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Greetings from the Garden, where I again arrived ridiculously early for more TV work (if I didn’t exactly have the voice of James Earl Jones to begin with, this cold has made me sound like Jerry Lewis) and where they’re already erecting a statue of Sean Avery outside. No, not really.

Anyway, a few quick thoughts before heading downstairs:

  • Good to hear the podcast was well received by some of you. We’ll try to fire another one up tonight, and will likely try to rope Carpie into the fray as well. That is if, of course, I’m still upright, and I can manage more than a whisper.
  • Loyal reader Denis wants me to point out that it’s Dancing Larry’s birthday tonight. Denis originally thought it was yesterday, but like a good journalist, he made sure to correct himself.
  • I’m on the record as saying the atmosphere last night was phenomenal. One quibble: As much as I love U2’s “City of Blinding Lights,” which the Rangers came out to, they only played one refrain rather than the whole song. It didn’t quite work in my eyes. OK, this ends the theatrical review portion of our program.
  • An overlooked line from Jaromir Jagr about Michael Nylander’s hat trick last night: “He’s selfish,” the Rangers captain cracked. “I’m not passing to him tomorrow.”
  • The Thrashers did not skate today and only held a team meeting. Bob Hartley already announced that Johan Hedberg would start. If that doesn’t work, word is the old Atlanta Flames and former U.S. Olympic star Jim Craig will be coming out of retirement.

    More later…

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    1. I think it’s time for a new survey on the right side. “They won’t make the playoffs” seems a little off kilter these days.

      And I’d like to stay my opinion towards the Thrashers playing dirty. At a certain point last nite, it got annoying that they continued played dirty. There’s chippyness and then there’s bad sportsmanship. Playoffs or not, you can’t have the whole team taking cheap shots? Doesn’t that say something about Hartley as a coach? Shouldn’t he say, “ok guys, that’s enough.”

      If it continues tonight, I say we bring up Purinton for the first Thrashers game next year and have him run Hossa or Kovalchuk. It’s only “fair”.

    2. Back to the theatrical review for a minute, my only problem was the pregame video montage. The highlights were cool, but they kept throwing in clips from the movie “300”, which I thought was a bit tacky…

    3. I totally agree with Lotus. I am starting to gain an appreciation of Jagr’s humor. The guy is pretty funny when he wants to be.

    4. Yes. Excellent point. I totally forgot about “300,” which was something straight out of Arena Football. This is Madison Square Garden, for crying out loud.

    5. Yeah, that NHL promotional tie-in withh “300” was just plain wrong. But maybe it was Hartley’s idea. This isn’t the first time he’s used inappropriate rough stuff to cope with a better team.

    6. Great post Sam. Please please include humorous comments from the players like Jagr, Shannahan and Avery. Those great comments (they are awesome when jagr is happy) really adds a nice personal and unique touch to your profession as a journalist, and it makes me want to come here 10 times a day to read them! Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!

    7. “if anybody knows selfish, it’s Jagr”

      As opposed to Yashin, who appears to know the meaning of the word “dog”. (Sorry, if I offended any dogs with that comment.)

    8. 300? Do you like Gladiator movies? Ever seen a grown man naked? Some things only have a place in comedy.

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