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Yes, this otherwise objective reporter is rooting for the Devils today mostly because I’m impatient and I’d rather know today who the Rangers are playing rather than wait until Tuesday.

You as Rangers fans may feel differently, although I maintain that a) the Rangers will be equally challenged by either Ottawa or Buffalo, but b) if the Rangers play the way they did against Atlanta, they can get by either.

Meanwhile, lots to talk about:

  • Ernie Palladino delves further into the “Pock versus Rachunek issue”:http://www.thejournalnews.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20070422/SPORTS01/704220350/1046/SPORTS. I propose an arm wrestling match to determine who gets the job. If that doesn’t work, two words: coin flip.
  • Speaking of the Sabres, if you haven’t read the “Sports Illustrated feature on Chris Drury”:http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/2007/hockey/nhl/04/10/chris.drury0416/index.html I suggest you do so. Compelling stuff. You, of course, should appropriately despise Drury for the next two months or so. But there’s always the chance next year at this time you could be wearing his jersey.
  • From the NHL: Calgary Flames goaltender Jamie McLennan has been suspended five games, Calgary coach Jim Playfair has been fined $25,000 and the Flames’ organization has been fined $100,000 for a variety of actions late in Game Five of the team’s Western Conference Quarter-final series against the Detroit Red Wings.
  • The Rangers are off today, which is a blessing seeing how today is easily the nicest day of 2007. Already there has been a second trip to Home Depot in the span of 24 hours; a 3-mile run while both pushing my son Charlie and trying to maintain a conversation with him; and then the inevitable hour-long pilgrimage to the local playground. Now it’s nap time.

    I think Charlie may sleep, too….

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    1. In response to most of the responses to the new contracts post-

      I see Orr and Hollweg competing for a spot on the team, with the loser being sent down to Hartford. I would definitely need clarification on this, but could they be sent down without passing through waivers? If they do need to pass through waivers, then one will probably be traded. I can’t see them both sitting in the press box.

      So many people here want to see young players make the team next season. I guess you can’t just be satisifed with all the youth on the team already? Lundqvist, Prucha, Hossa, Callahan, Ortmeyer, Hollweg, Orr, Pöck, Girardi, Tyutin were all born in 1981 or later, making almost a half of the active roster composed of people under 26 going INTO next season, if they are all still with the team. Avery and Betts were born in ’80. We already have enough youth for at least one more season. Let’s see what happens when Malik’s and Roszival’s contracts expire after next season, and Shanny possibly retiring after one more if we re-sign him.

      The only way I can see one of Dubinsky, Dawes, or Immonen, or anybody else, playing is if we trade Straka. He’s clearly not serving the same role he was brought to the team for, playing with Jagr, so we could move Avery to center, and find someone else for the second line, but I would rather it be an FA or whoever we trade Straka for; possibly move Prucha to 2nd and find a 3rd-liner instead, which could be a young guy, if we absolutely need another.

      On a totally unrelated note, McLennan was only suspended five games for his stick swing and the coach was only fined? That’s BS; I immediately thought that McLennan asked coach to put him in so he could get some retribution as soon as I saw what he did to Franzen and think Jamie should get 10, Playfair one or two because no real proof.

    2. Playfair has been fined $25,000 and the Flames’ organization has been fined $100,000 for a variety of actions late in Game 5 … that’s all buttman and colon wanted was the $. 5 games should make the fishsticks appeal simon’s. Iginia basically gets away with a butt end, that was called a hook.Someone has to really get hurt, wounded is not enough. Intent to injure gets a slap on the wrist and a don’t do it again or we’ll fine you some more.When is the press going to attack the NHL heirachy rather than the players? They are lost and their refs cause most of the ugliness.

    3. Ah, one thing I forgot. For the present time, someone mentioned that Pöck and Rachunek could both play. This is a good idea for the first game because there’s no telling how Rachunek will do in his first game back. But with Renney putting Hossa on the first line when he came back for the first round, I can’t see this happening, unfortunately.

    4. I love Chris Drury being a great American NHL’er … but I just hope the SI Jinx gets him … lol … although he’s not on the cover now is he? Rats!

      Sam didn’t you say that Michael Farber was hanging around the Rangers and will do a story? Can it not be a cover? Please? Tell him that if you see him!

    5. Brandon,
      Ortmeyer was born in 1978, so technically you can’t include him in that group.
      As for Straka, I seriously doubt he’ll be moved, whether he’s playing with Jagr or not. His contract extention and the “A” on his sweater suggest that the organization thinks he’s a big part of this team. Also, Avery isn’t as effective playing center as he is on the wing. Of course, you could say the same about Straka, but Avery’s whole game is that edge he brings and it’s not as noticable when he’s playing center.

    6. Let’s enjoy THIS YEAR first, but as far as next year; the team is fine the way they are for next year maybe one or two minor changes (I’m not saying to do this as I’m all for youth but it would be funny if they gave like $1 million to Forsberg cause he will get injured). Dawes/Dubinsky/Staal/etc. WILL absolutely get a chance b/c there is no way a team makes it through 82 games without any injuries.

    7. MikeA, you’re absolutely right. I’m definitely enjoying this team as is. And we wouldn’t have Callahan and Girardi here if not for injuries, so who knows what will happen next year. Go Rangers!

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