OK Sully, you got me…


Not even a half hour after the Devils eliminated the Lightning, I got a call from my old college roommate, Pete Sullivan, a Buffalo native who spent far too much time at UNH extolling the virtues of his beloved city.

Whenever I’ve ever ventured into Western New York in the past, it’s always been a relatively quick in-and-out. But now I’ll be there for at least four days, and I could already hear in Sully’s voice that this may be his chance to finally win me over — as if he’s been commissioned by the city’s chamber of commerce.

For the record, there’s nothing official about the series schedule. The speculation is that Games 1 and 2 will be Wednesday and Friday, but that’s not coming from the NHL or the Rangers, but from Sully, who played golf with a guy today who knows a guy who apparently heard as much. Or something like that.

Let’s just say I’ll let you know when I have something a little more concrete.

*UPDATE: NBC is grabbing “Game 2 on Saturday”:http://www.nbcsports.com/nhl/1303794/detail.html. So assuming the games are every other day, that would put Game 1 on Thursday. I’ll confirm that later if that’s the case.*

I should add, by the way, that my mother’s side of the family is from Buffalo as well. The difference is they had the good sense to leave…

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  1. nbc actually just announced that they will carry game 2 of the series on saturday at 3. So it won’t be on friday.

  2. Damn. If that’s true then game 1 will probably be Thurs. I hate Thurs. games, I have a class from 6:30-9:30 and always miss the game! (I know, that what TiVO is for…but someone always tells me the score before I get home.)

  3. Sam, Western New York isn’t nearly as bad as Northcountry New York. Hell, the only thing to do up here is watch hockey and curling on CBC with Don Cherry!

  4. Sabres got 8 players who scored more than 55 points this season. as well as Kotalik and Stafford who would also get about that over a full season.

    Our PK and defense will be really tested and will likely fail.

    Rangers have only 4 players who scored more than 55, and don’t expect much scoring from Straka.

    also Sabres have a much better coach.

  5. They could still start Wednesday because their two series ended the quickest of any of the second round matchups. So this would be a b2b on Friday/Saturday if NBC really wants them on Saturday, not Sunday. I just hope I get to see some games on Versus this round.

  6. So tempted to make the trip over from Rochester to catch a game in person, but I don’t think my budget can absorb it at this point and if I’m going to be spending that much money on tickets I’d prefer that they not be in enemy territory! Sadly I was in the house for both losses vs. Buffalo earlier this season.

    On the upside, the fact that the Rangers are playing Buffalo means that I’ll actually be able to watch their games on MSG up here!

  7. oh thank GOD its not friday. My girlfriends prom is on friday =o (she woulda killed me for skipping!) :p

  8. nylanderforpresident on


    Welcome to Sabres-mania.

    Everywhere you go in Buffalo there are Sabres banners, the supermarket plays Buffalo Sabres highlights and sells beer, ice cream and every other kind of product using the Sabres logo.

    Rick Generet is Buffalo’s screeching announcer who Sabres fans proclaim is the best announcer, and if by “best” they mean “most biased”, then they are correct.

    The locals talk funny (they talk from the baaack of their throats) and many have no idea about hockey even though they live so close to the Canadian border.

    The team has a lot of bandwagon fans, which is frustrating. I moved here to go to grad school, and always thought I would end up getting cheap tickets to Rangers games. Then Buffalo has a dream season and all of a sudden every single car in the city is sporting a Sabres flag.

    Some comments on the city:
    Since I’m from Jersey, I’m used to deflecting criticism about my home, and much of Jersey deserves its reputation. But of course, for those of us enjoyed living close to THE City, the shore, and about 5 malls, Jersey is a great place to live.

    Buffalo also gets a lot of criticism, with many people whining about the weather and the crappiness of the city. While Buffalo’s winters are not the greatest, the city is actually very beautiful. Great architecture, history, parks, bars etc. The best part is you can rent an apartment for 1/5 of the amount you would pay anywhere in the tristate area.

    OK, back to hockey…. I was upset that the Devils lost to the Lightning, but facing Buffalo puts the Rangers in a unique situation. Being a low seed and not really expected by many to go far in the playoffs, the Rangers will not lose face if they play a hard fought series, but fall to the Sabres in the end. If the Rangers should find a way to beat the Sabres (A very good possibility if the following happens: they play defensive minded hockey; Lunquist continues his brilliant play; and the aging stars (esp. Nylander and Shanahan) really play with the realization that this could be one of their last shots at the Stanley Cup.) I expect Jagr and the other older players to benefit from the layoff. Also, Buffalo is a good team, but the series against the Isles showed that they are human. A few bounces either way and the Isles could have taken another game or two.

    Last year I think most Rangers fans (aside from the overly pessimistic fans) felt that they would at least advance beyond the first round. This year, we’ve made the playoffs against all odds, and what’s more, our boys swept the Thrashers with the entire team showing grit, skill and to a large degree, discipline.

    I guess what this amounts to is this: a series against Buffalo should allow most fans to enjoy great hockey b/c there aren’t really many people predicting a Rangers win, so winning the series would come as a sweet surprise.
    And, Buffalo is an exciting team to watch/play as opposed to the Devils.

  9. nylanderforpresident on


    My bad… I also got hit by a drunk driver Friday night after the Sabres game, so maybe my brain is suffering the effects.

    Good catch.


    Devils will hopefully get knocked out THIS round.

  10. Let’s see now, Would the Sabres be the first NHL team to beat all three NY-area teams in the conference playoffs? Drury, Briere and Miller rule!

  11. What a great series. the HSBC Center is one of the greatest places to watch a game. Should be interesting.

  12. actually I forgot about Connolly, that makes it 11 out of 12 forwards who are a serious offensive threat. Hollweg needs to play, because Orr will be totally useless as always. Hollweg’s hitting should help a lot.

  13. 30–yes buffalo would be the first team to beat the rangers, devils and isles to do that since this is the first time ever that all 3 made the playoffs and they didn’t face each other in the 1st round. so this is the first year anyone has ever had a chance to potentially do that.

  14. JohnM – saw this in Brooks Sunday article

    “Nashville wasn’t the biggest loser in the trade for Peter Forsberg; the once fearsome 33-year-old center was. Forsberg, who did not register a point in the Predators’ defeats in the final three matches of their five-game ouster by the Sharks, can no longer dominate, compromised as he’s become by chronic injuries”.

    “Over the past two years, Forsberg has picked his spots. Now, as a free agent this summer, he may not have a spot to pick, not unless he’s willing to play on the cheap for a team that’s willing to accept what has become a dramatically unbalanced risk-reward ratio”.

  15. If you saw Brooksy’s article, did you see him tell John Torterella to go “F@$% Off!” after the game. Torts didn’t wanna answer the question and told Brooks to “Get the f@$% out of here if you don’t like it.” I saw it on CBC, the whole interview was intense.

  16. Hey 30- explain why everytime Jagr touches the puck in Buffalo He gets booed? What did you morons see it on tv and say “oh everybody seems to do it, so being as that we’re a bunch of dopes we can do it for no apparent reason”. Makes sense, learn hockey bumblefuc* Bitc*.

    LETS GO RANGERS!!! take it to these lucky bouncing bastar*s

  17. Reminder to everyone – The Rangers lost 4 games to Buffalo this season, but 3 of the 4 were in overtime (2 OT losses, and 1 SO loss).
    I am pretty sure that ALL of those games were early in the season before the Avery trade. We all know this is a different team now.
    I’m gonna predict Rangers in 6 (I said Rangers in 5 in the first round and they swept).

  18. Ross,

    Not to mention 3 of those 4 losses were with Weekes in net. The season series is very misleading IMO.

  19. Buffalo is completely beatable, but….a true test.

    I think Rangers are going to have a rough time with the BUF crowd…Jagr for one clearly gets off his game when the stands razz him. On the other hand, Sean gets charged up.

    Clearly, if we get by them, it will have been due largely to Henrick Lundqvist standing on his head. Expect at least one *outstanding* performance from this guy.

  20. Jagr needs to show up for a shootout sometime. At least in the playoffs he won’t have to. Jagr is no leader, he’s a quitter.

  21. I agree about the season series. I think the Rangers played some of their best bad hockey this year against Buffalo. They weren’t a very good or inspired team when they played them, but they held their own. Since the trade deadline, this is a new team entirely and I think a run to the Eastern Conference Finals is certainly plausible, but Henke & Co. will really have to step up. It’s going to be a really exciting series. Go Blueshirts!

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