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Keeping with the “cons of a sweep” theme of an earlier post, Tom Renney again said he’s not planning on altering his lineup tonight, if only because there’s no reason to fix what ain’t broke.

“It seems to be a formula that’s working right now, so that’s the dilemma,” the coach said.

The reason this is a dilemma is because Renney said he was “anxious” to get Ryan Hollweg back in the lineup, but naturally doesn’t want to do without Colton Orr tonight.

As for Karel Rachunek, the plan is to get the defenseman a few practices with body contact before putting him back in the lineup. But as with Hollweg and Orr, the fact that Thomas Pock was fairly impressive in Game 3 eliminates the need to rush Rachunek back in.

Meanwhile, Renney said he honestly hasn’t considered the fact that the Rangers could clinch the series with a win tonight, if only because he’s so focused on the task at hand.

I and plenty of other reporters, however, have considered this, and are already sifting through flight and room rates both for Ottawa and Buffalo. The ever-optimistic Steve Zipay is keeping his hopes up that the Buffalo and the Devils both lose, and we’ll all be headed to Tampa Bay.

Let’s just say I haven’t packed my flip-flops just yet.

More later…

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  1. Sam,
    You rock!
    Josh, too!
    The podcast = awesome.
    Keep it up guys!

    Do toho Rangers!!!
    Let’s go Rangers!!!

  2. yeah, you wouldn’t want to have anyone who can throw bodychecks in there. keep playing the cheek turners, the soft, squeamish press loves it.

  3. ego Orr turns cheeks with his fist and it’s the refs who are missing the calls that are dirty intent to injure. Maybe you shouldn’t watch the game since you don’t like the way they are winning.

  4. Orr hasn’t done shit to stop anything. it takes 2 to tangle, but only 1 to throw a bodycheck.

  5. eggo egghead you assume too much and you should scoff in the mirror. now root for the bodychecking losing trash, they need more fans like you.

  6. “funny how a piss-poor opponent can get hopes overhyped.”

    No one here is over-hyping the Sabre hopes.

  7. your boy mailk on

    Hey Sam, sorry you’re not feeling well…last night’s game was thrilling – 2nd in my mind only to the Messier guarantee… and Josh have done a great job…too bad I can’t be there tonight, but I’m watching in Jersey!
    Let’s go Rangas!

  8. eggy they have to win 4 against a team that got 97 points vs their 94 . can you count that high yet?

  9. the Trash are garbage. I wouldn’t root for them if they were in a 1 team league. gutless loafers like Hossa are to be called the hoss-shit he is.

  10. capain ego? or should we say DumpJagrDope,Vinny Pooh,Maliks Laser and the list goes on .Your bad attitude gives you away.You obviously hate the Rangers so why are you here?

  11. Wow, NHL Radio doesn’t know how to switch the station when the Knicks are playing on ESPN Radio, so I’m forced to listen to the Thrashers guys. FYI, the game is available to watch online (should be MSG feed, was last night) on but it’s not working for me, probably because I have a Mac.

  12. egghead from another blog…”HOSSA was doing what he did back in OTT…as a 23 year old he had 10 points in 12 games and 16 in 18 the next year and 4 in 7 the year after that before being traded to ATL”…but you could do better and hope he never plays for NY since he scored too much this year. It all makes sense to you and your invisible imaginary friends.

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