned it off…then avery was on..

    Damn my luck sucks these days

  17. what kind of look was it? And what is Al’s obsession with ties? I bet he complements a tie of any guy pissing next to him each time he is in the bathroom.

  18. Yes, forgot to mention that Avery kind of has the semi-mohawk going, which is infinitely better than the one I sported in freshman football. It wasn’t my best look, to put it mildly.


  19. It looks pretty cool if you ask me. He can definately pull it off. I enjoyed his comments about sitting in the middle of Times Square with the cup. Bring on the Sabres.

  20. omgzzzz you guyssss!! I don’t watch TRL but I bet Avery is sporting what we in the industry refer to as a *faux hawk*! lolz!!!!!!11

    Sean Avery. Another one. All c0ck. If he’s at all lucky Pearn will take him upstate to fight angry goats in the off season like he did with whatshisface.

  21. Pelino=Good cop Pearn=bad Cop. LOL. I had a nice beard growing but yeah, at this stage in my life I unfortunately work in an office so I hadda shave the thing. I’ll grow one again.

  22. My office is a goat herder employment agency so I’ll consider myself fortunate.

  23. does anyone know if avery’s trl performance made it on to youtube yet? i’d love to see this mohawk.

  24. I heard on Mike and the Dog (yes I know we must consider the souce here, as they can’t care any less about hockey), but they mentioned that if Dallas wins tonight, the league will have Game 2 of the Ranger – Buffalo series on Saturday on NBC, and Detroit hosting Dallas in Game 2 on Sunday. That sounds plausible since NBC loves showing Detroit. Thus they will have NY market Saturday and Detroit does decent ratings wise on Sunday.

  25. I heard on Mike and the Dog (yes I know we must consider the souce here, as they can’t care any less about hockey), but they mentioned that if Dallas wins tonight, the league will have Game 2 of the Ranger – Buffalo series on Saturday on NBC, and Detroit hosting Dallas in Game 2 on Sunday. That sounds plausible since NBC loves showing Detroit. Thus they will have NY market Saturday and Detroit does decent ratings wise on Sundays.

  26. Series Schedule
    Game 1 — April 25 Rangers at Buffalo, 7 p.m. (Versus)
    Game 2 — April 27 Rangers at Buffalo, 7 p.m. (MSG, Versus)
    Game 3 — April 29 Rangers vs. Buffalo at MSG, 2 p.m. (NBC)
    Game 4 — May 1 Rangers vs. Buffalo at MSG, 7 p.m. (Versus)
    Game 5* — May 4 Rangers at Buffalo, 7 p.m. (MSG, Versus)
    Game 6* — May 6 Rangers vs. Buffalo at MSG, 2 p.m. (NBC)
    Game 7* — May 8 Rangers at Buffalo, 7 p.m. (MSG, Versus)

  27. Man, it’s taken forever for this round, but at least I’ll be able to see the Rangers on VS instead of the bloody Penguins.

  28. EB- I think what Renney is trying to do is put pressure on Buffalo, make them doubt themselfs, without giving them any ammo so to speak. I think he did it pretty well.

    These kind of things could have a pretty big impact if it gets to them. Like if we dominates the first 10 minutes of game 1 you don’t want them to think that they are playing bad, you want them to start thinking “is these guys better then us?”.

    Thats the advantage we got starting away. They got allot more pressure on them in game 1 then what we got. That could go either well, if they get a good start it will be really tough to steal one up there, but if we get a good start it could rattle them.

  29. What the heck’s the matter with the NHL? Us long-time Ranger fans get screwed out of Games 1 & 4 against Buffalo, because Versus is the network of choice!!!!!!! We pay top dollar for Cablevision on Long Island as it is and unless you purchase IO Digital or Direct TV, you can’t get those games. This is so unfair. Versus has been knocking us out all season long!!!
    Why can’t MSG or ESPN run those games also?

  30. I think I was thrown by Sam’s typo that was corrected by the print edition of the quote. The “where we are because we belong here” left out a preceding “we are”.

    Sorry was taking the literal writing.

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