And on to….


….where exactly? Ottawa? Buffalo?

Zip is still holding out for Tampa Bay, although that would require a) the Islanders coming back against the Sabres; b) the Lightning beating the Devils, or c) Zip switching to the Devil Rays beat.

Anyway, we discuss the Rangers potential second round opponents as well as review Game 4 in our second podcast, which we hope will be a regular feature at least for home games during the playoffs. Rick Carpiniello was on hand for this one as well.

Bear with my awful cold-weakened voice.


You may notice there is a tad more echo to this version, which you can blame completely on your beloved Rangers.

Last night Josh and I used the green room here at the Garden to do the recording, but tonight the entire team was in there celebrating their series sweep. The result is we had to instead use a cavernous locker room downstairs.

But maybe that provides a more authentic quality. Or at least that’s what I’m going with..

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  1. hey…i have a question, and it has nothing to do with the latest blog, but do u think ryan callahan and dan girardi are going to keep their same number next season…or will they change it to a different number when they are on the team full time?

  2. Great work guys. Nice to hear your thoughts about the game.
    And nice mid-game blog Josh.

    Keep it up guys.

  3. Podcast ?

    sounds like “Invasion of the Body Snatchers”

    How do we know that’s really you, Sam ?

  4. Sam how about interviewing some fans from this blog. You can start with captain ego who has so much not to say that no one wants to hear except himself. You can give him a copy of the tape so he can play it to himself, over & over again. Maybe he’ll really listen and hear how bad he sounds , and stop trying to prove himself right by growing up and enjoying what this team accomplished over the last 2 months……. Keep up the great reporting along with Josh and Rick. Golf can wait;)

  5. I have to give sams boy malik some credit. He started throwing his body around, skated with more of a purpose, was more disciplined (not perfect, but better) and was very poised with the puck. I hope he keeps it up for the playoffs.

  6. Hey, when do the real playoffs start?

    Oh yeah, Atlanta, by the way…thanks for your top prospect, too. Hopefully you can lock up Pascal Dupuis long-term.

  7. I thought for the first 3 games, Pascal Dupuis was the Thrashers’ best player. It’s not saying much, but I thought he had a good season. As did Marek Malik, I was very impressed and hope he keeps that kind of play up. The only complaint I have about the last series is no Hollweg. If that is my only complaint, it was a good series. Bring on Buffalo.

  8. To add insult to injury, the prospect Waddell and the Thrashers traded to NY for Dupois just scored 4 points in his first AHL PO game. Pack won 5-1. This kid was a steal, BTW Dawes had 5 pts.

  9. Nicole,

    Did you find a sale on sweaters and before you put Callahan’s or Girardi’s number on the back you want to make sure the numbers won’t change? FYI, numbers can be replaced so make the most of the deal.

    Now back to the playoffs. Bring on Ottawa. Let’s go Ning.

  10. I think it was Dave Maloney that said it, but your team is in trouble when Bobby Holik and Pascal Dupuis are your two best players on the ice. Great series for the Blueshirts, but I’d still welcome Ott/Pit before the Sabres, even though, in my opinion, in those four losses this season, the Rangers played some very solid hockey, and have only improved since. I think resting up those old-timers is going to be a good thing, especially after a decent amount of physicality from the Thrashers.


    Malik had a great series considering there was not one *glaringly* bad error. He made solid plays, didn’t fumble around and even put a puck away (by the way, im sure everyone noticed how he went for the faar upper corner backhand (which was open) on the shot when ATL let him walk all the way in. Say what you want about Malik….guys got some style. If he stays sharp for playoffs….all his reg season sins are forgiven in my book and his 3 mil pays off.

  12. Shanny’s goals have also been huge…not too much talk about that.

    They weren’t the prettiest goals, but it’s good that he’s finding his touch when it really counts.

    He had 3 times as many goals this series as Kovalchuk and Marian H. combined-

  13. RE: Pascal Dupuis

    He did play well for them, no doubt. Did anyone see last night, while Cullen’s shot(goal) was under review, Jagr was dippin around with the puck and quietly set it on the center face off dot…to imply “this is a goal”. Well, Dupuis ran over immediately and swatted the puck away like an angry child….so funny on both accounts.

  14. And yes, Shanny has been *playoff clutch*. That’s his thing, and thats why he’s here…glad to see he’s working out so far. His goal last night was huge, and I think turned the Rangers back on right as ATL was about to really start picking up speed.

  15. richard…i didn’t find a sale or anything, but i want to get a few jerseys before the NHL changes to that new ugly style of jersey. i have a prucha jersey and callahan and girardi are the 2 guys that i want to get next. i was hoping maybe sam would have some inside info about whether they might be picking their own numbers next season or sticking with what they have.

    i know callahan has had a few different numbers every time he’s been up with the club, and his number in hartford was 24, which will be made available once ozolinsh is officially off the team

  16. What a series. Fantastic! We could not have asked for anything better.

    Saw this on ESPN and had to include it: Sean Avery has been a major hit on Broadway, and drove Atlanta’s Kovalchuk to such a state of distraction in Tuesday’s Game 3 that Kovalchuk dropped his gloves. Avery cost the Rangers relatively little, and right now is looming as the best pre-deadline acquisition by any NHL club.

    How much do we just love that?!?!

    Pock played very well last night. Might still favor Rachy when he is ready to go, but Pock stepped it up last night (despite getting blown away by Kovalchuk’s speed that led to his assist of Tkachuk’s goal).

    Someone on this blog a few days ago was saying Shanny should be benched…..LOLOLOLOLOL

    Who do we want in the next round? Sens or Sabres? The Sens have so much firepower and have been denied in the recent past that they may be pretty hungry. And the way they are manhandling the Pens has me nervous. The Sabres should be crushing the Isles and they are not really doing that. So not so sure. They do have crazy depth though and a ton of scoring potential. Truth is, Rangers have the mojo right now and should fear no one. With the first 3 lines all clicking, we can play with anyone. The only thing I fear is the long layoff til our next game. The Devs last year looked lost for the first few games vs Carolina after the long layoff and eventually lost that series. But guys like Betts and Avery could use the rest.


  17. Great job guys–ain’t technology great?! Love the mid game updates and the post game wrap up podcasts are a cool idea as well. Keep up the best coverage around…and go Rangers!!

  18. I went to both games at the Garden. For Game 3, I was in one of the MSG suites and yesterday, I was in the actual crowd with seats in the 200s (I forgot which one). I’ll say this…I have NEVER heard a crowd as loud as the Garden was last night. I thought Game 3 was loud…yesterday was Game 3, multiplied by 100. I don’t care what anyone says…you haven’t experienced anything until you’ve gone to a Rangers playoff game at MSG.

    Anyway, I think you’re doing an amazing job with the Podcasts, Sam. It’s a really, really cool addition to the blog and I’d love it if you guys can continue doing one for every playoff game the Rangers have for the remainder of the season. It’s great to be able to come here to get all my hockey updates, instead of having to wait a half hour into SportsCenter for a 5 minute blurb on ESPN about the NHL.

  19. Adam – I went to both games too. Thought Tuesday was louder throughout including pre game and had the 2nd loudest moment of the 1st goal. Wednesday was loud in 3rd period and had the loudest moment I’ve ever heard the empty netter. Came very very close to covering my ears since they were starting to hurt.


  20. DanTheRangerFan on

    Tuesdays crowd was bumpin…I love the energy in MSG. So here are my thoughts- Malik put a puck in the opositions net and not his own which is always a very good thing. He had a very good series, good hockey sense,made nice passes and shut down the enemy. Yet he still gets booed during games…now dont get me wrong im not hopin on the malik train, he still has some ways to go before being removed from my black book(I would love to see him continue this play through-out the playoffs).Series two we need more from prucha.. he makes some nice moves then loses the puck or fans on the shot every time. He needs to get his confidence going again( we really need him to play well with cullen)… Lets Go Rangers 07

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