Rangers on contract splurge (Updated, 4 p.m.)


*UPDATE, 4 p.m.: The terms for the new deals, according to the NHLPA, are as follows: Sanguinetti’s is a three year contract at $850,000 per ($2.55 million total); Orr’s was for two years for a total of $1.075 million; Hollweg’s was two years worth a total of $1.025 million; and Pock’s is two years worth $1.335 million.*

Among the announcements that just popped into my inbox:

The Rangers have signed Colton Orr and Ryan Hollweg to contract extensions.

They also announced the signing of Thomas Pock, which we already knew.

They signed Bobby Sanguinetti to a professional contract. Sanguinetti has already been in Hartford.

I don’t have the specifics, but I’ll pass those along when I do.

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  1. Terrible news here, we are going to have to deal with Mr. No Talent Ryan Hollweg another year :(.

    Anyword on the Nylander contract extension, a few weeks ago you had a post about them in talks, I hope talks have not reached a stand still.

  2. hollweg takes too many penalties. He needs to play the puck more and not worry taking the body so much.

  3. ORR Kicks Ying Yang on

    Whooooo Orrzie’s back for another year…

    Hollywood….Hes the man but they shoulda picked either him or orrzie to be honest..

    Of coarse im glad pocky’s gonna hang around..

    I hope they put Sangy in a few games next season….

    Hopefully Orty gets extended as well

  4. Doodie Machetto on

    With a glut of talented wingers in the pipeline, you’re going to have to provide more than forechecking to be worth a roster spot next season.

    You can’t have Hollweg, Orr, and Ortmeyer in the lineup at the same time, you just can’t. I would take Ortmeyer’s PK work and shot blocking over anything that either of the other two have to offer, anyday.

  5. Doodie is right on. Fact is Hollweg should not even have been on the team THIS YEAR. Nigel Dawes is tearing it up down in Hartford right now. We could roll 4 talented lines all day next year if we get rid of Hollweg and keep Orr as a heatlhy scratch and play him against the teams like Philly and what not. Hollweg is so not need on this team anymore its a joke that hes even on this team right now to begin with. He brings nothing to the table, except taking stupid pentalies, and getting his faced pounded in by guys who can actully fight.

  6. Perhaps Hollweg was signed not in the hopes that he’s a top 12 forward, but maybe for depth? I definitely think the Rangers need to improve their 4th line next year (the first 3 are solid assuming everyone comes back), and that will be done through the farm and possibly free agency.

    Besides, Hollweg is 23. His game might develop more.

    Question: Hollweg was a RFA. If the Rangers didn’t re-sign him, what would happen? Would he not be able to play since no one would offer him a contract as a RFA? And if they didn’t offer him a contract, how long would he have to sit out?

  7. ORR Kicks Ying Yang on

    Maybe they signed hollweg just to keep the room loose….We all seen his crazy antics before games….even during….

  8. hoofweg followed by “insert anything best in the game” is the worst thing ive ever heard in my life

  9. Hollwegg is the best open ice hitter in the league. Nigel Dawes could play in a tuxedo and not get it stained. Get a clue. If Nigel Dawes dresses instead of Orr and Holly, Jagr leaves in a stretcher.

  10. And there was so much love for Hollweg in October…but I agree, if his game is going to suddenly improve overall, he’s a bit of a drag on the team. Except for the dancing, I suppose. And Orr…actually, I think he’s shown a few signs of his game improving, so, okay.

    Let’s Go Rangers!

  11. ORR Kicks Ying Yang on


    Hollweg is a good hitter i guess

    but as far as open ice goes..i dont think hes good at that…He doesnt get those opportunities but eh..

  12. i agree with the anti-hollweg sentiment. and i think doodie hit the nail on the head. altho i would keep orr over holly because he can fight. people for some reason think that hollweg is a tough guy but he isnt. he is 5’10″(generous) and 195lbs…..hardly a tough guy and he doesnt intimidate anyone. He also cant fight worth a damn and has never thrown a bone crunching hit without boarding, charging or elbowing. He really doesnt hit hard at all actually.

  13. “best open ice hitter”

    call me and let me know when hollweg throws an open ice hit. id love to see one.

  14. in fights this year Orr was 9-7, 3 losses came from brasheer and 1 from laraque.

    hollweg was 1-12 this year and that victory over eager could have been called a draw.

  15. ORR Kicks Ying Yang on

    Oy….on top of that orr has 2 KO’s this year and 1 TKO….

    We all know who was the victim there….I like Orr though….hes cool and should be a permanent member of the 4th line…

    I think every team should have a tough guy…and hes ours…The weight loss did effect his fighting with guys like Brashear and Lablock head…but he still has that vicious right hand…and im hoping he’ll put Brashear out of his misery next season…


    Are those records true though….Alot of Orrzie’s fights were draws…

  16. so basically there appears to be no open spots on next years team. Where is dubinsky going to play/where is dawes going to play? Would be nice to see some of the young grinders in our system get a shot on the fourth/third line as some seem to have something more to offer than simply trying to hit people (b/c thats all hollweig can potentially offer and while Ort can kill penalties, he can’t do anything else). I don’t think it is possible to have nor do i want to have a 2nd line next year as currently organized. Avery would be ideal in a third line role as he really doesn’t warrant full time 2nd line status based on his offensive skills. He has played awesome with shanny and straka in the first round but I wouldnt expect that to last an entire year. I am also very torn about shanny. He has shown great leadership and his play has picked up, but I do not think he can stay healthy and effective for an entire season unless his icetime is strictly monitored. Won’t If we could sign briere I would take him over nylander and I would definitely not offer nylander anything longer than a one year deal. I don’t think we have a reasonable chance of getting briere or drury for that matter, and while we could maybe get gomez, he is more of a 2nd line center and then dubinsky would be hard pressed to make the team in the next couple years.

    All issues that relate to the offseason but I guess as the rangers are signing contracts now mite as well talk about them here.

  17. Maybe Shanny’s “maintenance day” (referenced in the last entry) is getting his tooth fixed.

  18. Sam, do you have any updates on the Rangers working on a contract extension with Shanny? I really want him back next year.

  19. a casual observer on

    Hollweg is one of the best forecheckers in the nhl. I have watched every game this year and countless times opposing announcers would mention this. He makes defenseman rush their plays. This causes turnovers which sometimes lead to scoring chances or atleast interupt the flow. He is 23 and will get better. Remember how you same people hated Hossa and now you want to tuck him in at night. Hollweg is a good signing. You will see.

  20. I am not surprised be any of these moves. Hollweg and Orr are nothing more than 4th line players who sometimes sit in the press box. Hollweg is a good locker room guy so keep him around. Truthfully we are not gonna have many open spots next year. I would imagine nylander is gonna be hear as long as jagr is and hossa is gonna be the permanent third member of that line next year.

    If we could id love to get rid of straka and get a real 2nd line center with size and speed (DUBINSKY) and let him play all year, but i dont see that happening.

    Cullen is perfect as the third line center, playing with Callahan and whoever. I dont see either Prucha or Ortmeyer on this team next year. More likely Ortmeyer than Prucha. I think we are gonna trade him around Draft Day for a pick or some more young depth.

    Betts will be here as well as the others. I think next year they are gonna look at giving guys like Dane Byers and maybe even Jessman time on the 4th line, as both guys have some scoring touch(at least more than orts and hollywood and orr) and can fight. Seems like every game pic i see of HUGH(E) he is beating the crap out of someone. I do not know how fast he is and i think that will determine whether he makes the team or not.

    Plus don’t forget we have about 4 or 5 really good junior ineligible forwards coming to the pros, guys like Pyatt, Russell and Dupont, all capable of making Hartford really good.

    As for Goal, we all know its Hank and most likely Montoya, unless they can get a really good blue chip forward prospect. Weekes is a free agent and valiquette is a good character guy who doesnt care about being in the minors.

    Defense is another story. I wonder if we would think about buying out the last year of Malik’s contract so we can get rid of him. Obviously guys to stick around are Girardi, Tyutin, Mara, Pock, Roszival and throw in Staal for sure. Don’t think Racoon is back. Plus we have Michael Sauer coming pro, who looks like a beast, and we have Baranka and Liffiton in Hartford.

    I dont see us signing a single free agent, other than resigning all of ours (shanny, avery, hank, etc.).

    Even if we dont win it all this year, we will be even better next year with STaal back there. He seems like hes gonna be like another Wade Redden type of solid anchor blueline guy to go with Girardi and Tyutin. Could see him playing with Roszival as a replacement for Malik.

    Also, if Sanginetti signed his pro contract, does that mean he has to be on the NYR roster otherwise he goes back to juniors, as he is still junior eligible? From what i read it seems like if you are under 20 before the season then you either play the whole year in the nhl or go back to juniors. Can anyone clarify?

  21. Is it a possibility that the Rangers signed Hollweg so that they could develop him a little more next season and if something comes up…they could trade him? I’m sure some teams would love his passion and speed…. I don’t know what we could really get for him besides a draft pick…. unless it was a package deal.
    But I don’t know if that would be a real reason to sign him to an extension now…

  22. there are some real MORONS on this board. saying that Hollweg is no talent, saying that he should do LESS bodychecking, what friggin morons.

    he is top ten in the league in bodychecking, you clowns.

    and he scored plenty at the junior and AHL level, he can do more scoring at the NHL level, but not from the stands while soft Euro pussies get the ice time.

  23. Ian,

    It must just be for the playoffs. Staal did the same last year, played a few games with Hartford in the playoffs. I’m sure Sanguinetti will be back in juniors next year.

    Personally, I wouldn’t be surprised to see 2/3 of the 4th line re-worked next season. I’m sure the top 9 (Jagr, Nylander, Hossa, Shanny, Straka, Avery, Callahan, Cullen, and Prucha) will all be back. Betts makes 10 since he was signed to an extension as well. But the wings are expendable. Ortmeyer might be let go, and Hollweg and Orr are press box guys for the most part. But I don’t see where Dubinsky has a spot next year. Only way that happens is if the Rangers trade a forward away and don’t get one in return. Prucha could fit that bill since he’s been rumored before, but I don’t think he goes unless someone like Nathan Horton is on the other end of the deal.

    D will probably consist of Tyutin, Roszival, Malik, Girardi, Mara, Pock, and Staal. Hopefully, Pock will be #7 because I hope Staal makes the team.

    G should be Henrik and Montoya. If the Rangers ever want to unload Montoya for another piece (say, Horton), he needs to show he can play at the NHL level.

  24. NJ Mark,

    Id be thoroughly surprised if Staal didnt make the team. What about Michael Sauer? I know Sather and Renney are loyal to Malik but at this point isnt it worthwhile to buy out Malik’s last year for a 200k cap hit to get a more mobile skilled blueline? The cap hit isnt too bad especially since Ozolinish’s K is gone as is Kaspar, i believe…I almost feel like our team is turning into the Oilers of the mid to late 90s when they actually could fill roster spots from within..Like the Yankees are attempting to do now (HAH).

  25. rhymeandsteal on

    Though Hollweg may be adept at forcing turnovers in the enemy zone, there has been maybe 2 or 3 occasions this season where his forechecking has led to a goal, and thus, I would hardly describe him as “one of the best forecheckers in the NHL”.

  26. “he is top ten in the league in bodychecking, you clowns.”

    BODYCHECKING? They keep track?

  27. “though Hollweg may be adept at forcing turnovers in the enemy zone, there has been maybe 2 or 3 occasions this season where his forechecking has led to a goal”

    it’s not his fault that Betts can’t do anything with the puck after Hollweg takes the man.

  28. I think Sauer will need a year at Hartford before stepping in. Quite honestly, Staal might too. I don’t think Staal will, I think he will be in NY next season, but Sauer is probably 1 year away.

    2 year deals for Pock, Orr and Hollweg?! Why 2 years??? And Orr gets the most money of the 3?!

  29. Rangers Pride on

    Wow some people are so bone headed…. Yeah lets call up Barnaka, Sauer, Liffiton and all of the Hartford Wolfpack and college players. Staal is the only possibility to make NHL next year. I would still prefer for him to start his year at Wolfpack. Dubiniskiy is close but still has a lot of work to do. All of these players have to do good at Hartford first and then can be called up to Rangers. Staal looked WAY out of place in the pre-season! Don’t forget it takes longer to develop a defenseman then a forward. Also it does not mean if a player does good at AHL he will tear it up in NHL. Remember Lundmark, Giroux?

  30. his 231 hits led the Rangers and was tied for seventh in the NHL.

    7th in the league, numbskull.

  31. why do we want to deal Prucha. He has as much heart as anyone on the team and a lot of offensive talent. If he ever got to play consistently with a playmaker he could be a real threat. And who would want Hossa over Prucha. I for one am not in love with Hossa. He has done a lot better since being put with Jagr but I would rather have someone with more talent on the first line.

    Ort can be shipped out but I wouldnt expect much in return as he is very one dimensional. Two year deal for hollweig is a little absurd, the guy has shown he can’t score do we really need to give him another two years to prove this ad nauseum.

  32. i cant say im particularly thrilled w/ this. i agree that they can not have ortmeyer, holllweg and orr all on the ice next year. my first instinct was ortmeyer b/c he actually contributes w/ the PK, but i just cant understand both hollweg and orr.

    maybe now they’ll start w/ the more important resignings like nylander, shanny, henrik & prucha.

  33. ive never seen hollweg throw an open ice hit in his entire career not once can anyone describe one for me?

  34. GP G A Pts +/- PIM Shots Sh%
    Season Totals: 2006-07 78 1 2 3 -11 131 63 1.59

    hollwegs numbers this year, hardly warranting a two year deal. also why was orr paid more than Pock?

  35. I think there are intagibiles that both Ortmeyer and Prucha bring to the ice that you just can’t teach. Replaceable? Perhaps, but I don’t think I’d be too quick to get rid of either one. Both are instictive players with repsect to their abilities. I would love to see Dubinsky in the line-up too, but for a change we have a great problem- depth!
    And not of the over-hyped Christian Dube type!

  36. “best open ice hitter�

    who ever said this is probably one of the people who pay too much attention to things like advertising images up on top of the high glass. C’mon, I rarely see Hollweg connect a hit thats not angled/around the boards.

    I like Hollweg a lot, but I agree that the 4th line is getting crowded with fairly easily replaced talent.

  37. anonymously threatening on

    Orr gets that kind of money because that is what the market will bear for what he does. It doesn’t hurt that he has developed some sound defensive play in his gaem.

  38. Maybe all these guys were signed because their trade value could go up as the Rangers go further and deeper in to the playoffs.

    Like Aaron Ward last year, his price tag soared due to Carolina winning the Cup and we all know the type of player he is.

    Could be a smart move either way. We’re NOT paying any of these guys over 900k per year if you look.

  39. I think BlueClue is the closest as to why they were signed to two year deals. Once under contract they have more “value” to the team in a trade because the team on the receiving end of the transaction knows that the player will not walk away at the end of the year.

    The other thing about these contracts that has not been mention is that they are no doubt “two-way” contracts and the quoted dollars are if the player is in the NHL. Under a “two-way” contract the player gets paid a lot less if he winds up on an AHL roster.

  40. Ian, you are a moron. Apparently you have never seen number 25 play. “Hossa is a RFA as is Prucha. Even more reason to deal Prucha.” Go get a clue buddy.

  41. Prucha is not comparable to hossa, ort or hollweg. He is a top six forward at worst and possibly a top 3 forward. We do not have enough high end players in the system and yet some of you actually consider trading prucha. Even if we got horton, where is he playing on next years team? we are overstocked with third liners who could maybe play on the 2nd life if they overachieve. thats what happens when you just miss the playoffs for 8 years in a row. their system has improved for sure but we don’t have a bunch of young studs in the minors. dawes is not a sure thing and he is probably our best natural scorer in hartford.

    and hollweg’s value isnt going to rise no matter how well we do if he doesn’t play.

  42. czechthemout!!!!! on

    hollweg brings zero to the table other than the occasional big hit once a game.orr is a goon who is atr best a mediocre fighter.pock is stepping up every game he plays and is a good signing.given the chance,he will score 10-15 goals and add 30assts.they should use byers and korpikoski on the fourth line.both players provide speed grit,an in byers case fighting ability.as well as a scoring touch.staal will make the team next year,sauer and sags will not.lifiton,baranka and even potter are ready for the nhl and need to be given a shot at some point.malik and rachunek are the most expendable.both make too many mistakes and can be easily replaced by younger better and cheaper players.callahan is a second line wing plain and simple.he is a 30+goal 70pt a year player with grit and should replace shany next year.dubinsky should be given a chance as the second line center with cally and avery,if he proves incapable they always can use straka there.dubi is a star in the making in my opinion.he will be a 35g 100pt scorer with speed,grit,toughness,and fighting ability.

  43. nothing should be measured by the Atl. series

    that was a crappy team, even Betts admits it.

    the next round will be much more revealing. they will have to play a real team.

  44. czechthemout!!!!! on

    olb – with all due respect,you don’t know what you are talking about.atlanta has a winning record against evry team in the eastern still in the playoffs.they beat us 3out 4.they beat buffulo 3out of 4.and ottawa as well.maybe the rangers are the REAL team maybe not.but don’t marginalize what they have done the last 8-10 weeks by putting down atlanta.

  45. ORR Kicks Ying Yang on


    Shut up….You are a moron…Im guessing your the kind of fan who watches hockey for hits and fights..and not for the game itself..Shut up already…Hollywoods the man but he brings nothing to the game…Give Colton Orr some speed then hes ten times better then hollweg then he actially is…Quit defending him…Who cares how many hits he had all season…We didnt have a great season…Until we got rid of some of the loose ends holding us back…Hes one of them..He shouldnt be on the team next year…

    Also is there ANY possibility that NYR would ACTIALLY deal Prucha…he has 1 semi – bad season after coming off a really good season…thats Bull.

    I want Shanny..Nylander..Avery..Hank..Prucha..Hossa locked up for next season and beyond….Of coarse you need nylander here for another 2 or 3 years…to me avery diserves the same..shanny….id say 1 year…Hank…5 to 6 years…and Pruch and Hoss..i guess a year or 2…

    I want Orty back on the team but…..if it means getting rid of hoss or pruch…then its not worth it…


    Have you seen lately…Pruch..Bettsy..Orty..Avery..Cally…they have all been throwing more hits then Hollweg…he hasnt thrown a huge hit in a while….

  46. no, you don’t know what you are talking about.

    READ the quote by Betts. HE played against them. he said, and I quote from Sam, “According to Blair Betts, “We’re going to have beat a good team eventually,â€? .

    regular season results mean squat in the playoffs.

    the players themselves say that they beat a crappy team.

    and many posters here were hoping for 6th place because they knew that was the weakest opponent.

  47. Doodie Machetto April 20th, 2007 at 2:54 pm
    With a glut of talented wingers in the pipeline, you’re going to have to provide more than forechecking to be worth a roster spot next season.
    You can’t have Hollweg, Orr, and Ortmeyer in the lineup at the same time, you just can’t. I would take Ortmeyer’s PK work and shot blocking over anything that either of the other two have to offer, anyday.>>

    end of quote.

    very well said.

  48. I think Ranger fans would actually chip in to buy out Malikenstein’s contract for next year.

    I think we are going to give Staal a shot at making the team next year. I really think we are going to be a better team next year….

    resign shanny
    sign avery….

    more youth……….Callahan gets a spot, but a few others really need to have an honest shot at making this team.

    I had wanted a first-rounder for Nylander in February. That doesn’t look sharp now, after his terrific performance in round 1. I actually think that Atlanta was the desperate team that would have given up a first rounder for him—-they really could have used him.

    Pascal Dubois really impressed me in this series…….good two way skating…..

    round two is going to be tough.

    As much as Renney annoyed me all year, it was the right decision to sit Hollweg. We did NOT need any retaliation penalties (or just over-eager ones). Atlanta did a fine job taking stupid penalties and people like Avery held back and stayed to the game…..great for playoffs………..

    What drug did the Islander take? Testosterone?? What else would really impact him now??

  49. I like all three signings, and don’t have a problem with resigning players we have now for future seasons. Nylander will be locked up for the duration of Jagr and Straka’s contracts. What we did today is sign 3 potential “bench” players. You have to admit, while Orr and Hollweg are not players you would sub in for Jagr, they do give Renney and this team several options off the bench or for the 4th line. Should one of the top 9 go down, well that is what the minors are for. Locking up all of our free agents seems like the best way to go. Chemistry is great right now, why mess with that?

  50. Doodie Machetto on

    I don’t want Shanny back. I love him, I think he’s a great team player and character guy, but I REALLY would rather see his lineup spot given to a younger player. Same for Straks. Now, Marty is under contract, so we’re stuck with him for another year. Shanny isn’t, so I REALLY wouldn’t mind letting him go. Of course, I wouldn’t mind keeping him too much, but it means either Dawes rots in Hartford another year or Prucha rots on the 4th line/is traded.

    Someone asked what happens if an RFA isn’t signed. I believe that if RFAs aren’t signed, they become UFAs. I could be wrong though.

    Personally, I think Nylander should return if only for the fact that he’s the only guy on the team even remotely qualified to play #1 C. He also has great chemistry with Jags and somehow Hossa has managed to become a competant player while matched with those two.

    Don’t forget, we still need players in Hartford, so we can’t call up the entire farm.

  51. doodie pants on

    Dawes could not carry Shanny’s jockstrap.

    let’s see. he scored 3 goals, a game winner, and game tying in the clincher, he killed penalties, blocked shots, verbally backed off the atl goons and led by experience and example.

    and the guy who thinks Parise is no good, he just leads all playoff goal scorers, doesn’t want Shanny back.

    Shanny will be back, but I hope clueless doodie doesn’t come back.

  52. Ian: Kasper might be signed for next year…but they can assign hiom to Hartford…just like this year…and he might retire…but in any case if he doesnt play for the Rangers his $$$ doesnt count against the cap…on the deals signed today. For that cheep most teams wopuld take a shot at a young player like Hollweg to give them energy on their 4th line if they had a player go down with injury, and Orr for a cheap tough guy alot of teams would take. its not like they couldnt be waived either…I mean come on, people are getting all upset about small time contracs…these wernt 10 mill per signings…they were 2 guys for 2 years for a total of like 2.5 mill…thats easy to get rid of…relax…Hollweg could still get better he is young…we dont know yet…all the peopel here who riopped Hossa and he got better, Hollweg could get better, if not waive him, and if noone claims him he can play in Hartford…relax, its better than haveing him go for nothing…

  53. doodie pants : I think Parise is overrated…alot of his gaols are lucky crap…he also disapears for stretches during games…Im sure he will get past some of that…but he is overrated…so people talk about him like he is going to be an allstar every year and break records…I think Callahan is just as good as him, Prucha is close, and I tihnk both of those guys would have had the same if not better numbers getting the min and haveing the linemates he has had…so I dont get why so many fans love him so much…

  54. Hollweg’s still young, and the guy’s got alot of heart. I think he can go a long way if he’s given some time to grow. Unfortunately the playoffs are not that time, but next season I expect big things from him.
    I’d definately like to see Dawes come up, but I don’t know who’s spot he’d take, and I’d kinda like to see Liffiton come up in place of Malik.

  55. I think it’s hilarious that people are making judgement calls about who they want back before the end of this playoff run. So, when Shanny goes red hot and we win the cup, you’re going to want him gone? Right.

    Let’s wait to see what playoff game thgese guys have — since that’s the only “season” that matters.

  56. re next yr – you can talk about any top 9 players and then 4th line players you want.

    2 things

    1) this year is still going on
    2) injuries happen and guys who start in the minors can be next years Callahans and Girardis

  57. it looks like Rangers vs. Sabres now

    Avery is the x-factor that the Rangers did not have when they played the Sabres during the season. we will see how much that makes a different outcome. It should be a close, hard fought series.

  58. I think we will have a good shot if it is vs Buffalo. Someone made the point that in 3 of the 4 games this year Weekes was in net and if im not mistaken our last game with them was all the way back in December so we are a much better team at this point of the year and the sabres will not be seeing weekes.

  59. this year the stronger teams in each conf. will be playing

    the Rangers and Ott. were clearly the best teams besides Buff and NJ

    and in the west, the Sharks are better than Nash., and if Det makes it, along with Ana., and Van and Dallas are both strong teams as well.

  60. The only reason i advocate trading Prucha is because i see a lot of similarities between him and Callahan, except that Cally is better in the defensive zone. Prucha is smaller and less physical and it is obvious the team is going towards a less eurocentric approach.

    On a side note, doesnt anyone else see how Hossa is acting like Kevin Stevens? Slow power forward with minimal scoring touch who benefited greatly from playing with Jagr? Remember how bad he was when he come to NY, maybe scored 20 goals a season. I dont necessarily think we need to trade Prucha its just that he is more valuable in a trade than to us. Hes replaceable, at least i think so, and he still has very good trade value.

  61. You guys need to look at the team as an interlocking set of pieces. Hossa has the ability to use his size to protect the puck and possess it for long periods of time in the offensive zone, and he’s just starting to develop confidence in his hands. Long before his little scoring rampage at the end of his season, he had started to look like he really had something to offer in the offensive zone. And more importantly, he’s defensively responsible and a good penalty killer. No, he won’t be a star by himself just like Stevens wasn’t. That isn’t the point. He adds alot to Jagr’s line by creating time and space for Jags, by cycling down low and playing an effective possession game, by being a threat to score and by adding a defensive presence to a line that otherwise would not be inclined to play defense.

    And as for Prucha, why would you want to replace him on that line? Who cares if he and Callahan play a similar game, that line gives defensemen fits.

  62. 1) Can we get a new poll question up?

    2) Any word on if Strudwick was upset the Rangers didn’t ask him back in September, yet came running when injuries befell everyone?

  63. Sabres, Ott, Rangers in—-NJ up 3-2

    Sharks, Ana. in—-det calg 2-2, van up 3-2 on Dallas

    a lot of waiting to start the next round for 5 teams.

  64. Rucchin : wasnt Struds under contract untill the Rangers had injury problems?? I mean in the Swiss leauge…I dont know, but I thought he had just finished his season over there when the Rangers signed him.

  65. On the Sabers…if you watched any of their series against the Islanders, they had a hard time containing them…the Islanders dont have nearly the offensive tallent of the Rangers IMHO, and Buf had a hard time keeping them off the board, this Sabers team looks nothing like the team the Rangers played early in the season, they started out on top, but they dont look nearly as dominant as when they beat up on the Rangers….The Rangers have a chance in that series esspecially if King can play like he has been and the D stays strong…the O will come, I mean 2 of the top playoff scorers doesnt happen by accident…the Rangers have played less games than every other team and STILL have two of the top 5 playoffs scorers…that has got to be on the minds of BUF, and that may make them sit back a bit to try and stop the Rangers hot guys instead of trying to bury the Rangers and if they do that IMHO they lose…

  66. john dellapina “One of the themes of Tom Renney’s coaching down the stretch and throughout the first round was “less is more.” Rather than dwell on the strengths and weaknesses and nuances of opponents’ games, the Rangers spent the second half of the season and all of Round 1 focusing on themselves.”… so if their opponent does the same, the genius, HO, & forced optimism of wildcard goes where it belongs, in the garbage.How about if they score at least 1 more than their opponent in 4 games they win? … The NYR will win if they stick to their game plan and play as a TEAM! Renney’s has possibly finally stopped over thinking and over preparing, and has really become proactive.

  67. The number listed for Colton Orr’s contract is incorrect – Sam has it at $1.75M for 2 years, it should be $1.075M for 2 years.

    2007-08: $525,000
    2008-09: $550,000

  68. WILDCARD: Yes, the Rangers had signed him after the Swiss league ended, but I’m talking about pre-season, they didn’t offer him a contract. So I was wondering if he was upset about that, yet still came when they asked him to.

  69. JohnM – saw the end of the Nash – SJ game last night and after the game they were blaming among other things Forsberg’s lack of discipline as evidenced by 12 penalty minutes. I (like you) would have wanted him – but in my case at no significant cost. looks like we did the right thing there in addition to staying far away from KT.

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