Resting up for the long haul…


The Rangers earned a day off today, which is welcome news for me while I recover from my annual spring cold.

As we discussed in our podcast last night, it’s worth at least debating whether this several day layoff is a good thing or whether the Rangers would be better served striking while the proverbial iron is hot.

The consensus from players is that even though the Atlanta series was a mere four games, it was physical enough that they need some time to recover. So I’ll go with that one for a while.

*UPDATE, 12:30 p.m.: According to the NHL, the block of dates for the Conference Semifinals is Wednesday, April 25 – Wednesday, May 9, meaning the Rangers have at least six days off.*

Meanwhile, plenty in The Journal News today:

  • I look at the Rangers’ resilience in “edging out the Thrashers”: in a difficult Game 4.
  • Carpie ponders “just how far the Rangers can go”:
  • And Josh Thomson looks at the “continued superb play of Henrik Lundqvist”:
  • Also, if you need a good laugh, “here’s me doing another TV guy thing”: pre-game last night.

    My Dad, who is never afraid to speak his mind, made sure to call me as soon as this aired on RNN last night.

    “Where the heck did you get that tie?” he asked. “It’s a little loud.”

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    1. Sam, you really ought to stop sticking up for your boy Carpiniello. Here’s his entire column in one sentence: “Perhaps the Rangers will advance farther than the second round in the playoffs, but they may not.” He is an awful, equivocal columnist… and he’s even worse when he dares to “opine” about the Yankees. Carpy should stick to waxing poetic about the Westchester high school football scene.

    2. Ok… so hopefully this isn’t looking too far ahead…or putting a jinx on anything but this is cool….
      – The last time the Rangers swept the first round was in ’94 (we know what happened then)
      – The last time the Rangers, Isles, Devs made the playoffs was in ’94
      – and here is the big one… we got our first dog in the summer of ’93 (we named him Rangers, by the way) and later that season the Rangers won it all….
      He passed away this past summer and so we got a new dog this past summer… with the Rangers making another run… just like in ’94! (This dog is Reggie, though, not Ranger. We were gonna name him Jet)

      So… some good omens for the rest of this postseason….

    3. Sorry, just had to fix this…. we named the first dog Ranger, not Rangers…. that was just bugging me..

    4. Is anyone else totally annoyed and distracted by the ads that are being superimposed on the high glass in the corners on the MSG telecasts? Just wondering.

    5. Tyrant – I completely am. They are real effing annoying.

      On a side note, go and vote for your MVP of the Rangers/Thrashers series on I was excited to see the new question to be completely about the Rangers. =D

    6. Carpiniello wrote a story on “How far can the Rangers go?” without mentioning possible next round opponents (there are only three, fercrissakes) and how they match up. That piece was complete filler, no substance. Birdcage liner.

    7. Where's Bure? on

      Calhob is a stupid moron with an ugly face and a big butt and his butt smells and he likes to kiss his own butt.

      Anywho, is anyone else REALLY pulling for Tampa to upset the Devils? As it stands now (I’m assuming Buffalo won’t blow a 3-1 lead to the Fishsticks) we’ll play the Sabres in the next round if the Devils push out the Lightning setting them up for a likely meeting with Ottawa in the semis. This may be good seeing as how NJ is struggling with Tampa’s offense and Ottawa’s is just as potent, but if Tampa wins, they’ll have to face Buffalo and we’ll be taking on Ottawa.
      Either way it’s a tall order, but I’d rather see Ottawa in the next round then Buffalo. However, I’m sure the argument could be made that we’re a diffent team than the one who dropped 4 games to Buffalo earlier in the season.

      Any thoughts?

    8. UPDATE, 12:30 p.m.: According to the NHL, the block of dates for the Conference Semifinals is Wednesday, April 25 – Wednesday, May 9, meaning the Rangers have at least a week off.

      sam, simple math…the rangers would be off atleast 6 days not 7 you hack

    9. JT – that’s if it starts on Wednesday. If the Devils or other series in the East go 7 games I highly doubt they would start Wed with games being played Tues – with reseeding, travel etc.

    10. OK — The tie is awful. Agreed.

      Second, we’re getting technical here seeing how either way it will be Wednesday to Wednesday, which in my eyes is a week.

      Furthermore, I’m getting conflicting reports. The league originally said Thursday would be the first game, but then allowed Wednesday is a possibility,

      Keep in mind while the Rangers need the completion of the Devils series to determine their opponent, they most likely would be playing Ottawa or Buffalo, who will likely be done by the weekend.

    11. Sam you have a face for radio, a voice for silent movies, & a tie for a dog fight;)

    12. Anyone ever get offered a job and have no clue as to if you should accept it or not? What did you do? Any advice…it’s completely not in my field.

    13. John – go with your gut instinct. if it’s something you really want and can lead to greater things do it. if you get the knot in your stomach don’t. sorry I know – off topic but for a fellow Ranger fan.

    14. ORR kicks Ying Yang on

      Im actially hoping to Vs. the Sabres in the second round…

      A. I hate the BUF fans who keep saying NYR sucks an they got lucky with ATL
      B. What better way to let the league take NYR more serious then to eliminate BUF
      C. For anybody whos nervous about that series ou shouldnt be..Here are a few reasons why…

      A.Kevin Weekes played 3 games…Lost all 3..1 SO..1 OT.. 1 Destruction
      B. Henrik Lundqvist played 1 game..In a game where we lead..But our D was so poor at the time we let Max Afinagenov blow right around them and score…Then in OT (not to make any excuses but) on Chris Drury’s deflection goal..Shanny was interfered with on the faceoff..No call…we lose
      C. We Vs’d BUF when they were “super human”…and droped all 4 games..Now there not “super human” and there goaltending to me isnt as good as Henrik Lundqvist..I think in the playoffs our D is better as well…But there O is better then our’s BUT i was impressed the way we shut down the big 4 of i think they have what it takes to shut down there big guns
      D. Ward..Hall..Ward..The need to play weekes against the best team..Those are all gone..We have a new team..3 scpring lines…We have more of a chance against BUF then some NYR fans think..

      My fingers hurt……..LETS GO NYR

    15. Zip is just intimidated by the fact that his quick wit and vast experience have been overshadowed by our staggering array of technological resources. Still, I may have to extend the olive branch by inviting him on to the next podcast.

    16. Ran into Sam Rosen last night, as he was leaving the Garden, and he said Game 1 would be either Thurs. of Fri. Then he followed that up by yelling, “It’s a Power Play Goal!”

    17. Practice sked is off today, then on tomorrow and Saturday. Sunday they’d likely be off again and then they’d power straight through into the series.

    18. “My fingers hurt…”

      “Oh yeah? Well now your back’s gonna hurt, cause you just pulled landscaping duty!”

      WHAT MOVIE????
      (Signed Rico Fata commemerative puck to the first person to respond correctly)

    19. Patrick beat me to the punch.

      Not sure if anybody saw this quote from Avery on The Hockey News’ website:

      “He’s going to be a rich man.” Rangers center Sean Avery on goaltender Henrik Lundqvist, who is in for a big pay raise on his $800,000 salary as a restricted free agent this summer. Lundqvist, 25, helped New York sweep the Thrashers in their first-round series by posting a 1.50 GAA and .939 SP.

    20. lundqvist is not a RFA this summer. this is year #2 of his 3 year entry level deal. so he’ll be a RFA after next season…although the rangers might be smart to get the extension done now.

    21. I’d like to see the extension now, also. I would also like to see Avery locked up and Shanny the Tranny for another year…………………..

    22. You sure Leetch3? I could have sworn Lundqvist was a RFA this summer. Then again, THN says Nylander is under contract for next year, and he’s not. So maybe they are wrong.

      Either way, I say sign him now. 5 year deal. They will save money in the long run by locking him up now. Avery better get a long term deal too.

    23. ORR kicks Ying Yang on

      Here’s a Question for you all….

      Should NYR pull a DP on Lundqvist…Not 15 but you know…somewhere along that line…

      I mean he’s our Richter….Hes the only goaltender who can actially be our own broduer…he can play 60 to 70 games a year…hes competitive he had a better year this season…I think we need to dump weekes and sign Hank big time..Long term

      As far as back ups go…I like Montoya BUT…if he back up Hank….He needs to KNOW hes a backup goaltender….if not then we gotta trade him…Also Vally knows hes a backup…hes a good bench guy..he relates to the 2 farm boys (Danny and Cally)….

      NYR has to do alot of thinking after the playoffs

      But Avery..Shanny..and Nylander should all be resigned…

      Nylander is playing great hockey right now..and hes the best player in the playoffs right now…he has 4 goals and 4 assists hes coming up big.

      I think Nylander diserves to get re signed….him and Jags are becoming a pair now…Like St.Louis and Lecav…Zetter and Dats…Etc….


    24. Sam now that the Rangers have some time off you can get down to New Orleans to cover the Zurich Open.

    25. Lundqvist is awesome, but by no means do the NYR pull a Fishsticks and give him 15 years like DP. Not with the salary cap in place. I have full confidence in Lundqvist to be a very capable NHL goalie for the next 10 years. But still, you can’t do that. You never know what will happen. There are some players in the NHL who’s contracts are killing their teams (Yashin, Theodore, etc.). By no means am I comparing The King to those guys, but still, I say offer him a 5 year extension, maybe 7.

    26. Tyrant – those ads aren’t too distracting to me; in fact they are so dim that when I first looked at them, I thought they were behind the glass, even though that wouldn’t be possible to be that big there. Even so, they still look like they’re in the runways behind the glass.

    27. ORR kicks Ying Yang on

      NJ MARK

      Thats what i was thinking….Not a DP contract…But something similar..

      Like 7 years…..I think hes proved him self….Also he wants to play IN NY..

      But thats something to worry about after the playoffs end…


    28. I dont mind the new ads…just makes me groan and ask “what NEXT?”

      They dont distract though, they do look to be behind the glass the way they are designed…actually pretty cool IMO.

      If they disctract you, try looking at the puck instead ;)

    29. Orr – really good post at just before 3. I am causiously (sp?) optomistic re beating Buffalo. Speaking of spelling where is Wildcard.

    30. Good call Salty.

      Also, I thought we weren’t talking about next year? ;-) It’s acceptable now, however, because of the week off.

    31. Hi Sam, hope the cold is getting better. Know exactly how it is, have had fever for the last week, and had a deadline when I had to turn in a essay on Wednsday.

      Anyway, wanted to chip in some now when I got time

      The unsong hero for us so far in this PO’s have been no other theeeeen;

      Martin Straka. :)

      His positioning have been perfect. He have almost alone managed to lift the 2nd line. He is all over the ice, always with his stick on the ice prepaired to unload whoever got the puck.

      He doesn’t stand out much. But Matt Cullen wouldn’t come close to get the same results as Straka have with the 2nd line. I doubt Nyls would either, and I am a big fan of him.

      Avery and Shanny are two great player, role players. But after game 1 that line managed to push back every line they faced.

      Allot of players have played well for us. Allot of players have gotten allot of credit. The reason everyone have played in positions where they can concentrate on what they do best. Thats the big accomplishment.

      We haven’t had a 2nd line where the players have gotten that opertunity in a long time. We do now, thanks to the work Straka have put in.

      Avery and Shanny have been fantastic, in their roles. Though Avery haven’t been forced to stick handle against a collected defense. Shanahan haven’t been forced to try to create anything in speed battles of the rush. When that line have lost the puck Shanny have been able to dropp back right away but they still have been able to pressure the puck hard with Avery and Straka and have created allot of turnovers, when they haven’t created turnovers Straka have still been the first player back helping out the D. Straka have found perfect routes on the transition game and have effectivly been able to set up controlled transition games. Thats gives them a opertunity to attack as a unit, and create pressure right away, as opposed to maybe sending off two guys on a rush with no back up to win battles for rebounds ect. Thats so important for that line, and something Cullen never where able to do. Cullen gets away with that on the line he is now since all 3 covers so much ice so fast, but that can’t be done playing with Shanahan. He will be caught inbetween far to often.

    32. I’d much rather play Buffalo. Miller has been shakey lately and they’re not as physical as they were last year with Grier and a few others gone. They don’t have one super star either.

    33. Ola, I hate to say it but I think you’re nuts. Straka is ice cold, in my opinion. And if I have to hear Joe M. say “Wow, you just feel like Straka is about to bust out” one more game in a row, I’m gonna lose it. And thank goodness I don’t need to hear Sam call Lundqvist Hedberg again. Get it together, shills. And I like those two, but come on…

    34. How come they won’t let you do your TV things from inside the Garden? Meh

      Anyway, I never liked Carpiniello he was Neil Smith’s right hand man during the end of the Neil Smith era when the Rangers started falling apart. Everything Carpiniello said was happening, it was quite sad.

      Sammy, you do a great job, keep it up.

    35. Drury is not a super star? I beg to differ. The kid was born with a golden baby bottle!

    36. If all of that is true about Straka, that’s a good post Ola. It’s like Straka is playing the role of Betts, but on the second line. In contrast to Betts, though, Straka’s scoring will come around.

    37. onecupin67years on

      Ok,Lets trade Straks,jagr,Nylander and A-Rod ,fire Torre ,Really fire Renney and Sather and hope its not ’79 ,’72,’68 etc with close but no cigar,And i thought Carp was excellent with his weekly NHL recap on sunday’s ‘NO ONE HAS COME CLOSE’ What did you do Carp? Carp come home!

    38. I think it is funny. When Shanny doesn’t score for Red Wings in PO and is no factor player he just “doesn’t play well”. When Jagr doesn’t lead his team in scoring he “quits the series”. I saw them all and I don’t remember any where JJ quit despite of his injuries. The guy doesn’t seem to know much about stuff inside this NYR team. Never mind.

      Let’s go Rangers!

    39. Can someone please help me out!!!
      I am doing some vacation planning and I was wondering:
      1. Around what dates can I expect the playoffs to run till.
      2. What channel will carry the Stanley Cup Finals.


    40. Callahands – The first two games of the Finals are on Versus, then games 3-7 on NBC, all at night. Game seven of the Finals is scheduled for June 11th, so that would be the last possible day of the Playoffs.

    41. I just want to get confirmation on this one: Versus has had different rules about the playoff broadcasting this year, correct? I have seen highlights of the Islanders and Devils on FSNNY, so it seems like the Versus games are being allowed to be broadcast in their home teams’ markets, at least for this round, which probably devastates Versus’s ratings, but makes the overall rating for each game higher, for sure. When the Rangers are broadcast on Versus next round, does anybody have insight whether those games will be on MSG, as well?

    42. I just got to watch the video now (like I said, my computer at work won’t permit it). Nice job Sam! And the tie isn’t THAT bad!

    43. TV question. while in the midwest I tried to get the ranger game last night at a local sports bar. They told me they get MSG and sure enough the pre-game was on. Just before faceoff the screen went blank. i asked if they could turn to VS to see the isles/sabres a half hour later, but that too went blank at gametime. Has that been others’ experience with directTV? are ranger games on msg pre-empted (or does this have anything to do with it being also broadcast on TSN or with the league wanting directTV customers to get the NHL package, which is what the bar’s owner guessed).

    44. DoodieMachetto on


      I liked the TV spot, but I couldn’t hear you over your tie.

      Hope everyone is doing well. One week for the Rangers to rest? How about one week for us to rest and get EKG’s for the shit the team has put us through this season!

    45. After finally listening to the post-game 4 podcast, in response to the discussion about 1994, wouldn’t it be more advantageous for us to face the Sabres next round, if indeed they are the best team? It is not guaranteed that if we win in the second round, we will play only five games (following the 1994 formula), so since this is the most rested we could be, the Sabres immediately would probably be best if we want to win the Cup, not just having a goal of making the conference finals. Thoughts?

    46. ORR kicks Ying Yang on


      Thats what ive been saying…bring on BUF….If you wanna be the best you have to beat the best….although BUF is not the bestin the playoffs…nonetheless….i’d rather face them them…but then again i can care less…..

    47. Orr – If the Sabres aren’t the best in the playoffs, you must at least think they’re the best in the East, right? At the outset, I had the Preds winning the Cup, but that’s looking blown to crap now, so I would say the Sabres are the best in the playoffs.

    48. Brandon – the team overall that scares me the most is the Ducks. I think in the East the Senators are playing better than the Sabres.

    49. Doodie Machetto on

      The Sens are best in the East. No question about it. If we win the next series against them, we’re going to the finals, no doubt about it.

      No one in the west has really impressed me. The Wings looked good at home, but have been poor on the road. Canucks and Stars can’t score. The Sharks have been doing OK, but in all honesty, I think they have yet to play to their potential all season long. They are good enough to CRUSH the Preds, but haven’t really gotten in gear. Meanwhile, the Ducks, who were playing to their potential early in the regular season, haven’t thrilled me in the playoffs. Not enough scoring from them is the problem.

      BTW, we stand a pretty decent chance of getting BUF. Under no set of circumstances can we get NJD (although they are the team I want because they’ve been playing pretty poorly). Same goes for the Isles. A list of possible scenarios:

      Buf and NJ win = Rangers v. Buf
      NYI and NJ win = Rangers v. Ott
      Buf and TB win = Rangers v. Ott
      NYI and TB win = Rangers v. TB

      Sam, Tampa isn’t looking so good for you.

    50. To me, it doesn’t matter who we play in the 2nd round because whoever we don’t play, we’ll probably have to play in the 3rd round. No matter who advances in the NJ/TB series, I don’t see them making it past the 2nd round.

      Which leads me to this statement: If it’s Buffalo and Ottawa that we have to get past to make it to the Finals, we have on advantage over both of those teams…the better goalie. Miller and especially Emery don’t scare me. Henrik is the type of goalie that can steal a series for his team even if the other team is better.

      I said back in February that goaltending wins games and we’d make the playoffs because we had the better goalie than all of the other teams we were chasing at the time. Now I am saying it again: the Rangers can win the East because they have the better goalie.

      One final thought: even though it’s against our religion as Rangers fans, shouldn’t we root for the Fishsticks tonight? Let Buffalo have to play a 6th game and get banged around some more by Witt, Asham, Hill, etc.

    51. NJ Mark said:

      “One final thought: even though it’s against our religion as Rangers fans, shouldn’t we root for the Fishsticks tonight? Let Buffalo have to play a 6th game and get banged around some more by Witt, Asham, Hill, etc.”

      Absolutely….I’d hope for game 7 in all other series’ because every game will take a little more out of the opponent.

    52. By the way I intend to keep this rolling all day with who ever else is around since there probably wont be much for Sam to update…..but this is actually my favorite Rangers forum these days (where else can you change up your handle every day?)….Lots of good conversation in here lets keep that going.

      By the way, does anyone feel a sense of surreality (word?)regarding NYR right now? Just feels like it can’t be right, I almost feel guilty about thier success. And it’s even creepier to think that: here we go in against one of two absolutely lethal teams in the 2nd round….and it’s not crazy to think we can come out on top. I dont thnk we were firing on all cylinders vs ATL either. Get Marty a few goals, get Pruch a few, and Cullen looks downright slippery in the playoffs and he just got his cherry popped in a big game.

      Avery also need to take an hour or so and just work on breakaways, what did he have 3 or 4 vs ATL? Don’t think there wont be more of those down the line.

      Let’s go for the throat.

    53. Someone was asking about the television thing and how Versus having exclusive rights.

      As far as I can remember, the local and national broadcasts can share for the first two rounds. But when you get to the conference finals and the finals, all games are on national television because they have exclusive rights.

      I was told that this was done after 1994 because ESPN lost a boatload of money when the Rangers won because the largest market was watching the games on MSG.

      And with the time off, the Pack is playing its first round of the AHL playoffs against Providence. Game 2 is tonight. Thousands of seats still available in Hartford. haha
      Bourret, Dawes and Immonen were dominate in game 1.

    54. I think it’s either Ottawa or Buffalo. (I am basically conceding that the Isles are done. Good riddance really. I mean what a bunch of classless, lowlife fans throwing junk on the ice at their home arena! That is just typical. Oh and by the way, nice Ryan Smyth trade you losers!) Captain Ego are you reading this….It’s intended for people like you!

      I think Ottawa is playing better than Buffalo right now. Ottawa destroyed Pittsburgh. (Except for game 2, Pitt’s powerplay was shut down.) I will concede that Pitt’s youth and inexperience were quite apparent. Malkin was practically invisible. But Ottawa is deep and tough and they have been denied a few years in a row where they were the favorite. So they are hungry.

      Buffalo has not looked that convincing versus the Fishcakes. They have great speed and are the favorites in the East, but the weight of this moniker is heavy on them, IMHO.

      It is almost 50-50 in who we would want to play. Truth is, we will have to beat one or both of those teams to get to play for the Cup. So it is fun to debate but in the end I think it will be moot.

      Ottawa winning last night gives them 6 days rest so those who argue about the “rest versus rust” situation of too much time off, would maybe favor Ottawa because they might feel the same effect. However if Buffalo wins tonight, and I expect them to, then clearly the layoff discussion becomes somewhat irrelevant (7 vs 6 vs 5 days rest) as well but both Ott and Buff will have played one more game.

      I guess I prefer Buffalo.

      Truth be told, I (and hopefully they) fear no one right now. The Rangers are playing oustanding hockey. Even in game 4 when they were trailing (and looked a bit physically slow and possibly emotionally drained after game 3) they came back hard and spirited and stifled the Thrashers in the final 25 minutes. That is heart and grit and spirit.

      I would venture to guess that both Ott and Buff are hoping to play someone other than the Rangers. Since Xmas or the All-Star Break or the Avery acquisition (take your pick) the Rangers have been the hottest team in the league (or one of them). Henrik has clearly been the best goalie in the league since then and this year he didn’t have the Olympic gold win distracting him.

      Buff didn’t face the new look Rangers. Ottawa played them in early Jan (1 goal plus empty netter, NYR staged major 3d period comeback) and once in March (1 goal loss) but it doesn’t matter. The playoffs are a different story and the NYR are on fire.

      Bring on anyone….4 wins down, 12 to go….LGR!

    55. Doodie Machetto on

      “Bourret, Dawes and Immonen were dominate in game 1.”

      As some of you may recall, I wasn’t really around during the first round because of some family issues. One of the things I wanted to say while it was going on was about Pascal Dupuis. I thought that he was by FAR ATL’s best skater during the series. He was REALLY good. I was worried that the deal was gonna bite us in the ass until Bob Hartley ruined his team’s chances.

      Good to see Bourret is starting to click. Let’s go Rangers!

    56. I am thinking that the Rangers are the best team in the EAST. It does not matter who they face next.

    57. ORR kicks Ying Yang on


      No friggin way is BUF the best in the east..OTT is…there getting scoring from other players then there big guns..Thats i team id prefer not to verse cause obviously they wanna prove there a better playoff team then some think..

      BUF to me..personally….is pathetic right not…there giving NYI reasons to belive they can beat them…Im so far from being impressed by this club..its not even funny…I was anticipating the team to be more dominant and convincing..but nonetheless…i want to play them because they finished #1 seed…I would love NYR to knock them out…

      As far as the West Coast is….Heres what i think

      DAL – Cant Score
      VAN – Cant Score
      CLG – Horrible on th Road..Good at Home..NYR is good on the Road though
      DET – Take’s alot of penalties right now..Has good Goaltending…But if it came down to it..We dominated DET..But because of our crap D at the time..We blew a buncha leads…err
      ANA – They will be the toughest of the west..They have D…O..Goaltending..If you beat Bryscal what ever…then they got Gigeuer..But we beat them this OT
      SJS – Good goaltending good scorers…Cheechoo and Thornton hasnt been as dominant as expected so far…NYR dominated them this season WITH KEVIN WEEKES IN NET…He woulda nearly had his first and probably last shutout of his career but like weekes does..he let a weak goal in…But we were more Physical and offensive…

      This doesnt matter now..we gotta get out of the second round..But its always fun to think of matchups…


    58. I will come out and say it:

      I want Buffalo. Then Devils. Ottawa seems anonymously threatening like the bad black uniform team in the movies. I think we could give them a series but…..I’d rather not.

    59. Has anyone else noticed the plug for baggage express before games on Versus? It sounds like he says 1-800-shit-bags instead of ship-bags. Kills me every single time. I can’t decide if the marketing is genius or what, but i remember the number.

    60. anonymously threatening on

      DB Cooper,

      I didn’t react at the time, but when I read your post I remember thinking the same exact thing when I saw that ad.

    61. Hey Look, it actually let me post today. I’ve been getting a “WP-Hashcash Error” message thing since the third period on Tuesday night. This sucks! I actually wanted to post the Jim Craig thing then, but it wouldn’t let me.

      Congrats to the Rnagers on their opening series.

      We Want The Cup!

    62. I will wieght in on the issue of who we want to play… and I think we might have a slight better chance against Buffalo. after watching Buffalo play and after Ottawa play, it seems Ottawa is in a grove and would rather have them go up against the lame-a$$ Devils, who could give their free flowing offense fits and possible steal a series.

      That being said, I still won’t count out Tampa, because I just don’t think the Devils are that good.

      I would love to see a Rangers/Devils conference final again, oh man would that be sweet!

      Overall I think the Rangers have overcome much to much this season and I think Jagr is just playing so well right now that I think it is entirely possible that if we can maintain this level of play we could come out of the east.

      Problem is, do we chalk up the sweep to poor Atlanta play and goaltending or do we chalk it up to outstanding Ranger play?

    63. mostly poor atl play. don’t forget, this team used no shadow, the piss-poor Havelid as shutdown Dguy, hah what a joke, sieve goalie, completely useless loafers as scoring stars led by shitpile Hossa etc.

      it was a hot Ranger team vs a pathetic worst of 16 playoff team.

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