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I’ll pass along some quick thoughts from a very shell-shocked Thrashers dressing room, which was a little late in opening for obvious reasons.

*First off, Hedberg will start in goal tomorrow night.* Insert your Bob Hartley jokes here.

Also, as you’ll read in his remarks, *Bobby Holik told us that words were said after the game.*

OK, enough with the intro, here’s a little of what everyone had to say —

*Bobby Holik, Atlanta center*

On what happened:
“It’s not explainable. It’s just a lack of passion, a lack of respect for each other. It has nothing to do with our skill or our talent. It has to do with our heart and our desire.”

On what made this game 7-0:
“There’s not a single individual play or moment or part of the game that mattered. What mattered was our heart and our passion. That’s what makes the difference right now.”

On what the team needs to do to turn it around:
“Something was said tonight. There is nothing else to say now. We’ll just have to wait another 20 hours.”

On playing again tomorrow:
“One way or another, winning or losing — or getting killed as we were tonight — we have to get back to it.”

On if they were shell-shocked early:
“You make two or three mistakes early in the game in the playoffs? Earlier in the season, you may have a chance. But in the playoffs, if a team goes down 3-0 eight minutes into the game. There’s a way to play that game, but I don’t want to get into it because I’ll start using language that isn’t printable so we’ll just leave it at that.”

On his teams being down before:
“Yes, but we weren’t down because of lack of passion or playing without heart or desire. We’re down right now because — yes, we’re getting outplayed by a mile — not because we have less speed or talent. They just want it more right now.”

*Bob Hartley, Atlanta coach*

On what happened:
“It’s a matter of execution and it’s a matter of will. We worked hard in the two games in Atlanta, but tonight we reacted very poorly as a team. We simply didn’t give ourselves a chance.”

On Lehtonen:
“How can we blame Kari? Number one, we didn’t score so at best we would still be playing. It’d be 0-0. When you get beat 7-0, you give a 2-on-1 to Nylander on the first shift, it’s pretty tough to look at the guy with the mask on. Kari Lehtonen’s a young goalie. He played hard and he played very well for us, but tonight he was on the ice by himself.”

On sticking with Kari:
“It wasn’t the right thing to do, but, basically, it was the only thing to do.”

On the start:
“Obviously, it didn’t start the way we wanted and we couldn’t get our game back. I could feel it on the bench. We tried to change our lines, change our pairings, we tried to mix it up, but they were simply too good for us.”

*Marian Hossa, Atlanta winger*

“Right now we have nothing to lose. We’re down three-zip. We just have to make sure we show up tomorrow and hope for a miracle.”

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  1. Hossa – “We just have to make sure we show up tomorrow and hope for a miracle.â€?

    Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha.

    Lets Go Rangers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. The Rangers are playing fairly good but Atlanta looks terrible..

    Hartley made a huge mistake with this hit at all cost mode from game one and I think he has been outcoached.

    The problem is ATL. is playing so bad that hopefully the Rangers will not get carried away with themselves.

    Don’t get me wrong the rangers are playing OK, but it is hard to measure their play with ATL playing horrible and making idiotic plays.

    Lovalchik is a moron, Exelby, and Sutton are hatchet men also…

  3. Hey Sam – if you see any rangers PR brass, tell them the adds projected onto the glass is absolutely tasteless.

    As for the rangers .. they be tasty!

  4. have you ever seen a team so ill-prepared to play the most important game of their season? shocking to my eyes and ears as the first few moments of the game played out. start goalie #1 who you had no faith in instead of goalie #2 who was the best player on your team in the last game? you already destroyed the kid’s confidence and does this atone for that? i don’t think so.

    are we that good? are they that bad? maybe a bit of both but we saw the best 60 minutes the rangers played all year. talk about a team peaking at the right time. msg was the most crowded i’ve seen this year and definitely the noisiest it’s been all year too! to think five weeks ago after going through our blown two-goal lead period we would be in this position is really mind-blowing. and still the rangers are the least talked about team in the playoffs. asshole brett hull said we’re done after this series? eat some more donuts fat boy. buffalo or nj as the next round opponent? we can beat both teams based on the way we’re playing now. either way it’s gonna be exciting as we make our way through the east and nobody even notices. we need to stay healthy and be weary of the goonery offered up by the atl trash. what an apt name for that piece of crap org. hartley will be gone, maybe as early as tonite :-)! god he sucks. and another reason msg is the best: we have the quickest crowd anywhere: the “marcel’s better” chant and the mockery of the braves warpath whatever the fuck it is chant (i hate that along with that team). I LOVE NY!!!!!!

  5. Where’s DumpJagrDope/Malik Laser?Vinny Pooh? Oh yeah, the Rangers won, so why would he show up. Not to mention all the guys he’s been crapping on all season are making him look silly, especially Renney. Coward who hides behind multiple names and only takes shots when he knows he won’t be challenged. Kind of like the Thrash. The series isn’t by any means over, but I can’t think of anyone who has not done their job brilliantly thus far.

    Hossa, Jagr, Nylander, Renney, Sather, Malik, Roszival and Cullen were all mercilessly crucified (sometimes deservedly) this year. I bashed several of those guys, but they deserve props. This team is playing smart, energetic, disciplined hockey and they are doing it at the right time. I do remember saying that we were better off struggling early and learning/growing from that adversity. They did just that.

  6. I am criticizing Michael Nylander constantly on this blog. Nylander was emense tonight. I tip my hat to Michael. Way to come through in a big way in a playoff game Michael.
    Two gaols in his first playoff game in MSG!! Callahan showed he has New York City swagger. (see Derek Jeter) Sean Avery is well onto his way to Ranger folklore. Malik actually hit the net and scored!! Henrik was heading the puck soccer style when high shots came his way! The Tomahawk Chop at MSG??? Beautiful noise level at the Garden. The most complete ranger playoff victory since the Islander sweep in 1994.

  7. I am only slightly surprised with how this series progressed. As we all know the Rangers have been great for about the last month and half. Solid defense more balanced scoring. The king. And Avery definatley needs a nickname the prince? Anyway all the Rangers need to do is get the first goal tomorrow and I think Atlanta will just role over. However the Thrashers show a striking resemblance to the 2006 New York Rangers only difference being the age of the team.

  8. Hossa is a disgrace. his total lack of desire and intensity make him the gutless wonder of the playoffs, and this ain’t the first time, he has playoff flopped repeatedly in Ott as well.

    miracle? it would be a miracle if he even gave a 50% effort.

  9. JohnM – well said.

    great victory by the blueshirts and lets close it out quickly to get some well deserved rest. nothing like a Ranger home game at the Garden when they play with that level of passion – heck even Malik had a fairly big hit.

  10. brAvery said:

    “Hossa is a disgrace. his total lack of desire and intensity make him the gutless wonder of the playoffs, and this ain’t the first time, he has playoff flopped repeatedly in Ott as well.

    miracle? it would be a miracle if he even gave a 50% effort.”

    Could not agree more….

  11. Good call Colorado Mark. Where are all of those guys who wripped me a new one back in February when I said this was a playoff team and that anything can happen once you’re in the playoffs?

    Lets go Rangers! End it tonight!

  12. Those Bobby Holik quotes remind me of his depressing days with the Rangers. The team was struggling so much, and every morning, I’d have to read a Bobby Holik quote in the paper, as though he was the spokesman for the team. I am so glad we got rid of him, and even happier to be putting a beating on his current team.

  13. Greatest part about last night? The tomahawk chop that saluted the pathetic Atlanta Thrashers. Classic!!!

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