At least it wasn’t more techno….


The Rangers were busy working out to some 80s hair metal anthem a few minutes ago. I couldn’t decide if it was Warrant or Winger of maybe even Motley Crue, but Rangers p.r. man Sammy Steinlight chimed in right away that it was Poison. I maintain that even if this is something you did know the answer to, you’re better off keeping quiet. Then again, given the hits I’m taking for my choice in ties, maybe I’m no longer an authority on good taste.

Meanwhile, you can probably tell by now that today was a slow news day. The Rangers skated for barely an hour — including some half-ice 3-on-3 — and then retreated inside for the aforementioned workouts to questionable music.

Among the updates:

  • Brendan Shanahan skipped practice for what he described as a “maintenance day,” but is otherwise fine.
  • Lots of talk about how the Rangers are mostly indifferent about their opponent, again embracing the whole “It’s all about us” mantra. I’ll have more on this in tomorrow’s paper, although for now the other part to consider is that any of the remaining teams present their own unique problems. According to Blair Betts, “We’re going to have beat a good team eventually,” which could be considered smack talk toward the Thrashers. But seeing how Blair Betts is about as controversial as a church supper, I don’t think that was his intent.
  • More signs that the Rangers are suddenly a worthwhile endeavor: Sports Illustrated’s acclaimed Michael Farber is in town to do a story on the team.

    OK, more later…

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    1. ThisYearsModel on

      Ottawa? Buffalo? Yoda Lamorello and the Devils? Doesn’t matter, because to get to the finals we will have to beat two of them anyway. A series against the Sabres promises to be very entertaining.

    2. wait a minute!!!

      SAM, you cant tell the difference between motley crue, poison, warrant and winger????? Are you a communist?

    3. we’re probably better off if all the other series end as quickly as possible in the east. If Buffalo wins tonight they’ll have a long rest too which takes the not sharp factor out of the question. And if the Devs vs TB ends Sunday we can start by Wed. if that or the Sabres series goes 7 we’re looking at Thurs maybe Fri to start depending on whether NBC wants us as a Sat or Sun game (unless they try for both).

    4. Haha, I can picture Hollweg doing his workout dance to Unskinny Bop!

      Yeah, I don’t think anything coming out of Blair Betts’ mouth will be bulletin board material. Not that it matters, the team he may have offended is teeing off as we speak.

    5. SI is only the kiss of death if they’re on the cover, and at this point they will not be…that is, however, further evidence that the NHL needs a good team in NY, and that team needs to be the one that wears red, white and blue.

      Sam, you may need a serious beat-down. Failure to correctly identify 80’s hair metal artists is not a forgivable offense for someone of our generation, never mind one who grew up playing hockey in the northeast.

      BTW, I’ve loved the podcasts – and that’s no lie.

    6. eckkk I hope SI stays away from them, they are bad luck. I don’t know if I was listening to Poison I would admit it publicly.

    7. Sam

      I’m sure you’ve seen Brook’s article today… I’m curious if you could shed any more light on just what Jagr and Ward were battling over? We keep hearing about this feud between the two, but I’m not sure I’ve seen even a hint of what it was over in the papers….


    8. Sam, Kick the SI guy in the stomach, I can’t stand SI, they never give us any credit and it is better when we don’t have those losers around I hope JJ spits at them.

    9. as every rose has a thorn pumps on my computer lol. damn i love sirius. (CH 23 HAIRNATION, for those that have it)

    10. Jen,

      thanks for the feedback on the broadcast question. though, I’m still at a loss why DirectTv (or whatever dish the sportsbar in Colorado uses) preempted the MSG broadcast (and the isles/sabres on VS) on Wed. night. Basically there was no hockey. I’m really hoping I’ll be able to catch the next round on TV.

    11. Yes he was, Mr. Slinger. During the Finals, no less, under the heading “Captain Marvelous.”

    12. Techno is a term that gets thrown around all too often anyway. Usually by jean/sneakers/tie Rye guys who dont know what it meants to get down and dirty to some ill grooves….. ;)

      I would love to make a filthy mix of electronica/trance-rock fusion for the Rags…. If you think Hollweg can boogie down now…wait until he gets a taste of my infectious breakbeats.

      UNTZ UNTZ UNTZ UNTZ anyone?

      At least there’s no evidence the team listens to much rap, although I heard t00ts used to be a gangbanger in Russia, whatever that means.

    13. Word AdamZ, I remember that cover like it was yesterday (Click my Salty handle for reminder)

      How could you guys say SI is bad luck? When was the last time a Ranger was on the cover?

      I say Jagr *demands* they don’t do a story with SI *unless* they get the cover….

      Speaking of Covers:

      Anyone else want to chokeslam someone when you went to flip over the NY Post yesterday only to find the top story being *WHO WILL PITCH FOR YANKEES SUNDAY* rather than the f.cking RANGERS PLAYOFF SWEEP?

      Just, wow. Kinda makes me resent the Yanks.

    14. blueshirts2k7 on

      The Rangers were on the back of the post yesterday it was the day before that they had the back page you’re writing about.

    15. thank you Betts for telling the truth. I am no fan of Betts, but I applaud him for being honest. the Trash is a shit team, and the sweep must be measured against that fact. Betts admitted it, they have not yet beaten a good team, because atl is not close to being a good team.

    16. “The Rangers were on the back of the post yesterday it was the day before that they had the back page you’re writing about”

      To get technical, there are apparently different editions, some that come out a little later than others. So there were some editions with the Rangers “Blue Heaven” back page and some with the “Wright/Sunday” page. Regardless, the New York Rangers 7-0 playoff victory to go up 3-0 and then subsequent Series Sweep the next night simply should not take a back seat to April baseball under any circumstance. I don’t care if ARod gave birth to a rare species of lemming out of his tush and it somehow landed over the centerfield wall, Not to mention a thursday paper headlining a Sunday game story. Rangers own that headline. Disgraceful.

    17. Sports Illustated is in town? What, the Penguins weren’t available? No NFL season? Not following the A-Rod saga?

    18. Poison, or any rock music, beats the hell out of rap “music” all day every day!

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