Garbage time thoughts


I’m going to hijack this thing from Josh for a couple of quick musings:

1. Bob Hartley now looks silly for his goalie flip-flopping. I said it at the time that by benching Kari Lehtonen for Game 2 he was introducing a negative energy into his own dressing room. And we’re seeing evidence of that tonight. Lehtonen has looked shell-shocked.

2. You can count on seeing Colton Orr tomorrow — for obvious reasons.

3. Michael Nylander just put the finishing touches on a hat trick. He was at the optional morning skate today and he’ll almost definitely be there for the optional tomorrow. There isn’t a Ranger who works harder.

4. Oh yeah, Henrik Lundqvist is on his way to a shutout. It’s a pretty favorable state of affairs for the Rangers when that becomes an afterthought.

It’s so loud in here I can’t hear myself think.

More post-game…

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  1. It’ll be very interesting tomorrow night since there will be no Boulton. Two misconducts for him tonight means he’s gone tomorrow.

  2. Unbelievable! I am speechless right now. Who would have thought that Henrik would get a shutout and be an afterthought tonight?!

    I am guessing Hedberg will be in tomorrow night, not that it would have mattered.


    Oh, and you gotta love the tomahawk chop in the 3rd period :)

  3. WOW JUST WOW!!!!!

    That was the best playoff performance I have ever seen!!!!

    LETS GO RANGERS……End them tomorrow!

    Any other goaltenders!?

  4. 3 down, 13 to go on

    the road to the Stanley Cup has no potholes so far, but the next round will be much tougher. Ottawa will be 10 times better than the Trash.

  5. first playoff win at MSG in 10 years. just shows how bad things have been for so long.

  6. Calvin-

    The automatic suspension comes from 2 game misconducts in a playoff series. Boulton only got 2 10min misconducts, so he’s available to play tomorrow.

  7. Huh. My misunderstanding. I only remembered that two misconducts were rescinded from Hartnell (allowing him to play), not that they were game misconducts. Oh well.

  8. Outstanding effort by the Rangers, it’s hard to add anything to what’s already been said…

    …but I’d like to say that Marek Malik was excellent today and he’s played very well this entire series. He gets a lot of s**t from fans and sure, he’s made mistakes this season… Unfortunately, he gets pounced on for little screw-up, but never mind that he was +32 in the regular season. I’m glad he got to chip in on the scoresheet tonight.

  9. Let’s just put it this way – everyone was great tonight and there’s no need for a lineup change tomorrow, unless somebody is exhausted or injured. And the Tomohawk Chop, I hate it even if it’s in mocking. I pretty nuch have no respect for the people who did it; it’s just really annoying and probably offensive to some.

  10. “It’s so loud in here I can’t hear myself think.”

    You think Sam? *wink* j/k

  11. Lets not get ahead of ourselves just yet. We still need to win 1 more, and if we do advance, Ottawa is not a guaranteed opponent. NJ can still come back in which case it will be Buffalo. But I can definitely see TB winning that series, which means it would be Ottawa most likely. Much tougher opponent than Atlanta.

  12. “but the next round will be much tougher. Ottawa will be 10 times better than the Trash.”

    Expecting TB to ouster the Debbies, are we? That’s okay…that’s what I predicted. Anyway, just a complete effort from the coaching staff, (which has this team focused and playing smart hockey), on down. The kids have looked real good, and boy, am I happy that Sather/Maloney didn’t take my advice and deal Nylander for picks and prospects at the deadline. Oh, and just a quick comparison of the respective leadership on both the Rangers and Atlanta…the Rangers are winning that matchup hands down.

  13. Just got home, great game, great win. Being a Ranger fan, though, I still have some complaints – What was with the misconducts? Jaysus, let them plaaaaay.

  14. jas – I too wanted Nylander traded for a super package including a teams top 3 prospect (just one of the three) + draft pick. Heck it just shows we don’t know everything.

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