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I’m not sure if this clip of Sean Avery on MTV “Cribs” has made the rounds or not, but seeing how I hadn’t seen it until about two minutes ago, I figured it was worth sharing.

Of course, this is from Avery’s days with L.A., so conspicuously absent is the life-sized portrait of Jaromir Jagr that Avery now has in his living room (No, not really).

Among the other highlights:

  • Avery immediately jumps up further on my list seeing how he has two autographed Neil Young album covers hanging on his wall. Of course, if you’re Canadian, I’m pretty sure it’s a law that you have to like Neil Young…
  • Girlfriend Elisha Cuthbert also appears, albeit in a non-speaking role. Another reason we shouldn’t be shedding any tears for Sean Avery…
  • Some clever MTV editing has Avery holding a miniature Stanley Cup and talking about being part of the Wings’ Cup triumph in 2002. But it never has him mentioning that he never played a game in those playoffs.

    OK, that’s all for now. Enjoy…

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    1. A little weird seeing tough-guy Avery go on about his sheets. But he earns mad points back with “the girl” Elisha. Damn.

    2. Defenseman Brett Lebda will not play Sunday after he suffered a concussion from being punched in the face by Daymond Langkow….with his glove on and buttman colon do zip.

    3. ORR kicks Ying Yang on


      The league is pathetic..they suspend the goalie but not Langkow…I think Colin Cambell is a certified retard cause that was a clean hip check to me..and that punch didnt get through Mccreery (not surprising)..but now the league does jack about that….thats a sucker punch just like the BUF player who got suckered…and kinda like tootoo..PATHETIC

      But with that i just wanna say….Im lookin foward to playing BUF…..bring it on…Im not the least bit nervous about this series…But hopefully Racky doesnt play…Pock should play but i doubt that will happen….


    4. didn’t Cuthbert go nude in Girl Next Door? I don’t know about others, but I wouldn’t want a girl who was seen naked by 3 billion people. And her face is not that pretty.

    5. No…she didn’t go nude….almost though. And not a pretty face??? Are you blind?

      I say we beat the Sabers in 7…. if Henrik stands on his head in a few games and the first line keeps rolling.

    6. ORR kicks Ying Yang on


      She didnt go nude as CALHOB said…But she was in a 4 second sex scene and at the end another sex scene…But if i was avery i wouldnt want that..But then again she’s so damn does it matter….

      Shes not the hottest girl ever…Im more of a Jessica Alba fan among others…But shes pretty hot..

      BTW………LETS GO RANGERS…whoo…Cant wait till game 1

    7. I hope Avergy gets used to cold weather during the winter…he’ll be in NY for a while

    8. I think Avery is just happy enough to date a girl of Elisha’s status and caliber.

      Nude scenes, (although I don’t think she’s ever been in one)are part of the Hollywood gig. With Avery’s personality, he may even like it if she went nude; something for him to boast-

    9. Going back to the last thread, Sam, thanks for the link to the article on Drury. I enjoyed it on many levels. For one, I’m only a few years older than he is and grew up 2 towns over, so I can easily identify with where he comes from. Secondly, I’ve been pushing for him to be the one the Rangers go after this summer for precisely what the article goes into depth about – the guy is a winner. And seeing how he grew up near here and his wife is also from this area, and pretty much everyone around here is a Ranger fan, he may well have been one and would likely welcome the opportunity to live around here again. (although its entirely possible he was a Whalers fan). Just good, heart-warming stuff…..

      …That we can think about on JULY 1. In the meantime, let’s hope our team hands him and that team a good beat-down on our way to the CUP.

    10. DanTheRangerFan on

      Sam this is old news lol…we were talking about this clip weeks ago on here-you must have been watching some golf. Its all good you keep us pretty well updated most of the time… Lets Go Rangers 07

    11. czechthemout!!!!! on

      buffulo beat us 4 times this year.3 in ot or shootout,non of the games were played after dec.1.back then our genius coach believed in having three fourth lines out there every game,we did not have avery,girardi,callahan,mara,and enough speed and offense to skate with buffulo.we are now a completely different team.i bet that buffulo is not to happy that they have to play us.i don’t know if we can beat them now but if i had to make a prediction i would say the rangers in 6 games.i think we have the better goalie and that in the playoffs is what matters most.

    12. How do you guys think Avery will fair against the Sabers? Im sure he will everything he can offensively, but what about when it comes to agitating players like Drury or Briere??? I feel like players have come acustom to trying their best to ignore him. I hope he agitates the hell out of them but doesnt take any stupid penalties while doing it.

    13. chezh I’m with you being a better team since Dec, alot better since Feb, but their speed is going to give the D are hard time, which will be slower by sitting Pock. Of the 3 , playing the buff chips is probably the best match for the next round. Let the debbies get beat by the otters.

    14. I can only seeing them getting agitated if Avery throws some big hits, not just by him talking. They had that big incident with Ottawa this year when Drury got hurt, so a big check could set them off, especially the rookie Stafford, I think.

    15. Hope he drives the Bentley to Newark next year. We’ll see how long it takes to disappera.

    16. Kim Bauer is hot in seasons 1 and 2.

      The video isn’t working… just me or everyone else, too?

    17. I think she dumped him when he moved to NY. That clip is old.

      Bring on the Sabres! Rangers in 6!!

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