“Cons of a four-game sweep”


That was the name of a thread on another Rangers message board this morning.

Seriously, have we really reached this point? Wasn’t it, like, two weeks ago that you were giving up on the season and weighing the merits of dumping Jaromir Jagr at the deadline?

What’s next, the “Why we should change the parade route” thread? The “Does Jason Strudwick get his name on the cup?” thread?

I suppose there are worse problems to have right now.

Meanwhile, today was an optional skate so we won’t know about any potential lineup changes until later. But as I alluded to before, given the Thrashers are probably going to turn chippy early, I have to think Colton Orr is a definite in the lineup.

In other news, I am currently in a Ny-Quil induced haze and coming off the worst night’s sleep in the history of bad night’s sleeps.

But this is the playoffs, so we press on!

More later…

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  1. How does Mrs. Weinman feel about the playoffs? About chili fries and Josh Thompson at midnight? Your job is pretty sweet.

    What up with Kevin Weekes? Still a better backup for my money than SV.

    Hope Straka comes alive tonight. If he was hot, it would be huge.

  2. I was actually thinking the next thread should be “who will accept the cup when we win”?

    Sam, thanks as always for the information.

  3. if they start to get chippy and the rangers are leading id expect the refs to step in throw players out. they had no quams about 10 minute misconducts yesterday. also how does a player who wears a visor try to start fights???? i mean why doesnt Sim with his bird cage start a fight??

  4. Sam-

    Sick? Stay away from the players. Now. Do it.

    Any word on who’s in goal for Atlanta tonight?

  5. Fans on Rangers message boards are hard to take sometimes. I mean how many “we have the wrong Hossa” “Nylander stinks, shoot the puck the bum” “Take the C away from Jagr, he stinks” “Bring up Montoya, Lundqvist is a one year wonder” threads were there? Now it’s I love Nylander, he’s so underrated, Marcels better, Jagr is the best hockey player in the world, Lundqvist is king again, nutty ranger fans, lol. ;)

  6. Oh and if youre sick Sam, STAY AWAY FROM OUR RANGERS!!!! I don’t mean to sound harsh but it’s the playoffs and nothing must stand in the way.

  7. The ranger forum I wwent to closed its doors a few weeks ago. What forum is everyone going to now. I use to goto puckingrivals.com

    Great job on the blog Sam. I read everyday just never post thanks for all the hard work you put in.


  8. I’m not worried at all about the long layoff. The long layoff is good. Take a week to rest up. They will need it for Buffalo or Ottawa.

  9. Why do players who can’t even get their gloves off start fights? Kovalchuk looked like an idiot out there trying to fight Avery. He couldn’t even get his gloves off. I think Avery did him a favor by not kicking his butt. He was afraid of getting a penalty, which he wound up getting a ridiculous 17 minutes anyway.

  10. You know you may have to go to the Candlelight Inn to get past the Hubba Water Hangover Sam.

    Good vibes for Sam to feel better for tonight. You’ve been GREAT this season. Big game tonight, you should be able to enjoy it!!!


    Hey Dudes:
    Can we please just take this one game at a time??? This series is not over yet you know. Oh yes things are looking good and I am thrilled to death BUT BUT BUT we have another HARD game or games to go. ONE GAME AT TIME. PLEASE

  12. 6830 wow you must be one of the real fans who finally appear after the fact with hindight and talking out your rear. are you the new wildcard?

  13. SaratogaRanger/Forechecker on

    LOL, that was my thread. And I did put a disclaimer in it. Nothing wrong with being optimistic and discussing a real possibility.

  14. Doodie Machetto on

    “so we press on!”

    Sam, if that was an intentional pun, it may be the worst of the season for you. van Massenhoven would give you 17 minutes for that one.

  15. I guess that none of the people who are already putting us in the 2nd round are Yankee fans? I mean come on people, remember when they crushed the Red Sox like 17-3 or something in game 3 and then couldn’t get a hit for the rest of the series? I know hockey is different, but chanting “hey hey goodbye” last night was a bit over the top…..

    Let’s just go out and play good, hard-nosed hockey and then we will have plenty of time to talk about all that other crap.

  16. Please remember what the Sox did to the Yanks in Game 4 of the 2004 ALCS. After the Yanks crushed the Sox in game 3 to take a 3-0 lead….you can guess the rest….NAIL THIS COFFIN DOWN TONIGHT!

  17. Sam, suck it up. You guys are doing a great job. Will Josh be blogging during the game again? Struds’ should definitley be on the Cup, but if you’re a player, I don’t think you can get your name on it unless you dress for a game in the Finals. Am I right about that, or misunderstanding how it works? Its been a while since I worried about the Cup.

  18. a casual observer on

    Let’s hope the refs tonight are going to call all the BS.That Peel really sucked last night. He let alot of high hits and slashes go for Atlanta. # games up is great but it also makes Atl more desperate. They have nothing to lose. I just pray we can avoid any injuries.

  19. VP29,

    I believe that Sam found the thread at hfboards.com.

    That is the message board I usually look at.

  20. bklynblue
    oh please, I’ve supported this team all year, stop being such a wiseass and chill out.

  21. HAHA i was totally thinking about Jason Strudwick getting his name on the cup if we win it.

  22. I actually appluad the refs for most of there work last night, handing out the 10 minute misconducts kept the thrashers from turning the game into a goon fesh. one thing i just can’t understand is how avery got 17 on the play with kovalchuk. i see avery give him a clean check, kovalchuk then abandons the play, goes right after avery dropping his gloves first and starting a fight to THEN have Tkachuk AKA overrated be a third man in??? makes no sense….

  23. re names on the cup – I think it’s 40 games played in reg season or a game played in the finals – but that’s off the top of my head. And that’s generically not getting ahead of myself thinking the 07′ cup is ours.

  24. wasn’t such a bad thing for Avery to miss most of the 3rd – saved him a lot of slashes etc in a game we had already put in the w column.

  25. if everyone is healthy then there is no reason to make any changes to the line, stick with whats working. orr definitely has to play in case things get out of hand. and imo the only real lineup change i’d ponder is whether or not you dress hollweg just in case we need to bust some heads. but if orr is dressing there isn’t a single guy i’d sit right now to get hollweg back in the lineup.

  26. SaratogaRanger/Forechecker on

    I really don’t see how you can compare baseball and hockey. Hockey is a game that is much more player driven, with many fewer uncontrollable elements. The Red Sox battled that entire series, and a couple of mistakes put them in the 3 game hole. The Thrashers are a demoralized team that is desperate to win in a hostile environment. The Red Sox rebounded at home. NYR has the hottest goalie in the league back-stopping them. The Sox had to play around a shaky rotation.

    I’m NOT saying count our chickens, but I am saying let’s be confident. Let’s NOT assume the sky is ALWAYS falling! Fret and worry is negative, positive outlooks and optimism is positive. LET’S GO RANGERS!

  27. I am not sure how good a fighter avery actually is, hate to say it but I think Kovalchuk would have given him a fight as he is strong and had nothing to lose/wanted to hurt avery. Mara clearly didnt want avery to fight kovalchuk as he stepped in right away.

    we are a long ways from the cup but why would strudwick get his name on there, he played here for what 12 games and was horrible

  28. 6830 then you’re an athletic supporter. your’s was the wise ass post of the year.tell the rest of us ‘ nutty fans’ what happens next.

  29. SAMMY:
    I was knocked out for two weeks with an awful cold/cough until I started to use Alka Seltzer Cold did I start to get better. You know the stuff you drop in a glass of water. It doesn’t taste great but it definitely worked!

  30. (My post got screwed up)

    Struds played what 7 games? No way is he getting his name on the cup…. ;)

    How about a more realistic question:

    How many of you would give Hossa’s mom the biz? I was thinkin about it……y’know, for the story……

    Hossa? More like Hussie……

  31. I don’t think anyone advocating being patient and knowing that it takes 4 games to move on, not 3, is acting as if the “sky is falling.” Those 3 mean nothing without the 4th. Hockey, Baseball, Basketball, Tiddlywinks — if it’s 4 out of 7, that 4th is a b–ch and should never be assumed.

    That being said…

    LET’S GO RANGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    p.s. Why didn’t Mara get a 3rd man in on that play? Because he was trying to separate? Seemed like a weird move. But, his play has been so good. Great addition to this team.

  32. bklynblue wow you are mr. sensitive aren’t you. Just watch the games and stop obsessing over what I’m saying, omg what a loser.

  33. Strudwick’s name on the Cup? Who is smoking the ganja? He’s a nice guy and all, but give me a break…put my frickin name on the Cup, while your at it. Strudwick’s name should be on the Cup because he is a nice guy and writes a “Player’s Blog” (if you define player as a guy practicing with the team, but ineligible)? I mean, I write on this blog and a few others and I play roller and ice when I can and I have been to more Ranger games in my life than Strudwick has played or will ever play for the Rangers, so can we get my name on the Cup please?

    That has to be one of the stupidest debates/questions I ever heard on this blog…

    I asked the same question about Mara last night and my brother was saying he felt it was because Mara was in the middle of it before it became a full on fight. (Besides, Kovalchuk didn’t even lose his gloves, so it was hardly a real “fight.”) It was more of a scrum and when those other knuckleheaded Thrashers jumped in, I think the ref had an easier out handing out 10 mins (like they were 2 mins) than chucking people out. But Avery and Mara for Kovalchuk, Tkachuk, and Belanger….I will take that every time.

    And is it me or is Tyutin making a run at the, “What do we need Brian Leetch for?” Award?

    I want to see Orr kick Exelby’s ass tonight. I don’t care about “stick to our gameplan, etc.” Our PK has been solid. They will try and get chippy tonight and an Orr smackdown of Exelby will make them think twice.

    Bring the brooms and lets sweep that Atlanta Birds**t out of the Garden!

  34. Very cool to see Hossa and Tyutin coming back in very good form. Another reason to tip the hat to the staff, I think, like it or not.

    When Malik was maybe injured last night I thought “Oh, crap, no!” then immediately thought “what the hell did I just think? Playoffs hockey, baby!”

  35. 6830 it will be my pleasure to ignore you especially since your intelligence is shinning thru, grow up when you’re old enough .

  36. exelby is another atlanta tough guy with a visor. he has 2 fights this year. he wont fight orr, he’ll take runs at jagr.

  37. My post above got screwed up. I was responding to someone who was asking what Ranger forums are good. Sorry.

  38. LI Joe, I believe it’s 41 games, so half the season, or one game in the Finals. I think after ’94, teams are now allowed to ask the commish for special permission for certain names on the cup. That’s why I’m pretty sure Avery isn’t on the cup because he only played 36 regular season games for the Wings in ’01-’02.

    Go Blueshirts!

  39. Avery missing a majority of the 3rd period was probably the best thing that could of happened. He didn’t have to get run by someone or slashed in the head. He could take a much deserved rest.

  40. yeah, Avery would have kept yapping and really driven those guys to the point of doing something violent…good damage control in my opinion. He did a great job.

    I’m also convinced he wears that black mouthpiece to be even more obnoxious, and make people just want to kill him. I’m serious about that, I can’t think of any other guys in the league who use solid colored mouthguards, they all have those custom clear jobs…but that black one just makes him look like more of an obnoxious kid whos missing his front teeth and pushing buttons….I would bet it’s intentional.

  41. I’ve been saying since he got here that he needs to have a mouthpiece with fangs ala Andre Arlofski (sp?).

  42. SaltyBustings…re: Hossa’s mom…nice to know I wasn’t the only one having dirty thoughts about her ;)

  43. Welp… Just as long as the entire Rangers team doesn’t come down with the Clap. ;D

    GO RANGERS! I can’t wait for the game, my stupid exboyfriend is going. So jealous.

  44. Salty–I also thought that about Avery’s black mouthguard. Makes him look nastier. I have seen other players wear solid-colored ones though, like Elias’ half-white, half-red one, and I’m sure I saw a few blue ones (Strudwick, maybe?).

  45. Haha, I dunno, It just makes him look a lot more punchable/hatable to me… like kid with a mouth full of oreos or something.

    Just got a surprise call from my father who scored 2 tickets for tonight….. *surreal, I am in shock* , gotta get outta work ASAP.

    Enjoy the game friends, let’s get this OVER WITH!!!

  46. Salty – I believe I saw a blue or black mouthpiece in Crosby’s mouth this series.

  47. Sam, I think there is a conflict of interest here (I’ll use the term loosely). You have an obligation to report on Game 4 for your position with the Journal News and LoHud.com. But you also have an obligation to the New York Rangers as a fan. Keep those germs away from our guys! Lest we need that rest from a sweep for our guys to recover from your cold.

    You have my sympathies (i only write the above in jest)….

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