More from the skate later, but in the meantime..


Just as it had been 10 years since the Rangers had a playoff win of any variety, they now have a chance to “snap a similar streak at home”:

After that, what other milestones can we cross off? First playoff win when they sold nachos at the concession stand? First playoff win with the new deluxe edition Zamboni? First playoff win for Dancing Larry?

Meanwhile, we’ll have dual coverage in The Journal News and online, with “my man Carpie”: expected to be on hand as well. Afterward, he will surely try to talk me into making a midnight run to our favorite greasy spoon, Pat’s Hubba Hubba. But in my advancing age, I have learned to show greater restraint.

Also, brace yourselves, but there is more TV work planned as well for me today. I’ll have more on that later…

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  1. First playoff win since Bill Clinton was in office…big game tonight boys….let’s rock the Garden tonight!

  2. Wow, random Pat’s reference…nice…rest assured Sam if I ever run into you at Pat’s, a scene will be made and your meal will be my treat….so long as you are drinking hubba water….if you’re an RC guy or NeHi drinker I’ll never read your silly blogs again…

  3. Pat’s Hubba Hubba…!!!!!

    ah the the memories

    Where else can you get Chili on EVERYTHING w/o even asking for it!!!!????

    Good luck to all us Ranger faithful tonight. Looking for a well executed injury free game…..and may the angels give the Rangers all the bounces!!!!!

    Thanks again Sam for this great Blagh and all the reports from the skates. It’s been a BIG part of my Ranger ’07 experience.

  4. Gyro II. The original best pregame meal for 30 years running. As to where Gyro I is, who knows?

  5. Aussie Rangers Fan on

    I think Dancing Larry was with us at least back in ’97 for the run to the conference finals – I remember seeing him at a Rangers vs devils game (we won 3-0) late in ’96.


  6. Longtimesufferingrangerfan on

    Whatever happened to “dancing” George? I know “homo” Larry took his place.


    Looks like Hollweg is still out …

    Renney is not happy about leaving Ryan Hollweg, so much a mainstay of the lineup throughout the regular season, in street clothes for a third straight game. And it isn’t as if Colton Orr has been a high-impact player so far. But Renney sees no need to mess with a formula that has worked beautifully so far — especially with the Thrashers having shown late in Game 2 that exacting a few pounds of gratuitous flesh is not beneath them.

  8. Mmmmm yes Gyro II……always a nice celbratory snack after the Big W

    That “special sauce” is like crack.

    ….. not that I’ve smoked crack, but I understand it’s very habit forming

    This thread is making me hungry

  9. Dancing Larry, Dancing Granny, Bobby Granger…it sounds like the cast of Fraggle Rock!

    Wow, I feel old now: first home playoff win since I graduated high school in 1997!

    Tonight’s game is all Henrik. If he shines at home like he usually does, odds are in our favor.

  10. Of course the giant street pretzel is always good too, as long as the salt is evenly dispersed and not just clumped all over to one twist.

  11. Pat’s Hubba Hubba….what was that old hag’s name with the hairy mole? Millie? I can’t remember….

  12. SO SORRY ABOUT THAT….I don’t know what happened it kept saying I couldn’t post and then I tried to change some of it and apparently it went through twice. My mistake. No flames please!

  13. For Twin & Koffey and everyone else who rips Carpie, you are ill informed! Carpie was a GREAT hockey voice!! I miss his input (no diss to you Sam). He told it like it is. You guys don’t realize that most reporters have to keep it real with the players & coaches or they won’t get any newsworthy quotes! Carpie was and is a great NHL reporter and Koffey & Twin need to grow up!!!

  14. sol rosenberg on

    and scotty bowman currently coaches where? i said current coaches. and as good as bowman was, he had the benefit of great players!! he is akin to joe torre or phil jackson!

  15. I am apparently not Sam’s boy…but I’m heading to the game tonight as well, making it a three-man team. (If you really want to count a guy who graduated from UNH as a man.)

  16. To say coaching is not important is silly. The coaches create the lines, decide who will play,create matchups etc. There is SO much that coaches do that you dont even see. To not give Renney ANY credit for this splurge of great hockey is utterly ridiculous. SO ok lets blame Renney when everything is going wrong but then the team gets turned around and starts playing great hockey it’s no thanks to renney?? All everyone can say is ‘ohh we’d be much higher up in the standings if it weren’t for him.’ Cmon now, thats just complaining to complain. He found great lines that really meshed well. Although no one was very patient with it he had faith in tyutin, pock, girardi and made them into very poised and excellent players. I give Renney tons of credit for not giving in to any style of coaching but his own which is a very positive, motivating (and not in the keenan degrading way) way. He is very mature and composed and i think that rubs off on his team in the best way possible. anyway, thats that :)


  17. Cliff,

    “You like-a the juice?”

    Every time I saw that Saturday Night Live sketch I thought that the writer must have eaten at Gyro II. So good.

  18. Is it really worth attacking Sam’s friend, even if you think he’s failed you and/or the NHL as a reporter? Sam’s not claiming Carp is the defender of “Truth, Justice and the American Way.” Let it go…

  19. Enough negetivity

    Playoff Hockey at MSG TONIGHT!

    Go get a Gyro II or some Hubba Water and BE IN THE NOW

    Which is THE NEW YORK RANGERS UP 2 – 0 in the 1st round!!!!

  20. Is the PC one still called Pat’s? In going to one in Stamford (more upscale (I think it has a bathroom rather than risking indecent exposure by the back door), and sadly not open at 1am), I thought I learned that there’d been some ownership changes.

  21. RE: Pat’s Hubba Hubba.
    I don’t remember the lady’s name, but I do remember the ashes dangling off her cigarette and dangerously close to the greasy tub of chili.
    I’ve been to the Stamford Hubba many times. Much cleaner. Same food, less atmosphere. Really, a bathroom? I never noticed that. It would have to be an emergency.
    The Port Chester Hubba (formerly called Texas) has the ambience, not to mention the grease, the paper plates, the, ahem, interesting patrons.
    Can’t wait.

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